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DSA Elementary   

August 27, 2009

Welcome to Dove Science Academy’s Second Year!  We are very happy to  be  working  with  your  children  this  year.    We  have  enjoyed  meeting  our  new  students  and  families.    Our  faculty  and  staff  is  committed  and  enthusiastic about working with our students to encourage great academic  success.    The  current  enrollment  is  300  students.   There  are  many  events  and  activities  already  planned.    Our  expectations  are  higher  than  the  average school.  Please be sure to read the student handbook very carefully  so that you know what is expected.  If you have concerns about any aspect  of  your  child’s  schooling,  we  encourage  you  to  contact  the  teacher  concerned  first,  the  school  counselor,  the  Dean  of  Students,  the  Dean  of  Academics, or me, the principal. We welcome your inquiries.  The 2009‐10  school year will be outstanding if we all work together!   Mr. Suzuk, Principal 

Playground Update Our Playground has been repaired. Our students will now be able to play outside during recess! We still need financial assistance to pay for the repairs. Please send your donation marked “Playground” to the office. Thank you!

GREAT A.P.I. Score!

We recently received our A.P.I. Score from the State Department of Education. We scored a 1402 out of 1500 Points! We are a Top 10 Elementary School in the City! For our very first year, that is incredible! Thanks to our students, parents, and staff who made it possible!

Traffic Woes  Thank  you  to  everyone  who  is  helping  us  make  our  arrival  and  dismissal  procedures  run  more  smoothly.    We  still  have  some  parents dropping their children off or picking  their  children  up  along  48th  street,  which  causes  traffic  congestion  and  some  near  accidents.  It is safer for your children if you  will  please  enter  our  parking  lot  from  the  back and use the car line.  Thank you for your  help in keeping our children safe. 

The Book Fair. The Book Fair will be set up on Friday, Sept 11th and will end Sept 18th. Please contact Miss Myers if you can volunteer or if you have any questions. You can also get more information about the book fair from:

H1N1 (Swine) FLU   

At the beginning of the school year, we want to let you know the latest information on H1N1 flu. As you may have read  or seen in the news, there have been reports of H1N1 flu in Oklahoma and across the nation throughout the summer.    We should plan for an increase in flu and flu‐like illness among our community as we approach the cooler months.  We  will follow guidelines provided by state and national health officials, including monitoring absences and use of proper  cleaning procedures.   

However, the most important way to limit the number of H1N1 cases in our schools and community is through healthy  practices.  The  signs  and  symptoms  of  this  flu  virus  are  fever,  cough,  sore  throat,  body  aches,  headache,  chills  and  fatigue.  If your child exhibits these symptoms, please keep him/her home from school and seek medical attention.  The  student should stay home at least 24 hours after he/she is free of fever without the assistance of any.  By taking simple  precautions  and  teaching  our  children  the  habits  recommended  by  health  officials,  we  can  significantly  reduce  the  chances of becoming sick:   Most  importantly,  teach  children  to  wash  their  hands  often  with  soap  and  water,  especially  after  a  cough  or  sneeze.  Alcohol‐based hand cleaners are also effective.   Cover  nose  and  mouth  with  the  child’s  elbow  (not  hand)  or  with  a  tissue  when  they  cough  or  sneeze  and  dispose of the tissue in the trash after use.   Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth to avoid the spread of germs.   Avoid contact with sick people.  Keep ill family members in a separate room from healthy family members.   Eat well and get adequate sleep.  Children need 10‐12 hours of sleep every night!!   

Should we see an outbreak of influenza, we will work with Oklahoma County Health Department officials to determine  the appropriate course of action for protecting our community.  We will also follow the State Department of Education’s  policies regarding this matter.  Thank you for helping your family stay healthy!         

Attention Visitors


There is NO Supervision for Students prior to 7:30 in the morning All students who are dropped off after the tardy bell rings at 8:00 must have a parent come sign them in. Breakfast is only Open from 7:30-7:55. If your child eats breakfast at the school, they must arrive prior to 7:55. Unless a child is scheduled for a club or tutoring, all students must be picked up in the afternoon prior to 3:15. Thank you for respecting our time to prepare for the next day’s learning activities and get home to our own families in the evening.

All visitors in the school must check in at the office before entering the main building of the school.

Please make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance if you want to volunteer or observe in your child’s classroom. Thank you!

Upcoming Events Sept 2 Sept 7 September 10 @ 3:30-6:30 Sept 11-18 September 24 October 2 @ 1:00-7:00 pm October 15-16

We HAVE SCHOOL!! (Staff Development is after school.) Labor Day – No School Open House Book Fair Progress Reports Parent-Teacher Conferences Fall Break – No School

Dress Code Reminders:      

No Capri Pants  No Shorts  Skirts must reach the knee or be longer  No cargo pants (no pockets on sides)  No sandals or boots 


DSA Elementary Parent Teacher Organization We will  vote  on  our  new  PTO  board  members  at  the  first  meeting in the fall.  We will need 2 Fund Raising Directors  and  a  new  Vice‐President.    Please  consider  joining  our  team!  The best way to communicate with the board is with  the following email address:      Hallaba, Amber    Adams, Tina   Mitchell, Heather    Open    Open 

President Treasurer  Secretary  Vice President  Fund Raising 

580‐352‐1211 822‐8566   550‐3752    

Library Help Needed We need more parent volunteers for the library please! Contact Miss Myers if you can volunteer any amount of time at all. Thank you!

Box Tops

Every single box top you cut out and send in to the school is worth 10¢. If we all work together, we can earn hundreds of dollars for our school, for FREE!

Friday=Jeans Day!

If your student pays $1 on Fridays, they may wear jeans with their uniform shirt! Wow!

Girl Scouts Registration Monday, Aug. 31 4:30-5:30 School cafeteria

DSA Student News

DSA News is in need of 8 students from the 5th grade to write for our school paper. The club will meet every Thursday and it will be $ 10.00 for the school year. The money will cover supplies and the end of the year party. Please contact Mrs. Lairson if you would like to write for the school paper.

NAMES! Please remember to write your child’s name on anything that comes to school, including lunch boxes, jackets, hats, etc…. Unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to charity.

Dear Families: Welcome to a new school year! I am the school counselor at our school, and I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with your children. I teach Character Education classes to every class in the building once each week. I am also available for individual counseling for any children who need it. Throughout the year I will offer small group counseling for children suffering from divorce, impulse control, grief, anger management, bullying, and social skills. I will also work with a group of 5th grade students interested in Safety Patrol and offer Peer Mediation. Please let me know if you think Lisa Wright, School Counselor your child might benefit from any of these opportunities. Thank you!


GREAT A.P.I. Score! DSA Elementary August 27, 2009 Our Playground has been repaired. Our students will now be able to play outside during re...

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