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Home Remedies To Get Instant Sinus Headache Relief _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Alfie Lee -

Sinus headaches are associated with swelling or inflammation of the sinuses. Some of the most common causes of these excruciating headaches are cold, allergies, nasal stuffiness and allergies. If the problem becomes life threatening, then it is best to consult a good doctor and if not, then even some homemade treatments can help you get away with it. One simple home remedy to get instant sinus headache relief is to dip a small towel in water and apply it on the forehead. As soon as the towel gets warm, remove it, dip it again in the water and then apply once more on the forehead. The best thing about homemade treatments for sinus headaches is that none of them have any side-effects whatsoever. Click Here One more way for alleviating sinus headaches is darkening your room and sleeping there for one hour. Although this not a cure, it does give temporary relief. An instantaneous home remedy to treat this problem is eating jalapeno peppers or chilies, as they help in easy drainage of the sinuses. Inhaling steam also helps in clearing the sinuses. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil in the boiling water improves the effectiveness of this method. Peppermint is like natural decongestants which help to decongest the infected mucus and clear the sinuses.

Another homemade treatment to get rid of sinus headaches is to make some concoctions and apply them on forehead. A simple paste made with cinnamon powder plus water provides immense relief when applied on forehead. Applying a layer of a paste, made using dry ginger and water, also helps. To

enhance the effectiveness of this paste, you can add some cloves and ten to twelve basil leaves into it. For more severe headaches that occur due to sinusitis, one simple sinus home remedy is to dip the feet in slightly warm water, whilst giving the forehead a treatment of cold compress.

To avoid sinus related headaches, it is advisable to drink lots of water and other hot fluids, like soups, broths, teas etc, whenever you catch cold. Increasing the water intake is an excellent sinus treatment that would help to keep your nasal discharge thin and also to keep the pressure down inside the cavities to avoid headache from developing. In addition, taking precautions, such as rinsing the nose daily, making use of a humidifier, inhaling steam etc, can help in avoiding sinus related headaches. So, if you do not wish to experience the acute side effects of over the counter medications, try these homemade treatments and you would definitely get some great results.

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Sinus headache relief