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On ! night before Columbus landed... What "d ! In"ans #eam ab$t?... On %at night before ! Old World and ! New Conver&d, %ere were #eams on 'ore and in ! Pinta and ! Nina. And, on ! morrow, ! core of %ings w$ld chan& forever. -- The Earth Shall Weep, Pg. 16

In the contact between the native Americans and the Europeans between the founding of Jamestown up to the American Revolution, a cultural revolution for the native people occurred. In the revolution the Native Americans at first treated the newcomers as equals but tried to use their own culture with them. As time pasted the Indians realized that some of the groups coming over were enemies before they arrived, and they planned to take the new land for themselves. The Indians were forced to choose the side that they thought would win and become allies with them against the opposing group, therefore creating favor with their new found ally in hope to establish a place for the Indians to inhabit. Many events wound their way through this timeline and would influence the outcome. Trade, the glue of the Indian-English bond, started out as the trading of necessary goods; pots and kettles for food. Once the English started to get food and start constructing their homes to get off the ship (), the trade started to step up a notch, fur trading was quickly established. Following that,

Trade; -Started out as trading for necessary goods (Pots, Kettles, Food, Water) -Changed to trading for furs

-Then guns to increase amount of furs -Finally ‘wants’ nice hides, tobacco Government -Started as Indians have independent minds; english tied to monarchy -Changed to the indians having league; english starts to have local leaders -then indians started to join up with english but as allies w/ independent gover -and Indians start to lose freedoms/power, league borders compressed Mentality -english think of indians as foolish, Indians think english as unwise pg13 bones -english see indians as savages; indians astonished by english brutality -english -> indians mercenaries to ally; indians see E gaining power robbing -english -> warrior allies, yet still savages; indians see E as power mongrels?? Starting with religion, when the English first arrived in the New World they came across the native’s lands. The English’s first take was that the land was prepared for them by God and that the indians didn’t exist. After a while the English started to learn that they could exploit the Indians, starting with the “trading” of food (); the English coming at night and taking a supply of food from the Indians and replaced it with something of a much lesser value. The Indians seeing that the English thought that they could be pushed around mounted a rebellion in which the Powhatan tribes stormed in and killed many Englishmen. The English, furious for the deaths, ganged up a basically wiped out the Powhatans in a unprecedented massacre that frighted the rest of the Indian tribes. Some of the Indians, out of fear, joined ranks with the English to avoid the same fate as the others. This migiling though lead to the death of at least half of the tribes.

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