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Dry ice can be hazardous if stored or used improperly. Please ensure you have read this health and safety booklet before using/handling dry ice. Here are some of the dangers associated with dry ice and how they can be avoided. Guidelines to Safety: •Dry ice is extremely cold (-79 degrees C) and should be handled with care

•Never handle dry ice without the use of gloves to prevent frostbite burns •Dry ice should be used in a well ventilated location

•Protective clothing and eye protection should always be worn when blasting. •Sublimation can result in accumulation of gas in poorly ventilated areas.

•Children should be under the supervision of an adult at all times Storing and Using Dry Ice 1.Always keep dry ice in the polystyrene box

2.Always remember to replace the lid after use.

3.Always store the dry ice box in a cool place out of direct sunlight. info@dryicesupplyuk.com

0844 241 3061

4.You can store the dry ice box in a domestic fridge or freezer.

5.Never transport in a vehicle without having a continuous supply of fresh air. 6.Do not open until you are ready to use the dry ice – this will reduce its life span. 7.Using Dry Ice in beverages: Please ensure that the dry ice has fully sublimed before drinking. Control Measures 1.Do not handle with bare hands – always use gloves to prevent frostbite burns. 2. At the end of your journey, ensure that the material is unloaded as soon as possible. 3.Dry ice must be stored in well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat. 4.Ensure dry ice container is secure to prevent any unauthorised access.

5. Only allow users who have knowledge of dry ice health and safety to use and handle dry ice.

6.When opening lids to storage containers, we advise you to allow a few seconds for gas to disperse before leaning in. info@dryicesupplyuk.com

0844 241 3061

8.To dispose of any left over dry ice, allow it to evaporate in a well-ventilated area (dry ice will sublime leaving no residue). 9.Ensure that all users of dry ice are familiar with this safety booklet and take necessary precautions.

10. Children should be under the supervision of an adult at all times. Dry Ice is not suitable for children under the age of 3.

For more information and to order more dry ice please contacts us: Dry Ice Supply UK Ltd. 90 Venture House Evans Road Merseyside L24 9PB

Tel: 0844 241 3061 info@dryicesupplyuk.com www.dryicesupplyuk.com info@dryicesupplyuk.com

0844 241 3061