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Mid-facelift Mid-facelift is one of the most frequently performed procedures in our practice. Most patients who feel that they have “eyelid bags” actually have sagging of tissues in the “mid-face.” The “mid-face” is actually a triangular mound of fat that loses its suspensory attachment to the cheek and droops, deepening the nasolabial fold and creating jowls. The mid-face is easily resuspended using a technique called endoscopic mid-facelift. This procedure is performed in the operating room under local anesthesia with sedation. This procedure is often accompanied by endoscopic browlift, and fat injection (liposculpture) and provides the most dynamic and sculptural recreation of the youthful and beautiful eyelid. Patients who have this procedure generally are swollen for approximately a week and can go back to work often sooner. It is easier for a woman to undergo this procedure than a man because she can wear makeup early after surgery. Patients can expect three days of minimal discomfort with these procedures. We are well known for our brow and mid-facelift techniques and have lectured on them nationally. Our technique does not have the potentially dangerous and mutilating problems associated with many other types of mid-facelifts and facelifts. We also have a large experience in the treatment of complications of eyelid surgery and mid-facelift and are often called upon to perform revisional aesthetic surgery. Some examples of mid-facelifts are shown below.

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Mid Facelift Philadelphia Bucks Montgomery County PA-Mid-Facelift Procedures  

Dr Wulc specializes in mid facelifts. Dr. Wulc plastic surgeon in Bucks County PA serving Bucks, Montgomery & Philadelphia County PA.

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