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QuadraChem Laboratories Ltd (QCL) supplies and supports rapid and automated analytical solutions for laboratories and processing plants in the UK. We source equipment globally using our expertise to select the most advanced, robust and cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our customer service, aiming to continually improve our customer orientated approach. QCL’s mission is to excel at high quality analysis through advanced technology. We develop methods and operating procedures ensuring our customers can rapidly implement appropriate and accurate analysis routines to meet their requirements. Our expertise in managing analytical quality and knowledge of aspects of measurement such as sampling, modelling, calibration, accuracy and repeatability means the right advice is only a phone call away. Our first class technical staff are always on hand to provide expert advice, training courses and seminars. We specialise in bringing new technology to market. We work with manufacturers around the world to apply new technologies to the changing analysis requirements of our customers.

QCL Support Services Emergency Breakdown Technical Support On-site Repair Maintenance Installation Calibration

Our extensive installed base of instrumentation is supported by our service centre, staffed by a dedicated team and supplemented by engineers based at strategic positions around the UK, enabling us to deliver a quick response time to service requests and breakdown emergencies. We pride ourselves in maintaining our average response time to a call-out at less than 24-hours. We also support our customers who work 365 days a year with a weekend and Bank Holiday call-out service. We service a wide variety of dairy instrumentation, electrochemistry and laboratory equipment. We also provide a technical support service.

We understand that properly maintained equipment is less likely to let you down, so we have a range of Service Contract Cover options to keep your equipment in optimum condition. Contract holders receive priority on emergency breakdowns and also benefit from preferential service rates. Some customers may find it more convenient or less costly to send their instruments to our workshop for repair, servicing or calibration. The turnaround time is usually within 48-hours of receipt.

Rapid IR Compositional Analysis The Delta LactoScope FTIR Advanced is the complete flexible dairy analyser that is used for the analysis of liquid milk, milk concentrates, creams, whey, whey derivatives, yogurt, ice cream, diluted products, hard cheese and more. It measures the complete spectrum of a dairy sample allowing the analysis of many components simultaneously. It has a capacity of up to 120 samples per hour and includes automatic zeroing and cleaning. The Delta Lactoscope Filter is a stand-alone versatile analyser for liquid milks, creams, cultured products and ice creams. It measures up to 150 samples per hour and features auto zero and cleaning with 5 litre tanks. It provides liquid dairy and cheese processors with simple, accurate and cost effective routine analysis.

Pasteurisation Verification The Fluorophos ALP Test System takes the phosphatase test for pasteurisation verification to its highest level, detecting contamination of as little as 0.003% raw milk contamination. The Fluorophos ALP Test is the UK reference test and has been approved by the ISO (ISO118161), IDF, Interstate Milk Shippers and AOAC. It is more sensitive, quicker and reproducible than older methods. The high sensitivity of the Fluorophos Assay allows trends in pasteuriser performance to be monitored. A gradual deterioration can be identified and rectified well in advance of a legal failure.

Cryoscope The 4250 single-sample cryoscope provides fast and accurate measurements of extraneous water in milk. Combining advanced features with simplified operation, this low maintenance, reliable high performance laboratory instrument measures up to 35 samples per hour. Routine testing can be accomplished with just two buttons. The 4250 uses the industry standard thermistor freezing point method to precisely determine the level of extraneous water.

Freezing Point Depression NPN/Calculated Urea Free Fatty Acids Carbohydrates Casein Density Solids non Fat True Protein Citric Acids Moisture Protein Lactose Solids NPN Salt Fat pH IV

Rapid Microbiology Antimicrobial Agent Characterisation Evaluation of Sterilisation Processes Toxicity and Mutagenicity Tests Antimicrobial Agent Screening Preservative Efficacy Testing Activity and Vitality Tests Pathogen Screening Microbial Bioassays Inactivation Studies Spoilage Organisms Yeasts and Moulds Sterility Tests Inhibitor Tests

Sy-Lab Rapid Microbiology systems rapidly and automatically detect and enumerate a wide range of pathogenic and spoilage organisms. High bacterial counts can be detected in hours rather than days allowing same-day microbiology positive release in many cases. The innovative M and E value impedance method provides the versatility to address a broad range of applications. Simple sample preparation and no manual plate handling and counting can increase sample throughput reducing product release times.

Rapid NIR Composition Analysis Coarse Mixtures Confectionery Oils and Fats Whole Fruit Vegetables Powders Forages Biofuels Liquids Cereals Grains Pellets Pastes Meats Drinks

The Quant Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) system is the modern solution for rapid compositional analysis of any food, drink or agricultural sample. Accurate and rapid analysis of sample constituents and properties increases process efficiency, allows tighter process control, enhances quality assurance and increases productivity. The Quant needs no technical knowledge to operate, is ultra reliable and requires no engineer servicing over its lifetime. When situated in the factory plant, operators can check and trim a process in real-time. The modular sample accessory bay means that one system can be configured to analyse different sample types.

Autotitration Free and Total SO2 Ascorbic Acid Iodine Value Karl Fischer Alkalinity Chloride Acidity COD Salt

The TitraLab titration workstations provide accurate results at the touch of a button. This versatile instrument is simple to use and provides a cost effective solution for routine titrations in a wide variety of food products. For total automation our sample changers are capable of handling multiple combinations of titrations, direct pH, ion and conductivity measurements.

pH pH is an important determinant in the shelf life of foods. Together with temperature it ranks as one of the most important indicators of food quality and safety. Expertise gained from 30 years experience in electrochemistry enables us to develop methods for a wide range of applications. Our pH meters and electrodes combine sophisticated technology with simplified operation and exceptional long-life performance.

Mayonnaise Preserves Cheese Sauces Water Meat Milk Beer Agar

The new Dual Star meter is ideal for simultaneous measurement of two samples or concurrent measurement of two parameters, such as pH and sodium, from one sample. Wastewater laboratories can measure pH and ammonia levels quickly and easily. Food processing facilities can measure pH and sodium levels concurrently.

Automated Chemistry Primary or Reference analysis techniques such as Kjeldahl or Soxhlet involve the use of hazardous chemicals at high temperatures. Automating these digestions and distillations reduces operator exposure to dangerous chemicals, speeds up reaction time and improves recoveries. Our range of high quality equipment promotes advanced safety features and has a range of capacities to suit all laboratories. z z z z z z

Kjeldahl Nitrogen and protein Traditional and rapid digestion and distillation Metal and trace metal digestions Traditional and rapid soxlhet solvent extraction General heating equipment including heating mantles and hotplates Shakers

Moisture Balances Rugged enough for continuous operation in quality control, environmental and many other applications, our moisture balances offer the simplicity of 3 key navigation and a one step testing procedure for superior analytical weighing performance. Suitable for in-process testing, a fast halogen heating element provides uniform infrared heating and durability for extended use.

Dumas Nitrogen Determination Soxhlet Extraction Combustion Hydrolysis Distillation Digestion Kjeldahl Fibre

Boiler Water and Power Plant Chemistry Oxygen Scavenger Calcium Hardness Dissolved Oxygen Ammonia Chloride Sodium Silica

The Orion range of continuous monitors are designed to measure concentrations of various chemical species in an on-line environment. These monitors feature highly accurate measurement performance with proven reliability. The low Detection limits enable measurement of lower levels of contaminants in water for effective process control. Orion monitors can be used as part of an integrated system to minimise trace salt contamination, control dissolved gases and maintain narrow pH ranges, preventing costly unscheduled down time.

Water and Wastewater Contacting Conductivity Toroidal Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen Suspended Solids Dissolved Ozone Free Chlorine Resistivity Turbidity ORP pH

AquaSensors are an innovative online analytical measurement system for water quality and process monitoring and control applications offering reduced equipment and installation costs and improved reliability. AquaSensors unique design reduces equipment and installation costs while improving reliability in a wide variety of civil and industrial water treatment applications. TM

The patented DataStick measurement system features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data and can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. Any analytical sensor head can be plugged in to any DataStick tube body to automatically obtain accurate and reliable measurements. No intermediate analyser boxes are necessary. Also available are AnalogPlus sensors and analysers which are used in more traditional analytical measurement applications. TM


To complete your installation, a full line of mounting hardware that includes tees, ball floats, union mounts, ball valves, sanitary fittings, immersion hardware, and sensor head wash units are also available.

Chemical Process Analysers Power Generation Metal Finishing Semiconductors Drinking Water Wastewater Petroleum Chemical

NEXTChem automated on-line titration or ion selective analysers reduce the time between determinations from hours to minutes. With more frequent information your processes can be more tightly controlled, improving quality and reducing costs. NEXTChem analysers are installed in the field near the process, automatically collecting samples, performing measurements and reporting the results electronically to plant operations.

Laboratory Supplies Working with representatives from major manufacturers we can undertake demonstrations and site surveys ensuring you receive the equipment that is right for you. QCL supply laboratory equipment and instrumentation for all your sample preparation and analytical needs. As an independent supplier we search the market on your behalf, ensuring you get your laboratory consumables to your specification at the best possible price. We are a key supplier for Sigma Aldrich and Thermo Fisher Scientific to a wide variety of scientific institutions. QCL undertake complete laboratory installations, offering bespoke solutions for your laboratory and project managing the whole operation from start to finish. To relieve the pressure on your purchasing department and ensure your laboratory is supplied in a timely and efficient manner we also provide a complete outsourcing package.

Laboratory Equipment For laboratory equipment we are able to offer more than just a part number. We understand the importance of expertise in the supply of certain products which is why QCL has teamed up with a number of manufacturers of laboratory equipment and instrumentation to ensure we can provide you with the best knowledge, service and support. Working with manufacturers from around the world we ensure you are sold the equipment that is right for you. Purchasing direct allows us to be extremely competitively priced whilst for new facilities we offer a complete laboratory start-up program. Our range of equipment includes: z Scales z Anaerobic Chambers z Balances z Ovens and Furnaces z Analytical Water Systems z Autoclaves z Water Stills z Block Heaters z Temp Controlled Baths z Hotplates z Refrigerators and Freezers z Stirrers, Rockers and Shakers z Microbiological Cabinets z Rotary Evaporators z Biological Enclosures z Melting Point Apparatus z Laminar Flow Hoods z Water Stills z Colony Counters

Fisher Scientific Sigma Aldrich Millipore Rodwell Gerhardt Bigneat Lenton Ohaus Purite Grant Lec

Innovative Analytical Solutions QCL has been supporting technical, process and laboratory managers in the UK for 30 years, providing a wide choice of analytical instrumentation, laboratory equipment and supplies to UK industry and academia. We support our customers with expert technical advice, SOP and method development, bespoke training courses and calibration, maintenance and repair facilities.

Dairy z z z

z z

Pasteurisation verification Cryoscopy and ISO compliant cryoscope standards Rapid composition analysis of milk, cream and complex products by FT-IR and FT-NIR Laboratory, at-line and on-line systems Acidity and pH measurement

Food and Beverage z


z z z

Rapid Microbiology: Detection and enumeration of a wide range of pathogens and spoilage organisms Composition analysis by FT-NIR systems including at-line, on-line and in-line PLC solutions Potentiometric and Karl Fischer volumetric titration Electrochemical methods Automated primary method analysis

Agriculture z



Simple, accurate and flexible FT-NIR compositional analysis for a wide variety of samples using correct sampling design Online FT-NIR process control systems for accurate analysis of complex feed mixtures Automated primary method analysis

Energy z

Online monitors for steam and water cycles: ammonia, calcium hardness, chloride, dissolved oxygen, fluoride, oxygen scavenger, silica and sodium

Water and Wastewater z


Online: pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity and free chlorine Field and Laboratory: pH, ISE, conductivity and DO meters, and colorimeters for chlorine and turbidity

Chemical z z z z

Automated primary method analysis Automated electrochemistry and titration On-line process monitors Process analysers

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