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Beatification of Pope John Paul II on Divine Mercy Sunday

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How NFP Renews Marriages, Huntington

Introducing "Now and at the Hour of Our Death", a Catholic Guide to End-of Life Decision Making. The New York State Catholic Conference has composed a guide that is designed to explain the moral principles of Catholic teaching with regard to end-of-life decision-making and outlines the options that exist in New York State for advanced care planning. Every human life from the moment of conception to natural death deserves dignity, respect and protection. This is because each human person is created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). All persons, especially those who are sick and dying rightfully deserve nutrition, fluids, pain management, and good protective care. When a person suffers with illness and/or death is imminent our Catholic faith teaches us and assures us that we are created for eternal life with God. In this hope and understanding, the human person finds comfort in the love of God and can rest peacefully knowing that the advanced decision made for that person's health is according to the teachings of the Church and the will of God. This understanding provides peace and reassurance. Appointing a Health Care Proxy in the State of New York empowers the agent chosen to make medical decisions on behalf of the patient. The Health Care Proxy also allows the agent chosen to advocate for treatment and interventions that are in accord with the patient's moral and religious beliefs. The Catholic Guide to Endof-Life Decision-Making outlines the interventions that are morally obligatory and explains what ordinary care is, care that must be provided, and care that is extraordinary which is care that is not morally obligatory. The person can rest easily knowing their wishes and intentions are managed and followed within the guidelines of the Catholic faith. Please click here to view the Catholic Guide to End-of Life Decision-Making with the Catholic Health Care Proxy form.

The Diocesan Mother/ Daughter Tea's for May and June have been cancelled due to low registration. The Respect Life Office will gladly assist any parishes or schools who would like to host individual chastity/abstinence programs on their campus. The Teacher Training Teen Star Workshop, endorsed by Archbishop Dolan, helps prepare individuals who wish to teach chastity and abstinence. The diocesan abstinence/chastity programs will be implemented in the Confirmation programs sometime in the near future. NEW YORK STATE FUNDING Abortion Alternative. If you had any questions about what New York State offers as an abortion alternative here it is. The MECF Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation is a program that has proven to be cost-effective in promoting early pre-natal care and healthy lifestyles for pregnant and parenting mothers. While the Governor's proposed 2011-2012 budget had called for the elimination of funding for the Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation (MECF), this abortion alternative funding stream was restored in the enacted budget, but only at a level of $299,500. Last year the Foundation received $599,000, and the year before it was funded at $1.2 million. Such a large loss of funding will be devastating. Looking ahead we need to ask that in future budget years, our legislative representatives will do all that they can to increase state aid for the Maternity & Early Childhood Foundation, in order to provide the proper resources needed for a person who chooses life, to be able to give and support that life with skills and good care.

Intercessions for Life Please include this in your Sunday Bulletins, click here.

PLEASE READ!!!! Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Chairman of the bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, u vote for H. Con. Res. 36. See: Government MONEY NOT TO BE USED FOR ABORTION. On April 14, H. Con. Res. 36 was approved by the House, 241-yes, 185-no, 1-present (Roll Call 271), but was rejected by the Senate, 42-yes, 58-no (Vote Number 60). In both cases, "yes" was a pro-life vote. See:

FOCUS ON... PLEASE TAKE ACTION! H.R.#3 Please take action and OPPOSE the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FUNDING of ABORTION. Thank you very much! RESPECT LIFE OFFICE Allison O'Brien Diana Tellis Post-Abortion Information | Marriage Enrichment | Natural Family Planning | Bereavement | Baby Safe Havens Locations | Mission Statement | Maternity Residences | Respect Life Concerns | Home | Contact Us |

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