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Dru Smith MAT 675 Prof. Payne June 12, 2012

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Buy A Car Algebra Webquest


Math Algebra

This webquest involves buying a car that is cost effective. Students choose two different cars and will then analyze which car will be the best for their family based on cost of vehicle, annual gas costs, and annual cost of insurance.

Choosing A Cell Phone Plan an algebra webquest met3/yee/portfolio/cel l_phone_webquest//

Math Algebra

The task in this webquest is to help your family choose a cell phone plan that can replace their traditional (LAN) line. They will read articles, interview family members and use algebra I skills to decide.

Solving Word Problems in Algebra

http://education.iupui. edu/webquests/math/i ndex.htm

Math Alegbra

This webquest involves helping students with word problems. Students will research a specific type of word problem. They will then take notes on how to decode the specific word problem that they choose.

Mr. Moor’s Math Class (Linear Relationships)

http://www.freewebs. Math Alebgra com/mistermoor/algeb rawebquest.htm

This webquest is designed to help students gain a better understanding of linear relationships. Students will investigate three real

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world linear relationships. They then create a graph depicting these linear relationships. Quilting Our Way Through Geometry

http://its.guilford.k12. Math Geometry /quilts.htm

In this webquest students will be research quilts and how they qualities and properties relate to geometry. Students will create their own quilt and write descriptions on how that quilt relates to geometry.

The Nature of Mathematics

http://www.mrbromle webquest/index.html

This webquest attempts to show how math concepts are related to real life situations. They will research and work with the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and the Golden Rectangle. They will find instances of each of these in real life places/situations.

Finding Domain & Range

http://int.danville.k12. Math Pre Calculus sher/math/precalc/do mainrangewebquest/w ebquesthome.html

As stated in the title this webquest is intended to teach students about domain and range as they relate to a set of points, functions, and functions in interval notation. Students complete a worksheet that requires them to do research in order to answer the questions.

Tic Toc


This webquest

Math Geometry

Math Pre Calculus

2.2a 4

com/graftonhs/tictoc/t ictocindex.htm

involves the research of pendulum motion. Students research Galileo and his use of pendulums. They will then answer a series of questions that are related to Galileo and the research he did with pendulums.


This is a list of 8 different webquests that math teachers could find helpful. The topics range of quilts to buying a car. The math ability...

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