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Where is Portugal? â—?

Portugal is next to Spain, in Europe. Map of Portugal

Flag â—?

This is the Portuguese flag!

Capital â—?

This is the capital of Portugal, Lisboa. It is the most beautiful!

What are the most importants monuments? â—?

This is one of the most famous monuments in Portugal, Torre de Belem

Traditional transport â—?

This is the traditional transport in Portugal, TrambĂ­a

Who is the president?


AnĂ­bal Cavaco Silvia

Gastronomy â—?

This is a tipical recipe in Portugal, it is delicious!

Traditions â—?

This is one of the traditional festivities in Portugal, Saint Anthony

News â—?

Tragedy in Portugal : the river Douro burst its banks.

AUTHORESS: Nor Ayad Rais Georgina Tomรกs Nalma Preira Natalia Vicente Vega


Presentation about Portugal

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