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Adding features and functionality to your website in a rapid manner sometimes induce mistakes. Here, we will learn about how to avoid mistakes during Drupal Development and procure a swift and technically flawless web portal for your business. Take care of these mistakes during the implementation of Drupal :

Optimum number of Modules Do not pile up modules one after the another as it hampers the performance of your website.

No Core Hacking Hacking the files can have a negative impact on your website. Instead, the Drupal functions can be written to override the codes .

Incorrect Installation Make sure to install the modules and themes in the right directory. Do not install custom modules on the root level.

Bad Content

Understand the content requirement absolutely, and, focus on reuse and standardization of content types.

Right Cache Frequency The cache frequency should be optimized and configured in relation to the changes in the content.

Not Upgrading the Core Modules After the website development, it is essential to do a review and upgrade the core modules.

Over Coding Drupal contributed modules are thoroughly tested, it provides the websites a robust and sturdy feel, So use ready made modules.

Incorrect Modules Check the rules prior installing any module and maintain that the module is well supported without any caveats.

Controlling Spam Spams can affect you through posts, comments, and contact forms. Control them through real-time filtering and challenge-response interaction.

Working without VCS It maintains the overall development history and is an aid for the developers to keep track of modification.

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10 ways to avoid mistakes while developing drupal website  

The popularity of Drupal is giving way to its adaptation as the CMS of choice for more and more businesses.

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