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Many turns in The Road to Mecca Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

Mecca. The play was written by With a single set and three South African Athol Fugard, players, Rosebud Theatre and was, inspired by, but not based on the story of Helen Martins. She created the Owl House, a heavily decorated home in rural South Africa that is now a national monument. Using the backdrop of Apartheid-divided South Africa, it is the story of a widow, known as Miss Helen that lives alone in a small village. Her relationship with the community and church has soured over the years, save for the local pastor Rev. Marius Byleveld, and a young black woman. Her isolation came shortly after she was widowed, and in the years leading up to what the audience is privy to, they learn of Miss Helen’s passion for creating concrete Judith Buchan, left as Miss Helen and Alysa van Haastert as Elsa Bar- statues to fill her yard. Inside, low on Stage in The Road to Mecca at Rosebud Theatre. the walls are adorned with photo submitted glass that reflects candlelight throughout her home. She has formed a bond with a younger woman, Elsa Barlow from Cape Town, who makes the arduous trip to see Miss Helen after a disturbing letter. The majority of the play centers around the relationTransparency ship between Miss Helen, Common Sense played by Rosebud’s 2010 Harvey Artist in Residence, Part of Team Judith Buchan, and Elsa Look for ways Barlow, played by Alysa van to Reduce Taxes Haastert. Miss Helen is an unintentional insurgent in her comPaid for by the Committee to elect Sandy Brown munity. She has blazed her own path, but has never let tells an eloquent story of relationships, love, trust, fear and freedom in its autumn production of The Road to

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go of the traditional conventions of her upbringing. Elsa has no patience for Miss Helen’s resignation when faced with decisions that are made in the twilight of one’s life. Both are forced to face these realities as the community, led by Rev. Marius Byleveld, hope to expedite a process to have Miss Helen leave her home. Buchan is charged with the delicate job of portraying an elderly woman, who, after finding her self, is now saddled with doubt. The audience learns right away, while the play takes on large universal issues, a full understanding of the conflict is dependent on insight into the characters. Her performance emotionally hooks the audience.

van Haastert, in her portrayal of Elsa Barlow, has the challenge of matching the energy of the character of Miss Helen, and succeeds in her performance, creating balance. Her impatience and exasperation with the old woman is couched in love and concern. Steve Waldschmidt’s portrayal of Rev. Marius Byleveld is also delicate. Leading up to his appearance on stage, his role as a voice for the community is built up to almost a villainous status, but when he appears, his character reflects compassion and true concern for Miss Helen. The Road to Mecca is a step away from Rosebud’s summer grand production of Oliver!, but in its simplicity, delivers a powerful story.

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