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Friday, January 21, 2011

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Dragon Cass Mappin drops the puck at the Weedless Wednesday knee hockey tournament at Greentree School, an annual tourney during National Non-smoking Week. The game coincides with the strongest day of awareness during the week long anti-smoking campaign. inSide photo by Kyle Smylie

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2 - Friday, January 21, 2011

Alberta is one of only four provinces yet to ban smoking in cars carrying children, inSide Drumheller asks, “Do you think it should be banned in Alberta?”

Manuelle Prunier “How can you force people to do these things? I think we should be educating people on the effects.”

Mail still a trickle for some customers Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

While a Canada Post spokesperson said the mail delivery is back on track in Drumheller, a number of customers in town are not receiving all of their mail. In the January 12, edition of The Drumheller Mail, spokesperson for Canada Post said replacement carriers were in place, and the delivery problems were corrected. This appears not to be the case as The Mail and inSide Drumheller continue to hear from dissatisfied customers who are not receiving their mail in a timely fashion. The delivery of this week’s issue of The Drumheller Mail was again delayed for some customers as well. The Drumheller Mail wants to make sure readers

are able to get their news in Drug Mart has a postal outa timely fashion, and issues let in its store. “People are coming in are available at The Drumheller Mail office at 515 looking for their parcels Highway 10 East. The Mail and they are not here,” said has also restocked a news- Susan Hankins, who operpaper box near The Brick ates the outlet. She said the parcels are in downtown Drumheller for subscribers to pick up coming in to the outlet later this week’s edition free of a than promised on people’s cards. In adcharge. “We’re dealing dition, beIt is an anwith a lot of cause of the noyance to complaints, but we sporadic deDorothy Bercan’t do anything.” livery, while gos. Susan Hankins they send “Those out pick-up people who cards, it is think it is fixed are wrong,” she said. not known if the customer This week she finally re- has received it. They have ceived some Christmas re-carded some customers. Hankins said if you are cards. The regular delivery person she has learned has expecting a parcel, and not returned from holidays. have not received a card, The delivery is having its they can look up if the pareffect not only on the deliv- cel is in, and are able to isery of regular mail, but also sue a pick–up card on the parcels. Riverside Value spot. She is also holding



inSide Drumheller |

some parcels longer than the allotted time before sending them back to make sure customers don’t miss pick up on parcels because of the mail service. They are also helping by calling people who are expecting a parcel when it arrives “We’re dealing with a lot of complaints, but we can’t do anything,” she said. “Customers have been pretty understanding.” One customer who has been vocal in the past says his mail delivery is back to normal. Bob Benner said his delivery has resumed at its normal pace. The Drumheller Mail and inSide Drumheller want to know if you are receiving your mail. Give us a call at 403-823-2580 or e-mail us at news@drumhellermail. com.

Hoodoo Hoppers try to salvage ski season Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

Christine Milburn-Lafayette "Yes, as a mother of four I think it’s unhealthy and not safe.”

Brad Blair "If I had kids, I wouldn’t. I’d have respect for them."

While there are not too many encouraging signs the ski hill will open this season, one group who has been left in the lurch is the Hoodoo Hoppers ski team. This year the ski team was rejuvenated with hopes of a winter of skiing and learning, however without the ski hill opening, they have seen a lot of time on the highway. “We are going out of town,” said Heather Zucatto, treasurer of the Hoodoo Hoppers. “We’ve been going to Nakiska, trying to go every second weekend.” The team started the season with high expectations, and even purchased new equipment. They also purchased $2,400 worth of ski passes for the Drumheller Ski Hill. The team has been fundraising through casinos, and were able to get permission from the Al-

Mike Yavis “There’s absolutely no reason not to, children should not be around smoking.”

berta Gaming and Liquor tried to communicate with Commission to use some of the manager of the ski hill as well as board members, the funds for logistics. “It is using up the funds but have not heard back. very quickly. The club She would just like to know doesn’t pay for everything, what is going to happen. “I think that it is sad at this and when you have a family of five it adds up,” said Zu- point there is no commucatto. “It is very disappoint- nication,” she said. “I know ing because through all of there are a lot of people this we had no idea the hill out there who want their money back…what is a perwas not going to open.” By this time, the team was son supposed to do about a hoping to be racing every pass? I would like his direcsecond weekend, but with tion because I am just about the limited training, the at wit’s end.” Amerl said they are still skiers are not ready to comlooking at pete. This leaves “I know there are the legal asthe team a lot of people out pects of the in limbo. It there who want contract and to could use the their money back… hoping funds they what is a person open soon. funds paid for the supposed to do The from the ski ski passes to about a pass?" Heather Zucatto passes he continue to said go into train at other facilities. Even if the hill preparation for the ski hill opens, the season could cut for the season, and were down to just weeks, espe- paid to Drumheller Valley cially if a chinook blows in. Ski Hill, Amerl’s company. “I have too much inShe said she received a personal guarantee from vested in the ski hill to go Zrinko Amerl of the ski hill anywhere. Normally what they would get their money is done in the ski industry, back if the hill did not open. and Drumheller Valley Ski But lately, the team has Hill has done this in the


Ski team holds $2,400 worth of ski passes to empty hill

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past, is they carry passes into the next year,” he said. When asked if people will get a refund, he said, “If we are shut down, absolutely.” “For the people asking for refunds, we have the same number of people saying, ‘just get us the hill going,’ that is priority number one. My family made their home here, members of the club are long term members of the community, and we will make it good for everybody. “Nobody is going to be out money for supporting the ski hill.” He also says that if the ski hill does open those who purchased passes will be able to use them for the entire calendar year. “They bought them for the Christmas season, and they haven’t received the Christmas season. We will at least do that for people. If we don’t open, they will at least carry into the next year and hopefully we’ll negotiate something. I really don’t believe we’ll get to that point, I believe we will see the ski hill open this year,” he said.

O. R. Sheddy, Editor O. R. Sheddy, Publisher Letters to the Editor are most welcome. They should be brief and to the point. We reserve the right to edit letters for legality, clarity and taste. Letters must bear the name, address and phone number of the writer. Anonymous letters will be discarded.


inSide Drumheller |

Friday, January 21, 2011 - 3

Passion Play’s success no surprise, 20 years later

LaVerne Erikson

“What I had available to me that he didn’t was the Rosebud School of the Arts. I had connections to make it happen,â€? Erikson says. “It was just the right time to come about.â€? The Royal Tyrrell Museum was the ďŹ rst big tourism venture in the area, but the Passion Play was really the ďŹ rst, apart from the Atlas Coal Mine, which allowed hundreds of local volunteers to participate in the industry, Erikson says. Looking back in time, the Passion Play came just before a big expansion of Drumheller– fast food restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfasts. "People just starting thinking ‘we can do it’â€?, says Erikson. “The Passion Play was the catalyst to inspire people to be thinkers and get out there

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play celebrated 20 years of great theatre on Saturday night, during the Memories of Christmas celebration at the Knox

Church. Current play general manager Vance Neudorf and founding visionary LaVerne Erikson look back on the success of the performance. inSide photo by Kyle Smylie

performances, adding smaller performances all summer long. A new script is currently in its second reading, and will bring a surround sound system to enhance the experience. “It’s going to keep moving, along with this idea of having more than just a play, but

an actual attraction to have people come all year to see what it was like back in that time frame,� Neudorf says. This year’s performances will take place on July 15, 16, and 22 (evening shows), and July 17, 23, 24 (afternoon shows).


culty ith fa ities w k rtun pea rs S er Oppo pdates o t c u tr re & u nline t Ins our k Ca Mee s at wor ampus t n class/o sions ent ived C rams i Admis g t stud a See on fee w nce Pro The Spo ti sta n i a c s O i l s App al aid a nci Fina

#"/2/6    -*

3D Animat ion, Visual Effe cts & Game Developmen t

New Media & Graphic Des ign

VP RS ay! tod

l 2D Traditiona Animation


That’s been the real blessing, to see that the Passion Play will carry on for generations.�

to create their dreams.� Looking back, the play had an impact on the culture, politics, and economy of Drumheller. Forming a land deal where the amphitheatre now sits involved three municipalities: the Municipal District of Badlands, the City of Drumheller, and Kneehill County. Having these three governing bodies sit down at a table and hammer out a deal to develop the Passion Play contributed to the formation of the town, Erikson says. Culturally, the Passion Play has made the Drumheller area known as having great theatre, along with Rosebud, and shortly after the play’s success work began on the Kaleidoscope Theatre. The real blessing, says Erikson, is that the organization has made the transition from one generation to the next. “Almost half who signed the charter have passed away, and people who were young and acting in it have now taken over and provided leadership. That’s been the real blessing, to see that the Passion Play will carry on for generations.� As for the Passion Play’s future, Erikson says it has been clouded with issues regarding the ski hill. “Once we get over the ski hill challenges, the sky’s the limit.� If this is resolved, plans on expanding the performance are in the sight of the board. Neudorf says they are considering extending the two weekend show into more


Saturday night was a celebration of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play’s 20 year anniversary, the Memories of Christmas, and two decades later, the success of Drumheller’s iconic biblical production was no surprise at all. LaVerne Erikson, who started the Rosebud School of the Arts and who was instrumental in the beginning of the Passion Play in 1990 says there was no doubt in his mind that the production would take o. “I guess that’s why I did it,â€? Erikson says of the very beginning. “I saw so much potential.â€? A lot has changed since the birth of the dramatic portrayal of Jesus’ portion of the Bible, but the new script was the most signiďŹ cant change, says current Passion Play general manager Vance Neudorf. “The change to a more play and musical view changed things around for us,â€? he says after explaining the play hit a major attendance downturn in 2005. “After that, things began to spike – it put the Passion Play back on the map and in the right direction again.â€? The big rush and enthusiasm of the early days went well, but the format became old for people who’d already seen it. Royal Sproule of Rosebud re-wrote the script, and attendance numbers began to climb. “The success of it is not surprising. Right from the beginning, they wanted to do

very good, credible art. I see the production values of the performance that the people of Drumheller don’t realize,â€? Neudorf says. “Things are really rocking and rolling forward.â€? The play’s site, nestled in the hills near the Drumheller ski hill, was part of the inspiration, says Erikson. Gordon Taylor, an inuential politician and a recent Drumheller Mail ‘Drumheller Hero’, proposed the idea 20 years before the original board due to the Israel-esque landscape.


Kyle Smylie| inSide Drumheller

Join us for an exciting afternoon full of valuable information about MAX Campus and how to start your career in the digital world. You can apply and participate in on the spot admissions and the $75 application fee will be waived! So, what are you waiting for? ZFP

/03- 403.823.MAX1 (6291) 150 3rd Ave W. Drumheller,Alberta

inSideHappenings DAYTIME EVENTS Saturday afternoons, Drumheller: Drop-in Zumba, carol todor dance school, 11 a.m. - noon. Friday, February 11, Drumheller: Open House, Max Campus, 1-4 pm. Join us for an exciting afternoon full of valuable information about Max Campus and how to start your career in the digital world. For more information or to RSVP:, 403-823-62911 or stop by 150 2rd Ave. W.

DRUMHELLER AREA NIGHTLIFE Friday, January 21, Drumheller: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle, 295 -1st St. West. 7:00 p.m. with refreshments to follow. Everyone welcome. Contact Lt. Rachel Sheils 403-823-2215 or Father Alan Getty 403-823-2989 for more info. Saturday, January 22, Drumheller: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Fellowship Baptist Church, 226 - 2nd St. West. 7:00 p.m. with refreshments to follow. Everyone welcome. Contact Lt. Rachel Sheils 403-8232215 or Father Alan Getty 403-823-2989 for more information. Saturday, January 22, Drumheller: Live Band: Drive By Shout Outs at Vintage Pub & Grill, downtown Drumheller. Saturday, January 22, Drumheller: Live Band: Fire Coulee Bandits at Rising Star - Smokehouse Grill Restaurant (formerly Red’s Place), downtown Drumheller, 190 Railway Avenue. Sunday, January 23, Drumheller: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. St. Anthony’s School Gym, 420 - 12th Street East. 7:00 p.m. with refreshments to follow. Everyone welcome. Contact Lt. Rachel Sheils 403-8232215 or Father Alan Getty 403-823-2989 for more information. Saturday, January 29, Hand Hills: Benefit for Robin Beck. Roast beef supper, silent auction, dance. For tickets or donations for Silent Auction call Jacquie at 403-665-2341. Saturday, January 29, Drumheller: Live Band: Digital Envy at Rising Star - Smokehouse Grill Restaurant (formerly Red’s Place), downtown Drumheller, 190 Railway Avenue. Every Friday, Drumheller: Rising Star Karaoke. Smokehouse Grill Restaurant (formerly Red’s Place), downtown Drumheller, 190 Railway Avenue. Wednesday evenings, Drumheller: Modern Dance (age 10+), carol todor dance school, 6 pm - 6:45 pm. Thursday evenings, Drumheller: Ballroom Night, carol todor dance school, 8 pm - 9:15 pm. Monday evenings, Drumheller: Come and enjoy an evening out at the Legion - sign up for Ten Card Cribbage, 7:00 p.m. every Monday. Bring a partner. Call Arlene at 403-823-9831 for more information. Monday evenings, Nacmine: Community Bingo at the Hall. Doors open 6:00 p.m. Bingo starts 7:30 p.m.


4 - Friday, January 21, 2011

inSide Drumheller |

You are Here by Daniel MacIvor at Rosebud Studio Stage submitted | inSide Drumheller

The work of award-winning Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor will engage audiences at the Rosebud Studio Stage January 29 and




Jan. 22nd – LIVE BAND


Featuring “DIGITAL ENVY” Coming in February




190 Railway Ave.

1(:<($5 1(:<28 NEW Classes Zumba Core Strength Yoga Creative Start January 24

Yoga “Upstairs” Private or semi-private

Ballroom Night Drop in Starts February • 403.823.4377


carol todor dance school

31 in a student Final Project that is at once whip-smart comical, poignant and cruel. You Are Here introduces us to Alison, a troubled soul who, looking back on her life, struggles to untangle just how she got to where she is. Along with her friends, lovers, and business acquaintances, we journey through the darkly funny contradictions, confusions and anguish of a modern life lived in an effort to find out what exactly it all means. Director Mark Lewandowski (Ten Times Two, Christmas on the Air, The Last 5 Years), heads up a talented cast of Rosebud School of the Arts students and alumni including Conrad Belau, Emma Cobb, Travis Friesen, Aaron Krogman, John MacIvor, Alysa van Haastart, and Cassia Schramm (The Secret Garden, Oliver!, Man of La Mancha) as Alison. This show is the culmination of Ms. Schramm’s time as a student at Rosebud School of the Arts, and is being produced by her as her final project. It was MacIvor’s unflinching look at life that drew her to the script, and she found herself fascinated by the idea that one day we might be able to stop and in retrospect clearly see our lives for what they were. Cassia explains, “As Alison demonstrates, we will see both the good and bad, the things we are ashamed

Police investigate fender bender Cassia Schramm… to perform on Rosebud Studio Stage

of along with our proudest moments, and we will be reconciled to them all and maybe even be given a chance to start over. It is a story of grace told with an honesty that is hard hitting and leaves you with a lot to think about. A story that won’t leave you alone even after you’ve left the theatre.” Due to the strong language and mature subject matter discussed in You Are Here, the play is not deemed to be suitable for children and young adults under 16 years of age. You Are Here runs Saturday, January 29 at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Monday, January 31 at 8:00 p.m. at the Studio Stage in Rosebud, Alberta. Call 403-6772015.

At about 10 a.m. on Thursday, January 20 Drumheller RCMP responded to a fender bender at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 2nd Street West. The accident involved a truck pulling a loaded cattle liner and an SUV. inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa

'Lunch is on Us' winner picks Stavros Congratulations to Cindy Bojda, she won inSide Drumheller’s 'Lunch is on Us' Contest. She selected Stavros to cash in her winnings. She is presented her prize by Linda Mabbott of inSide Drumheller. inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa

Drumhealthier successful in second challenge In all 167 came out Wednesday night to the Drumheller Memorial Arena to prove Drumheller has what it takes to be the host of the second season of Village on Diet, and more importantly a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. This was the second fitness challenge undertaken by the group following closely on the heels of the trek up the World’s Largest w3pl

Dinosaur. Drumheller’s Aquadinnies incorporated the activity into their workout as did the Drumheller Special Olympic Alpine team. Next week’s activity is more of a learning experience than a challenge. On Wednesday, January 26, there will be a seminar on portion control and nutrition led by Erica Laycock of the Primary Care Network. inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa

inSide Drumheller |

Friday, January 21, 2011 - 5

2010 Drumheller Fund recipients awarded Kyle Smylie | inSide Drumheller

Drumheller Fund Committee Chair Heather McKee presents $6,164.00 to the Atlas Coal Mine Historical Society’s Kelly Eddy.

The 2010 Drumheller Fund was distributed to a number of local charities earlier this month, through the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society. The Drumheller Family Endowment Fund at The Calgary Foundation was established in 1993 by the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society through a donation given by the Drumheller Family.

The Society directs the net income on the fund each year, in consultation with The Calgary Foundation, which administers the fund, to organizations in Drumheller including the Cooperating Society itself, for projects that meet the following criteria: projects must be directed at benefiting the Drumheller community, with emphasis on youth. The project is to be accessible to the public. Funding is not to be used to

cover the organization’s operating costs, administration or building maintenance. Funding is not used to support ongoing or preexisting programming expenses. Funding does not cover retroactive expenses incurred prior to the grant decision date. As of December 2010, the Drumheller Fund has distributed $164,445.00 to the Drumheller community.

1(:<($5 1(:<28 NEW Classes Zumba Core Strength Yoga Creative Start January 24

Yoga “Upstairs” Private or semi-private

Ballroom Night Drumheller Community Golf Association representative Tom Zariski accepts a $1,000 cheque from Drumheller Fund chair Heather McKee on Friday, January 7.

Drop in Starts February The Friends of St. Anthony’s Drumheller Society’s Alexis, Nicholas, and Megan Pepin accept a $3,000 cheque from the Drumheller Fund’s Heather McKee. inSide photos by Kyle Smylie • 403.823.4377

File your AgriStability Dinosaur Valley Heritage Society’s Brent Noland receives a $1,641.00 donation from the Drumheller Fund’s Heather McKee.

Information Early


For more information call Agriculture Financial Services Corporation at (2372) or

Carolyn Huculak, on behalf of Friends of DVSS accepts a $3,000 donation from the Drumheller Fund’s committee chair Heather McKee.



Growing Forward is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


carol todor dance school


6 - Friday, January 21, 2011

inSide Drumheller |

MAX Campus to hold open house early February Kyle Smylie | inSide Drumheller

population. “Things are going really well with the campus,” says marketing coordinator Taryn Tappen. “Enrollment is growing.” From 1-4 p.m. on February 11, a prospective student geared open house will allow

In its second year of operation, the MAX Campus College of New Media and Animation is holding an open house February 11 to showcase the artistic talents of its growing student



those interested (to RSVP to register,) with the $75 registration fee being waived that day only. Participants can meet instructors, see students at work, view career opportunities and learn of financial aid assistance offered at the school. The school currently has an in-class population of 12 budding artists, but the campus hopes to double enrollment every year. MAX Campus will be moving into a bigger location next year, although exact details were not readily available. For the first time this coming semester, the 2D Animation program will be offered. “It’s kind of like the first step, you get your skills in the 2D traditional, then move into the 3D art,” says Tappen. MAX Campus is Drumheller’s first post-secondary institute, and the only school of its kind teaching specialized

MAX Campus student Jarrid Stern created this train station replica over a two week exercise at the animation and new media school. MAX Campus will be holding an open house on February 11, from 1-4 p.m. inSide photo submitted

animation in southern Alberta. The courses, offered in-class or on-line, consist of New Media & Graphic Arts, 2D Classical Animation, 3D Animation, Vi-

sual Effects, and Game Development. To RSVP to the open house, contact the campus at 403-8236291.

Progress made toward new Chinook Credit Union Branch


Is hiring for all Coil Tubing positions at our Redcliff & Strathmore locations.

Chinook Credit Union vice president Jim Chisholm said there is still some design work to be completed

before tenders can be released for a new Chinook Credit Union to be built across from the Post Office. inSide photo by O.R. Sheddy

Essential Coil & Stimulation Services is a company recognized for safety and excellence within the oil & gas industry. We currently provide services throughout Alberta & Southern Saskatchewan. Essential offers competitive wages, scheduled days off, group beneÄt plan & employee savings plan.

Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The Chinook Credit Union is getting closer to breaking ground on their new location in Drumheller. The Mail broke the story on

January 6, 2010 that Chinook Credit Union would be building new, modern branch on the site of the former Home Hardware in Drumheller. In May of last year the existing building was demolished to

W. Ralston (Canada) Inc.

Class 1 driver’s license is preferred, but all class of drivers are welcome to apply. Previous oil Äeld experience & valid tickets are an asset. Fax, email or drop off your resume & current drivers abstract:

Is taking applications to fill the position of:


W. Ralston produces plastic film products including garbage bags and construction film. We are looking for physically fit (male or female) individuals to run our extruder lines. Starting wage is $16.75 per hour. Successful applicants will be contacted.

Fax: 403-580-8906 1711 Dirkson Drive NE Redcliff k2p4l

Fax resume to (403) 823-5771, or fill out application at 1100 Railway Ave S., Drumheller, Alberta 1c2b(i)

make way for the new branch. According to Jim Chisholm, Chinook Credit Union vice president North Region, they are getting close to having a design ready. “We are still working with the architect and getting all the design work done,” said Chisholm. “We mean we probably have a week or two yet.” After the design work is complete the organization will be able to tender the project and Chisholm said they will make sketches of the new office after tenders close. He said they are still on track for the original timeline. The new facility will give the branch more space to offer a full complement of services, including a drive-thru bank machine. “It will be really good for the community,” said Chisholm.

inSide Drumheller |

Friday, January 21, 2011 - 7

White Elephant funds donated to Salvation Army Greentree Student Council President Noah Miles and Vice-president Liam McDougald presenting a cheque of $400.00 to Rachel Sheils of the Salvation Army. The money was raised from the annual White Elephant Sale, organized by Greentree School Student Council.

Fighting off bad guys

inSide photo by Kyle Smylie


Early bird gets the fine

Kelsey Chambers, 13, fends off Taekwondo black belt Justin LaPierre at a safety and self defence workshop at the Salvation Army Church Tuesday night. As part of the church’s Ladies Night Out programming, RCMP Constable Tina Goski spoke

Another great

Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

A hunter was fined for being a bit too early on the draw. Darrell Turner appeared in provincial court in Drumheller on Friday, January 14. He pleaded guilty to possession of wildlife shot at night. On November 3 of last year he was in possession of a white tail deer carcass that was deemed to be shot 45 minutes before day break. According to Alberta laws it is illegal to hunt any wildlife or discharge a firearm between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise. Turner was fined $1,500 and the animal was forfeit for destruction. The Crown Prosecutor did not seek a hunting licence forfeiture.

Curtis Long pleads guilty in Court of Queen’s Bench Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

Former Drumheller business man Curtis Long pleaded guilty to two charges in Court of Queen’s Bench in Drumheller on Thursday afternoon, January 20. Mr. Long appeared with defence counsel Willie de Wit in front of Justice A.G. Park. He faced charges of sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching and three counts of sexual assault. He pleaded guilty to one count of sexual exploitation stemming from incidents in the summer of 2009. The victim was a 13-year-old employee working for Long. He also pleaded guilty to sexual assault involving a 16-year-old in September 2010. Justice Parks read the agreed on statement of facts, but they were not presented in open court. While he accepted the facts, he made it clear that he would not be the sentencing justice. A presentence report and a psychological/psychiatric report were ordered for Long. He is to return for sentencing on April 14.


contest in support of

Tickled Pink Relay for Life team Tickets available at the Chamber office 403-823-8100

to the dozen women on a number of safety topics, followed by a short martial arts training session. Contact Rachel at the Salvation Army to learn about upcoming programs, 403-823-2215. inSide photo by Kyle Smylie

Want to go to the

TINA TURNER TRIBUTE show on March 5? Then

SEND US YOUR KNEES PLEASE!! Everyone knows Tina Turner has great legs and we’re giving away 2 pairs of tickets to winners of our

‘Send Us Your Knees Please’ contest! All you have to do is ...

1. Take a photo of your great looking legs (knees). 2. Send your photo before February 1 along with your phone number to: email: or drop off at our office: 515 Highway 10 East, Drumheller We’ll put the 5 best looking photos in our paper and on line by Friday, February 4. Our readers will be our judges.* Winners will be published in our Feb. 11 edition of inSide Drumheller. The top two with most votes will win. Winners will be contacted by phone. * By submitting your photo, you agree to allow us to publish it.

Find your copy on stands and in your mailbox

Every Friday. Call 403-823-2580

to place your ad today! Ask for Wendy or Kathryn

RE/MAX Drumheller • 403-823-7777 • RE/MAX Drumheller • 403-823-7777 Run Your Own Business • $190,000

Dan Moe 403-321-0057

Great opportunity to run your own business in the supportive community of Delia! Solid business, operated from a building that was fully renovated in 2006. Includes walk-in cooler, walk in freezer, new wiring, plumbing and new bathroom. Includes all equipment needed to operate the business as well as a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. MLS #201015172

Private and Beautiful 28 Acres

Blog Bite: The average price of a home in Canada increased between 3.9 and 4.6 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2010, compared to the previous year, as markets shrugged off a lackluster third quarter and returned to a post-recession growth profile. Home values are forecast to ............................. For the complete article visit: Call Connie at 403-321-SOLD (7653)

Don Rosgen 403-823-0767

This stunning home includes a beautiful living room with gas fireplace & cathedral ceiling, formal dining room, lovely country kitchen with island and upgraded appliances, sunken family room with air-tight wood stove, large office/ sewing room and main floor laundry.


38 kms SE of Drumheller


are you? WHO 8 - Friday, January 21, 2011

Age: 21. Employer: Headlines Hair Salon. Job Title: Hair Stylist. How long have you been styling hair? Four years. How long have you lived in Drumheller? One month. What do you love most about the valley? My job. What would you change? I’d like a Starbucks. Hobbies and interests? Volleyball, coaching basketball, watching hockey and refereeing. Favourite colour? Red. Favourite food? Vanilla ice cream, because I can add any topping and it’ll taste good. Where do you want to travel to most? I’d really like to go to Hawaii and Las Vegas. If you had a time machine, where and when would you go? Back to when I was in


of all unwanted vehicles

Documents is a safe way to control Identity Theft. You shred, or we shred

Phone Bob or Chris





403-823-2580 | Open 6 Days a Week



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Jennifer Hyland

high school. What’s your dream job? If money wasn’t an issue: coaching basketball. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who’d it be? My grandpa, I miss him. I’d serve him sticky chicken and mashed potatoes. Words to live by? Do unto others what you want done to you. What’s playing on your iPod? I listen to the radio. Dream car? Mini Cooper. If you had $1,000,000, what would you do? I’m responsible with my money, so probably save it. I’m scared of not having it when I need it. Coke or Pepsi? Coke Zero. What three things would you bring to a deserted island? My fiance Blair, water, and fire.


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Badlands Drug Coalition invites addictions author to speak Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The Badlands Drug Coalition has invited a well-known medical doctor, who has spent years working in one of Canada's most notorious neighbourhoods for drug use, to speak to a local audience. On Thursday, February 17, Dr. Gabor Mate will be in Drumheller. He will be doing an all-day workshop for professionals enti-

tled “Taming the Hungry Ghost: Addiction and Mental Illness.” In the evening he will be holding a public presentation called “Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers.” “We’re very excited,” said Cora Bolt of the Badlands Drug Coalition. “He is very well known in the field of addictions and we thought it would be great to speak to the community. Feedback from people who attended

Chips with Salsa a little spicy but always welcome

Dr. Gabor Mate… to speak in Drumheller

by C. Aiello

I am not a fan of those who blow their own horns, but I would like you to know that I started writing about Bill 36 before I read Karin Klassen’s column in Monday’s Herald. She writes about the same bill and does it well, but here is my spin. If you can’t, don’t or won’t follow what your provincial government is doing, I suggest you prick up your ears and open our eyes, because some of what it is doing, or more accurately, what it has done, will scare the pants off you. It did me. If you take the time to take a close look at things, you will ask yourself, “Who comes up with this stuff?” Who could write such as this (Bill 36), and then pass it into law, in an alleged property rights, land owning democracy? This is Canada for crying out loud, and red neck, blue collar Alberta to boot! Who actually formulates legislation such as this, and puts it into words? And does your MLA even read it? My MLA having voted for it, I would have to say no to the last question, but I must plead ignorance to the one before it. I have been made aware of Bill 36, and even read a good portion of it, and frankly, I was frightened. I support that any land owner or even property owner make themselves aware. Our government has blown one by us. To give you an idea: Bill 36 gives cabinet full and outright authority over what happens to private (your) land. Forget about any deals, agreements, leases or contracts that may already be in place with another party, Bill 36 makes them null and void, and does it all without consultation, compensation or recourse to the courts. Think the Charter of Rights and Freedoms can protect you? Think again. How about your MLA? Not likely, Jack Hayden voted in this legislation and thinks it’s in the best interest of Albertans. (Okay, now I’m sure he hasn’t read it.) This Tory government is slowly but stealthily moving toward centralization. Local health boards became regional health boards, which gave way to the superboard; school boards no longer have the autonomy they once did, the big decisions are made in Edmonton. All the acts designating parks, wilderness areas and protected areas are being brought under one big central act. Now land owner rights are being taken from the landowners’ hands and put into the hands of government bureaucrats. What next? (A Wildrose Alliance government, I hope). No, this is not communist Russia, but it is beginning to look like it is being governed as though it were. I don’t like it, neither should you. The Wildrose Alliance looks better with every bill the Tories bring forward. Wildrose would repeal Bill 36, as the party and its members find the trampling of property rights by government to be most repugnant. It is hard to believe that legislation such as Bill 36 could come from the party that spawned such as Peter Lougheed. 3m

in Red Deer is that he does a great job of changing your perspective on addictions.” Gabor has written on a number of subjects from attention deficit disorder to stress. His latest, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction came out in 2008. He is currently the staff physician at the Portland Hotel, a progressive project in the Downtown east side of Vancouver that provides permanent housing for adults dealing with mental health and addiction problems. “His book talks a lot about personal experience,” said Mike Hanly, a member of the Badlands Drug Coalition. Hanly said although Mate is drawing from experience in possibly Canada’s worst neighbourhood for drug abuse, his message still applies. “Just because we are a small town doesn’t mean we don’t have all of these problems; we just don’t have them to the same degree,” said Hanly. “All of these things are here, so the more we learn about it, the safer we are as a community.” To register for either of the sessions contact Cora Bolt at 403-823-1660 or The professional workshop will be at the Drumheller Health Centre. The evening parent workshop is at Drumheller Valley Secondary School at 7 p.m. and is free of charge. Registration deadline is Friday, February 11.

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Friday, January 21, 2011 - 9


Each month, a chamber member business will be profiled here.

You’re among friends at Boston Pizza submitted | inSide Drumheller

Business Profile

After work, join us for $5 pub menu Tuesday through Saturday!

403.823.2460 • 600B 2nd St. SE


403.823.5955 41 Railway Ave. West Open 9 am - 10 pm • 7 days a week

Boston Pizza has been locally owned and operated in Drumheller for 14 years, providing the community of Drumheller with great service staff, wonderful food and competitive pricing in a fun atmosphere. The Boston Pizza Franchise offers regular menu changes, features, pasta Tuesday discounts and wonderful fundraising opportunities through the Boston Pizza Foundation. The Boston Pizza Foundation supports many wonderful charities such as the Kids Help Phone, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the Heart and Stroke foundation as with the paper hearts and heart shaped pizzas sold each year for Valentines Day. “My favourite fundraising event we do every year is our spaghetti eating contest during which we have raised over $19,000 for the Salvation Army of Drumheller over

the past five years” – Stacey Stewart, General Manager. Boston Pizza offers something for everyone in the family. The sports bar features eight big screen TVs for the sports enthusiast and a private mezzanine area that can accommodate groups of 20. “Our team, including myself, really enjoy kids Sundays; nothing puts us in a better mood than balloons and cartoons. The first Sunday of each month we have face painting and a visit from our very own Lionel Mascot for the kids. It’s been nice working here for the past four years and watching the kids in Drumheller grow up.” – Stacey Stewart General Manager. Stacey, along with the staff and the rest of the management team, Ashleigh, Ken, Vicki, Kadena, Brett, Kendall, Kael and Angela, would like to invite you in to Boston Pizza, where you are always among friends!

Chamber Chatter With all the excitement lately about the possibility of Village on a Diet season two coming to Drumheller and the anticipation of the upcoming Coal Mining Centennial celebrations; it is easy to miss some of the other important milestones. To The Drumheller Mail celebrating its 100th Anniversary, congratulations and thank you for keeping us informed for the last century. We would like to hear from others who are celebrating a milestone this year. Coming Events: January 26: Drumhealthier Fitness Challenge #3. Learn about portion control and healthy eating. 7:00pm Drumheller Health Center. January 31: Business After Hours hosted by DrumFM from 5-7pm. No charge for Chamber Members, $5 for non members. To register call Shari at 403.823.8100. February 6-20: Battle of the Sexes at the Aquaplex. Call 403.823.1322 for more information. February 11: Max Campus open house from 1-4pm. February Speaker Series- Royal Tyrrell Museum auditorium (free)

Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce 60 1 Avenue West • Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0 (403) 823-8100 |

Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce

Catch all the sports action in BP’s Lounge!

500-680 2nd Street SE Phone: (403) 823-9700


Fossil Shop Touch the Past

• • • • • •

Fossils Minerals Jewellery Giftware Collectibles Art for the Home

(403) 823-6774 61 Bridge Street, Drumheller

Diosa spa

& salon

403.823.2884 127 3rd Ave West

For all your family needs... RIVERSIDE VALUE DRUG MART 2nd Avenue & Centre Street | Drumheller


To advertise here, contact Wendy or Kathryn at (403) 823-2580.

REMEMBER IT’S NOT WHAT YOU EARN IT’S WHAT YOU KEEP! Personalized advice and professional solutions to meet your accounting needs

Professionals in Rural Economic Development


• Bookkeeping and payroll services • Review, audit and compilation engagements • Corporate and personal tax returns • Tax planning and representation

• Management and computer consulting • Business plans and ¿nancial forecasts • Simply Accounting and Quick Books training

TREVOR GOUGH PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION CERTIFIED GENERAL ACCOUNTANT 196 3rd Avenue West, Drumheller (403) 823-1212 • (403) 823-8176 •

League Bowling Birthday Parties Steak Night & Live Entertainment Indoor BBQ Lounge Art Gallery 405 11 Ave SE, Drumheller



10 - Friday, January 21, 2011

Contact us! Phone: 403-823-2580 Fax: 403-823-3864 E-mail:

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New mortgage regulations could make it tough for first time buyers Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

New regulations on attaining a mortgage might make it harder for first time a buyer to enter the market, says one Drumheller realtor. On Monday, the federal gov-


$10.15 plus GST per column inch

FOR RENT... 2 bedroom apartment. Clean, friendly building. Free laundry. Available February 1. $600/month in Carbon, 20 minutes to Drumheller or Three Hills. Call 403-572-3480 or 403-201-2390. 3p5 Century 21 has the following rental available: 2 bedroom house, $800 plus utilities. Call Lisa at 403-8232121. 3c FOR RENT... 2 bedroom house, $750 plus utilities. Please call Chris at 1-780-995-2533. 3c


More than just pretty feet! We are a full service salon featuring: Aurora Earth Medicine Brian Perpelitz REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPIST

Acute Barbershop and Hairstyling Sereca Ngoeun

The Pedi Pro and more... Margo Masse Hand and Foot Care Gel and Party Nails Waxing • Anti Age Facials


Rental Property

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Cosmetics • Hair and Body Care • Athletic Wear • Casual Clothing • Gift Certificates

120 3rd Ave | 403.821.4724

ernment announced changes to mortgage rules. One of these changes is that the maximum amortization period for a government insured mortgage has been dropped from 35 to 30 years. This means a buyer who cannot come up with a 20 per cent down payment, and needs to have the mortgage insured, can only spread their payments out over 30 years. “First time home buyers are the ones who will be most effected by the new rules,” said Stacey Gallagher of Century 21. “Adding another five years (from 30 to 35) to the amortization period could have made the difference between the dream of owning a home becoming reality. “Everyone deserves a chance to own a home and young couples/families just starting out cant seem to catch a break. Everything is getting more expensive yet wages can’t keep up. The government is making it more difficult to make the leap from renting to buying.” She said 2010 was a buyer’s year in Drumheller real estate, but it appears prices have start-

ed to stabilize. Low interest rates also help those wanting to make a leap into the market. “As always, the homes that sell the quickest are the ones that are perceived as ‘good bang for your buck.’ Sellers need to be realistic and price their home to sell. Buyers are being prudent with their dollar, but want a quality home too,” Gallagher said. Because the changes are to take effect March 18, Gallagher said it might prompt those in the market to speed up their decision. Don Rosgen of ReMax has just returned to the real estate business after a two-year hiatus. He is not disappointed in the changes to mortgage regulations. “I’ve never promoted a 35 year mortgage, I don’t necessarily think it is good for clients. The reason they dropped five years off there is because people were buying more than they can afford,” he said. “That isn’t one of the priorities I had in selling real estate. In fact, I think 30 years is really stretching it for some people.” He said the market is pretty

strong in Drumheller. “The lower end stuff is not moving so good, and neither is the top end, but the middle is going pretty well, the realtors are pretty busy,” he said. While prices appear to be back on an upswing, they have not reached the same levels they were a couple years ago. This may hurt a seller who bought when the market was inflated, but at the same time, their next home may be more affordable. “Any correction is healthy, I think, because if it keeps going up it forms too big of a bubble, and then it hurts too many people,” he said. Gallagher said there could be better solutions for the government to help people tackle household debt. “If the government wants to encourage less debt, go after credit card interest rates, and make it less easy to have a dozen credit cards,” she said. “The credit card companies give out cards like candy to people who have no income with the promise of low introductory rates.”

Alberta-Wide Classifieds Only $259.00 to advertise in over 100 community newspapers in Alberta - Call 403-823-2580 for more information. AUTO PARTS SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED. Buying scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equipment. $3. each. Free pick-up greater Calgary & Edmonton area. Minimum 10. Toll free 1-877-334-2288.

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COMING EVENTS PERFECT FOR CHILDREN aged 2 - 6, Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon brings adorable TV adventures to life on stage at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Sunday, Jan. 23, 1 & 4 p.m. Prepare for musical encounters with Loud Mouth Crooner Fish, Rock ‘n’ Roll Sheep and other zany characters! Tickets at

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Sudoku Here’s how it works:

CLUES ACROSS 1. Smallest mergansers 6. Minute floating marine tunicate 11. Made from genus quercus 12. Bored feelings 13. Spoke 15. Cry 18. Played the chanter 19. Lash 20. Shoots a marble 21. Dentist's group 24. Trees in 11 across 25. Prince Hirobumi 26. Opposite of capitalism 30. Eats decaying wood 32. Facial twitch 33. E. central English river 35. Sound wave reflection 43. Goalless 44. Central processing unit 45. Wings 47. Million barrels per day (abbr.) 48. Noah's oldest son (Bible) 49. Tenet 51. "Rocky" actress Talia 52. Bullocks 54. Repeated product phrase 55. A roofed patio 57. "Police station" in South Asian countries 58. Cosmogeny matter (pl) 59. 1967 Nobel chemist Manfred CLUES DOWN 1. Bouncing Bess 2. Australian friends 3. Supplemented with difficulty 4. Take in marriage 5. Tin 6. Antimony 7. Linen liturgical vestment 8. A country in SE Asia 9. Photocopy 10. Place of Hindus retreat 13. Ocular

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

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We’ve got you covered . . .  Elderberry Concentrate  Oil of Oregano  Large selection of vitamin C  Cold and Flu teas 14. Lasso 16. Acorn tree 17. Wife of Saturn 21. Behave in a certain manner 22. Cease living 23. Swiss river 26. Painting on dry plaster 27. Not off 28. 6th tone of the scale 29. Pre-Columbian Indians of Peru 31. Bit-by-bit 34. The 26th state 36. Hour 37. Original Equipment Mfg. 38. Bachelor of Laws

39. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 40. The most electropositive metal 41. Classical music for the stage 42. Spirit presiding over thing or place 43. In a wise way 45. Promotions 46. A piece of land 48. What the sun did yesterday 50. "Rule britannia" composer 51. Scum at the surface of molten metals 53. ___ Adams, early US patriot 54. Chinese term for poetry 56. Present tense of be 57. Atomic #52

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ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, there are times in your life when things will be easy. This week you will discover what it feels like to breeze through all the things you wish to accomplish.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, it might take a little while for you to dig out from behind the pile of honey-do tasks on your list. However, once you do, it will be smooth sailing for at least a month.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, you're a lonely soul this week and that's because you are choosing to isolate yourself from others. Think about social engagements for next week.

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CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 You need a place to rest your head, Cancer. That's because you've been working yourself ragged for the last several days. It's time for some muchneeded R&R.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you're on the road this week, whether it's a recreational trip or strictly business. Expect a few bumps along the way.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, if you're stuck in a rut it's time to do something about it. Put all of your usual excuses aside and try something a bit different this time around.

ruthless means:

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and your resolve certainly will be put to the test this week when many obstacles lie ahead. With some help, you'll survive.

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threefold informed cruel masculine

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Just when you thought you could relax, Scorpio, new responsibilities pop up that need your immediate attention. It could be time to delegate some of these tasks.

Answer: cruel

Last Week's Crossword Solution

Answers Sudoku Solution



LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, as much as you may hate to admit it, you took someone's advice and everything worked out for the best. Even though you butt heads with this person, express gratitude.


3rd Avenue West Downtown Drumheller 403-823-5533

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One hour massage

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Famous Birthdays JANUARY 21 Robby Benson, Actor (55)

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12 - Friday, January 21, 2011

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Senior girls Sabres show improvement at invitational tournament Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The St. Anthony’s Sabres Senior girls basketball team are demonstrating growth and improvement throughout the season, and it showed at their home tournament. The Sabres hosted their seventh annual invitational tournament last weekend. Because of poor road conditions, Canmore’s Our Lady of the Snows dropped out at the last minute, forcing organizers to rewrite the draw for the seven teams that competed. The Sabres were first up against Beiseker on Friday, January 14, R






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She has seen great progress from her squad in the few short months they have been competing. “There has been some huge growth, definitely in the confidence area. Defensively we have grown tremendously and we now have a very strong zone defense,” she said. “We have been kind of tackling issues as they come, but we have been working a lot one on one to boost individual skills. We measure growth by seeing the girls put what they learn in practice into play in their games, and we have been seeing that a lot.” Not only is there improvement on the defensive end of the court, but Grant also said she has seen better passing, better speed and on-court communication. One area to focus on moving forward is shooting under pressure. “All in all I am extremely happy with the growth I have seen and I am super excited for what the next couple of months might look like,” said Grant.

submitted| inSide Drumheller

Austin Knibb set four new club records, including his national time, Parker Knibb (13) achieved one new club record, and six improved times and Alan Lister (14) swam in 14 events, and

Bailey Faubion breaks away against an Old Koinonia defender Saturday morning at the Sabres Invitational.

Record breaking meet for Aquadinnies


Knox United Church 195-3rd Avenue East Tues: 6:00 p.m.

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and played strong, but lost 33-52. Darby Andrus had 15 points and Brittany Stahl contributed eight. The second game of round robin play saw the Sabres take on Olds Koinonia on Saturday morning. This time Stahl led the way with 15 points and Andrus scored eight. Bailey Faubion also contributed 10 points including two three pointers. When the two pools merged the Sabres played their final game of the weekend versus Three Hills. In the close game, the Sabres lost by only six points, 5965. Andrus had 22 and Stahl had 19 points. The Sabres finished sixth out of the seven teams that competed. Stahl and Andrus both received MVPs. “The scores were all pretty close as the teams were all really evenly matched, which made for a great tournament,” said coach Chloe Grant. “The feedback I received was very positive in the respect that it is fun to play in such an equally matched tournament.”

Eight members of the Drumheller Aquadinnies took to the University of Calgary pool this past weekend to participate in their Grand Prix Meet. The swimmers ranged in age from 9 – 17, and had a very successful meet. The Grand Prix gave the kids a chance to swim their events and set 15 new club records in total and one national time for Austin Knibb. Austin (15) swam 30.50 in 50 back qualifying him to attend Canadian Age Group Nationals in Montreal, Quebec in the summer of 2011. This achievement marks an exciting time for the club, as Jennifer Woods was the last swimmer to qualify for Nationals in the late 1990s. Brandon Chernow (17) set five new club records, Devon Chernow (14) swam three new club records, Robyn Hays (14) swam two new club records, and one best time, Brock Hoel (9) swam to second place in three events and improved times, and older sister Janae Hoel (11) swam improved times in six events.

improved 14 improved times. The team is coached in Drumheller by Eileen Woods, and out of Airdrie by Lynne Driessen. The kids have set high goals,

A squad of eight Aquadinnies competed at the Grand Prix Meet at the University of Calgary on January 14-16, and all set club records. At the meet are (l-r) Brandon Chernow, Devon Chernow, coach

inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa

and have been working hard to achieve them. Both Brandon and Austin are to attend Senior Provincials at the end of January, and are looking forward to a fast, fun meet.

Lynne Driessen, Alan Lister, Austin Knibb and Parker Knibb, and Robyn Hays, front. Missing are Janae Hoel and Brock Hoel. photo submitted

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