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As spring slowly gets into full swing, some of the familiar fuzzy faces of the Valley are returning, including this Richardson’s ground squirrel, who made an appearance at the Royal Tyrrell Museum on Thursday, April 11.

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inSide photo by Michael James

515 Highway 10 East, Drumheller

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2 - Friday, April 12, 2013

inSide STREETERS During our travels as reporters, we often stumble across some fairly unique names. inSide Drumheller asks: What is the most interesting name you can think of?

Cathy Morse “Apple.”

inSide Drumheller |


What it takes to be a Town Councillor

Johann Kuschke | inSide Drumheller

After six years serving as a member with the Drumheller town council, Andrew Berdahl, has made the decision not to run for next elections in October. “The commitment is considerable,” said Berdahl who has served two three-year terms as an elected official. “I think if one is going to do it properly, then they need to be emotionally prepared to commit to all that’s involved.” Berdahl initially assumed the role because he felt a change could be made and he could make an impact on the com-

munity. “I think most people put their name forward because they want to make a positive difference, they want to make life better in the community,” he said. “I never really thought I would ever run, it’s not something I grew up thinking I would do.” But when election time came around in 2007, he decided to “give it a shot.” “If somebody is motivated in good faith, they tend to be a better candidate,” said Berdahl. While he has enjoyed his time spent as a council member, Berdahl said the position has made a

significant impact on his life in a variety of ways. “It’s just 38 more things to think about.” He affirms that in order to be a strong candidate for town council, one must have respect, the ability to communicate, and have an element of vision. “One needs to have a vision of what it is they want to create in order to make it happen, and the ability to build and maintain positive working relationships,” said Berdahl. “Being a councillor is essentially a leadership position.” Coming into the position as a middle class


Simple Plan

Larry-Lew Morton “Moon Unit.”

Tenelle Fabrick “Waldamar.”

Brandon Schneider “Zealand.”

As one can expect, the topic of a water park/slide at the Aquaplex comes up often. Either in casual conversation, or from a comment at Town Council, some solution to the absence of another water experience for locals and visitors has yet to be reached. There is certainly a direct connection to pool revenue since the old waterslide was removed prior to Christmas last year. More than one person has said to this writer that without a second water play park option along with the indoor pool, that the Three Hills pool, along with others in the area, is where they go for family fun. Patrons want (and expect) that extra value for their recreation dollar and will travel some distance to get it, taking with them food, fuel and accommodation dollars. The town fathers, (and mothers), have to find some workable, financially sound, fiscally responsible design to solve the problem. Here's is one that might work. We have no idea what a waterpark facility attached to the Aquaplex will cost, but for arguments sake, say $250,000. When the change lockers at the pool were replaced some years back, this office was both surprised and disappointed to see the new lockers installed at the old rental price of 25 cents. That's the same

price charged for the old lockers installed at the pool when it was built in the 1970's. Should have charged a loonie. Again, we have no idea what the change locker rental at the pool would be for a year, but at 25 cents a pop, let's say $5000. If the mechanism was changed to a loonie, immediately the revenue would rise to $20,000 per year. Multiply that by 12.5 years and you have your waterpark paid for. Just by somebody changing their clothes. Imagine that! If the changes had been made three years ago, there would already be $60,000 in the bank. Now, if an effort were put forth by a committee to do a bit of fundraising, we feel that enough corporate, service club and individual donations would come about that the park would be paid for in even less time, thereby reducing the amount bridge financing required by the town. Sadly, the Aquaplex operates at a loss, as do most town facilities. This is not unusual, as most municipalities have to subsidize recreational buildings with taxpayer dollars. Maybe this idea can catch fire, so a new waterpark/slide can bring more users, who will rent more loonie lockers, and provide more revenue at the pool. ORS

$10 Wing Night

All You Can Eat Wings Every Wednesday! Emily McEachern “Babble.”


working dad, Berdahl believes the role has effectively engaged him to become actively involved with organizations most people are not typically involved in. “Our community has a good many people who are capable of being good leaders and who are already doing it in many cases,” he said. “Most of the work a council member does is about fundamental personal skills, how to reflect, how to be open minded, how to listen to people, and how to communicate and ask questions.” Although Berdahl has been with council for six years, he believes there is merit to the idea of passing on the torch to another candidate. “Democracy thrives on diversity and so, having a variety of different people who cycle through these positions is the sign of a healthy democracy.” Despite his decision not to run for next elections, Berdahl’s actions are made with the best intentions. “It can be very difficult

for an individual to retain their freshness and their focus, and I think there is merit to the idea of going away for a little while, living your life and then coming back perhaps at another point.” While the role of being a councillor isn’t all that glamorous, Berdahl said the approximately $14,000 a year salary does help to take some of the sting out of such a demanding position. “The remuneration helps keep some balance,” he said. According to Berdahl, the position of councillor can pose a substantial amount of stress on one’s life, on and off the job. “It adds another element to your relationships,” he said. “You wear each decision.” He may be done serving town council after this term, but Berdahl affirms he will remain politically active in his future endeavours. “If anything, it’s clearer to me now on all the ways one can be involved in leading their community.”



drumheller d h lll

All letters are welcome and we encourage you to share your views with our readers. Here are some useful tips on writing your letter to the editor. • Keep your letter short and to the point. • Letters must be clear, concise, signed by the author and include a phone number for verification purposes. Unsigned letters will not be considered. • The Drumheller Mail/inSide Drumheller reserves the right not to publish any letter and letters may be edited for length, libel and grammar. • Your letter should deal with issues concerning Drumheller and area. • Opinions expressed in letters published by this office do not necessarily reflect the position of our publications, its staff or management. • Letters will be edited for libelous content, length, proper spelling and punctuation. Beyond those changes, letters will appear as submitted. Send your Letter to the Editor: Mail: Box 1629, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0 Email: Fax: 403-823-3864 or drop it off at our office: 515 Highway 10 East


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inSide Drumheller |

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 3

Community Services develops bullying speaker series Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Give peace a chance, Drumheller. Community Services in Drumheller is giving that message as part of its ďŹ rst installment of a monthly speaker series being developed by the Town. “We’re trying to start a speaker series in town to give people more resources about bullying and how to stop it,â€? said Jeannie Lutz, Community Services Coordinator for the Town of Drumheller. The series was developed to help combat bullying in Drumheller. Typically bullying is thought to be a problem for children and teenagers. Through the speaker series, the goal is to teach residents that bullying extends well into adulthood. “It’s not just a youth problem. We’re ďŹ nding more and more that it’s a community issue and it takes

the whole community working together to deal with bullying,� said Lutz.

Jeannie Lutz... Community Services Coordinator with the Town of Drumheller

Other communities across the country are taking the matter seriously as well. Hanna recently passed an anti-bullying bylaw and

Drumheller has a bylaw that covers bullying. The ďŹ rst installment of the series is scheduled for April 16 in St. Anthony’s and Greentree Schools and a two hour evening session at the Badlands Community Facility. The workshop features Je McCann, who has been presenting to Alberta students and parents for the past 12 years through The Make Peace Foundation. “This talk will cover why people bully and will get people involved in the presentation,â€? said Lutz. Further talks have been scheduled. In May there will be a presentation about the Alberta Help Line, which oers support to those suering from bullying. The RCMP will also be giving a presentation regarding cyberbullying. The goal is to continue to host monthly talks on the subject of bullying.

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Residents discuss water issues

in our

Water was on the minds of Drumheller and area residents who participated in A Conversation with Albertans. The Alberta Government has been hosting community conversations with Albertans to give feedback that may guide future policy on areas including healthy lakes, hydraulic fracturing and water, drinking and wastewater and water management. On March 19 at the Jurassic Inn, these topics were discussed at length by residents. inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa


Drumheller Public Library Upcoming Events: “Storytelling Through Illustration� workshop Saturday, April 13, 2013 124pm with Elizabeth Burritt. This is a FREE presentation, but registration required – call the library at 403-823-1371. All materials for this workshop will be provided. Alphasaurus Preschool Storytime 10-11am Fridays – April 5 – “Easter Bunnies� No preregistration – FREE 4 Tales Family Storytime - 2-2:30pm Tuesdays No registration – FREE Drumheller Public Library | 403-823-1371 |

DEVELOPMENT PERMITS Take notice that the following development permits for the proposed uses listed below have been issued in accordance with Land Use Bylaw 10-08 of the Town of Drumheller. 1. Development Permit T00012-13D; Plan 4128EQ; Block 5; Lot 8; 845 – 1 Avenue, East Coulee – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – Placement of Moved On Dwelling (Relaxation Granted) – Classification Suburb Community Residential “SCR� District 2. Development Permit T00013-13D; Plan 4676CH; Block 7; Lots 11-13; 382 – 2 Street, Rosedale – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – Addition to Single Family Dwelling (Extension of Deck) – Classification Residential “R-1� District 3. Development Permit T00015-13D; Plan 4125FH; Block 2; Lot 2; 137 – 9 Street, Nacmine – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – Placement of Moved on Dwelling – Classification Residential “R-1� District 4. Development Permit T00019-13D; Drumheller Vacation Rentals; Plan 0411572; Block 1; Lot 37; 405 – 1 Avenue, East Coulee – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – Tourist Dwelling – Classification Suburb Community Residential “SCR� District 5. Development Permit T00020-13D; Plan 7291CG; Block 5; Lots 9 & SE 10’ of 10; 2106 North River Drive, Midland – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – New Construction of Single Family Dwelling with Attached Garage – Classification Residential “R-1� District 6. Development Permit T00023-13D; Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle; Plan 2193CC; Block 39; 245 – 3 Street West, Drumheller – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – New Construction of Playground – Classification Community Service “CS� District 7. Development Permit T00079-13H; ECVH Renovations; Plan 0411572; Block 1; Lot 37; 405 – 1 Avenue, East Coulee – HOME OCCUPATION – Contractor – Construction/Renovations – Classification Suburb Community Residential “SCR� District 8. Development Permit T0008013-H; M & D Sands; NE-29-28-19-W4M; 2850 Subway Drive, Rosedale – HOME OCCUPATION – Construction (Office Use Only) – Classification Agriculture “A� District 9. Development Permit T0008113-H; Taste The Past; Plan 2691BC; Block 22; Lot 15-17; 281 2 Street West, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Bed & Breakfast – Classification Downtown Transition “DT� District 10. Development Permit T0008213-H; Pro-Active Building Maintenance; Plan 4437JK; Block 2; Lot 30; 38 Cedar Crescent, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Janitorial Service – Classification Residential “R-1� District 11. Development Permit T0008313-H; Cozy Cuts; Plan 9810598; Block S; Lot 4: 18 Poplar Grove, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Dog Grooming – Classification Manufactured Home Park Residential “MHP� District 12. Development Permit T0008413-H; CJ Portable Welding; Plan 1005FL; Lot 6; NW-8-29-20W4M; 153 5 Street, Nacmine – HOME OCCUPATION – Portable Welding (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-1� District 13. Development Permit T0008513-H; Hallbright Enterprises; Plan 4653BC; Block 8; Lot 14; 441 2 Street SW, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Reflexology / Office Bookkeeping; Classification Residential “R-1A� District 14. Development Permit T0008613-H; Performance RV Service & Performance Steam; Plan 7410338; Block 2; Lot 15; 61 Hunts Crescent, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Oilfield Steam Truck & RV Service (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-1� District 15. Development Permit T0008713-H; Drum Super Systems Inc.; Plan 3099AD; Block 31; Lot 29; 136 1 Street West, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Carpet Cleaning (Office Use Only); Classification Downtown Transition “DT� District 16. Development Permit T0008813-H; Pane Management Window Cleaning; Plan 7125DD; Block 2; Lot 11; 118 1 Street, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Window Cleaning (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-1� District 17. Development Permit T0008913-H; Gerry’s Tree Services; Plan 4676CH; Block 5; Lot 14; 150 1 Avenue S, Rosedale – HOME OCCUPATION – Tree Service (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-1A� District 18. Development Permit T0009013-H; M & M Electric; Plan 7410018; Block 53; Lot 7; 1111 2 Avenue, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Electrical contractor (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-2� District

19. Development Permit T0009113-H; Drouin Construction; Plan 2193CC; Block 43; Lot 4; 180 5 Street W, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION – Construction (Office Use Only); Classification Residential “R-1� District 20. Development Permit T0009213-H; Tower Trophies; Plan 7291CG; Block 3; Lot 17 & 18; 106 20 Street NW, Drumheller – HOME OCCUPATION - Trophy Sales, Engraving, Custom Awards & T-Shirts; Classification Residential “R-1� District Further information regarding these decisions may be obtained from the Development/ Planning Department, Town Hall, 703 - 2nd Avenue West, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y3 (403) 823-1310 or e-mail Any person wishing to appeal these decisions may do so by submitting Form F and/or a written notice of appeal to the Secretary of the Sub-division & Development Appeal Board at 703 - 2nd Avenue West, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y3. A non-refundable fee of $120.00 must accompany the appeal. The “Notice of Appeal� and accompanying fee must be received no later than 4:30 p.m., April 26, 2013 Cindy Woods, Development Officer, Town of Drumheller


LAUNDROMAT Large capacity washer • Blankets • Sleeping bags

Valley Esso Truck & Car Wash

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Highway 9 South

703 - 2 AVENUE WEST • DRUMHELLER, ALBERTA T0J 0Y3 Phone 403-823-6300 Fax 403-823-7739 public at the Town of Drumheller Office during regular office hours. This notice is given pursuant to the Municipal Government Act. 1st Publication: April 5, 2013 2nd Publication: April 12, 2013 R.M. Romanetz, P. Eng, CA, Chief Administrative Officer Town of Drumheller NOTICE of PUBLIC HEARING FOR BYLAW 07.13 PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO LAND USE BYLAW NO. 10-08 DATE: April 22, 2013 TIME: 4:30 PM PLACE: Town of Drumheller Council Chambers, Drumheller, Alberta PURPOSE: The purpose is to consider an application to amend Land Use Bylaw No.#10-08 Schedule A, The Land Use District Map, by re-designating designating Plan 7251 CK; Block 49A; Lots A to G in the Town of Drumheller from “UTâ€? – Urban Transitional District to “M-1â€? – Light Industrial District as shown on the plan below

MakePeace Foundation Come and enjoy a free evening with the MakePeace Project. The presentation will be facilitated by Jeff McCann on April 16th starting at 7pm at the Badlands Community Facility. There will be live music, a power point presentation on the dynamics of, “why we bully� with suggestions on how to create peace in our lives, followed by a discussion period. Jeff works as a singer/songwriter, tai chi instructor and workshop facilitator and has been presenting to Alberta Students for over 10 years. If you would like more information go to Jeff ’s Website at NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TOWN OF DRUMHELLER PROPOSED BYLAW NO. 08.13 Land Use District Amendment from ‘UT’ – Urban Transitional to ‘SCR’ – Suburb Community Residential District in the Rosedale District DATE: April 22, 2013 TIME: 4:30 PM PLACE: Town of Drumheller Council Chambers PURPOSE: The Council of the Town of Drumheller proposes Land Use District Amendment Bylaw No. 08.13 The purpose of the land use district amendment is to allow for residential and associated

PRESENTATION: Oral and written comments and suggestions are invited and should be addressed to the point of the proposed amendment. They may be made by any person or group of persons or a person acting on his/her or their behalf, who claims to be affected by the proposed amendment, and by any other persons that the Council wishes to hear at the hearing. Written submissions may be made by the persons above, and may be received in the Town of Drumheller office by 4:00 P.M. on April 22, 2013. Oral presentation may be made at the hearing by the persons above, whether or not they have made a written presentation. The time limit of oral presentations is subject to the direction of the Chairperson. DOCUMENTATION: Copies of the proposed amendment to Land Use Bylaw No. 10-08 are available for public inspection at the Town of Drumheller office during regular office hours. This notice is given pursuant to Sections 606 and 692 of the Municipal Government Act. First Publication: April 5, 2013 Second Publication: April 12, 2013 R.M. Romanetz, P. Eng, CA, Chief Administrative Officer

development to proceed in the Rosedale District as shown on the plan below: REPRESENTATION: Oral or written comments and suggestions are invited and should be addressed to the point of proposed Bylaw. They may be made by any person or group of persons or a person acting on their behalf, who claims to be affected by the proposed Bylaw, and from any other persons whom, at the meeting, the Council of the Town of Drumheller wishes to hear. Written submissions may be made by the persons listed above, and must be received in the Town Office by 4:00 P.M. on April 22, 2013. Oral presentations may be made at the hearing by the persons above, whether or not they have made a written presentation. The time limit of oral presentations is subject to the direction of the Chairman. DOCUMENTATION: Copies of the proposed Bylaw 08.13 is available for inspection by the

The Amazing Race – Drumheller Family Edition Work together as a family to complete each of the challenges that we have for you, afterwards, join us at the Badlands Community Facility for the BBQ and Award presentation Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Event will run from 1:30pm – 3:30pm 1:30pm Race kicks off from the Badlands Community Facility 3:30pm BBQ and Awards presentation, Badlands Community Facility For more information, or to register your family for the event, please contact Cora Bolt, AHSAddiction Services, 403-823-1765. An event brought to you by the Family Fun Committee.

4 - Friday, April 12, 2013

inSide Drumheller |


Tyrrell named one of world’s top dinosaur museums The Tyrrell was among other high caliber institutions from around the world. The Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Field Museum in Chicago, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science in Brussels, and the National Dinosaur Museum in Australia were listed ahead of the Tyrrell. The Tyrrell was the only Canadian museum on the list. “It’s an honour to be on the list with some of the best museums in the world,” said Dooley. The accolade comes at a busy time for the Tyrrell. Last year, they Dr. Don Henderson, Curator of Dinosaurs, was recently named number five on a list opened their new Sea stands beside one of the newest exhibits at of the top ten dinosaur museums in the Dragon exhibit, featurthe Royal Tyrrell Museum, the Sea Dragon, world. submitted photo ing a spectacular marine which was unveiled last year. The museum reptile as its centerpiece. Michael James The Royal Tyrrell Mu- the great things Alberta The Cretaceous Garden, | inSide Drumheller seum came in at number has to offer,” said Mike which has been under Dooley, public relations renovations since fall of five. Drumheller’s title as “We’re absolutely coordinator for the Tyr- 2011, will reopen this the dinosaur capital of thrilled to be included rell Museum. “For us it spring with a fresh new Canada was cemented in the list of the World’s shows what we have here look. To see the complete last week when CNN re- Top Ten Dinosaur Mu- at the museum is very list, head to www.drumleased its list of the top seums. It really shows relevant today and we’re and folten dinosaur museums Alberta is a top desti- just as significant as one low the links. in the world. nation and we’re one of of the world’s top sites.”



Looking for a friendly, self-motivated and responsible RDA II to join our team on a part-time/casual basis. If you are a team player with strong communication skills and a willingness to learn, we would love to hear from you.

Looking for a friendly, self-motivated and responsible RDH to join our team on a part-time/casual basis. If you are a team player with strong communication skills and a willingness to learn, we would love to hear from you.

Resumes can be emailed to Dr. Endersby-Beekman at

Resumes can be emailed to Dr. Endersby-Beekman at


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Lending a hand to Growing Opportunities (l-r) Percy Poland, member of the Verdant Valley and Dorcas Women’s Institute, donated diapers, blankets, clothing and toys to Lisa deLaforest, life skills worker, and Sharla Boyko, registered nurse, of Growing Opportunities. Growing Opportunities is a Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program that offers services to women and teens in need of support during their pregnancy or who have difficulties making ends meet. inSide photo by Johann Kuschke

Old Grouch’s support Heart to Heart A fundraiser was held for the Heart to Heart Society of Drumheller on March 23, which raised a total of $955.00 in donations. The local Drumheller band, Roadside Attractions, donated their wagon and gave a live performance at The Old Grouch’s as part of their contribution to the fundraiser. (l-r) Dave Eberth, Roadside Attractions, Fran Nargang, The Old Grouch’s, and Pat Holden, President of Heart to Heart Drumheller, were pleased with how the event turned out. photo submitted

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HDD FIELD MECHANIC – dedicated to Horizontal Directional Drilling, this position is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Ditch Witch product lines. Position will be located in Edmonton, AB. FOREMEN – responsible for scheduling and supervising the work of Service Mechanics to repair and maintain construction equipment and attachments. Previous leadership and mechanical experience in a heavy equipment environment is considered an asset. Positions will be located in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie, AB.

Applicants will require a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience and wages vary depending on qualifications and experience. Premiums are available for shift and field work.

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Letters to the Editor are most welcome. They should be brief and to the point. We reserve the right to edit letters for legality, clarity and taste. Letters must bear the name, address and phone number of the writer. Anonymous letters will be discarded.

inSide Drumheller |

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 5

Would you do this?

Local residents discover new extreme sport

Local resident, Kelly Henrickson, went for a kayak ride down the heavy stream of spring runoff flowing alongside the north Johann Kuschke | inSide Drumheller

Local Drumheller residents have discovered a new extreme sport this spring, and all that’s required is a kayak, the north hill entrance into Drumheller, and some favourable spring conditions. The “sport” has raised quite a few eyebrows after making its internet debut, but for 24-yearold Kelly Henrickson, his younger brother Adam, and their friend Daniel Hawryluk, it was a golden opportunity to have some fun during their lunch break from Westergard Ford on April 5. Kevin Burfield, a resident living in the Morrin area, sparked Kelly’s interest when he sent him a cell phone photo of the spring runoff flowing alongside the north entrance of Drumheller, located near the airport turn off. “I pretty much decided right then and there that it had to be done,” said Henrickson. The idea came up as a result of Henrickson’s father who used to talk about it years ago. But having never tried it before, Henrickson felt that Go for the

Red Box

hill road coming into town, during his lunch break on April 5. photo submitted

now was the time. “It just worked out that we had the kayak in the right spot,” he said. “I’ve always kind of wanted to do it before and we’ve always talked about it.” With Hawryluck taking the wheel and his younger brother Adam filming the whole experience alongside from the highway, Henrickson hopped in the kayak and began his journey down hill. “It was awesome,” said Henrickson. After making it down as far as he could on the right side of the highway, he portaged across the road and completed the final leg of his journey on the opposite side of the road. “It was a little rough, so I didn’t have the skirt on it,” said Henrickson. “It filled the kayak full of

water, and I almost ended up in Michichi Creek then into the river. So I had to go for a little bit of a swim.” Henrickson and friends have already begun to brainstorm ways they can make the next time more fun. One of the ideas includes bringing a canoe and another person into the equation. Although the stunt can only be performed a few days each spring, it’s managed to grab a lot of people’s attention and may just be the next big “extreme sport” to hit Drumheller. “Since there’s no ski hill, or skate park and because of the Town’s latest anti dirt biking crusade, we’re running out of things to do around here,” said Henrickson. “You have to make your own fun.”

In the Wednesday, April 10th edition of The Drumheller Mail on page A12, an error was made. The Scratch-N-Match ticket which appeared in the ad is an example only and not meant to represent your valid playing ticket.

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6 - Friday, April 12, 2013

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HAPPENINGS Concert ticket sales strong While the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert is still a few months away, already 650 tickets have been snatched up by music fans. The classic band will be performing at the Badlands Community

Facility on June 27. Randy Martin of Karizma Entertainment, who is promoting the show said this type of show is a win-win for the community. “Not only is it impossible for the town to lose money, it is impossible for the town to not make money. The only entity

inSide happenings pp g Playing at The Napier Theatre... Friday, April 12 Thursday, April 18: Silver Linings Playbook, 7:30 p.m., rated 14A, Closed Monday. March 26 - May 28: Modified Yoga Classes, Tuesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Carol Todor’s Dance Studio (back entrance). Gentle stretching exercise for those with limited mobility or joint function. April 8 - 13: Morrin Ag Society’s Mixed Cash Brier at the Morrin Arena. $160 per rink. Contact Ryan Bitz at 403-823-4378. Friday, April 12: “This Thing Called Grief,” workshop put on by the Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Open to everyone, tickets $65, includes lunch. Go to for more information. Saturday, April 13: Little Explorers Child Care and Discovery Centre Spring Fling Kids’ Carnival and Silent Auction. 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Elim Gymnasium, 245 - 3rd Street West. Sunday, April 14: Pancake and waffle breakfast at the Newcastle Hall, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday, April 15: Drumheller Heart-to-Heart Society’s 14th Annual Walk-a-Thon, 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Badlands Community Facility. All funds raised stay in Drumheller. Monday, April 15: The Drumheller Public Library invites you for cake and coffee from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. to celebrate their first birthday at their new location at the Badlands Community Facility. Tuesday, April 16: Golden Prairie Parent Link invites you to “Positive Discipline Solutions,” presented by Ruth Buffam, 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Elim Pentecostal Building, 245 3rd Street West, lower level, Drumheller. Free workshop, but you must preregister. Wednesday, April 24 & 25: DVSS Choir presents “We Built This City,” a choral rock show directed by Becky Neuman at the Kaleidoscope Theatre. Admission is $10 for adults, $7 for students and $32 for a family. Friday, April 26: Wildrose Ladies’ Night Out at the Canalta Jurassic Inn Cretaceous Conference Centre. Sunday, April 28: Food Safe Course, one day only. Recognized Canada-wide. Certificate is valid for 5 years. $130 to register. Call Scott Patterson at 403823-3596 or 403-823-3594. Sunday, May 5: Enerflex MS Walk and Fun Run. Bring the family and lace up for the cure., 403-436-0576. Saturday, May 11: Drumheller Minor Baseball will be hosting a Mini Day Camp at the Newcastle Ball Diamonds. Cost is $48. Fore more details, call 403823-9487. Monday Evenings, Nacmine: Community Bingo at Nacmine Hall. Doors open 6 p.m. Bingo starts at 7:30 p.m. Monday Nights: Knit Club at Café Olé, every Monday night from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. All ages and abilities welcome. Wednesday Afternoon: KidsClub After School Program. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Drumheller Church of the Nazarene. 627 6 Street East 403-823-7020 for information. Wednesday Evenings: Wing night at Flavourz Restaurant and Lounge, all you can eat wings for $10. Saturday Evenings: Come check out the DJ at Flavourz Restaurant and Lounge every Saturday evening.

that takes a risk, 100 per bar and food sales. “What it does is allows cent, is me,” said Martin. Martin has been pro- us, as a community, to support moting shows in “The way Drum- the event Alb er t a heller has responded, I and genfor three feel really good about e r a t e ye ars it. At the end of the con- revenues and says cert when the numbers f r o m he fills are all tallied and there it,” said a niche is a successful concert, C r o m in comthis could lead to two w e l l , munities concerts a year.” a d d i n g larger Randy Martin that seven sponpromotsorship ers overtables were sold out in look. “Nobody is catering to the first week. “That to the secondary markets me says this community like Drumheller, where has stepped up large and they have a facility that wants this kind of thing.” Cromwell said the holds 1,500-1,700 people,” he said. “We come community facility will into a market where benefit from the show. Martin said if successpeople really appreciate ful, this could lead to it.” Economic Develop- more shows. “The way Drumheller ment officer Bob Cromwell explains the Town has responded, I feel of Drumheller has rented really good about it. At the field house to a pro- the end of the concert moter, and is receiving when the numbers are a commission for ticket all tallied and there is a sales. The town also has successful concert, this the opportunity to gen- could lead to two conerate revenue through certs a year,” said Martin.


Michael James | inSide Drumheller

DVSS CHOIR presents



Wednesday, April 24 & Thursday, April 25 7:30 p.m. Kaleidoscope Theatre

are WHO you? William Belliveau Age: 22. Occupation: Employee at the Badlands Community Facility. How long have you lived in the Valley? For about 21 years. What would be your theme song? The theme song from Superbad. Favourite movies? Top Gun and Friday Night Lights. What superpower would you want? X-ray vision. Choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life? Lasagne. Favourite hobbies? Lifting weights, golfing and playing basketball. What are some of your top travel destinations? Bora Bora, Italy and Thailand. Dream Job? Personal Trainer. If you were making a movie about your life, whom would you want to play the part of you? Matt Damon. If you had your own band, what instruments

would you play? The stand-up bass. Favourite colour? Red. If you could hang out with anyone, who would it be and what would you do? I would workout with Rich Froening, and probably not be able to move the next day. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you bring? A fire starting kit, fresh water and a boat. What is your favourite team? Oklahoma City Thunder. What would you do with $1 million? Donate a large portion of it to charity, and keep just enough for myself. What three words would you use to describe yourself? Fun, athletic and outgoing. What is one piece of technology you could not live without? My computer. Any words of wisdom? Nothing changes if nothing changes.

To nominate the next Who are you? Please give us a call at 403-823-2580, fax at 403-823-3864 or email

Admission: Adults - $10.00 Students - $7.00 Family - $32.00



Golden Prairie Parent Link invites you to…

Positive Discipline Solutions

“A glittering centennial experience”

Presented by Ruth Buffam

Friday, April 26 CANALTA Jurassic Inn

April 16, 2013 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm (a light supper will be provided) Elim Pentecostal Building 245 3rd Street West, lower level, Drumheller Learn about positive methods to deal with speci¿c behavior challenges in non-punitive ways. This is a FREE workshop however; you MUST preregister. For more information contact: Marcy at 403-854-8800, Yvonne at 403-820-5157


Cretaceous Conference Centre

Details in next week’s Drumheller Mail 403-823-2265 Chip f15cb 403-823-4798 Stan


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Friday, April 12, 2013 - 7



CLUES ACROSS 1. Leave out 5. Salt water candy 10. Suffragist Carrie Chapman 14. Northeastern Pennsylvania 15. Be in accord 16. 6th Jewish month 17. Young sheep 18. Mary mourning Jesus 19. Wolf (Spanish) 20. A public promotion 21. A lyric poem 22. City of Angels 23. Annual 27. Cinctures 30. Military mailbox 31. One and only 32. Rushed 35. Press onward forcibly 38. Apprehends 42. Guinea currency to 1985 43. Master of ceremonies 44. Swiss river 45. W. Samoan monetary unit 46. Los Angeles team member 47. Native of Bangkok 48. One point E of due N 50. The self 52. Humiliated 54. Disposed to take risks 57. Atomic number 13 58. Foot digit 60. Three-toed-sloth 61. Chopped beef and potatoes 64. Spanish appetizers 66. Crust-like healing surface

68. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 69. Slides without control 70. Add alcohol beverages 71. Showing 72. Medieval merchant guild 73. Current units CLUES DOWN 1. Applied over 2. Gettysburg Union Gen. 3. Inches per minute (abbr.) 4. The bill in a restaurant 5. Draw on 6. Currency exchange fee 7. 19th C. Polish composer 8. A festival or feast 9. Affirmative 10. UC Berkeley 11. Rapid bustling movement 12. Dining, coffee or game 13. Region surrounding ancient Troy 24. Rad squared 25. An old phonograph record 26. Sang in a Swiss folk style 27. Guided the car 28. Exclamation of surprise 29. A senate member 32. Very fast airplane 33. Myanmar monetary unit 34. Right angle building wing 36. Returned merchandise authorization

37. “Rubber Ball” singer Bobby 39. Express pleasure 40. Women’s undergarment 41. 3rd largest whale 49. Exist 51. The 4th state 52. Expressed pleasure 53. Cutting part of a knife 55. Civil Rights group 56. Makes taunting remarks 58. = 100 paisa in Bangladesh 59. American steam engineer James 62. Golfer Snead 63. Type of health insurance 64. Thyroid-stimulating hormone 65. Point midway between S and SE 66. Patti Hearst’s captors 67. E. British University river

Kids Corner Horoscopes

Sudoku Here’s how it works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Answers Last Week's Crossword

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, take time to sort through some of the paperwork on your desk. You could find there is something important that you overlooked that needs to be addressed.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, you may be feeling a little homesick, especially if you are away on business or on vacation. Try to make the most of the situation even if you’re feeling nostalgic.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 There are a few things you can’t seem to work out in your head, Taurus. A better idea may be to put everything on paper and perhaps the answer will jump out.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, if it seems like nothing is going your way, keep in mind there is a master plan in the works. You may not be able to see the resolution, but just be patient.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, there will be a few moments this week when you seem to have a breakthrough. Maybe it’s in a relationship or you have just the right answers at work.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, there are a few puzzle pieces that you need to get into place and then you’ll have everything worked out. Reward yourself with a night out.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Surprising events are in store as you continue to change your views about life-altering events, Cancer. You may find your master plan is entirely turned on its head.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, lay low for awhile rather than drumming up some trouble. Tempting as it is to stir the pot, it may cause more difficulties for you in the long run.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, your energy level is so revved up that others won’t be able to keep up with you. You may have to slow down a little to let others catch up.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, although you have a few projects on your to-do list, you can’t seem to get started. Instead of looking at the entire list, tackle one task at a time and you’ll get the job get done.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, others find it difficult to change your opinion once you have your mind set on something. But it still helps to consider if the direction you’re heading is the right way.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, turn your thoughts to creative efforts and you’ll find the days will just fly by. Before you know it, the weekend will be here.

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8 - Friday, April 12, 2013




Phone: 403-823-2580 Fax: 403-823-3864 E-mail: information@

for all unwanted vehicles

Phone Bob or Chris 403-364-2161



APARTMENT FOR RENT... May 1. Completely furnished 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Drumheller. $875.00/month, $875.00 DD. All utilities included. Phone 403-823-1111 or 403793-0132. 15c16

HOUSE FOR RENT... 3 + 1 bedroom house for rent in lower Midland. Double detached garage, non smoker, no pets. $1300 per month plus utilities. Available June 1st. Call 403-823-4643 for more information. 15p


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24-hour Jam gearing up Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The Jam keeps getting bigger and is looking to set a new record. This of course is the 24-hour Jam, the successful fundraiser for STARS Air Ambulance hosted by The Old Grouch’s restaurant. They are coming off one of its most successful events ever, raising about $14,000, along with a generous gift of $5,000 from the Town of Drumheller to support the important service.

AUCTIONS MEIER - 2 DAY Classic Car & Truck Auction. Saturday & Sunday, May 4 & 5, 11 a.m. Both days. 6016 - 72A Ave., Edmonton. 150 Classics. Consign today, call 780-440-1860. COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION! 6th Annual Calgary Collector Car Auction, May 10 - 11, Grey Eagle Casino. Over 100 pieces of memorabilia selling No Reserve. All makes & models welcome. Consign today 1-888-2960528 ext. 102; NEED TO ADVERTISE? Province wide classifieds. Reach over 1 million readers weekly. Only $269. + GST (based on 25 words or less). Call this newspaper NOW for details or call 1-800-282-6903 ext. 228. COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION. 3rd Annual Edmonton Motor Show Classic Car Auction. April 19 - 21. Edmonton Expo Centre. Over 75,000 spectators. Consign today. 1-888296-0528 ext. 102; 75 QUARTERS LAND, Oyen, Alberta - Ritchie Bros Unreserved Auction. 1HQ, 30 Parcels Farmland, 6 Parcels Grazing Lease, $37,300 Surface Lease Revenue. Jerry Hodge 780-706-6652; BUD HAYNES Antique Auction. Saturday, April 20 at 11 a.m., Red Deer. Estate Laurie Alho of Lethbridge. Over 40 radios, furniture & furnishings. Phone 403-347-5855;



inSide filephoto

Fran Nargang, owner of The Old Grouch’s and her husband Garry, understand the importance of STARS. In fact, their grandson today is a healthy 17-year-old thanks to the quick action of STARS after he was hit by a car as a youngster. A number of other residents owe their life to this service. Because of this, they have built the 24-hour Jam into a premier fundraiser in Drumheller. The jam begins on Friday, June 7 at 6 p.m. and ends on Saturday at 6 p.m. in that time, dozens of musicians, both local and from out of town, take to the stage to belt out some tunes. Throughout the event there is a silent auction and area residents and businesses donate a variety of items to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance service. This year the Nargang’s have set their sights even higher than last year’s incredible result. To do this, they are looking for silent auction items. For more information, or to support the event, contact Fran at 403-823-5755.



FOR SALE... GMC 1997 Crew Cab LBox, 350 - 5 speed std., 164,000 km, 4 wheel drive, Posi rear end, topper, box liner, running boards, new tires, new brakes, under coated, trailer towing pack, 2 batteries, leather, K&N air filter, synthetic lube in all, very good driver. $7,000.00. Barry 403822-3959. 15p

FOR SALE... 2006 Kawasaki 1600 Nomad, like new, back rest, bags, motor guards front and back, Hiway pegs, Desert Dougs leg guards, workshop manual “Kawasaki” Vance thines pipes (not on the bike). Piaa light bulbs, driving lights, cruise, rear carrier, bag protectors, 40,000 km, very good rider. Barry at 403-822-3959. 15p

Only $269.00 to advertise in over 100 community newspapers in Alberta. Call 403-823-2580 for more information.

DO BUSINESS in Yukon! 1,831 sq. ft. prime ground floor retail space on the Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon, next to Starbuck’s. For floorplan/photos, call 1-867-333-9966.

Fran and Garry Nargang are getting ready to host the 24hour Jam coming up on June 7 at The Old Grouch’s.


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Friday, April 12, 2013 - 9

Seniors and students share cultural learning experience Johann Kuschke | inSide Drumheller

International students from the Drumheller Valley Secondary School (DVSS) have been volunteering their time every Sunday and Wednesday to entertain some of the senior citizens in our community. The program, which started up on March 1, appears to be off to a good start as it offers a mutual cultural learning experience for both students and seniors. “They need the hours and require the credits for grade 12, so we looked around to see what they could do and I immediately thought of the seniors,” said dormitory supervisor at DVSS, Margaret Jopp. All grade 12 students at DVSS require 30 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate. Jopp said the program counts towards their volunteer hours and also rewards the students with a few extra credits. The students volunteer

their time at Sunshine is entirely optional, eight Lodge every Sunday af- of DVSS’s 43 current ternoon, and from 6 p.m. international students to 8 p.m. on Wednesdays have willingly invested by entertaining the se- their time to volunteer niors in various ways in the community. “We hope to make this such as, playing live music, participating in card an ongoing thing,” said games, and going for Jopp. Despite over coming walks. “The seniors also teach some difficulties with language them a lot as International students b a r r i ers, the well. The from the Drumheller program girls, and even Valley Secondary School sees stu(DVSS) have been volun- d e n t s s o m e teering their time every from Inof the Sunday and Wednesday donesia, guys are to entertain some of the N i g e learning to knit,” senior citizens in our ria and s a i d community. Vietnam spending Jopp. time with In addition to the Sunshine seniors. “Some of the students Lodge, the exchange students also volunteer at are having a tough time other various locations with the language barin the community such rier but they’re catching as the Grace Lutheran on pretty quick,” said Church and the Naza- Marcel Augey, recreation coordinator at the rene Church. “It’s great for our kids Sunshine Lodge. “At first they were exto get out,” Jopp said. “It’s a great cultural experi- tremely nervous and ence as well as a learning now they’re just really confident and experience for them.” about it.” Although the program excited

The Drumheller Provincial Court House is getting ready for this year’s Law Day, which will see members of the court dress

International students from Drumheller Valley Secondary School have been volunteering their time every Sunday and Wednesday to help offer company and entertainment to some of the seniors at the Sunshine Lodge retirement home. (l-r) Em-

For current international student, Emmanuella Akobundu, the program has been a constant learning experience. “At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” she said. “I’ve learned to knit, play bingo, and play card games.” “It’s been very nice.”

manuella Akobundu, Whitney Fondja, Ella Hein, Arlene Hunter and Kathleen Lowen sit down together to play a nice game of Bingo on a quiet Wednesday evening. inSide photo by Johann Kuschke

MÉTIS YOUTH SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM SO008392 If you’re a Métis youth between 15 – 30 years old, and going back to school this fall, Métis Training to Employment Services can give you the assistance you need to land that summer job where you can gain employable skills and the pay cheque you deserve.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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up in hilarious costumes and put on a mock trial to teach students in Drumheller how the law system works. filephoto

Grade nines get special treat for Law Day Johann Kuschke | inSide Drumheller

Grade nine students from Drumheller Valley Secondary School and St. Anthony’s schools will be treated to a mock court trial put on by some of the local lawyers and law officials from the community, as part of the annual celebration of Law Day on April 17. A presentation given by the office of the chief medical examiner will take place at the Drum-

heller Court House from 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m., with the pirate themed court trial taking place afterward until 3 p.m. The mock trial is about a noble girl named Elizabeth Swan who became a no-good pirate while infiltrating a pirate ship, dressed as a man by the name of Swanny. The pirates eventually found out her true identity one day while they were swimming, and now Swan is suing the pirates for her share of

the treasure that she believes is rightfully hers. The purpose of the trial is to give the students more education and information through the law system, which they are currently learning about in school. Prizes will be given to the grade nines including, iPads and iTunes cards. Celebrated across Alberta, Law Day commemorates our nation’s adoption of the charter of rights which was signed on April 17, 1982.


10 - Friday, April 12, 2013

inSide Drumheller |


Legion awards Remembrance Day contest winners Drumheller Legion Sergeant at Arms Ed LaPlante (left) presented the Remembrance Day Poster Contest awards to St. Anthony’s School students (back) Iveson De Guzman, Airch Tquiwall, Brianna Chond, Chase Sattler, (front) Piper Haver, Daxton Mulgrew, Miranda Kendall, Ocean Ngoeum, and Nathaniel Faubion. Winners received a certificate and cheque. The works are currently being judged at the district level.

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Working together

inSide photo by Michael James

es around power lin

Students at Greentree School received their certificates and cash prizes for their work in the Legion’s Remembrance Day Poster Contest. Associate principal Jane Smith (left) joined winners Taylor Plante, Avelino Pestano, and Casey Hartman. Drumheller Legion Sergeant at Arms Ed LaPlante was on hand to present the awards. The students submissions are currently being judged for the district level contest.


inSide photo by Michael James

DVSS students Jessica Francis (left), Baily Kakuk, Kaitlin Finley, Megan Bunse, and Natalie West were awarded for their submissions to the Remembrance Day Poster Contest. Drumheller Legion Sergeant at Arms Ed LaPlante presented the awards, which included a certificate and cash prize. The students’ submissions are currently being evaluated in the district level competition.

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inSide photo by Michael James

Five new board members sought at Co-op AGM

Drumheller Co-operative Ltd.

Notice of Annual Meeting Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Co-op Greentree Mall, 7 p.m. To Consider;

• the business that is usually brought before the annual meeting, such as financial, management and director reports. • the election of five directors to each serve a three-year term.


CALL FOR DIRECTORS! Drumheller Co-op Ltd. is looking for board members to serve a three-year term as a Director of your organization. The commitment is usually about one meeting a month and is a great way to set the direction for a community owned business. If you are interested, here are the criteria: • Pick up a nomination form at the Administration office. All nominations must be received in writing by April 23, 2013. • You must be a member of the Drumheller Co-op for longer than one year and in good standing. • Your purchases must exceed $5,000 in 2012. w15cb

Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Members of the Drumheller Co-op are being asked to step up to the plate to fill a pivotal role within the organization at the upcoming annual general meeting on April 24. At the meeting, members will be voting to fill five vacancies in the Co-op board of directors. “The business we have is fairly regular. We’ll have the presentation of our financial statements and reports from our president and general manager. Then, we’ll have elections for five vacant board positions,” said Gordon Van Kannel, general manager of the Drumheller Co-op. Of the five positions available, only two incumbents are eligible to return to the board. The remaining three require new blood. It is hoped new board members can bring energy and fresh perspective to the board of directors. “You always get a new perspective on the board, which is a huge benefit,” said Van Kannel. In addition, the meeting will be an opportunity for members to voice their ideas or concerns to the board of directors and other members. After the meeting, the Co-op will be getting ready for its annual, and highly anticipated, equity days. The annual meeting will be held on April 24, at 7 p.m., in Greentree Mall.

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Friday, April 12, 2013 - 11


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The Drumheller #146 Mason’s Lodge was pleased to add another book to its altar at their last meeting; the Koran, the central religious text of Islam. The Koran was added when the lodge welcomed a member of the Islamic faith on his own Holy Book. It is the custom of Freemasons to honour the various faiths of its members by placing their respective Holy Book on the altar. Pictured with the Koran and Bible on the altar is current Worshipful Master of Drumheller Lodge #146, Very Worshipful Brother Wray Wright.

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12 - Friday, April 12, 2013

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Boogiemen season ends before it begins

Public gets sneak peak of next year’s Dragons

Team forced to wait until next season

didn’t happen,� said Powell. Now, many of the players will be heading to other communities to play.

Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Johann Kuschke | inSide Drumheller

The Dragons are hard at work for their o season training as they begin their ďŹ rst spring camp on Friday, April 12. The camp will resume over the weekend, oering valuable training to the team who placed fourth in the AJHL southern division last season. Unfortunately, Brennan Baxandall, Ryan Aasman, Brad Deagle, Gartner Harrison Hendrix, Brodie Jamieson, and Bryton Mills have all turned 20-years-old this year making them no longer eligible to play for the Dragons next season. The approaching spring camp will give Dragons fans a special sneak peak of some of the new talent to hit the ice next season.

Junior lacrosse in Drumheller will have to wait one more year. The Boogiemen, the junior level lacrosse team representing Drumheller, will not be playing this summer, according to team organizer, Dave Powell. “There were not enough guys to play. A couple of the guys made Team Alberta for football and a couple junior hockey players were injured,â€? said Powell. The news is disappointing for Powell, who had to work hard to get the team into an oďŹƒcial lacrosse league this year. As of early March, the team was gearing up for the season. “I’m more than disappointed it



Monday, April 15 - Saturday, April 20


Dave Powell... Organizer of the Boogiemen junior lacrosse team

“A few of the guys are still going to play this year. A couple

on the

run by Michael James

I have been looking at myself in the mirror lately and I haven’t been liking what I see. There is some excess baggage building up. With that in mind, I decided to shed some of my bad habits, get in shape, and have vowed to run in this year’s Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon.

Drumheller Chrysler would like to thank all of those who have supported us over the past 15 years.




Visit us online!


guys playing lacrosse in Okotoks, Olds, and Brooks asked if they could have some guys,� said Powell. The Boogiemen were formed last year, but had to wait a year before they were able to join a league. In that time, they played exhibition games. This year, they may do the same. “I’m not going to give up on it,� said Powell. “We’re going to try to get some exhibition games here and there.� Lacrosse fans hoping to see the Boogiemen in league action will have to wait another year. Powell is optimistic for next season. “There are a lot of Midgets moving up who will be able to play at the Junior level,� said Powell. “We have a strong Midget program this year, so we’ll have a good group come out of that, which will help us out quite a bit.�

To get an idea of the magnitude of this decision, I should explain where I am coming from. At the time of writing this, I am almost 29 years old, 5’9�, and roughly 195 pounds. I have an immense sweet tooth and will generally give into temptation when it comes to junk food. The worst habit I’ve picked up is an addiction to Coca-Cola. Since beginning my undergraduate degree, just under 11 years ago, I’ve been drinking roughly two to three cans of

pop per day, sometimes more. That, coupled with a generally sedentary lifestyle of oďŹƒce work and an aversion to exercise during my free time, has led to a sharp decrease in my overall physical ďŹ tness in the latter half of my twenties. It’s time to change all of that. Over the spring and summer I will get active and train to run the Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon. For the next ďŹ ve months, I will give regular updates on my progress here, in inSide Drumheller, and talk on dierent aspects of getting in shape for the race. Join me as we go on the run!

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inSide Drumheller April 12, 2013  

inSide Drumheller April 12, 2013

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