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Residents lined up yesterday morning at the Badlands Community Facility to participate in the advanced polls, which run all weekend. For more about the election see inside on pages 2, 3 and 4. The Alberta Provincial Election is almost here. Election day is this Monday, April 23. For Election results go to www. inSide photo by Michael James 515 Highway 10 East, Drumheller

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2 - Friday, April 20, 2012

inSide STREETERS As National Volunteer Week winds down, we asked some locals what they feel is the importance of volunteerism to a community?�

Brent Pedersen “It’s an important way for young people to see what they can offer the community.�

Trevor Gough “Volunteerism makes the community stronger.�

MIchelle Olson “Volunteerism creates community spirit.�

Mike Todor “It creates community pride and the people’s talent makes things happen.�




Thursday, May 3 7 a.m.



inSide Drumheller |

Senate candidate discusses change needed in Canada’s upper house Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Albertans are being asked to not only vote for their next MLA on Monday, they will also be handed a separate ballot to choose Alberta’s three Canadian senate nominees. One of the thirteen candidates stopped by Drumheller on Wednesday, April 18, to share his passion for what the senate could be. Scott Tannas is the founder, president, and CEO of Western Financial, which has one of many locations in Drumheller along South Railway Ave. Tannas decided that now was the right time for him to campaign to be in the senate. Tannas has travelled to over 40 communities around Alberta to share his platform and get Albertans excited to vote. “I’m glad to be here, we’ve crisscrossed the province. This is the 39th community that we have visited over the course of the campaign. We’re having a ball and spreading the word about the senate election, it’s been a lot of fun so far,â€? said Tannas. Tannas' ďŹ rst priority, if elected as a senate nominee, is to reform the senate. “I’m keen to reform the senate,â€? said Tannas. “When you talk to Albertans the perception out there is the senate is useless, or near useless, that’s certainly something I agree with. To me, the ďŹ rst step is, over the next number of years, to make the senate useful.â€? From there, Tannas explained there are many challenges the senate is in a unique place to address. The ďŹ rst is developing a citizenship and immigration tied to a workforce strategy. For example, Tannas stated that Alberta doesn’t have enough people for the workforce demand. “We’ve got to get proactive if we want to have an economy and a tax base to sustain us,â€? said Tannas. “It’s a prime example of a problem that is ignored, because it can’t be solved quickly, tidily, and has some controversy.â€? Another challenge is creat-

ing a national water strategy. Tannas explained that water could become a limited resource in the future and strategies are needed to use it wisely. First Nations challenges are high on the list as well. Tannas feels that despite spending billions of dollars, the money is not being used eectively. The last is duplication between levels of government. Tannas wants to eliminate the duplication that can leave individuals, organizations, and even municipal governments caught in bureaucratic limbo. Tannas believes Alberta needs a senator who will stand up for Alberta. “We need good, eective senators who can go and talk about Alberta’s interests wherever we need to,â€? said Tannas. Tannas has a family history of politics that inspired him to seek a senate nomination. His father was a school principal who later was an MLA under the Klein government. “I had a ringside seat at what public service is about and what the responsibilities are,â€? said Tannas. “In this stage in my life, I’ve got ten good years to dedicate to something and this is it.â€? Tannas feels uniquely quali-

Senator hopeful Scott Tannas (left) stopped by Drumheller on Wednesday, April 18, to meet with residents, the media, and took the time to meet Mayor Terry Yemen. Tannas feels the senate can play a vital role in Canadian politics and lawmaking, but has been ineffective. He hopes to bring about reforms in the senate. inSide photo by Michael James

ďŹ ed to help move the senate forward. Tannas founded Western Financial 20 years ago with a vision of what he wanted it to be. Slowly and steadily the company grew from one location to being spread across western Canada. One surprise he’s found during his campaign is most Albertans aren’t aware that there is a senate election on Monday, April 23. “This is our opportunity to

transform from something that is not fulďŹ lling it’s purpose, to an institution that could be incredibly useful in charting the direction of our country,â€? said Tannas. “When people go into vote and they think ‘who is best to take this and make something of it?’ I think my track record with Western Financial gives people some comfort.â€?

Senate nomination elections back after two year postponement Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Not only are voters being asked to participate in one of most intensely contested provincial elections in recent history, the 2012 election on April 23 will be looking for Albertans to vote for Alberta’s senate nominees. This year, there are 13 candidates in the senate nominee election, representing several dierent parties or running as independents. For the Progressive Conservatives there are three candidates; Doug Black, Scott Tannas, and Mike Shaikh. The Wildrose Party is represented by Raymond German, Rob Gregory and Vitor Marciano. The Evergreen Party of Alberta is being

represented in the senate election by Elizabeth Johannson. There are six independent candidates in the election. Len Bracko, Perry Chahal, William Exelby, David Fletcher, Paul Frank, and Ian Urquhart. Only three of the candidates will be elected as Alberta’s nominees for the Senate of Canada. The senate election had been postponed since the fall of 2010 by Ed Stelmach. Alison Redford, as premier, announced it would be held in conjunction with the provincial election. Alberta is the only province where senate nominees are elected. When in the voting booth on April 23, don’t forget to check the senate nomination ballot.

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inSide Drumheller |

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 3

ALBERTA ELECTION 2012 Keeping readers informed on issues affecting voters in constituencies reached by our circulation, in the upcoming Provincial Election,

Monday, April 23, 2012 Andrew Berdahl If there is a particular issue where the opinion of constituents is in opposition to your party’s stance how would you vote? Elected officials must be, at all times, personally accountable for acting in what they believe to be the best interests of the people they represent. That does not mean they are sock puppets. Our representative owes us, not their industry only, but their judgment; and they betray, instead of serving us, if they sacrifice it to either populist notions or special interests. In the pursuit of an ideal democracy, it is vitally important that we learn to communicate the pertinent information around important decisions (and laws), and better understand what role special interests play in democratic government.

ally beneficial, local partnership opportunities). Further, a potential new initiative that seems to hold promise is the gradual reimbursement of student loans for doctors who serve rural communities, over a period of time. If you are elected, what will the constituency look like in four years? What would you change? Citizens will feel better informed and more engaged with their provincial government. The citizens of our constituency will have a greater faith in the integrity of their MLA and their provincial government. There will be a reduced emphasis on party politics and dogmatic approaches to our problems. There will be an increased respect for the rights and responsibilities of individual citizens, and individual elected officials, and a focus on finding legitimate, innovative ways to address the challenges we face.

Jack Hayden

Andrew Berdahl… Alberta Party candidate With dropping enrollment in rural schools, what is your solution to keeping schools vibrant and reassuring parents the quality of rural education is as good as urban areas? School enrollments are a good indicator of the vitality of a community, and the vibrancy of any particular school is a by-product of daily efforts of the community to make it so. In many respects, the quality of education in rural communities is better than that in larger urban centers because of the integral involvement of community members. We tend to seek and accept responsibility for our schools, because we understand that we must. The best weapons for increasing school enrollments in a community are: nurturing the best possible quality of life within each community (or region), ensuring economic development and diversification, and encouraging people to have and raise children in our rural centers. What are your strategies for attracting and retaining doctors to rural areas and keeping health facilities viable? In Drumheller we have been fortunate to be served by a relatively large number of highly qualified doctors. Health care professionals are people too. They value a high quality of life for themselves and their families. Given that, it would seem reasonable to expand on the strategies that have already proven successful (i.e. international recruitment initiatives and, mutu-

If there is a particular issue where the opinion of constituents is in opposition to your party’s stance how would you vote? We are allowed free votes in our party on many issues, so I would hope that I would be convincing enough to allow our party to have a free vote on anything my constituents oppose. Quite frankly, I don’t think in five years I have ever run into a situation where I was the least bit uncomfortable voting on an issue. If it comes right down to it if your party and its positions are in opposition to your constituents, then it is time to get out of the business. Nobody sent me to Edmonton for my opinion, they sent me to Edmonton to communicate their opinions.

line teaching jobs. What are your strategies for attracting and retaining doctors to rural areas and keeping health facilities viable? Our latest announcement is something I think people will be pleased with. We will pay the education costs for a young person to get their medical degree in exchange for them signing a contract to practice medicine in rural Alberta for 10 years. Getting a medical degree is hugely expensive so I think that is going to help us a great deal. Another thing we are doing (right here in Drumheller) is an internship program where young doctors, towards the end of their training are given an opportunity to practice in a rural setting. We are getting about 70 per cent of those doctors choosing to place themselves in rural settings so I think we are winning. Between communities and the province I think we are getting it right. If you are elected, what will the constituency look like in four years? What would you change? It is probably more what I would add than what I would change. There are a number of schools that still need modernization done to them, I want to see that so we have better learning environments. We have gone through our first round of senior housing construction and been built five new senior housing facilities have in our constituency over the last four years, but already we have some waiting lists. So one thing I would change is to get back to work with local communities and plan for the next round we are going to need with the baby boomers coming along and the increased number of seniors we are going to have to deal with.

Aditya Rao If there is a particular issue where the opinion of constituents is in opposition to your party’s stance how would you vote? As the elected representative of the people of Drumheller-Stettler, my primary responsibility will be to represent my community. Jack Hayden… Progressive Conservative candidate With dropping enrollment in rural schools, what is your solution to keeping schools vibrant and reassuring parents the quality of rural education is as good as urban areas? Rural education is as good (as urban areas). Our students’ achievement tests in rural Alberta are right at the top with the province. The important thing is making sure our grant programs are put together in such a way they do no disadvantage rural students and by that I mean we are funding our to rural schools so their operations and maintenance is not coming out of front

Aditya Rao… NDP candidate With dropping enrollment in rural schools, what is your solution to keeping schools vibrant and reassuring parents the quality of rural education is as good as urban areas? Schools in Drumheller-Stettler

are suffering from inadequate funding and special needs students are being held back from succeeding by our government’s inability to prioritize. The NDP will work to end their mismanagement to ensure all young Albertans can succeed. We would work with rural school boards to attract teachers, increase enrollment and prevent school closures. In addition to implementing the Learning Commission’s report and reducing class sizes, the Alberta NDP would prohibit instructional fees to make school accessible and ensure adequate and stable funding for the next four years. Not only is our plan completely costed, but this is also only a snippet of our full education policy. What are your strategies to attracting and retaining doctors to rural areas and keeping health facilities viable? The Alberta NDP has a plan to make Alberta’s prosperity work for everyone by increasing the number of family doctors and nurses by working with medical and nursing schools to increase enrollment. To do that, the Alberta NDP will provide incentives for graduates to work in Alberta, and will improve the process so that internationally educated professionals can work here. The Alberta NDP will also ensure access to quality healthcare in rural areas by regulating the minimum staff to patient ratios for all caregivers and medical staff. We will build and staff at least 1,500 more new long-term care beds within two years so that seniors get the care they need and hospital beds are available for those who need them. If you are elected, what will the constituency look like in four years? What would you change? If I’m elected, we will see the kind of change that will make Alberta’s prosperity work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful friends of the tories. In a province as rich as Alberta, in natural resources and human potential, everyone should be able to get high quality health care, a good education and first rate public services. It’s all a matter of priorities. I represent the change that the people in DrumhellerStettler, and indeed, Alberta, are looking for. As a young person from Drumheller, I provide a fresh perspective to politics. I have worked in the valley, I graduated from DCHS and I was an active member of the community there before I entered university and continue being an active member of the community here. My track record is that of commitment to social justice and a more fair and equitable province – a province where nobody is left behind.

Rick Strankman If there is a particular issue where the opinion of constituents is in opposition to your party’s stance how would you vote? One of the things that attracted

me to the Wildrose Party is that it empowers MLAs to be true representatives of the people in their ridings and not just mouth pieces for the government by allowing free votes in the Legislature to allow them to properly represent their constituents. I would vote on behalf of my constituents as I believe I should do.

Richard Strankman… Wildrose candidate With dropping enrolment in rural schools, what is your solution to keeping schools vibrant and reassuring parents the quality of rural education is as good as urban areas? We can achieve a high level of quality education by allowing local rural school boards to manage the money and give them the authority needed to hire more teachers by providing boards with stable and predictable longterm education funding and granting them the authority to negotiate teachers’ salaries at the local level. The provincial government currently spends more per capita than any other province on education. The problem is that hundreds of millions of these dollars are wasted and often misallocated by what has become a massive centralized bureaucracy at the Legislature which has been a recipe for disaster. What are your strategies for attracting and retaining doctors to rural areas and keeping health facilities viable? Work with doctors and their related professional organizations to significantly increase the number of residencies available to medical graduates. Establish a student loan forgiveness program that gradually forgives student loans incurred by graduates who remain in Alberta to practice a profession of high need (i.e. doctor, nurse, etc) over an extended period of time. Incentives will be strengthened further to encourage health practitioners to practice in more remote rural areas as well. If you are elected, what will the constituency look like in four years? What would you change? In the next four years it is my goal to start the process of having Property Rights entrenched in the Canadian Constitution with Danielle Smith playing a leading role in bringing the issue forward. I would also like to help bring true and comprehensive accountability to the Alberta government as the Wildrose Party has laid out in our Alberta Accountability Act, our fifth pledge to Albertans.

4 - Friday, April 20, 2012

inSide Drumheller |

ALBERTA ELECTION 2012 Keeping readers informed on issues affecting voters in constituencies reached by our circulation, in the upcoming Provincial Election,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Prognosticators pick election winners Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

Advance polls opened in Drumheller yesterday, and the official day to cast your ballot is Monday, April 23. Leading up to what could become a historical election, inSide Drumheller called on a few local prognosticators to give us their seat predictions. Just like the polls leading up to the election most agree it is going to be close. “I predict we are going to have a woman premier,” chuckles Chris Bobra. A former Social Studies teacher and astute student of politics, he is giving the edge to the Wildrose Party. “This is going to be a closer one because of the very conservative policies of the Wildrose Party. If I go out on a limb it might be Danielle Smith becoming premier. I don’t want to say it is

going to be a minority, but it is going to be close,” said Bobra. His count puts the Wildrose with 44 seats, just enough to form government on the 87 seat legislature. He pegs the Conservatives gaining 36 seats, and the Liberals gaining a couple more than the NDP of the remaining seven seats. He says one of his concerns is not just the final tally, but also how many Albertans are going to have their voice heard by voting. “I’d like to see 75 per cent of the people vote, but I don’t think so,” said Bobra. “People make lots of excuses but there are plenty of chances to vote between the advanced poll and the regular polling day, but they won’t.” “A low turnout hinders everybody, it hinders everyone who votes and it

Chris Bobra… Wildrose 44 PC 36 Liberal 4 NDP 3

Doug Wade… Wildrose 55 PC 32 Liberal 6 NDP 6

John SParling… PC 45 Wildrose 36 NDP 6 LIberal 0

hinders all the parties.” He also says it is unfortunate the senate election is getting so little coverage. Doug Wade ran to be the candidate for the Wildrose in the Drumheller-Stettler riding, and he sees a revolution afoot with a new majority government. “I see 55 to 60 (seats for Wildrose). I think we will see some Liberals and some NDP, they are not going to get shut out, and the balance will go to the Progres-

sive Conservatives,” said Wade. He feels the party has caught the people’s imagination. “One is the positive things the Wildrose offers, and another is the negative coming from the PC Party,” said Wade. “They (the PCs) have been in for so long, people are looking for change, they are hungry for change.” John Sparling is also closely following the election and gives the edge to the Conservatives. I am going to say Conservatives 45 and 36 for the Wildrose Party. I expect the Liberals to be wiped out… the remainder will go to the NDP.” He said the shift has come from the people’s desire for

change and it has been fuelled by the media. “People are concerned about property issues, and people think the phrase ‘time for a change’ should be used now and then, and the media is promoting change.” He says both leaders are very capable. “I guess the question is do you vote for the party or do you vote for the person?” said Sparling, adding he has made his decision to vote for Jack Hayden. “People are going to make that decision. In this instance I am voting for the person who is articulate, knowledgeable and I am going to vote for him because of his strengths.”

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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 5


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6 - Friday, April 20, 2012

inSide Drumheller |

VOTING MADE SIMPLE Official Agents of Nominated Candidates in DRUMHELLER-STETTLER for the April 23, 2012 Provincial Election CANDIDATE POLITICAL PARTY/ INDEPENDENT




THOMAS W. DOOLEY (403) 822-2144



ROSS RAWLUSYK (403) 823-9792



MARY MCLEAN (780) 474-2415

201, 10544 114 STREET NW EDMONTON, AB T5H 3J7


PETER HAIGHT (780) 414-1124



GARY ALBERT WILYMAN (403) 436-0312


For further information on the election please contact DOREEN NIXON, Returning Officer, at 5010 51 STREET STETTLER, or by phone at (403) 740-7271.

Official Agents of Nominated Candidates for the April 23, 2012 Senate Nominee Election CANDIDATE POLITICAL PARTY/ INDEPENDENT






KRIS MATTHEWS (403) 229-0066

804, 322 11 AVENUE SW CALGARY, AB T2R 0C5


RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931



BARB BRACKO (780) 218-4475



PAUL WALLACE (780) 802-1992



BILL CHAHAL (780) 887-4973


RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931




150, 10908 106 AVENUE NW EDMONTON, AB T5H 3Z7



400, 900 6 AVENUE SW CALGARY, AB T2P 3K2


LAURIE R. FLETCHER (780) 497-0680



CAM CRAWFORD (403) 750-7690



STEPHEN KWONG (403) 466-8888



DON CARMICHAEL (780) 710-8900



RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931


For further information on the Senate Nominee Election, please contact the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer by phone at (780) 427-7191 or 310-0000-780-427-7191. O. Brian Fjeldheim - Chief Electoral Officer


inSide Drumheller |

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 7

Annual performance plan pinpoints RCMP priorities The Drumheller RCMP have announced their top priorities for the next year in their annual performance plan. The plan was developed through consultation with residents, groups, and RCMP staff. The RCMP will focus on distracted driving, fraud, and property crime. Drugs and impaired driving are always priorities for the RCMP. “There are a number of concerns that are always a high priority for us,” said Staff Sergeant Art Hopkins. “They’re things that are always affecting the community, they never come off our areas of concern. The annual performance plan is for areas when we have extra time or resources we can focus those energies,” The number of fraud investigations have remained the same compared to the previous year, but as Staff Sergeant Hopkins notes, the number of attempts have risen dramatically. “The area I feel is the fastest growing crime is fraud, generally associated with computers,” said Staff Sergeant Hopkins. “Most of those crimes, because of the internet, are coming from out of the province or country.” The growth in fraud is coming primarily from the internet. For example, residents may receive emails requesting money or personal information. Most fraud, however,

is hard to resolve and social media is making fraud easier. The RCMP will be making an effort to educate residents on what kinds of scams are out there and how best to avoid them. “Most of those crimes we can’t solve, the most effective way to stop them is to make people aware of them,” said Staff Sergeant Hopkins. The last priority for the RCMP over the next year is property crime, with a focus more specifically on homes. Examples include mischief, damage, or disturbances. Distracted driving was highlighted, because after the initial reduction seen after the introduction of the new distracted driving law, there has been a steady increase over the past two months. “It was felt by us and the policing committee that we should try to make the area safer in regards to distracted driving,” said Staff Sergeant Hopkins. The distracted driving law, which came into effect last year and has it’s beginnings in Drumheller, resulted in a dramatic decrease initially. However, Staff Sergeant explained that the number of incidents has been increasing. “It was obvious people weren’t using their cell phones as much. They were pulling over and stopping on the side of the road to make calls,” said Hopkins. “It had a drastic decrease, but it’s come back. We’re going to make an effort to have increased enforcement

NADbank, ComBase: Adults 18+, print and online


403-823-2580 | 515 Highway 10 East, Box 1629, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0

and education in that area.” Staff Sergeant Hopkins explained that 90 per cent of accidents have a component of distracted driving and 30 per cent are directly caused by distraction. Last year saw a large decrease in the number of

traffic accidents (from 284 to 205). Some of the factors that may have resulted in the drop include the mild winter, increased RCMP visibility, and the initial decrease in distracted driving. Hands free devices are available and Staff Sergeant

The Drumheller RCMP have released their top three priorities for the next year. RCMP will be increasing vigilance in stopping distracted driving, property crimes, and will help educate residents in

Hopkins encouraged residents who tend to answer their phones while driving purchase one. The fines are steep for distracted driving. “At the end of the day, the whole idea is to make our roads a safer place to be,” said Staff Sergeant Hopkins.

the types of fraud and how best to avoid them. The RCMP will also focus on drug crimes and impaired driving. inSide photo by Michael James


Michael James | inSide Drumheller

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Lori Stefanishion April’s book club interest was the Hunger Games Trilogy. Unfortunately, I stopped reading after book one. And the only reason I finished that one was so I could fairly inSide Drumheller write about and have an honest opinion for book club discussion. It appears I am Book Columnist in the minority as far as my interpretation goes. To be fair, I will say that everyone else enjoyed the books with the fast-paced writing style that intrigues the reader and holds their attention. One disturbing review I read stated, “I particularly loved the violence.” For me, I simply could not get past the idea of good people killing other good people, simply for sport and entertainment. I can’t imagine watching a reality show like “Amazing Race” or “Survivor” where the idea is kill or be killed. In the book, there are 12 boys and 12 girls chosen by lottery from the 12 districts of a fictitious country called Panem. The Capitol sends a message each year following a previously failed rebellion. This is now a reminder, a type of punishment, as well as great entertainment for the masses. The entire nation is required to view the production, which would mean families sit through the violent deaths of their own children. These people range in age from 12 to 18 and must hunt down one another until only one survivor remains to take the wealth and fame back to their district. Everyone is safe for another year until the games begin once again. Daily life throughout the year is not without fear while under the control of the Capitol at all times. Rebellion against the Capitol results in one’s tongue being cut out. To avoid starvation a person must make the sacrifice of putting another ballot with their child’s name into the annual lottery. The games are held in a fabricated arena in which the elements are controlled according to the blood-thirst of the audience. The tributes are also trying to survive by acquiring food and water and avoiding predators besides the human ones. I don’t like the idea of the reader feeling satisfaction every time there is a death in order that the protagonist comes out the winner. Being juvenile fiction, I wonder how many kids put their conscience on hold while cheering on the human hunt. As part of the television sensation, there is a viewing of the faces of the latest victim in the games. I found this haunting because the writer is very descriptive and you feel very drawn in. Perhaps one positive note is that the main character, a 16-year old female, might be portrayed as a role model for girls to be empowered and resourceful and not feel the need to be protected or dominated by males. I dread the thought of the prospect of video games coming out now after all the hype over this movie and book set. And then I go on to worry about the type of kids who get drawn into these scenarios to have them become a reality. While researching the author and the story, possibly trying to find a way to justify my bad reaction to the book, I found an interesting note. Apparently the story was loosely inspired by the ancient Greek myth about King Minos and Poseidon, the god of the sea. In this story, seven men and seven women, chosen by lottery, battle the Minotaur in the gigantic, dark labyrinth. I might add that I do enjoy murder mysteries and that sort of fascination. To me, it is different in that the murderer is always portrayed as a bad or ill person leaving you sad for the victim and revengeful towards the murderer, who normally pays for his crime in the end. In this book I was sad for everyone, but I don’t know how many young readers would be. This is only the second book I’ve read that had me unsettled for the entire time I was reading it. Fortunately, we live in a world where we are all entitled to our opinions. I suppose I should stick to the lighter books I know I will enjoy. 16m

HAPPENINGS ‘Nutty’ ‘n funny Bain sisters become unglued

8 - Friday, April 20, 2012

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Free delivery within town limits on orders over $25.00.

in Rosebud’s $38,000 for a Friendly Face Gifted actors take audience on emotional roller coaster ride from fits of laughter to tears and hope for renewal submitted | inSide Drumheller

403-823-6362 k16cm(b)

A Concert with; Gary Fjellgaard & Friends; Saskia & Darrel Presented by/at: Midland Community Hall (Drumheller)

Saturday, April 28 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets and info please call 403-823-3090 or 403-823-8898 w16pm

Okay guys, Treat Mom to a great evening Mother’s Day Entertainment Drumheller Legion Branch #22

Saturday, May 12, 2012 $

50 per person


Menu: scalloped potatoes and baked ham

Only 100 printed

Singer - Comedian Russ Eldon will be entertaining Friday evening from 7 - 11 p.m. in the Legion Upper Level and

Saturday evening dinner and entertainment downstairs in the Lower Level


Tickets available at Legion

at 6 p.m. Legion Lower Level

inSideHappenings DAYTIME EVENTS Saturday, April 28, Drumheller: Farmers’ Market starts. 9:30 am - 1:00 p.m., Greentree Mall. Sat. & Sun., May 5 & 6, East Coulee: May Day Miners’ Festival. Miners’ March, Outhouse Games, Joe Vickers, Maria Dunn and more! 403-822-2220. Saturday, May 12, East Coulee: SpringFest 2012. Celebrate with us. 4 stages, 33 bands. Don’t miss the fun in the Coulee! Tickets available at Riverside Value Drug Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, East Coulee Hotel & Tavern or Saturday, May 12, Verdant Valley: The Verdant Valley & Dorcas Women’s Institute is celebrating 100 years and you are invited for a stroll down memory lane! 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. at the Verdant Valley Hall. Wednesday Afternoon: KidsClub After School Program. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Drumheller Church of the Nazarene. 627 6 Street East 403-823-7020 for information.

DRUMHELLER AREA NIGHTLIFE Playing at The Napier Theatre... Friday, April 20 - Thursday, April 26, 7:30 p.m. Clash of the Titans. Closed Mondays. Saturday, April 21, Delia: Jaydee Bixby in concert at the Delia Community Centre. 8:00 p.m. Tickets $25 available by calling Diana 403-821-3954 or Carla 403-364-2081. Wednesday, April 25, Drumheller: Ladies Golf Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Dinosaur Trail Clubhouse. Wednesday, April 25, Drumheller: Drumheller Co-op Annual Meeting. 7 pm at the Co-op Mall. Saturday, April 28, Drumheller: Homestead Museum Society Annual Fundraiser. Live entertainment & auction. Knox United Church Hall. Tickets available at Riverside Value Drug Mart. Saturday, April 28, Drumheller: A concert with Gary Fjellgaard & Friends; Saskia & Darrel. Midland Community Hall. 7:30 p.m. Call 823-3090 or 823-8898 for information and tickets. Tuesday, May, 1, Drumheller: Ladies Golf begins. First 2 weeks 5:30 p.m. shotgun. Sat. & Sun., May 5 & 6, East Coulee: May Day Miners’ Festival. Miners’ March, Outhouse Games, Joe Vickers, Maria Dunn and more! 403-822-2220. Friday, May 11, Drumheller: Singer - Comedian Russ Eldon will be entertaining from 7 - 11 p.m., Drumheller Legion. Ticket available at the Legion. Saturday, May 12, Drumheller: Mother's Day entertainment and dinner. Drumheller Legion Branch #22. 6:00 p.m. Tickets available at the Legion. Saturday, May 12, East Coulee: SpringFest 2012. Celebrate with us. 4 stages, 33 bands. Don’t miss the fun in the Coulee! Tickets available at Riverside Value Drug Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, East Coulee Hotel & Tavern or Monday evenings, Nacmine: Community Bingo at Nacmine Hall. Doors open 6 p.m. Bingo starts at 7:30 p.m.

Artistic Director Morris Ertman refers to the nutty Bain sisters; Jane Bain (Heather Pattengale) and Annie Bain (Alysa Van Haastert), as two of Rosebud Theatre’s most alive and spontaneous actors. After witnessing their onstage chemistry evolve as best friends in Rosebud’s Queen Milli of Galt in 2011, Ertman cast them in $38,000 for a Friendly Face. Written by Northern Ontario playwright, Kristin Shepherd, $38,000 for a Friendly Face is a story about two estranged sisters whose mom (Bronwyn Bain) emotionally abandoned them while they were still very young. Years later, they meet at the funeral home that is taking care of their mom’s final wishes. The wishes themselves are as bizarre as the characters in the play. Bronwyn Bain wants to be buried in two cardboard boxes. And the only thing that she had left behind for her daughters was a purse containing the clues to her true feelings for them. As the play evolves, we learn that the two sisters are as ‘nutty' as their mom. They live four and a half blocks from each other, yet they have not seen one another in two years.

Alysa Van Haastert, left, as Annie Bain and Heather Pattengale as Jane Bain duke it out in $38,000 for a Friendly Face at Rosebud Theatre. submitted

That’s how we meet the two sisters in the play - as they resume their sister fight right where they left off the last time they saw each other. Pattengale plays Jane Bain, the older, more ‘responsible’ passive aggressive ‘volcano’ of a sister who, like many older siblings feels the need to correct her younger family member. However, Annie Bain is everything her older sister is not. She’s the vivacious and reckless younger

Ladies Golf Meeting Wednesday, April 25 7:30 p.m. · Dinosaur Trail Clubhouse

Ladies Golf begins May 1 First 2 weeks 5:30 p.m. shotgun Rest of league is at 6:00 p.m.


Make It! Bake It! Grow It!

Starts April 28 9:30 am - 1:00 pm Greentree Mall

Manager Marie Hirsch 403-823-9857NWIFP E

Amazon-like sister who has no clue how to dress appropriately for her mother’s funeral. Surprisingly, in the end, these two opposite ‘misfits’ rekindle their relationship and bond as sisters. “I paired Pattengale and Van Haastert again because they are so spontaneous, so willing to go to crazy places because of the trust they have for each other as actors and as friends. You can’t simply order up this type of chemistry off a menu - it just exists,” said Ertman. “And when two attractive young women like Pattengale and Van Haastert become unglued on stage, it’s like watching the kind of humour one would find in the likes of the Three Stooges. And because they are such finely tuned, and emotionally charged actors, they are able to take audiences with them into fits of laughter or to be more reflective and even bringing them to tears. Combine, these two actors are absolute magic.” While in Rosebud, Ertman encourages theatregoers to see both Rosebud Theatre’s $38,000 for a Friendly Face and the Rosebud School of the Arts student production, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, on the same day. The Crucible plays until April 28 at 4:30 PM Thursday-Saturday at the Rosebud Studio Stage.

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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 9

WHOare you? Age: 21. Time to go to Vegas? Going for a wedding in May. Employer? Sports Room Source for Sports. Occupation? Manager. What do you like most about your job? Working with the people here. How long have you lived in the Valley? Since May last year. Where are you from originally? Stettler. What do you like most about the Valley? The summers and the DORVA track. I just got a dirt bike and it’s awesome to go to a track so close to home. Anything you would change? It would be nice if we had more diverse restaurants. Any travel destinations in mind? The Isle of Man, Scotland, and Ireland, especially during St. Patrick’s Day. Anywhere warm. When and where would you go in time? Back to the 80’s. From what my mom tells me, it sounded pretty cool. What three things would you bring to a deserted island (excluding friends/ family)? A generator, a TV...A

Katelyn Hudgeons

satellite dish? I’d be ok with peasant vision. How about a massage chair. Hobbies? Dirt biking, travel, rescuing animals and finding them new homes, being outside. Choose one thing to eat for the rest of your life: Rice. No soy sauce, just rice. Most memorable childhood toy? It’s a ball on a rope that you hook to your ankle and you would skip over it. Favourite TV shows/Movies? Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and Friends. For movies, Fight Club and Bridesmaids. Favourite bands? Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, and New Medicine. If you had your own band, what instrument would you play? The drums. Favourite games? Super Mario Bros. and Pop Goes Perfection. What superpower would you want? Read minds. Favourite thing about summer? Floating down the river for sure. Any words of wisdom? Don’t sweat the small stuff.


A Place Where Our Kids Will Thrive

W. Ralston building for efficiency


Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller


W. Ralston in Drumheller is looking at an expansion to make its operations more efficient. The company, located in the HyGrade Industrial area, is planning to move, expand and retrofit its maintenance shop. It will be about 8,000 square feet. “We are going to be using it for raw material storage as well,” said Mike Connolly, plant manager at W. Ralston. He says the changes will streamline its operations. “It will de-bottleneck us. Our shipping doors are at the east side of the building and a lot of our materials we bring in are used at the far west end of the building,” said Connelly. “We thought if we added a little bit of room on this end and put in shipping doors, the material we are using at this end will be unloaded at this end. It will be more efficient and there will be a lot less wear and tear on the equipment bringing the material back and forth.” W. Ralston manufactures construction film, vapour barrier and can liner large trash bags. It has been in operation in Drumheller since 1983. It is a part of the CTT/WR group of companies.

Alberta’s Progressive Conservative plan is securing the future of rural and smaller-town Alberta.

Choose the right kind of change. alison4premier


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THE ROAD SHOW EXTENDS THEIR STAY FOR 4 MORE DAYS! Canada’s largest appraiser and buyer of silver coins and gold estate jewelry has uncovered a massive collection of gold and silver during their current stop in Kelowna. The Canadian Treasures Road Show four day stop in Kelowna this week was nothing out of the ordinary with local folks coming into the show selling their silver and gold coins and unwanted or unused gold jewelry. People usually have a few hundred dollars coming to them from the sale of their items reports Road Show manager Amy Luccianio however we were in shock when a gentleman walked into the show with a dolly loaded with three card board boxes full of silver and gold coins. When we began to sort through the coins it became very obvious that this would take several hours as there was thousands and thousands of coins both Canadian and US. The huge collection was accumulated over fifty years by the now current owners grandfather. Kevin Scott who himself just recently retired shared his amassing story of how his grandfather found most of the coins while working at the municipal dump in Brandon Manitoba. Papa was the only employee at the dump for thirty three years and during that time he set up a small car washing and cleaning side business at the dump and it was free of charge in exchange for any pop bottles or beer bottles the customers would donate.

By Amy Luccianio - RoadShow Staff Writer Papa also offered a free interior vacuum service with the car wash and he would always find a few coins in the ashtray or on the floor and 99 % of the time his customers would tell him to keep the coins. For thirty some years Papa would come home each day and put the few coins in a glass jar and over the years the collection turned into hundreds of jars of silver coins. I can clearly remember my grand father saying some day we will be rich, rich, rich when I sell my coins and then he would break into a big belly laugh that would rattle the dishes in grammas china cabinet. Papa never did cash in his coins however he spent many a night picking out what he thought would some day become rare or collector coins and would tell me some day this coin or that coin would be worth a fortune. My grand father passed on many years ago and left his collection to my sister and I. Now with us retiring we decided we would see what the collection would be worth so we brought them to the Canadian Treasures Road Show in Kelowna. After several hours of going over the coins the road show staff had in fact discovered twenty one US silver dollars that had the rare mint mark from the San Francisco Mint mint and these coins alone are worth eight hundred dollars apiece. They also uncovered one half ounce gold coin and seven ¼ ounce gold coins.

The gold coins we decided to keep and give to our grand children however as none of our children or grandchildren have an interest in coin collecting we decided to sell the baulk of Papas collection as they were worth many times their face value as the price of silver is at world record highs The total weight of the coins was 102 lbs and the Road Show staff offered us a fantastic price of...well lets just say Papa was right when he said some day we would be rich. It was sad to hand over Papas coins but we are sure he would get a huge belly laugh if he knew his silver coins earned us enough to pay for a big part of his great grand children’s schooling. The Road Show is back in Kelowna, Holiday Inn Express - Conference Centre 2429 Highway 97 North, October 22 & 23.





Sponsored by BC Gold & Silver Exchange since 1932

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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 11





- SUN. 22


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12 - Friday, April 20, 2012


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Enter our

Monthly Photo Contest

Students shine at Drumheller and District Music festival

May Theme: Beginnings

Email your photo, along with your name, address and phone number to

One lucky winner each month will receive a Portrait Package at Freson IGA

(value of $29.99).It consists of 3 - 8x10 professional quality sheets. Each sheet can be made up of either: 1 - 8x10, 2- 5x7’s, 3 - 4x6’s, 4 - 3.5x5’s or 9 wallets.


Piano Awards (l-r) Joshua Church won the John and Lavina Edwards Memorial Scholarship for the National Anthem, Taylor Kluck won the Ruth Hilborn Trophy for recital, Susanne Sevcik won the Alison Jensen Memorial Trophy and Vera Marchuk Memorial Scholarship, and Mesha Olsen won the Currie Plaque.

Alberta…simply the best place to age, live, work and raise a family. I’m very proud that Alberta has emerged from one of the worst economic periods as the financial leader in Canada. Did you know… • Economic growth is expected to be almost double the expected growth for the entire country in 2012. • Alberta accounted for about half of all new jobs created in Canada over the past year and has one of the lowest unemployment rates, averaging just 5.5% in 2011. • In December of 2011, a record of over 2 million Albertans were working, up nearly 100,000 from the previous year. Almost all of these new jobs are full time positions. • Albertans continue to earn the highest wages in Canada, almost 20% above the national average. • Alberta hires and trains more than 20% of the country’s apprentices. • Alberta’s per capita infrastructure support is about $1,500 per capita or 38% higher than that of other provinces. • Investment in Alberta was over $70 billion in 2010, almost double the national average on a per capita basis. • Albertans and Alberta businesses pay the least taxes in Canada, and would pay at least $11 billion more in taxes each year with any other provincial tax system. • Alberta has the lowest overall corporate and small business tax burden in Canada – with the lowest fuel tax, no payroll tax, no capital tax and no sales tax. • We have a great and vibrant agricultural community, with good prices for virtually all agricultural commodities. Leadership makes a difference.

Piano Awards

(l-r) Brooklyn Davidson won the Ross Ferby Scholarship for piano recital class Plan 1 and 2, Emily Fletcher won the Ross Ferby Scholarship for piano solo Plan 2, Liam Lewandowski won the Florence Sheddy Memorial Plaque, Cassidy Reinhardt won Class Award 3 and Grace Currie won Class Award 2.


Jack Hayden

Vote Progressive Conservative

Real life leadership. k16cm(b)

Authorized by the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, 9823 – 103 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0X5 780-423-1624

Find your copy on stands and in your mailbox

Piano Awards (l-r) Eric, Katie and Laura Jensen won the Krabsen scholarship for piano duets and trios, 16 and under and the Winona Sibbald Trophy and Scholarship.

Every Friday.

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Wildlife making home in town centre Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller As warmer weather creeps in, many neighbourhoods are also seeing critters creeping in. Sightings of urban wildlife in the community abound. Valley residents in many neighbourhoods are regularly seeing deer and coyotes wandering around. Fish and Wildlife officer Byron Jensen said they have been receiving reports this spring. “I think we have been getting more calls, I think there is a coyote or two even denning in town,” said Jensen. “It can cause a situation where the parents are at their den and if you happen to go walking by with your dog, the coyotes are going to be fairly protective of their den. We had a call like that down by the high school. Once their pups are up and weaned, everything is good.” He said they received a sighting of about six coyotes on the north side of the Red Deer River near the Riverside area. He said this was just before the winter ice

broke up and estimates the coyotes have since disbursed. Byron also told inSide Drumheller last week Fish and Wildlife received its first cougar sighting call this season in the area near Bankview and the south hill. “There have certainly been some sightings in that area once or twice before,” said Jensen. He said while often seeing wildlife in town can cause concern, most of these animals are not particularly aggressive toward humans and prefer to stay away from most human activity. They may be more aggressive toward pets. “If you don’t want coyotes in the area, you certainly don’t leave dog food around or garbage open. That is what attracts bears, coyotes or raccoons because they are opportunistic feeders,” he said. He said he has heard of some strange sightings, especially in the winter when food is more scarce. Everything from coyotes raiding compost piles to climbing

trees to eat frozen crab apples. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) offers more tips on living with urban wildlife and reducing risks associated with coexisting with wild animals. This includes keeping dogs on leashes and cats indoors, and to never approach or feed wildlife. Closing off sheltered areas such as under decks and patios can help discourage animals from taking up residence and teaching children about wildlife is important. According to SRD’s website removing coyotes from urban areas is often unsuccessful. The best way to control contact with coyotes is adverse conditioning, so the animals don’t get used to humans. This involves making encounters unpleasant for the animals. This includes making yourself look big, yelling and waving hands or even throwing rocks.

RCMP educate in wake of counterculture holiday Michael James| inSide Drumheller

April 20 is a historic day in many respects. On this day in 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded, the beginning of the BP oil spill disaster. Apollo 16 landed on the moon in 1972, the second last manned mission to the moon. In counterculture circles, the day, also known as 4/20, is significant in another way. Today has become a counterculture holiday to celebrate cannabis and advocate it’s decriminalization for recreational purposes. The Drumheller RCMP are using the day as a counter to the counterculture holiday and are educating residents about cannabis possession, use, and it’s consequences. “It comes down to quite a few people are misinformed about marijuana,” said Staff Sergeant Art Hopkins. Hopkins cites the belief that marijuana isn't as harmful as opposed to alcohol as part of the misinformation. However, Hopkins notes there are quite a few harmful aspects of the use of cannabis. “There’s the organized crime component, the health issues, and a charge of possession of marijuana has far reaching consequences,” said Hopkins. Cannabis produced in Canada is often sold internationally, sold for cash, guns, other illicit drugs such as cocaine. For the health implications, smoking cannabis exposes the user to 2000 different chemicals and significant levels of carbon monoxide. Some of the negative side effects include airway damage, lung inflammation, acute and chronic bronchitis, and an increased risk of developing psychological disorders.

Being a hallucinogen, cannabis affects reaction time, depth perception, lane positioning, coordination, and causes delayed responses. Basically, usage can impair driving, an offence under the criminal code. Possession of marijuana is an offence under Section 4(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act. If found with 30 grams or less (capable of making 84-140 joints) the result under the act is a Summary Conviction Offence.


Friday, April 20, 2012 - 13

There have been a number of sightings of coyotes and other urban wildlife this spring including a reported cougar sighting this week. submitted

Largest circulation of any Drumheller paper and we'll prove it!

Permanent Part-time Position (up to 24 hours) available in our Graphics Department • Must be organized, self-motivated, a good team player and committed to customer service. • Must possess above average computer AND communication (written and oral) skills. • Computer program training will be provided.

“For our closest neighbour, the United States, if you are convicted of possession they don’t care what the penalty was. You are deemed to be a persona non grata, they don’t want you in,” said Hopkins. Essentially, a conviction can limit options, such as travel or working abroad. “It’s a phenomenal risk... there’s so much that to make a decision to use it, people should be informed,” said Hopkins

We offer an excellent working environment, competitive pay, flexible hours, benefit package.

Apply by email with cover letter: Attention: Ossie Sheddy The Drumheller Mail offers a non-smoking environment.




Starting $40.00/hour - after 90 days $45.00/hour

Must have: • • • • • • • • •

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Driver’s license and own transportation Must be currently employed Inter-provincial heavy duty mechanic license Minimum 15 years experience, including 5 years field service experience Must have Cat Diesel Engine, Cummins Diesel and Detroit Diesel experience Must have Cat, Cummins and Detroit electronic fuel control and exhaust treatment diagnostic capabilities to include computer diagnostic skills Must have power train rebuilding experience to include all fuller transmission up to auto shift; and have driveline and differential rebuilding experience Must have Air Brake service and repair experience to include ABS and traction control diagnostic capability Must have heavy construction equipment repair and overhaul experience to include 621, 627B, to 627G to 651-657 experience; including electronic transmission and electronic engine computer diagnostic skills Must have general truck repair experience Must be able to operate hydraulic flowmeter test equipment Bring resume and references to Drum Diesel

Bay 13, 901 South Railway Ave, Drumheller, AB 403-823-7966




Glover International Trucks has been serving Central Alberta for over 35 years and is looking for an experienced service writer for its Drumheller dealership. This position is responsible for the receipt and flow of service work which includes: • Obtaining customer & vehicle information required for repair • Documenting customer’s service requests • Communicating with internal departments • Invoicing/collecting payment Qualifications: • ADP accounting • OEM experience • Heavy duty truck knowledge • Good written and verbal communication skills

Submit resumes to: FAX: 403-346-4399



14 - Friday, April 20, 2012

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NOW HIRING Cooks, Servers, & Delivery Driver Apply in person to Evan


The draft of the Responsible Pet Owners bylaw was back on the agenda for the meeting of the Committee of the Whole on April 2 after four months of research by councillors, administration, and the Drumheller and District Humane Society. A change

is that cats no longer would need a collar and would instead be tattooed or microchipped. The draft is far from final. Council and administration continue to work towards a solution that would be best for Drumheller. inSide photo by Michael James


NOW HIRING Dishwashers & Servers wanted We do things better!

Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Apply in person to Twyla or Peter


locally owned & operated

Responsible Pet By-Law still under scrutiny


HELP WANTED Cooks and Dining Room Servers for Rosebud Mercantile Full time for June, July, August Possibility of full time work after the summer. Phone Pat 403-677-2350 ext 244 or email resume to:

    Now Hiring

Sales Person Salary, commission and benefits. Flexible hours. Come and join our fun growing environment.

4("+*#*&"+# &+ *56*&"+#(&%789:;9=:?88@ 403-823-2018 k16cm(b)

Late in 2011, the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw was presented to the Drumheller Town Council and, after releasing the contents, some residents were concerned over the changes it proposed. Since mid December the draft has been on the back burner. Town Councillors, administration, and the Drumheller and District Humane Society have been researching what bylaw would ďŹ t the needs of Drumheller. On April 2, the draft was again discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Right now, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re taking stock of all the feedback we received from Council and the public,â&#x20AC;? said Paul Salvatore, Director of Community Services. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be making changes to reďŹ&#x201A;ect the desire of community and direction of Council.â&#x20AC;? Two changes suggested by the Humane Society and residents, were removing the requirement that cats must have a collar. Instead, cats would have either a tattoo or microchip. The Town is investigating the equipment needed to implant and read microchips. Also, the language regarding dogs in yards was clariďŹ ed. If a dog is in a fenced yard it does not have to be a metre away from the property line. Some residents had interpreted the original to mean that dogs must always be tethered, regardless of the presence of a fence. In the debate over the bylaw, cats are at the epicentre of the issues. Roughly 70 per cent of animal control costs are due to cats. At this time, cats are not required to be registered with the Town, however proposed bylaw would change that. One of the central issues is whether cats should be registered annually or have a lifetime registration. From there, should cat registration between indoor and out-

door. At one end, some, such as Councillor Jay Garbutt, argue that dogs and cats must be treated equally. Dog owners currently pay a yearly fee, therefore so should cat owners. At the other end, it is argued that the bylaw is meant to generate revenue and that cats neednâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be registered, or at least have a one-time fee, a view held by Councillor Doug Stanford. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really the crux of the whole decision. We need deďŹ nition to move forward,â&#x20AC;? said Salvatore. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you have an annual fee you can recover the costs more easily. The logic behind having dog and cat owners pay a yearly fee is so that taxpayers donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to subsidize that whole program [of animal control.â&#x20AC;? There was also worry that, depending on the rules in the bylaw, that there could be widespread non compliance. For example, residents may be more willing to register should there be a lifetime fee. The beneďŹ t of registering to the owner is that should their animal become lost, it could be returned quickly. For example, even an indoor cat could get out of the house and registration would help bring the cat home faster. The bylaw draft is far from ďŹ nalized. Administration is taking the comments from Council and the public and revising the draft. The ultimate goal of the bylaw remains the same. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Overall, with any changes that we make is that it will result in a more responsible animal owner,â&#x20AC;? said Salvatore. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are a lot diďŹ&#x20AC;erent options in front of us to get there.â&#x20AC;? For the original draft of the bylaw, visit and view the agenda from the November 28, 2011 meeting of the Committee of the

inSide Drumheller |

Friday, April 20, 2012 - 15

Drumheller Fields not on list of stores acquired by FHC Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

It looks like the future of Fields in Drumheller has hit the end of the road. On Friday, April 6. Fields Holding Company (FHC) reached an agreement with Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) to acquire the assets, fixtures and naming right for 57 Fields stores in Western Canada. Unfortunately the Drumheller location was not one of the stores they could reach an agreement on. “Drumheller did not make the list,” said spokesperson for FHC Rebecca Johnston. She explained that over the next period FHC will either assume the leases of the existing store or negotiate new leases with the landlords. This is where

the deal in Drumheller fell through. “Basically they were not able to negotiate a reasonable lease agreement with the landlord,” said Johnston. inSide Drumheller told readers in its February 17 edition that earlier this year HBC announced they would be closing the stores across Canada. This was shortly after it purchased the American department store chain Lord and Taylor. Fields has had a presence in the valley for 28 years at the same location. In the April 11 edition of The Drumheller Mail readers learned that FHC, a group of investors led by B.C. businessman Jason McDougall was looking at acquiring 59 stores in Wetern Canda. The final deal

included 57 stores. Johnston explained while the Drumheller location was not part of this deal, she said FHC could in the future, look at opening on another location in the valley. “The whole reason for this transaction and for acquiring these stores is they recognize what an important part they (Fields) are in many of these communities across Canada and they really wanted to ensure people could get they need in local communities without having to travel,” said Johnston. “That is the driving force behind this transaction, so certainly there is potential to look at something in the future.”

ONE GIANT LEAP... The Drumheller location of Fields was not one of the stores acquired FHC to remain open.


inSide photo by Patrick Kolafa

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16 - Friday, April 20, 2012

e d i nS

inSide Drumheller |

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To our angel our Dad. Our hearts are filled with memories, With pride we speak your name. Though life goes on without you, It will never be the same. Love and miss you Dad. Love, Austin and Mitchell XOXO

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Phone 403.823.2580 16p

drumheller d h lll

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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 17




1. A leavened rum cake 5. A coarse file 9. Saudi people 14. 6th Jewish month 15. Greek colony founded by Xenophanes 16. Storybook elephant 17. Imperative listen 18. Maple genus 19. Am. Standard Code for Info. Interchange 20. Podiatrist's concern 23. South African peoples 24. Cantonese dialect 25. Buckles 28. 1st day in an equestrian competition 33. Israeli dance 34. Idaho capital 35. Small cavity in rock 36. Get up 38. Baseball official 39. Strike with fear 41. Opening 42. Whittles 44. Sumac genus 45. Sextains 47. A self-centered person 49. Point midway between E and SE 50. Grad 51. Pluto's realm 55. Shelter (Scot.) 58. Cleansing agent 59. Those considered individually 62. Blighia sapida 63. Off-Broadway theater award 64. Burrowing marine mollusk 65. Brews 66. Companion animals 67. Helicopter (inf.) CLUES DOWN 1. Humbug 2. Dentist's group 3. Vomit 4. 25th state 5. Royal domains

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Horoscopes ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you have been working hard and this diligence is starting to pay off. This week you may experience a setback, but keep working hard and you'll handle it.

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LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, this is an enjoyable time because you are being pushed along by dreams and inspiration, opening up a score of possibilities to keep you busy and happy. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, responsibilities and hard work have dominated your days, leaving little time for moments of pleasure. Things will even out soon enough.

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18 - Friday, April 20, 2012

inSide Drumheller |


DVSS hockey program hoped for September Michael James | inSide Drumheller

The burgeoning DVSS hockey program is switching gears and is now being developed for junior high students. The program was initially developed for high school students, but not enough response

was received. Eighteen junior high students have expressed interest. After the DVSS budget is finalized, work will begin on creating the program. inSide photo by Michael James

SECOND REQUEST REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS SECOND FOR PROPOSALS FOOD SERVICE OPPORTUNITY FOOD SERVICE OPPORTUNITY The Badlands Community Facility Drumheller, Alberta What Can I Do at The Badlands Community Facility? I. What Can I Do at The Badlands Community Facility? The Badlands Community Facility is a 85,000 square foot community recreation/entertainment/education facility that is open 7 days a week to meet a wide range of community needs. The facility is family, community, sports and culture oriented and accessible to a variety of people of all ages and abilities. In this unique facility you have the ability to live actively, your way, everyday! The Badlands Community Facility operates from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and offers a variety of activities in a fitness and wellness centre, a fitness studio, an indoor running track, a community library, a child play area, a Cultural Centre including an art gallery and art studios to display our regional history, a Field house which includes a full size indoor soccer/ lacrosse facility, a community facility/ banquet hall with a fully equipped servery, as well as a main floor food service facility. Request for Proposals II. Request for Proposals


Curtis Lapierre, Drumheller Valley Secondary School principal, is shooting to expand the school’s already powerhouse athletic program. It is hoped that come September junior high students will be able to sign up for a new hockey program, meant to develop the skills needed to play and coach the game. In the February 1 edition of The Drumheller Mail, it was reported that Lapierre was looking for interested high school students. Roughly 20 responses were needed to get the program skating. “I’m going to step forward in trying to make it work at this point so we can have a program come September." Curtis Lapierre

However, the proposed high school program is now on ice. Lapierre received only 9 responses. “That wasn’t adequate enough to build a program with, so I decided to change directions. I think we need to build the program from the ground up,” said Lapierre. The potential hockey skills program is now being targeted for junior high

students. So far, Lapierre has had 18 students express interest in the program. The number means the possibility of implementing the program will be investigated as soon as the school budget is completed in mid-May. From there, Lapierre explained, a significant change would be needed to accommodate hockey. “To make it work, I’ll have to create an entirely new timetable to accommodate this,” said Lapierre. Basically the option periods for Grades 7-9 would need to be aligned so they are all in the same block. The hockey program is being built as a skills development course. Students would learn the skills needed to play the game, leadership, and coaching. Lapierre had been inspired by the successful programs in Strathmore and Three Hills and feels, considering the school’s strong athletic background, a hockey program would be a success. With the interest thus far, Lapierre is moving forward. “I’m going to step forward in trying to make it work at this point so we can have a program come September,” said Lapierre. For more information visit or call Lapierre at 403-823-5171.



The Town of Drumheller is soliciting proposals for leasing a food service facility in the Badlands Community Facility: Main Floor Concession Area: Approximately 300 sq. ft. located at the main floor concourse.

TimeSchedule Schedule II.III.Time All proposals to be submitted by 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard time All proposals to be submitted by 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard time May 15th, May 15,for 2012 the Leasing Opportunity the Facility. 2012 the for Leasing Opportunity in theinFacility.




Drumheller Tues: 6:00 p.m. Knox United Church 195 - 3rd Avenue East

Contactfor forRequest Requestfor forProposal Proposalinformation information submission documentation V. IV. Contact andand submission documentation The contact on behalf of the Landlord is: Shauna Bertie - Associate G.W. Bertie Consulting Corp. Phone: 1-780-884-1792 Fax: 1-780-466-1814 E-mail:


Call: 1-800-651-6000 or visit R


Offer valid until April 28, 2012 in Alberta and Saskatchewan only.



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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 19

Lacrosse heats up hockey arena in home openers Michael James | inSide Drumheller

The Badlands Raptors lacrosse teams hit the field this past weekend for their first games of the 2012 season. All of the teams were away, but many will be giving residents their first look of the season at the Drumheller Memorial Arena this weekend. On April 16 and 17, the ice was cleared at the arena to make way for the arrival of lacrosse. The Raptors are fresh of last weekend where they participated in the Central Alberta Lacrosse League Eye Opener tournament. This weekend, the Novice B1 Raptors have a full schedule. Today, starting at 6:30 p.m., the

team will be up against the Stettler Thunder in Stettler. The following day, at 11 a.m., Novice B1 team will be playing their home opener against the Red Deer Chiefs B2 team. The Novice B2 Raptors, who were formed when enough players signed up to warrant two teams, will follow right after the Novice B1’s at noon against the Didsbury Chargers. The Pee Wee Raptors will have their home opener on Sunday, April 22, at 11:45 a.m. The team will be hosting the Red Deer Chiefs B1 team. The Bantam Raptors had a successful weekend in Red Deer. On Saturday, April 14, the team faced

the Lacoka Locos and battled to a 2-2 finish. The team then won against the Red Deer Chiefs 3-2. The team will be looking to continuing that success starting tonight. At 6:30 p.m. tonight, the Olds Stingers are coming to town. On Saturday, at 9 a.m., the Innisfail Phantom will float into town. The Midget Raptors will be following the Bantam’s tonight, facing the Olds Stingers at 8 p.m. The team gets a break on Saturday, but hits the road on Sunday, playing the Stingers again at 12:30 p.m. For more information about Badlands Lacrosse, check out

The Drumheller Memorial Arena has been transformed in anticipation of lacrosse teams playing their home openers this weekend. The teams have just come off the Eye Opener tournament in Red Deer and will begin regular season play. For more information on lacrosse in Drumheller, visit inSide photo by Michael James

Drumheller man steps in the ring in first MMA bout Michael James | inSide Drumheller

A Drumheller native is taking a swing at the popular sport of mixed martial arts. Andrew Kloot has recently stepped into the ring and came out the victor. On Saturday, April 14, Kloot travelled to Trail, British Columbia, for his first MMA fight. “I was extremely nervous. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions the day before a fight. You don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s something you have to work through and prepare for,” said Kloot. “I wasn’t worried about getting hurt. I was worried about letting my coach and family down.” The match was decided in one minute and one second, with Kloot winning using a triangle choke hold. Kloot received four stitches over his eye after the fight. “The bell rang and I came out swinging. I didn’t mean to do that, I wanted to focus on clean striking. I kept swinging for the fences and then my opponent was forced to take me down. From there, I used my jujitsu to get him in a triangle choke and choked him out,” explained Kloot.

Matches are decided on a points system based on landed hits, control of the other fighter, and aggressiveness. Kloot’s parents made the trek to see their son’s first official fight. “My dad is excited for me, he loves it, but my mom is not the biggest fan,” said Kloot. Kloot first got interested in MMA after watching the sport on TV and began to pursue it while attending Mount Royal University in Calgary. “Basically, I used to watch it on TV and was always interested in giving it a try,” said Kloot. “When I came to Mount Royal, I took kicking boxing classes and then a MMA club started.” There, Kloot learned the basic skills in MMA and kick boxing. He was then told of Brian Daniel Bird, a MMA coach, and decided to take things a step further. Now, Kloot trains at Champions Creed. Aside from interesting, the sport has a fitness aspect. “The sport is a great way to stay in shape, people like it just for that reason,” said Kloot. Prior to going to Mount Royal, Kloot had done little martial arts, citing only taking a little karate

when he was a child. When he was a bit older Kloot played football at Drumheller Composite High School and minor hockey for four years. Not only does Kloot do MMA, he has been active in both kickboxing and jujitsu circles. Kloot participated in two kickboxing circles and won one gold and a silver. In five jujitsu tournaments, Kloot won four golds and a silver. He hasn’t scheduled another fight yet, but hopes to do another by the end of the year. Kloot is hoping to one day go professional. “I would eventually like to go professional, not necessarily as a career, but to step up with the competition,” said Kloot. “I’d like to get one or two pro fights in before I hang the gloves up.” Andrew Kloot celebrates after winning his first official mixed martial arts fight in Trail, British Columbia, on Saturday, April 14. Kloot developed a passion for MMA after avidly watching the sport on TV and participating in the MMA club at Mount Royal University. submitted photo

Sponsored by the Wildrose Party. Authorized by Rick Strankman, Candidate. For more information call 403-436-0312. w16cm


20 - Friday, April 20, 2012

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Call our Sportsline at 403-823-2580 or fax 403-823-3864 or email us at Shayne Gwinner has been getting some ice time in his rookie season playing for the Moose Jaw Warriors of the WHL. Tonight they begin the Eastern Conference Finals Series with the Edmonton Oil Kings. submitted

Gwinner ‘s team into third round of WHL playoffs Moose Jaw Warriors play Edmonton Oil Kings for WHL Conference Final Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

in your Community

While the ice has already been lifted from the Drumheller Memorial Arena, a Drumheller hockey player is enjoying the playoff thrill, so far into the third round. Shayne Gwinner is in his first year with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the WHL. The Warriors just swept the Medicine Hat Tigers and this Friday starts its series with Edmonton Oil Kings. This is the Eastern Conference Championship. If they win they go on to play the winner of the Tri-City Americans or the Portland Winterhawks for the championship. “The playoffs is what it is all about, it's so exciting, everything changes,” said Gwinner.

The seventeen year old, son of Randy and Elin, has been having a great rookie season. In December of last year he was named as one of the top 20 skaters in the WHL, in the NHL Preliminary Ranking, and played in 51 games. In the playoffs he has made some contributions, however he says now with the return of the team’s top line defenseman, Morgan Reilly to the roster, he expects to see some of his ice time curtailed. However, he says depending on injuries and performance as the playoffs continue, he may get back into regular rotation. Tonight the EdmontonMoose Jaw series begins in Edmonton. Shayne says his dad will be coming up to watch. So far this season the Warriors are 2-1-1 versus the Oil Kings. “The third round is pretty good, most rookies don’t get this far,” said Gwinner.

You’re invited to a Suncor Energy Open House Suncor 12043HS0 would like to welcome all community members to attend our open house for our proposed Hand Hills Wind Power Project. Learn more about the project that is planned to be located near Delia in Starland County and Special Area No. 2. Suncor Energy Open House Wednesday, May 2, 2012 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tournament declares queen of Catan

Delia & District Community Centre 210 Main Street Delia, Alberta For more information please contact us at 1-866-344-0178 or by email at Please note: This project is subject to review under the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).


Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc.

Twenty-four residents took a trip to the fictional island of Catan this past weekend. On Sunday, April 15, Cafe Ole and The Brick hosted a tournament to find the ruler of the board game Settlers of Catan. Six games of four players were played continually and after the grueling quest to conquer the land, Nancy Stevenson emerged as the Queen of Catan. Ray Berdahl came in second place and Steven Peterson was third. Players from Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Hesketh, and Hanna joined local players. Stettlers of Catan is a strategy board game where the player's goal is to rule Catan by expanding their empire. submitted photo


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