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From DCI Corps to NBA Court


he NBA’s New York Knicks have pounded a lot of opponents at home this season, but there’s another outfit issuing regular “beatings” at Madison Square Garden. The team’s official drum line, known as the New York Sticks, has been a big part of the excitement for New York fans all year. The group, which boasts some former Drum Corps International members among its ranks, helps get the Garden rocking during player introductions, time outs, and other breaks by playing arrangements of the latest pop songs and original rhythmic inventions. The Sticks are part of Gallant Entertainment, Inc. (GEI), a New York City–based organization that promotes drum line performances on TV and at sporting, corporate, and other events. “We combine traditional drumming with the latest music and performance technology,” says CEO Shaun Gallant. Sticks member Eric Carr sees a direct connection between his tenure with Jersey Surf (2008–9), and Carolina Crown (’10) and his success on the hardwood. “The transition was very smooth for me,” he says. “Sure, there was a lot of music to learn at first. But after preparing for


DCI, I knew how to mange my time and get all the notes memorized by the first gig.” “Being in the Sticks takes my favorite parts of drum corps and turns it into a job,” adds Michael Howell, who aged out of the Boston Crusaders in 2008. “I remember finishing the drum break at a show in South Carolina and looking into the front row of the audience and seeing the energy and pure excitement they were feeling with us. With GEI that’s the whole gig— jam and hype beats with the sole purpose of getting the crowd up and pumped.” And while energizing basketball fans may not match the scale or intensity of drum corps, getting paid to play in “The World’s Most Famous Arena” is pretty cool in its own right.  “There is still a part of me that enjoys the performance experience of a DCI show,” says Michael Eagle (Phantom Regiment 2002). “At this stage of my life and career, I couldn’t be happier to have a professional place for rudimental players in NYC.” And with the NYC’s notoriously demanding fans to please, the mental strength developed in DCI can be as important as musical skill. “The most important lesson I got out of marching was to accept no excuses,” Carr says. “Once I make a commitment, I follow through to the best of my abilities.”

DCI brings another volume of classic drum corps to the highdefinition Blu-ray format with the Essentials Collection— Champions 2. Like the first edition, it features 13 shows from the 1970s through 2000s— including the 1972 Anaheim Kingsmen’s performance at DCI’s World Championship in Whitewater, Wisconsin, available on a DCI video for the very first time. See the full lineup and find ordering information at

50/50 Madison Scouts‘ 75th (DCI Spring 2013) isn’t this season’s only big anniversary. Colts (Dubuque, IA, and Mandarins (Sacramento, CA, are each marking 50 years on the march. Part of the Colts’ 1996 Mandarins celebration will include a new documentary about the corps, while Mandarins have set up a “Year of the Gold1976 en Dragon Fund Colts Drive” to help the organization start its second half-century.

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DCI Magazine, Summer, 2013  

Drum Corps International Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 2

DCI Magazine, Summer, 2013  

Drum Corps International Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 2