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HOT GEAR FROM Alternate Mode, Ancient Tree, Audix, Axis, BeatNik, Bosphorus, Crush, Dream, DrumLite, DW, Gon Bops, Hudson, KickPort, Kit Snare Drums, LP, Mono Case , Pintech, Prentice, Regal Tip, Remo, Roland, Sabian, SJC, SKB, Slug, Sticks ’n’ Skins, Tama, Toca, Trick & Vic Firth  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


DW Performance Series Chrome Over Steel Snare Drum • Available in 5.5x14", 6.5x14" and 8x14" • Thin 1mm rolled steel shell • DW MAG throw-off • True Tone snare wires • DW Heads by Remo USA • True Pitch tension rods • Pro quality at affordable price

DW Performance Series FinishPly Drums • Made in USA (Oxnard, CA) • North American Hard Rock Maple shell w/ HVX Technology • 8-16 toms and 20, 22 & 24" kicks available • F.A.S.T (Fundamentally Accurate Sized Toms) • 3 Finish Ply colors: Titanium Sparkle, White Marine & Black Diamond • True Pitch Tension rods • Performance low-mass lugs • STM (Suspension Tom Mounts) • DW Heads by Remo USA • Pro quality at affordable price

DW 3000 Series Hardware and pedals: 3000 single pedal, 3500 hi hat stand, 3300 snare stand, 3710 straight cymbal stand, 3700 straight/boom cymbal stand & 3100 throne Stands • Double-braced • Medium weight for portability • Integrated memory locks • Fine-toothed tilters • Heavy-gauge tube joints Pedal • Sturdy all-metal construction • Steel base plate • Dual-Chain and Turbo sprocket • DW 101 2-way beater 56 

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RUTE 202

RUTE 303

Save 10% on all Vic Firth Rutes, Brushes, and Tala Wands through December 31, 2011. Ask about it at your local retailer.

RUTE 505


RUTE 606









JAZZ BRUSH (WB) Steve Smith with his Signature Tala Wands

VICFIRTH.COM  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


What do your Dreams sound like? In 2005, Dream cymbals were forged by the partnership of passionate Canadian percussionists and generations of Chinese gong smiths. Our goal: Make the most remarkably musical cymbals in the world. Price them fairly.

BLISS are vintage style cymbals with

Vintage BLISS truly captures the feel

CONTACT is known for a brighter

a warm, rich undertone, which doesn't overpower the sticking

of the early 1920’s Turkish cymbals. The warm undertones and rich wash make these cymbals truly unique.

stick presence. It’s higher pitch cuts, yet holds it's rich warmth.

ENERGY offers a modern


PANG-Quick trashy

sound palette. It’s loud, bright, and offers great definition!

unique combination of dark timbre articulate stick response.

and in your face! 58 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage A Lifetime of Life Performance This new DVD package from Hudson music is, simply put, the most in-depth insight into Neil’s body of work ever documented, and is a must-have for Neil Peart and Rush fans, other musicians, or anyone interested in a collection of insights on live performance. Neil delivers breakdowns, demonstrations, discussions & performances of classic drum parts from songs spanning the entire Rush catalog, including Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Time Stand Still, and more. Features Over 7 1/2 hours of footage, Neil's personal drum rehearsals, Set-up and soundcheck scenes, Backstage interview as Neil warms up for a Rush concert, Detailed discussion of classic Rush drum parts, with slow-motion, drums-only demonstrations and e-Book with transcriptions, One-hour interview, explanation, and demonstration of new Rush song "Caravan", For the first time ever - a full Rush concert shot from the drum cameras only - immersing the viewer in Neil's incredible performances of every song on the Time Machine tour, Extensive bonus features including discussion, performance, and analysis of additional songs - including unreleased performances from the Snakes & Arrows tour.

$39.95 - Available on DVD and Instant Download.

Todd Sucherman: Methods & Mechanics II This 2-DVD follow-up to the enormously successful and multiple-award-winning "Methods & Mechanics was co-produced by Todd and Eric Dorris, and includes 15 song performances with analysis and breakdowns, including the music of Styx and others. Todd also covers topics such as odd phrasing, hand exercises and applications, concepts for practice routines, and an extensive look at ghost notes. He also touches on several topics rarely covered on other drum DVDs, including career development ideas and concepts to navigate through life as a touring/ working musician. Many other concepts and tips are also presented, along with several new drum solos. Says Todd, “I feel it's important to pass on useful information to other musicians and the next generation of players. There's unique information on this DVD — musically and conceptually — to help prepare musicians for working and touring in the 21st century. It is my hope that viewers are entertained, inspired, and excited to get behind their drum kits!”

$29.95 - Available on DVD and Instant Download.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


BRING THE NOISE Introducing the M80 drum line.

M80 Cymbal Bag The perfect Hybrid. A light weight case delivering heavyweight protection. Price: $160.00

Rugged cases with smart features for drummers on the move. Take the tour at

M80 Snare Bag First class transportation for every snare drum in your collection. Price: $140.00

M80 Stick Bag Slim and stealthy. Don't leave home without it. Price: $75.00

M80 Shinjuku Stick Bag The essential tool for drummers on a mission. Price: $55.00

M80 Double Pedal Bag Rugged luggage for single or double kick drum pedals. Price: $140.00 60 

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SILVERSTAR THE BIG ROUND SOUND OF 100% BIRCH Tama returns to its roots with its all-birch-shell Silverstar. And in this new age a frugality, the drum world has taken notice. “Powerful.” “Well-built.” “Versatile,” states Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer. “… At half the price of what I thought they’d cost.” The Silverstar line is the perfect example of Tama’s ability to deliver extraordinary quality at a reasonable price. 100% first quality Birch shells. Hardened steel triple flanged hoops. And an improved Star-Mount suspension system with sliding tom holder. Even in tight times, Tama makes dreams come true.

Speed Cobra Twin Pedal (HP910LSW) DOUBLE DOWN WITH POWER AND VELOCITY. A new generation of players are redefining bass drum technique—with the help ofTama’s Speed Cobra pedals. With long, smooth pedal boards, FASTBALL bearings, patented Cobra Coil springs, drummers no longer need to calibrate for a compromise between speed and power. Find out why the strongest name in drums is also the strongest name in drum pedals.

Power Glide Single Pedal (HP900PSN) THE LEGEND STILL STANDS Running strong into its third decade, the Iron Cobra is as powerful and dependable as ever. The innovative fine-tuning has never stopped, and the result is unbelievably effortless action that sets the already smooth Iron Cobra apart from all other pedals. Evolving once again for 2011, the Iron Cobra’s smoother footboard is designed to enable bass drum techniques that push the envelope.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


Let the Oracle Speak Oracle Series, a bold new cymbal family that features raw, aggressive power for explosive volume with minimal decay for exceptional clarity and concise stick articulation. Hand forged with a wide shallow lathing and unpolished finish that retains the natural beauty of its fiery creation. Available in 22", 20", 18", 16" & 14" sizes. 62 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

You never forget your first Chameleon Ash Series Crush Drum’s Chameleon Ash Series features stunning trans satin finishes and interchangeable lugs that allow you to choose what color combinations best fit you. Hand sanded and waxed double 45º bearing edges with outer edge round over ensures unrestricted tone from these ash shells. The Chameleon Ash Series offers an undeniably unique and appealing tone, with strong attack and warmth unlike any other drum set.

M4 Hardware Crush’s M4 Series hardware offers road tough construction at a reasonable price. With excellent durability and medium weight, this hardware is perfect for any drumming situation. Toothless cymbal and snare tilters, 1.1" tubing, large rubber feet, double braced legs and heavy duty coatings make the M4 Series a cut above the rest in its price point.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


Audix – Leader of the Pack! The i5 has the ability to accurately capture the depth and dimension of a snare drum and faithfully carry that sound to the audience. The i5 is the perfect complement to the D6 and this world-class combination achieves a sonic balance between the kick and snare with no frequency holes or overlap. MSRP – $150.00

There is good reason the D6 is considered the industry’s leading professional kick drum mic. The D6 sounds great right out of the box and requires little or no EQ. Position closer to the resonant head for thunderous lows or closer to the batter head for more attack and punch. Machined from solid aluminum stock at the Audix factory and designed to last a lifetime. MSRP – $310.00

The D2 is perfect for rack toms, capturing the attack, resonance and decay of the drum with pinpoint accuracy. Able to handle sound pressure levels of 144 dB without distortion, the D2 is durable, lightweight and very easy to position. The VLM ™ (Very Low Mass) capsule technology and hypercardioid pick up for the D2 enable the mic to capture transients and perfectly balance the sound of the toms with the rest of the kit while rejecting unwanted sounds from the rest of the stage. MSRP – $195.00

The ADX51 condenser is outstanding for overheads and high-hat, bringing the balance and presence of the kit to another level. Pad and roll-off switches enable additional control over the mics depending on whether they are being used live or in the studio. MSRP – $250.00

D4 – The D4 is designed for floor toms and large rack toms. The D4, like the D2, is a very powerful mic in a small, lightweight package. The D4 provides an additional octave of bass response over the D2 making it the perfect candidate for toms and any percussion instrument requiring a full-bodied bass response along with attack and accuracy. Ideally suited for both stage and studio. MSRP – $265.00

DP5A – This five piece mic kit contains: • 1-D6 kick • 1-i5 snare • 2-D2 rack toms • 1-D4 floor tom • 3 DVICE rim mount clips • 1 Aluminum flight case MSRP – $865.00

DP QUAD -NEW! This 4 piece mic kit represents the minimum number of microphones needed to mic up a full kit professionally: • 1-D6 kick • 1-i5 snare • 2 ADX51 –overheads / high hat • 1 DVICE rim mount clip • 1 Aluminum flight case MSRP – $825.00

DP7 – This seven piece mic kit contains: • 1-D6 kick • 1-i5 snare • 2-D2 rack toms • 1-D4 floor tom • 2 ADX51 –overheads • 3 DVICE rim mount clips • 1 Aluminum flight case MSRP – $1245.00

Each of the mic kits comes with a “How to Mic Up Your Drums”, seven chapter DVD which shows mic placement for each microphone individually as well as full kit. There are many useful tips and a lot of valuable information for drummers and engineers , regardless of their level of expertise. 64 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

New TRICK’S of The Trade Cymbal Quick Release Trick’s Cymbal Quick Release: The fastest, smoothest and most secure cymbal quick release ever! Precision machined aluminum components fitted to a Delrin® cymbal protecting sleeve.

SB1 Laser Trigger Trick’s SB1 bass drum trigger system utilizes advanced laser technology so precise it can’t be miscued by today’s fastest players but sensitive and accurate enough for any drumming situation. Securely mounted to the bass pedal and not the drum and monitoring motion instead of vibration this is the future of bass drum triggers.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!



The perfect cymbal pack is all about the perfect mix of cymbals. But the perfect mix of cymbals is not always about the same cymbal series. From the Basement to the Arena, SABIAN introduces a perfect set of cymbals for players at every level. Introducing THE MIX | For the first time ever, mixed-series box sets, SONICALLY MATCHED in the SABIAN Vault.

Find out which MIX is right for you.

A NEW KIND OF CYMBAL Designed with the astonishing Jojo Mayer, OMNI is a new kind of cymbal. Not a crash, not a ride, it is simply OMNI – and it’s just the kind of innovation you’ve come to expect from the Artisans in the SABIAN Vault. Available in 18" and 22" models.

See and hear OMNI played by Jojo Mayer, Chris Pennie, Mark Guiliana and more.


DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED Designed for the inimitable Chad Smith, Holy China is not a cymbal for the faint of heart – it’s a monster of loudness and cut! Using SABIAN innovation and forward-thinking cymbal design, Holy China is truly a modern China cymbal. Available in 19" and 21" models.

See and hear Chad Smith and the Holy China Attack video!

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST Looking for gift ideas on a budget? We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of add-ons and accessories for the drummers on your list. From Splash ‘n’ Stacker packs to cymbal bags to practice pads – and more – visit  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


A NEW ANGLE ON 21st CENTURY DRUMMING DEREK RODDY SIGNATURE EDITION DOUBLE PEDAL WITH ELECTRONIC KITS AND DEEP ROCKERS DR-A21-2 Axis A21 LASER PEDALS - The most immediate, direct response. 21-degree power forward beater angle accelerates the beater into the bass drum with greater velocity.



Hardcases and Gig Bags For Drum Protection Whether you are gigging around town or around the world, SKB provides the absolute best protection for your drums, cymbals and hardware. Our rotational molding and functional designs combine to create the quintessential line of drum and percussion transport cases. SKB offers over 50 Hard case sizes, including nine hardware/stand cases, three Cymbal cases (one with wheels), and a percussion case with a detachable mallet/stick holster and a fabric covered Trap table. SKB also has a line of quality, fully-lined drum gig bags ranging from 8" toms to 24" bass drums and a 22" cymbal bag with individual internal dividers for added protection for the ‘around town’ gigs or when hardshell protection is not necessary. To protect your drum and cymbal investment, demand the best cases - SKB

Find the right protection for your drums, cymbals and hardware at: 68 

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Don’t Waste Your Time The Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer is the world’s most engaging practice pad for drummers. With a built-in metronome and interactive platform, the advanced technology of the Beatnik will help any percussionist improve their rhythm, timing and dynamic skills. It is fun and easy to use as it analyzes accuracy stroke-by-stroke and scores each practice session with real-time visual feedback.

Make it Count. Beat the Beatnik.

Stocking Sluggers Since 1995, Slug’s POWERHEAD™ foot pedal beaters have been the pro’s choice for improved foot speed, power, feel and sound. Ideal for greater volume and tone from your bass drum and also with cowbell foot pedal set-ups. Patented designs improve performance of any foot pedal. Guaranteed bend proof tapered shafts are made in Titanium or 17-4PH Stainless Steel. 5 models to choose from for any style of play and desired foot feel. Rotatable head gives two different sounds instantly without loosening shaft from pedal.

Made in USA. Available from retail musical instrument dealers.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!






Size .525" X 16.00" Item: RN-SPD-EX Retail: $15.50


Size .580" X 16.00" Item: RN-GRD-EX Retail: $15.50


Size .600" X 16.00" Item: RN-DTH-EX Retail: $15.50

BLACKJACK – Heavy Rubber Handle for easy stick-to-brush transition with thin, sleek bristles and adjustable tension ring. Size 14" x .650" Item: BR-521-RBJ Retail: $35.00

BLAST MALLET EX – Based on Regal Tip’s GRIND drumstick, the #1 selling EXTREME METAL stick in the would, the Blast Mallet features a soft, classic black mallet heat and E-Tip Technology. Size 16" x .580" Item: RN-BST-WX Retail: $35.00

CAJON – Comfort grip handle with low-profile bristles designed for Cajon playing and endless World drumming applications. Another first from Regal Tip: Size 16" x .580" Item: BR-FI9P-WX Retail: $34.00

We hand-craft our solid-wood drums, one drum at a time, from the finest, rarest, river reclaimed lumber. The Conquistador is a 14" x 6" hand-made stave, snare drum, crafted from the select, first growth, river reclaimed heart-pine found in the rivers and swamps of the Southeastern United States. The trees are estimated to be 300 to 400 years old when harvested around 150 years ago. After cutting the trees, the loggers would float the logs down-stream to a saw mill. The logs that were heavy with heart-wood sank and were left behind. Submerged in icy cold, spring fed waters for over a century and a half, not only preserved the wood but changed the density of the wood giving these drums their unique, rich tonal texture.

Each drum is appointed with the most select hardware available and designed to take advantage of this wonderful wood. Trick or Dunnett throw-off, Ego lugs, custom milled from Aero-space alloys and PureSound snares.

Find out how you can acquire one of these beautiful hand crafted musical instruments.

Reserve your Christmas Conquistador today Ancient Tree Drums 352- 575-3183 70 

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LP Classic Top Tuning Congas (LP522T-*, LP559T-*, LP552T-*) LP Classic Top Tuning Congas allow you tune from the top without having to rotate the drum or remove it from its stand. Make easy, on-the-fly adjustments to tune the head for precise pitch. The tuning system’s low profile design ensures comfort and playability. LP’s Classic Series Congas are available in three sizes, 11" Quinto, 11 ¾" Conga and 12 ½" Tumba. The shells are 30" deep and are constructed using three plies of Siam Oak with a layer of fiberglass in the upper portion of the shell for additional strength. The drums are equipped with LP’s exclusive Comfort Curve Rims for easy playing and natural rawhide heads for incredibly true tone.

LP Double Row Professional Tambourine (LP380B) When you are serious about the sound of your tambourine, it’s time to get the new LP Double Row Pro Tambourine. Designed to sound like the vintage instruments from the 60s and 70s, this tambourine produces a sound that no other tambourine can match. The secret is the 16 pairs of specially designed, American-made, nickel silver alloy jingles. They provide bright, crisp tone, spectacular dynamics and unmatched resonance. The natural finished 10" Asian Oak shell has rounded edges for continuous comfort and a finger hole to allow a secure grip.

Light Up Your Performance DrumLite™ by iW Drums is a complete DIY LED lighting kit to outfit your drums. Whether you’re rockin’ out in your basement, or in a sold-out arena, DrumLite™ will give you that custom look you’ve been looking for! Order yours online by December 15th to insure it’s there in time for the holidays! Kits starting at $99.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


SJC AGED WHITE PEARL SERIES KITS… FOR A NOT SO SILENT NIGHT SJC Custom Drums has launched a limited run of aged white pearl kits at a very competitive price. These kits are hand made at their Massachusetts warehouse with the same quality and care as their custom kits for almost half the price turnaround. Take advantage of this special opportunity while it lasts! Kit specs: • 7"x12", 12"x14" 6ply Maple hanging toms • 20"x20" 8ply Maple kick drum • Aged white pearl finish • Mini tube lugs • 2.3mm hoops • Evans heads

Samplers’ Little Helper The new SPD-SX Sampling Pad's unique concept puts powerful sample creation and playback under your sticks and is the only instrument of its kind in the world! Whether you're firing off one-shot samples, looped phrases, or complete audio playback tracks, the SPD-SX serves up the very latest technology and tools to get the job done. Features include 2 GB of internal memory (approx. 360 minutes of sampling), Roland's most advance triggering technology, nine velocity-sensative rubber pads (w/ LED indicators), two external trigger inputs, Individual Pad Dynamics, Multi-Pad Sampling, three units of onboard multi-effects, two real-time control knobs, four dedicated effect buttons, expanded USB functionality, Wave Manager software for importing, assigning, and organizing samples, and more! – MSRP $999.00 72 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

Make Your Drums Sound Obese! KickPort and CajonPort dramatically improve the sound of virtually any bass drum and Cajon by fattening and focusing the tone. The popular, affordable, easy to use accessories are played and endorsed by the world’s leading drummers and percussionists, including Kenny Aronoff, Dennis Chambers, Richie Garcia, Keith Carlock, Ray Luzier, Luis Conté, Aaron Spears, Alex Gonzales, Pete Lockett, Stephen Perkins, Taku Hirano and Johnny Rabb—along with more than 50,000 drummers worldwide. Available at drumshops and music stores everywhere.

It’s OK for your drums to gain a little weight during the holidays!

Freestyle II Djembes Toca’s Freestyle II Djembes are constructed using lightweight and durable synthetic shells and all-weather synthetic heads. The result is a go-anywhere djembe that produces high, crisp slaps and deep, rich bass tones. Freestyle II Djembes are available in mechanically tuned models and traditional rope tuned models and come in 9", 10", 12" and 14" head diameters. The 14" djembe comes with a free padded bag. All come with a non-slip rubber bottom.

ColorSound Tambourines Toca’s incredible new ColorSound Tambourines fit any musician’s style and look as good as they sound. The ColorSound’s double row combination of brass and nickel-plated jingles projects a lively, dry sound that is as rich and powerful on stage as it is in the studio. The 10" Acadia hardwood shell is finished in one of five vibrant finishes, including Green, Blue, Hot Pink, Red and White.  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


The Brands Every Drummer Wants at a Price You’ll Love Remo and Vic Firth have teamed up to offer you both a savings of 15% off your drumheads and a free pair of Vic Firth 5A wood tip drumsticks with your purchase of a special limited time run of Remo Drumhead Tom Packs. Check in with your preferred Remo dealer and get yours now while supplies last!

The DRUM! Beanie How ya gonna keep warm this winter? With the latest bit of apparel from DRUM! The DRUM! beanie is a comfy knit plain black beanie with the DRUM! logo embroidered in white along the front. One size fits all. It makes the perfect gift – just in time for the holidays. And don't forget our line of custom DRUM! T’s. Many designs available – choose from logo, Hit Hard, Flying Skull, Red Ink, and Pain Gain models. To order visit


DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

Kitsnaredrums is changing how people look at a custom snare drum. You can make your own snare drum with a kitsnaredrum without any expensive tools. It is a great DIY snare drum project with no hassles. We have the best custom snare drum available and it costs less than $300. All Maple 8-ply snare drum shell already drilled, edged and complete with a snare bed. Just buy it, finish it and assemble a great snare drum to rival the “big guys”. Tools required for Assembly • Philips head screw driver • Small adjustable wrench • Drum Key

The most popular quality components you want are in the kit including solid brass chrome plated tube lugs, Dunnett R40 swivel lever quick release throw off and Remo Ambassador heads. It's unfinished so you can choose how to stain it, paint it, oil it or cover it. The drum comes in the most popular sizes today. 6.5" x 12, 13 or 14". The shell is predrilled and we machine 45 degree bearing edges onto each shell and cut a precision contour snare bed for maximum snare response. You can't do that at home like we can do it for you. No mistakes, no expensive tools, no wasted time. You can make your own custom snare drum in as little as 1 hour plus finishing time.

Sizes available: 6.5x12, 6.5x13 and 6.5x14. Prices start at just $279.

Go for a Kit Snare drum. Save money and get an awesome sounding drum that you can finish any way you want.

You will command attention whether you use the trapKAT XL as a 26-piece drumset or a complete dynamic loop control station (or both!!!) The trapKat XL features 24 playing surfaces with True FSR technology in a size and configuration that rivals an acoustic drum kit. With 10 large flat pads, 14 surrounding raised edge or "rim" pads and individual kick and hi-hat footpedal inputs, the trapKat offers a complete electronic percussion system in single, compact instrument. Up to 16 sounds can be triggered per pad either Velocity Switched, Layered or Alternated. The trapKat also features an array of built-in percussive and

melodic "grooves" which can be completely controlled from the playing surface. This allows the trapKat to generate additional percussion parts or complete rhythm section grooves for practicing or performing. The

trapKat is the perfect solution for those who desire a comfortable and conventional layout with the power, flexibility and convenience of electronic percussion. Acoustic drum set players will feel right at home!



Old Style… . . . New Twist

Prentice Practice Pad’s recessed pad mirrors the bounce and feel of an actual drum head without the volume. This will enable you to easily transfer the skills learned in your practice sessions. Our patented adjustable angles make this hand crafted, lightweight practice pad perfect for both “traditional grip” and “matched grip” drummers.

Give The Gift Of DRUM! Help a drummer on your list become a better musician in 2012 with the gift of DRUM! With special educational issues and lessons, transcriptions, and playing tips in every issue, DRUM! is the magazine that makes better drummers. Order now, in time for the holidays. You'll save 72% off the cover price. And we'll send a gift card in your name to the lucky drummer. Why not get a subscription for yourself at the same time and save even more? Check the online coupon for details. 76 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

A powerful and uplifting presentation where artists will sharpen their business skills in the pursuit of excellence. The Sessions includes our expert music industry panel, which addresses contract negotiations, entertainment law, marketing, self-promotion, image maintenance, recording technology and fundamental techniques. The Sessions will conclude with an interactive jam session finale with accomplished artists.

Your Path to Success in the Music Industry * Marketing * Technique * Networking * Self-Motivation * Entertainment Law * Recording Technology Coming to a city near you! For more information and registration go to

Christmas is for KIDS of all ages!! PINTECH is too... QUIET...until amped This is the REAL thing. An Electronic Percussion Conversion Professional Sound Pintech has a Full line of Electronic drum kits and accessories specifically designed to suit your needs and playing style! 1-800-445-0506  Wishbook 2011  DRUM!


GON BOPS – The Legend is Back!

Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon With its gorgeous inlay and superb craftsmanship, this Special Edition Cajon is smartly designed to reduce the sound of snare wires while playing bass tones. Sonically, it’s a combination of a Traditional Cajon and Flamenco Cajon. Built in our Peruvian Cajon Shop, this model truly is the Ultimate Cajon!

Mariano Series Congas & Bongos The legendary Mariano series drums are back! These gorgeous, revered instruments make playing beefy open tones, crisp slaps and solid palm sounds a breeze. Vintage character has been painstakingly preserved by using traditional counter hoops and side plates, black reinforcing metal hoops and authentic cowhide heads. If you’re ready for a truly classy set of instruments, look no further than Mariano series drums from Gon Bops.

The Red Rock Bell The ultimate Rock and Metal bell! Huge sound, reinforced batter edge, patented V-Grip with memory lock and fiery red paint job all add up to a monster bell that cuts through the noise!

Gon Bops Hand Percussion Instruments From traditional Brazilian Caixixi woven basket shakers to lush-sounding Waterfall Shell Chimes to a versatile series of ergonomic, durable Tambourines, Gon Bops offers legendary hand percussion for all musical styles and tastes. Visit 78 

DRUM!  Wishbook 2011

DRUM! Magazine's 2011 Holiday Wishbook  
DRUM! Magazine's 2011 Holiday Wishbook  

The 2011 Holiday Wishbook presented by DRUM! Magazine featuring top products from around the industry