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The Biggest Bang... for Both of Your Worlds Want authentic playability and the look of a classic acoustic drum set? Want to nail your sound every time—both live and in the studio? If so, nothing gets the job done like augmenting your kit with a drum voice module. Sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be—provided you’re using the right tools. Thanks to the new 2BOX TrigIt drum trigger, using acoustic drum triggers has never been easier (or looked so good)!

Live on Stage By turning your existing acoustic kit into a cutting edge “Drum Sound Station,” you’re not only guaranteed great sound every time you get behind your kit, you’re opening the door to a world of endless new hybrid voicings that will change the way you view your drum set, forever. Although 2BOX TrigIt triggers are designed to easily interface with any sound module on the market, pairing them with the 2BOX DrumIt Five will give you quick, simple access to the lightning-fast response and unprecedented dynamic range 2BOX provides. Using them with the DrumIt Five voice module will also allow you to take full advantage of the module’s special settings & features, unleashing its true power, as well as your own creativity. Your kit still feels like an acoustic drum, but with TrigIt, you can tap into the power and flexibility of an electronic drum set.

In the Studio

Second built-in transducer (piezo)* for 2-channel triggering allows you to trigger the head and rim separately *Built-in the T5ST only

Sturdy metal casing beautiful satin chrome finish reduces glare effects on stage protects transducers from stray stick hits secure mounting with plastic covered tension rod

Silicon-covered hooks reduce sliding avoid scratches on hoops fit to all standard hoops

Today’s recording software solutions offer several methods of recording, including recording your drum track as a MIDI file. But what if you don’t have an electronic drum set? With TrigIt triggers and a drum module, you can turn your acoustic kit into a MIDI controller and record your drums, virtually anytime or anyplace. Even when recording your acoustic set with microphones, TrigIt triggers can be used to simultaneously track a MIDI version to your performance, allowing you to layer, tweak, alter tunings or even completely swap sounds at the mixing stage. Not satisfied with the way your snare is sitting in the mix? Need some extra punch to your toms or kick? Fix it in the mix by simply making changes on your drum voice module. Get the most out of your studio time by keeping all your options open!

Special foam controller with unique “memory” feature guaranteed long-life use steady pressure on the head for perfect detection


TrigIt acoustic trigger for bass drum

Standard 1/4” stereo jack no need for special XLR cables

Long-life transducer (piezo) consistent & unbeatable trigger accuracy effects on stage fast detection natural dynamic range


TrigIt acoustic 2-channel trigger for snares & toms

Flexibility: Combine any acoustic drum with any electronic drum module voice. Achieve professional-quality drum sound, even with old or poorly tuned drumheads. Create different sounds and explore new styles with only one drum set. Practice anytime using silent heads—without fear of persecution by the neighbors (or the law!). Trigger percussion sounds, effects or any other sound via the rims (using 2-channel triggering) for an even wider possible choice of sonic options.

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DRUM! Magazine December 2015  

Try a copy of DRUM! and learn to play better faster. The huge (144 pages) holiday issue features jazz triple grammy winner Teri Lyne Carring...

DRUM! Magazine December 2015  

Try a copy of DRUM! and learn to play better faster. The huge (144 pages) holiday issue features jazz triple grammy winner Teri Lyne Carring...