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Drug addiction treatment for dual diagnosis patients Many Drug Addiction Treatment centers focus on only the addiction itself. At 12 Palms Recovery Center, treatment plans include dealing with emotional and mental disorders that accompany the actual addiction as well. According to reports published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), approximately 50 percent of patients addicted to drugs also suffer from some form of emotional or mental disorder. While a rehab in Vermont can help to treat the addiction, oftentimes they are not equipped to also treat the emotional or mental disorder. Focusing on the addiction does not mean that the mental disorder goes away. At 12 Palms Recovery Center in Jensen Beach, Florida, dual diagnosis patients can and do receive treatment for both their addiction and their emotional or mental disorder. Therapists at 12 Palms Recovery Center are recovering addicts themselves who are also qualified to deal with patients suffering from both addiction and mental disorders. By separating drug and alcohol abuse from emotional and mental issues such as bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety or PTSD, the qualified therapists and counselors can then determine the underlying factors apart from the addiction itself.

A rehab in Vermont can certainly diagnosis a patient with emotional or mental disorders, but oftentimes outpatient treatment for that disorder will be required. At 12 Palms Recovery Center, any patient with a dual diagnosis can work on their emotional or mental health issues along with their addiction in house—through one on one counseling, group therapy sessions and other time-tested methods of treatment and possibly medication, each patient suffering from dual diagnosis gets their own unique treatment plan developed specifically for their needs. Drug addiction treatment programs oftentimes focuses on just the addiction. At 12 Palms Recovery Center, an allinclusive treatment plan that also treats emotional and mental disorders is available for dual diagnosis patients. For more information on the services offered by 12 Palms Recovery Center, please call 1(866) 331-6779.

Drug addiction treatment for dual diagnosis patients