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Cocaine – Caviar of Street Drugs Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that affects the central nervous system. People abusing it, are even unaware of its hazards to their life. They don’t even know what type of substances they are abusing and how Cocaine can kill them. Youth or teenagers are facing numerous problems in their life ranging from peer pressure to career responsibilities. They seek for getting relaxed and got addicted to medication & other substances. Drug abuse like cocaine shows many physical and behavioral symptoms that show its usage by anyone.

ď śSubstance abuse and addiction Physical Signs: People under the influence of cocaine appear restless, fidgety, highly talkative and seem to have increased energy levels. They experience euphoria, anxiety, feelings of dominance, increased alertness and hyperactivity. Physical signs include increased body temperature, running nose and watery eyes. Decreased appetite, dilated pupils and trouble sleeping are also possible indications. After-effects may include lethargy, intense sleepiness, hallucinations and often depression.

Substance abuse in teenagers Behavioral Signs: The first sign of illicit drug use will be changes in attitudes. These changes may be very subtle or quite marked, but will usually be sudden. Cocaine abusers are usually combative and quick to anger. They take offense easily if they are recently off and when addiction has set in, these changes become more pronounced & constant.

Cocaine is sometimes referred to as the caviar of street drugs due to the fact that it is very expensive. It has unique position of being viewed as both glamorous and slummy, used by celebrities & street traders alike. Drug Free Pennsylvania works to reduce substance abuse among teenagers, parents, employees and supervisors. We are a non- profitable organization founded in 1990 and has now become a renowned name in common wealth’s premier substance abuse preventers.

Substance abuse and addiction We partner with you to inspire actions and changing behavior of people about medication. If you or your loved one needs help with addiction; visit us at DFPA is also running some other programs like Connect & Protect PA, Sound Off, The Media Straight up and Work place Solutions to raise awareness in changing behavior and promoting a substance free future.

Contact us If you prefer to reach us by phone, please call 1.800.533.3394. Slate Hill Business Center Suite 110 3901 Hartzdale Dr. Camp HIll, PA 17011 717.232.0300 717.232.5400 fax

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Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that affects the central nervous system. People abusing it, are even unaware of its hazards to the...

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