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Substance Abuse In Teenagers ď‚ž

In this fast growing world, substance abuse is widely spreading. People are not aware what type of drug they are consuming and what are its hazards; Substance abuse and addiction has become a very complex issue in the society..

Substance abuse and addiction ď‚ž

Substance abuse and addiction has become a very complex issue in the society. Many teens are under enormous strain like parental expectations, academic failures or peer pressure. This may lead to becoming habitual to substances like cocaine or molly.

Drug free Pennsylvania ď‚ž

Raising awareness and educating people is one of the best solutions to overcome this problem. Teenagers today want to feel like grown up and fit in any environmental situation. They look for solutions from somewhere else and wrongly engage themselves with drugs.Â

Substance abuse in teenagers ď‚ž

There are certain warning signs of Substance abuse in teenagers which you want to look out for, if you are a parent or your loved one is facing the same addiction problem. Some of these physical as well as behavioural reasons.

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Drug Free Pennsylvania is a state-wide non-profit organization that develops policies, conducts testing programs and relevant seminars to change behaviours of people against medication & promoting a healthy environment. We have launched a program ‘Straight Talk for Parents’ which helps many parents to communicate with their children effectively about these substances.

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Our ‘Connect & Protect PA’ program has been launched to generate awareness in Pennsylvania of the dangers of substance abuse. If you or your loved needs help with addiction; visit us at We are dedicated to deliver innovative antidrug campaigns to raise awareness about substance abuse.

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Substance abuse in teenagers  
Substance abuse in teenagers  

Molly is a type of drug which is gaining popularity among today’s youth; with it repeatedly being mentioned in the rap songs, there is no wo...