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Substance Abuse in Teenagers The drug abuse has become a complex issue in the society. The best method is to create awareness among people by educating them on Substance abuse and addiction. There is a great need for the parents to interact with their children. The teen years are the most vulnerable; teenagers get exposure to embarrassing social and emotional situations which lead to low self-esteem, isolation and depression. All these can be considered as the warning sign for high risk of substance abuse in teenagers.

ď śSubstance abuse in teenagers Substance abuse prevention is an important concept to be understood by the parents or families, who are dealing with an addicted kid or person. Family’s support, love and guidance are must for overcoming these bad habits. Following are some of the traits observed in drug addicted kids; which are signs of worry and requires your attention as a parent:

What type of drug is Molly • Anxiety & Irritability • Insomnia & aggressiveness • Lethargy & impatience • Daily fever, cough & cold • Low-appetite & restlessness • Physical signs like red eyes, skin allergy etc

Appropriate communication and involvement in the child’s activity is the first step in creating awareness about substance abuse prevention in adolescents. Positive parental guidance improves self-esteem. Parents should be aware of the child’s peers. Parents should stay involved with the child’s activities and should notice their every aspect of behaviour.

Children should be well supported by people around them especially by their parents; they should encourage them to participate in sports and after school activities. This is best time to have a positive influence. Adult guidance is needed to overcome the confusion and loneliness which occurs through painful events like divorce or loss of a loved one.

Parents and school teachers must know how to talk to kids about these life taking chemicals and educate them on the harmful effects of drugs & how they ruin their future. Proper care, love and attention is needed to help your dear ones in recovering from these bad habits. If you or your loved one needs help with addiction; click here, we at Drug Free Pennsylvania are dedicated to provide innovative anti-drug campaigns to raise awareness and inspire actions to prevent substance abuse.

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Substance abuse prevention is an important concept to be understood by the parents or families, who are dealing with an addicted kid or pers...

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