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Helpful Tips For Those Dealing With Painful Hemorrhoids If you or another loved one has ever suffered from hemorrhoids, it's likely something you never want to have again. The hints and tips in the following article can help you treat and prevent painful and discomforting hemorrhoid flare-ups. To avoid nagging, painful flare-ups, you should try squatting to have a bowel movement instead of sitting. This will put a lot less stress on the hemorrhoids. Squatting has been proven to substantially reduce the hemorrhoid pain typically experienced during a bowel movement. Witch hazel is one of the best over-the-counter medications to use when combating hemorrhoids. This is an astringent you can get at your local pharmacy, or even at any larger store in your area. Use a small amount on the affected area. The witch hazel will reduce the irritation and swelling as well as prevent bleeding. If you are prone to developing external hemorrhoids, it may be time to take a closer look at your bathroom hygiene. Try using softer toilet paper that doesn't leave any behind, and keeping moistened wipes for using after doing your business. Perhaps the most effective method for preventing hemorrhoids is also extremely simple. Do not wait if you have to go to the bathroom. When stool sits in the large intestine, the body continues to absorb water, which can make it difficult to defecate. Therefore avoid straining when you have hemorrhoids because it exacerbates them. Create soft stools by taking in lots of water and eating high-fiber foods. You need to soften your stool so that you won't strain as much when having a bowel movement. Straining leads to hemorrhoid problems, so by softening your stool you can prevent hemorrhoids and relieve hemorrhoid pain. To get softer stool, try eating fruits such as papaya, watermelon, or grapes. Some vegetables, like okra and cabbage, are also good for helping the process along. To see the full effects of these foods, make sure you drink lots of water. Some people have found that using tomato slices can help to reduce the size of hemorrhoids. Tomatoes are chock full of acid, if you put them on your hemorrhoids you will find they get rid of the swelling. Combined with a sound diet, this tactic can prevent or contain your hemorrhoids for many years. You should consider purchasing a donut cushion, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. This cushion is designed specifically for your bottom, and it makes you feel better when dealing with hemorrhoids. By just sitting on it, you will be more relaxed than you would be sitting on surfaces without it. Better personal hygiene can help prevent the formation of external hemorrhoids. Select toilet

paper that is soft and doesn't leave behind a residue, and wipe yourself with a moist wipe after defecating. A strategy in order to stop injuries caused by hemorrhoids is to gently push it back into your anus. If your hemorrhoids have not expanded too much, they should fit inside. Doing this stops you from injuring them due to friction with your clothes. If they are painful or too big, don't try this. Staying properly hydrated can keep hemorrhoids at bay and alleviate the discomfort of existing ones. Keeping hydrated is crucial for digestive processes to remain healthy, including bowel movements. Constipation injures hemorrhoids, and can cause new hemorrhoids to develop. Make sure to get 8-10 servings of water each day since it will make the stools softer, which will make irritating hemorrhoids less likely. As you have just read from the above article, hemorrhoids are a common occurrence for many people. Most people do not know how to properly handle hemorrhoids though. That's because most people don't talk about hemorrhoids very often! By following the advice given here, you will be able to treat and cure your hemorrhoid problem for good!

Helpful Tips For Those Dealing With Painful Hemorrhoids  

If you or another loved one has ever suffered from...

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