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Residential Treatment Centers: Finding a Full Recovery Plan Residential treatment centers are in place all over the country that offers a wide variety of recovery treatment options. But how many of them offer a comprehensive treatment plan that offers clients everything they need to achieve sobriety? Addiction treatment involves a process of steps designed to help alcoholics and addicts achieve long-term sobriety. Recovery can only start when a person who has been dependent on their drug of choice finally decides they’ve had enough. However, when that decision is made, can they find residential treatment centers that can take over from there? Making the decision to stop using drugs and/or alcohol is tough enough. Now it’s time to start the process of recovery. Many a rehabilitation center can offer clients a variety of treatment options, but for many who are just starting out in recovery, they need a facility that can offer help right from the time they make the decision to get clean and sober.

For them, they want residential treatment centers that have an all-in-one package, so to speak. For many addicts, intervention is the first step, so finding residential treatment centers that have an interventionist on staff can be very important. The next step after intervention is detox. Many rehabilitation center facilities require patients to detox off-site first, not having certified medical professionals on hand to properly handle and monitor the detox process. Finding residential treatment centers that offer both intervention and detox can be of huge help for many addicts. In addition, family counseling is oftentimes an important component to recovery. Addiction treatment centers that offer family counseling in various forms can help their clients to better understand how their actions and behaviors affected the lives of their loved ones. In turn, family members can better educated on the disease of addiction and can learn how to best support and encourage their loved ones during and after in-patient treatment.

Not all facilities offer family counseling. Some addiction treatment centers refer clients to outside sources for additional counseling. A rehabilitation center that offers intervention, detox services, a comprehensive suite of inpatient treatment plans, a full suite of family counseling services and a variety of aftercare treatment options is a facility that can best help many addicts new to recovery.

Going to different facilities for different treatment options can be a big deterrent for anyone seeking recovery. Residential treatment centers that offer a full package of treatment options from intervention all the way through to aftercare treatment are rehab facilities worth looking into. Do the research—ask residential treatment centers about their full suite of recovery services. If they are unable to offer certain services, keep looking. A full-service private rehab is indeed the best option for addicts new to recovery. 12 Palms Recovery Center is one of the best residential treatment centers in Florida for any addict looking for a full suite of comprehensive treatment options. For more information, please call 1(866) 331-6779, or visit us at

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Recovery can only start when a person who has been dependent on their drug of choice finally decides they’ve had enough. However, when that...

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