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Chiropractors in santa rosa ca Toth chiropractic was created in response to the need for exceptional chiropractic care in Santa Rosa. Dr. Toth considers his work an art and knows that the body needs true healing from the right person. Our unique focus is correcting the structure of the spine which creates freedom in the nervous system so healing can happen from the inside out. He has learned from great chiropractors what it takes to perceive deeply into the body and determine the cause of the problem. Dr. Toth is a meticulous Santa Rosa chiropractor and will perform a complete postural, orthopedic, neurological and spinal assessment during the initial exam so he can understand your individual issues and how they relate to you specifically. After he finishes his assessment he will clearly communicate his recommendations for chiropractic treatment and make suggestions for self care unique to your individual circumstances.

Chiropractic Care We specialize in providing a classical chiropractic adjustment addressing spinal misalignment with a firm and gentle correction done by hand. Some assistance with the drop table, pelvic blocking or activator is sometimes employed.

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Chiropractors in santa rosa ca