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“But,” I said, “I flew here to learn about paragraphs.” “One thing at a time,” he said. “First, we will see more roofs,” and away he flew. I flew after him. We landed on the roof of a pleasant residence, with steep slopes leading up to fine chimneys. In a window overlooking the square below, I saw a lady gazing out, as though planning the plot of a new novel. “Nice roof, kwee?” said Queequack. “I suppose you know all about sentences, if you are interested in paragraphs.” “Ummm,” I said. He turned to face me, and stuck his beak forward a bit. “You DO know all about sentences? Kwee?” “Well,” I said, “I know a lot about sentences; I may not know everything.” He paused, and fixed his eye on mine most peculiarly. “Before we can discuss paragraphs,” he said, “we have to review sentences. Paragraphs are made of them,” and away he flew.


I flew after him again. He landed on a rooftop near a street lamp and waited. When I landed on the roof, he suddenly pulled a piece of chalk from the duckpocket under his left wing and began to write on the roof. “Let us talk about sentences,� he said. “There are hundreds of things we could say about sentences, but we do not have time for every detail. Here are some important things you have to know: “First, sentences are ideas that have two sides. One side is the subject, what the sentence is about, and the other side is the predicate, what is said about the subject. So in the sentence, Fishmeal ate at Elijah’s Cafe, the noun Fishmeal is the subject, and ate at Elijah’s Cafe is the predicate. See?� He wrote on the roof:


“We could add other information about this sentence, too,� he said, and he began to write below the sentence.


Para Town Teacher pages 14-18