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How to Use this Booklet Each new semester brings a decision: a decision of direction. We’re are you planning – and where is God planning – for your course to go? Every subject decision is a further step on that journey. This booklet has been put together to help you make an informed decision about the subjects that you’re going to do in Semester 1, 2011. You’ll find subject descriptions, some exciting news about new majors and minors that are now being offered, information about the academic support offered to you here at Tabor, a guide to Spiritual Formation, the new semester’s timetable, as well as even some post-graduate and cross-school subjects that are available! How to Enrol in your Semester 1 2011 Subjects We are endeavouring to have all students enrolled into their semester 1 2011 classes between weeks 10-12. From this semester onwards internal students will be asked to make a 15 minute appointment to see one of our course advisors to enrol. Please ensure you have made an appointment at reception to see either Matt or Sam. You can do this by dropping in to reception before or after class, or calling reception on 8373 8777 . If you are unable to do this please email Sam at for alternative arrangements. In preparation for this meeting you can do the following : 1.

Check what core subjects are available for Semester 1, 2011, that you still need to complete. (page 4)


If you have completed most of the available cores, you should start looking at some subjects for your potential major (page 5). If you’re not yet sure what major you will choose, select subjects from the two most likely areas – this will mean one of them can later become a minor, if necessary.


You might be interested in the post-graduate subjects available: these are briefly described on page 5, with more expanded descriptions on page 19.


You might want to have a look at the NEW majors and minors being offered from Semester 1, 2011: in Youth and Counselling (page 7).


Next, check the Timetable – are you available for the subjects that you need to do? Will you need to consider external studies? (page 20, back page)


If you have space, select any other subjects you are interested in that may or may not be part of your major or minor.


Bachelor of Ministry, Theology or Intercultural Studies Completing Cores This should be the primary priority for students. Getting these done as fast as you can will give you much more flexibility for choosing subjects that fit your chosen major and minor. Depending on which Bachelors you’re doing, there are about 13-14 Cores for you to do. The Core subjects are printed below for you to tick-off those you will have completed. Bold italicised subjects are being available internally in Semester 1, 2011. Core subjects: Personal Formation for Ministry (4 subjects)

   


TM1101 Creative Living TM1102 Introduction to Christian Ministry TM1103 Christians in a Multicultural World TM1104 Spiritual Formation - over at least 3 semesters (S1) (S2) (S3) = 75pts

Core subjects: Biblical Studies (4 Subjects)

   


TM2115 Introduction to the Old Testament TM2116 Introduction to the New Testament (Sem 2, 2011) TM2117 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (Sem 2, 2011) TM2231 Synoptic Gospels Exegesis (or equivalent, eg TM2332)

Core subjects: Theological Study (4 subjects) or BIS = TM3112 Exploring the Christian Faith (Sem 2, 2011)

   

TM3201 Trinitarian Theology (2012) TM3302 Jesus the Christ TM3203 Holy Spirit (Sem 2, 2011)

Core subjects: Specific to Bachelor Bachelor of Ministry

 


TM3131 The Story of the Church (Sem 2, 2011)


TM4101 Communication Skills (Sem 2, 2011)

Bachelor of Theology


TM2101 Intro NT Greek

TM4241 Theological Reflections in Ministry

Graduate-Diploma and MACS students These students have some particular core subjects, unique to their course. Two of these are being offered in Semester 1, 2011:  TM2110 Understanding the Biblical Narrative (or TM 2115, TM2116)  TM1101 Creative Living Three of these will be offered in Semester 2, 2011:

 TM2111 Reading the Bible Faithfully (or TM2117)  TM1101 Creative Living (again, for if you missed out previously)  TM3112 Exploring the Christian Faith (or TM3201) Graduate Diploma students should seek to complete 2 of these in their course as soon as possible. MACS should seek to complete 4. However, if you are thinking of pursuing a Masters of Divinity from 2011, your requirements will be slightly different – please come in for a consultation. 4

Subjects Available for each Major, Semester 1, 2011 Students who have already completed their first year will probably still have quite a few of the cores to go. However, they will probably also be looking to focus their course on a major, and possibly even a minor. Below are the subjects that will be offered in Semester 1, 2011, and how each of them contributes to majors. Some are Cores, required for that particular major. Some of them are Electives, which means they don’t have to be one of your subjects for the major, but still can count towards it. Students may select any of these subjects, just with their majors as a first priority. Subject

Intercultural Life & Work Biblical Theology Adult Education Romans Poverty Integral Mission Reformation History Kingdom of God Worship







Core Elect Elect Elect

Elect Elect





Core Core

Core Core


Students may select any of these subjects, just with their majors as a first priority. Students also have the option to do a Post Graduate Course as one of their electives, if they meet the pre-requisites. Here is a list of the Post-Graduate Intensive subjects available during next semester: Subject


Applicable Majors

Christian Mission in Imagination

17-21 Jan

Theology, Church, Intercultural

Spirituality from a Biblical Perspective

28 Feb-4 Mar

Theology, Church, Pastoral Care

If you are interested in any of these subjects, please talk to Matt Gray, or Sam Docherty to see if you are eligible. Depending on where you are in your course up to this point, you will probably find yourself with room to do between 1 and 3 subjects that specifically contribute to your Major or Minor. Like we said before, though, you should seek to complete your generic cores (those every Bachelors student must do) first.

So, when choosing your subjects... We suggest that if you have not decided by the end of your first year what you want to be your major (which is totally fine), you at least choose two minors). This gives you the flexibility to turn one of these into a major later. When you’re choosing your subjects for the coming semester, this is the priority that should be considered: 1. Completing the Foundational Core Subjects for Degree. 2. Completing Cores for your Major (or for your two Minors if you still haven’t decided). 3. Completing Electives for your Major. 4. Completing a subject for your Minor (if you’ve already decided on your Major). 5. Anything else. 5

New Majors and Minors Available! In our continued commitment to give students a wide variety of study options to suit their vocation, the MTC School has organised with the other Schools in Tabor for students to be offered a Youth Work Major, a Youth Ministry Minor or a BMin Counselling Minor. * = available externally in 2011 MTC BMin Counselling Minor  CO2221 Intro to Counselling Theories *

 CO2224 Counselling Skills 2 (prerequisite TM4101)  CO2226 Human Lifespan Development *  CO2234 Grief, Loss & Attachment (OR, student choice: CO2227 * (preq TM4101); CO2321; CO2323 * (preq CO2230); CO2301) MTC BMin Youth Ministry Minor  CO2210 Introduction to Sociology and Culture in Australia *

 YW1101 Principles and Practices of Relational Youth Work *  YW1306 Youth and Spirituality (prerequisite YW1101)  YW4390 Youth Ministry in a Church Context MTC BMin Youth Work Major  CO2210 Introduction to Sociology and Culture in Australia

 YW1101 Principles and Practices of Relational Youth Work  YW1306 Youth and Spirituality  YW4390  YW1204 Structural Youth Work and Social Policy (prerequisite CO2210) *  YW2202 Youth Participation and Community Development Plus 2 from:

 YW1304 Working with Indigenous Youth;  YW1103 Working with Diverse Youth Ethnicities;  YW1305 Gender and Social Identity


MTC Student Support David Turnbull has been appointed as the Student Support Facilitator for the MTC School. He has been organising a number of ways for you to seek help with academic matters during the semester. To find out more, please visit the Online MTC Student Centre. 1.

Consult the Study Techniques manual if you attended the subject at the beginning of your program


Contact the lecturer for the given subject and discuss particular issues. Be proactive.


Shelley Alexander offers a ‘drop-in’ class in the Refectory for second semester on Thursdays, 10am-11am, after worship, which is Thursdays 9.15am-9.45am. This is a group where students may attend only once, or sporadically or even weekly.


Consult the MTC Student Centre on-line and access relevant resources


Internal students, especially those on Academic Support Status, attend the MTC’s 50 minute Student Support Discussion Workshops during term 3 in 2010. These workshops will provide some tips to assist you in your academic writing, in particular, and provide time for you discuss particular current issues you are facing in your study or examples from your current subjects. This will allow you to support others too. These sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the MTC Student Centre.


External students, especially those who are on Academic Support Status, apart from listening to the workshop audio recordings there will be a chat room conversation the same week as above through the MTC Student Centre on-line. The time will be advertised shortly.

Speak with David Turnbull – he will available only term 3 in 2010. He will be away for term 4. Notification of what will happen will occur closer to this time.

Online MTC Student Centre All students are now automatically enrolled into the MTC Student Centre – here you’ll find the latest news and events in the school, as well as details on subjects, and even forums and chat-rooms for discussing your course work! It is the hub of MTC.

• Check this site before all your subjects each day • All the information here is also on that site • Any updates will be made available there also 7

Spiritual Formation at Tabor At Tabor, we're committed to holistic, transformational education – head, hand and heart. So we want to help you grow spiritually while you study. While this is an aim in every subject, TM1104 Spiritual Formation will specifically help you mature in your walk with God through your participation in a wide variety of spiritual practices, disciplines, and experiences. TM1104 FAQs 1. Who does TM1104? BMin, BTh, and BIS students complete TM1104 over the course of their degree as a core subject 2. How does TM1104 work? Students choose from various Spiritual Formation Opportunities (SFOs) each semester, enrolling themselves online. Each SFO is worth X number of SFO pts (one point for one contact hour plus one reflection hour). 75 SFO points (i.e. 150 hrs total) completes the subject. SFOs are not academic, research or skills focused, but rather reflective in nature. TM1104 runs concurrently with other subjects normally taken. 3. How long does it take to complete? The 75 SFO pts are usually spread over 5 FTE semesters, i.e. 15 pts/FTE semester (longer/slower for part-timers). 4. How will TM1104 be assessed? A P for a basic level of participation; a CR shows a student has shown a commitment to the process; a DN shows a student has shown growing insight into their personal spiritual formation; and a HD shows a student has significant insight into the process of spiritual formation so that they could guide others

From one student in 2010: Dear Bruce ‌ Thank you so much for your comments regarding the online retreat exercises. It was such a valuable journey especially when it came to the imaginative prayer exercise as it focused on my relationship to food and how Jesus showed me I could be at peace with food and show others that they could be as well. Overall I have gained new insight into myself, my relationship with God and with others through this journey, and I thank God for that.


Here’s a sample of SFOs we anticipate being available in sem 2 2011 Journey with Others

• • • • •

TM1104.10 Stayin’ Alive (15 SFO pts, online) RECOMMENDED AS YOUR FIRST SFO Reflect on your spiritual formation whilst engaged in theological study. TM1104.11 Reading with the Heart (15 SFO pts, on-campus and online) Grow through engagement with the spiritual classics. TM1104.8 Life Together (15 SFO pts, on-campus and online) Explore spiritual formation and community with Bonhoeffer’s classic text. TM1104.13 Valiant Man (20 SFO pts, on-campus only) A chance for blokes to get real about sexuality and faith in a safe setting. TM1104.19 On Being a Woman (15 SFO pts, on-campus and online) Girls, explore spirituality and femininity in an affirming environment.

Journey One-On-One

• •

TM1104.5 Growing in Wholeness (10 SFO pts) 8x1hr counselling sessions to foster spiritual and emotional health. TM1104.15 Spiritual Direction (15 SFO pts) 10x1hr SD sessions to help you respond to God’s activity in your life.

Spiritual Retreats

• • •

TM1104.4 Everything is God in all Things (10 SFO pts) Encounter the living God through reflection and various exercises. TM1104.14 Rhythms of Grace (10 SFO pts) Graft the rhythms that Jesus lived by into fabric of your own life. TM1104.16 Praying with Isaiah (10 SFO pts) Spend a day praying need, hope and the divine will through Isaiah.

DVD Groups

• •

TM1104.3 Everything is Spiritual (5 SFO pts) Gather a group to reflect on Rob Bell’s DVD, Everything is Spiritual. TM1104.12 The Trouble With Paris (5 SFO pts) Explore hyperreality and spirituality with Mark Sayer's acclaimed DVD

Please note this list is indicative only; final options will be available by the beginning of the semester, and without sufficient numbers some SFOs may not be held. To find out more and self-enrol in their chosen SFO/s by the end of week 3, sem 1, 2011, All MTC students can access the TM1104 site on .


TM1101 Creative Living

David McGregor

This is a core subject for the BMin, BTh, BIS, and MACS degrees. Time: Tuesday afternoons, 1pm-4pm No Prerequisites No Assigned Textbooks

Summary and Purpose This foundational subject introduces students to the God of grace and helps them to see themselves as loved by that God. It introduces the student to Jesus Christ who is presented as the one human being who truly reflects the image of God, it is from him that we understand who God is and who we are as human beings in relation to God. This subject helps students to understand and enjoy living gratefully in the grace of God. The approach is to present Jesus Christ as the one human being who truly reflects has specific relevance for the practice of prayer and for knowing and doing the will of God.

TM1102 Introduction to Christian Ministry

Matthew Gray

This is a core subject for the BMin, BTh, BIS, and MACS degrees. Time: Tuesday evenings, 6pm-9pm No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: Level 1: John Dickson, Promoting the Gospel (Blue Bottle, 2005), Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch, Shaping of Things to Come (Hendrickson, 2003 a). Level 2: Dallas Willard, Hearing God (IVP, 1999 a)

Summary and Purpose This foundational subject presents a theology of Christian ministry that emphasises the privilege of participating in the relational life of the triune God of grace. The subject is essentially broken into two parts. In the first, students explore what it means for the entire Church Community to be caught up in God’s Trinitarian ministry to the world, promoting the gospel in life and word. In the second half, students explore their own personal calling by God to ministry, further discovering God’s design for them to be an essential facet of the Body of Christ.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 10

TM1103 Christians in a Multicultural World

David Turnbull

This is a core subject for the BMin, BTh, BIS, and MACS degrees. Time: Thursday Afternoons, 2pm-5pm No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks A Class Reader will be provided

Summary and Purpose There is a growing need to release reflective practitioners within the global body who are committed to God’s truth, citizens of their own culture but also of the world and globalised servants in their perspective. This subject contributes to the formation of reflective practitioners by exploring the relevance, contribution, and the physical and spiritual practicalities of engaging with culture at various levels of the Christian life – individual, local community, and international.

TM2101 Introduction to New Testament Greek

Geoff Sunstrom

This is a core subject for the BTh degree. Time: Friday mornings, 9am-12noon No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: WD Mounce, Greek for the rest of us (Zondervan, 2003)

Summary and Purpose This subject introduces students to the basics of Koine Greek and helps them to develop competency in using the specialist resources necessary to study the Greek text of the New Testament. For those going on to TM2202 Intermediate NT Greek it lays the foundations necessary to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills to read and translate selected sections of the Greek New Testament.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 11

TM2115 Introduction to Old Testament

Aaron Chalmers

This is a core subject for the BMin, BTh, BIS, and MACS degrees. Time: Thursday mornings, 10am-1pm No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: Either A Bayliss, From Creation to the Cross (Zondervan, 1996 a) Or B Birch, W Brueggemann, T Fretheim, D Peterson, A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament (2nd Ed) (Abingdon, 2005 a)

Summary and Purpose Introduction to the OT is an exciting course in which we get to spend some time coming to grips with the often neglected first half of the Bible. You will learn more about the world, significant people, events and message of the text, with a particular view to seeing how the OT can continue to speak into our contemporary lives and ministries. We will tackle some interesting issues (how are we to read the Genesis creation accounts, what are we to make of the psalms that call down curses on our enemies etc) as we travel through 39 books and more than 1500 years of history. Let the journey begin!

TM2332 Romans Exegesis and Pauline Theology

Stephen Spence

This is an elective for the Biblical Studies Major Time: Wednesday mornings, 9am-12noon Prerequisites: TM2117 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Assigned Textbooks: NT Wright, What St Paul Really Said (Lion, 1997), AC Thiselton, The Living Paul (IVP Academic, 2009 a) One Romans Commentary from TR Schreiner (BECNT), D Moo (NICNT), B Witherington III and Darlene Hyatt (S-R a), JDG Dunn (WBC, 2vols)

Summary and Purpose All Christian leaders and teachers should engage with the passion and theology of the Apostle Paul at some point in their study. We will do that by exploring the letter he wrote to the Christians of Rome in 56CE. This subject includes an opportunity to practice exegetical method.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 12

TM2340 Biblical Theology

Aaron Chalmers

This is an elective for the Biblical Studies and Theology Majors Time: Tuesday mornings, 9am-12noon Prerequisite: TM2117 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Assigned Textbooks: C Wright, The Mission of God: Unlocking the Biblical Narrative (IVP, 2006), M Williams, Far as the curse is found: the covenant story of redemption (P&R Publishing, 2005)

Summary and Purpose In Biblical Theology we have the opportunity to come to grips with how the Bible works as a whole. Our goal is to develop an understanding of the biblical metanarrative, via reference to the various covenants that God enters into with his people (including the Noahic, Abrahamic, Sinai, Davidic, and New) and culminating in the new creation. We will also spend time considering how an appreciation of the missio dei (as revealed in the biblical metanarrative) should shape the life and role of the church today, and discuss some key themes (e.g. the law, salvation, God’s presence) that permeate much of the Bible. If you want to grasp the “big picture” of the biblical story then this subject is for you!

TM3202 Jesus Christ

David McGregor

This is a core subject for the BMin, BTh, BIS, and MACS degrees. Time: Wednesday afternoons, 1pm-4pm Prerequisites: TM3131 The Story of the Church, recommended TM3201 Trinitarian Theology Assigned Textbooks: TF Torrance, Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ (IVP Academic, 2008), TF Torrance, Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ (IVP Academic, 2009)

Summary and Purpose This subject explores the central issues about Christianity’s central Figure, Jesus Christ, God the Son. It reveals the Jesus evident in the New Testament and the Creeds, and the implications of his incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and more. This subject also discusses the contemporary theological debates around the nature of Christ’s atoning work, and the nature of salvation itself through Jesus Christ our Lord.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 13

TM3236 Reformation Church History

Matthew Gray

This is a core subject for the Theology and Church History Majors Time: Thursday mornings, 10am-1pm Prerequisites: TM3131 Story of the Church Assigned Textbooks: Hans Hillerbrand, Ed, The Reformation: A Narrative History Related by Contemporary Observers and Participants (Baker, 1978), RW Heinze, Reform and Conflict (Monarch, 2006)

Summary and Purpose The Reformation was a turning point for the entire identity of the Christian faith. It is filled with great “saints and sinners” - Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Bucer, Cranmer, Henry VIII, de Sales, Pascal, Teresa of Avila, Menno Simons, and many more. A time of passion, devotion, confusion, war, inquisitions, division, unity, hope, despair, any study of this period is going to be an adventure. More than that, it gives us a greater understanding of our identity as Christians today, including our approach to the Scriptures, and to each other throughout the Christian world today.

TM3304 Kingdom of God

David McGregor

This is a core subject for the Theology and Biblical Studies Majors Time: Thursday afternoons, 2pm-5pm Prerequisites: TM3302 Jesus Christ [or equivalent] Assigned Textbooks: A König, The Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology: Towards a ChristCentered Approach (Eerdmans, 1989), J Dickerson & G Clarke, 666 And All That: The Truth About the Future (Aquila Press, 2007), NG Wright, A Theology of the Dark Side: Putting the Power of Evil in its Place, Paternoster, 2002

Summary and Purpose Eschatology is commonly understood today to be the study of the future return of Jesus Christ. While this is certainly a facet of eschatology, it is not were it ends... or begins. This subject explores the very birth of the eschaton in Jesus Christ’s incarnation, death and resurrection. It explores the nature of living eschatologically today, in the “now and not yet”, and the implications it has for each of us personally, and indeed cosmically.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 14

TM4215 Worship

Miranda Dixon

This is an elective for the Current Church and Pastoral Lead majors Time: Thursday evenings, 6pm-9pm No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: JF White, A Brief History of Worship (Abingdon, 1993 a), B Kauflin & P Baloche, Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God (Crossway, 2008 a), Robin Parry, Worshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship (Paternoster, 2005)

Summary and Purpose This subject will look at how worship shapes us (and we shape it), its biblical foundations, its rich history, all the practical aspects of worship ministry, and much more! This course is excellent for pastors, worship team leaders, worship leaders, musicians, children’s ministry workers and anyone who wants to explore how to give our best to God in worship.

TM4241 Theological Reflections in Ministry (TRiM)

Bruce Hulme

This is a core subject for the Bmin and BIS degrees. Time: Monday afternoons, 1pm-4pm Prerequisites: TM1102 Introduction to Christian Ministry Assigned Textbooks: RL Kinast, Let Ministry Teach: A Guide to Theological Reflection (Liturgical Press, 1996)

Summary and Purpose A common misconception in theological education goes something like this: “I come and learn the theology, then I go out and do it!” Unfortunately this fails to recognise the reciprocal nature of theology and ministry experience. The theology and ministry skills we learn about in the classroom need to be in continual conversation with actual ministry experience, or ‘where the rubber hits the road’, so to speak. Theological reflection is the name we give to the discipline of learning to get the most out of this dialogue. As you grow theologically and in ministry, you will also find yourself being transformed spiritually, and so a major dynamic within TRiM is personal, or spiritual formation.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 15

TM5101 Intercultural Life & Work

David Turnbull

This is a core for the BIS degrees Time: Intensive, January 31- February 4 Prerequisites: TM1103 Christians in a Multicultural World Assigned Textbooks: T Steffen and L McKinney-Douglas, Encountering missionary life and work: preparing for intercultural ministry (Baker 2008)

Summary and Purpose Living and working cross-culturally poses many challenges but when well equipped and prepared the cross-cultural worker is empowered to overcome them. This subject provides a biblical and practical introduction to the various phases of the journey associated with living and serving in a new and different cultural context – preparation, entering the new cultural context and settling within an incarnational model for ministry, and re-entry– and associated issues. This should assist students in their own decision making regarding the journey.

TM5210 Poverty and Integral Mission

David Turnbull

This is a core for the BIS degrees Time: Wednesday evenings, 6pm-9pm Prerequisites: TM1103 Christians in a Multicultural World Assigned Textbooks: EH Campbell (ed.), Holistic mission occasional paper no. 33, (Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation 2005) downloaded from RJ Sider,Rich Christians in an age of hunger: moving from affluence to generosity, Rev. Ed. (Word, 1997)

Summary and Purpose The harsh reality of global poverty is constantly displayed. God does care for the poor and requires that from His people too. This hope-filled class will explore practical options, especially community development, that will contribute to bringing dignity and healing through an integral mission framework. Students rarely leave this class without a new appreciation for their life and work.

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 16

TM6330 Adult Education

Lesley Huston

This is an elective for the Bmin, BTh and BIS degrees Time: Tuesday afternoons, 1pm-4pm No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: G Foley Dimensions of Adult Learning: Adult Education and learning in the a global arena (Allen & Unwin, 2004)

Summary and Purpose From leading bible studies and teaching theology to teaching chess or underwater macramÊ, if you have every wanted to teach anything to adults – this is the subject for you! Introduction to Adult Education introduces you to the current theories and practice of adult teaching and learning. You will explore the characteristics of adult learners and the nature and contexts of life-long learning and apply the concepts to your own fields of expertise.

TM2110 Introduction to the Biblical Narrative

Aaron Chalmers

This is a possible core for GDCS and MACS degrees Time: Intensive, January 31-February 4 No Prerequisites Assigned Textbooks: CG Bartholomew & MW Goheen, The Drama of Scripture: Finding our place in the Biblical Story, (Baker Academic, 2004/SPCK, 2006 a)

Summary and Purpose Understanding the Biblical Narrative is designed to help you grasp the big picture of the biblical story from creation, fall, redemption to new creation and to see how you and I "fit" in this. This subject is specially designed for students who are studying counselling, youth work, humanities, performing arts and education and for anyone who is keen to develop a better understanding of what the Bible is all about. We'll cover the key people, events and themes of the biblical narrative and discuss some interesting issues along the way (e.g. what does the biblical story have to do with caring for the environment, social justice, my life as a Christian). I am sure you will love it!

a = Available on Amazon Kindle, including for PC, Apple, Android ( 17

Other Schools’ Subjects Available for MTC Students One of the great strengths of Tabor Adelaide is that we have many schools that provide highly specialised courses that can be tailored into a Bmin, or even a BTh or BIS. Youth work, Counselling and Humanities courses can give your degree a broader insight into ministry and theology. Here are some of the subjects these schools are offering in Semester 1, 2011.

Youth Work Subject

Day and time

YW1101 Principles & Practices of Relational Youth Work

Monday morning, 9am-12nn

YW1102 Working with Indigenous Youth

Tuesday morning, 9am-12nn

YW1204 Structural Youth work and Social Policy

Monday afternoon, 1pm-4pm

Pre Requisite: (CO2210 Intro to Sociology & Culture in Aust)

Counselling Subject

Day and time

CO2230 Intro to Psychology

Monday afternoon, 1pm-4pm

CO2124 Counselling Skills 1

Wednesday morning, 9am-12nn

CO2210 Intro to Sociology & Culture in Australia

Wednesday afternoon, 1pm-4pm

CO2227 Understand Systems and Families -

Friday morning, 9am-12nn

Pre Requisite: CO2124 Counselling Skills 1 or TM4101 Communication Skills

Humanities Subject

Day and time

HU1110 Introduction to Christian Philosophy

Monday morning, 9am-12nn


2011 Postgraduate Intensive Program Under certain circumstances, and at the discretion of the Director of Postgraduate Studies, an undergraduate student or a graduate-entry student may participate in a postgraduate intensive. To be considered, an undergraduate student must have completed at least 96cps of study including all identified prerequisites. A graduate-entry student must be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of readiness.

TM5391AI Christian Mission in an Age of Imagination (Dr Colin Greene) 17-21 January 2011 Prerequisite: TM1103 Christians in a Multicultural World; TM3201 Trinitarian Theology This course will explore and develop theological proposals and resources for engaging creatively and Christianly with the multifaceted dimensions of contemporary cultures, inspired by a biblical imagination which recognizes and embraces the ever increasing importance and complexity of human cultures in our global and digital environments. Dr Colin Greene is the Director of Metavista, Director of Research at the Centre for Theology and Cultural Engagement, and visiting Fellow of Bible, Theology and Culture St John’s College, Durham. See

TM4391SS The Spirit and Spirituality in Biblical Perspective (Dr Edith Humphrey): 28 February - 4 March 2011 Prerequisite: TM4102 Christian Spirituality, TM3303 Holy Spirit ‘Spirituality’ is a popular word these days, but how are Christians to use it in meaningful and biblical ways? How might we understand and experience more fully the interface between the human spirit and the Holy Spirit? Explore these issues and more with Dr Edith Humphrey. Edith is the William F. Orr Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, the author of Ecstasy and Intimacy: When the Holy Spirit Meets the Human Spirit, and a popular writer on subjects such as the Holy Trinity, sexuality and the human person, and Christian spirituality. See


Semester 1, 2011 Timetable Start of Week One: February 14 Mid Semester Break: April 18 – April 29 (after Week 9) End Week Fourteen: June 3 Intensives Jan 31-Feb 4: TM5101 Intercultural Life & Work Jan 31-Feb 4: TM2110 Biblical Narrative Monday





YW1101 Relational YW

YW1102 Indigenous Youth

CO2124 Counselling 1

TM2115 Intro OT

CO2227 Families

HU1110 Christian Philosophy

TM2340 Biblical Theology

TM2332 Romans

TM3236 Reformation

TM2101 Intro NT Greek

TM1101 Creative Living

CO2210 Sociology

TM1103 M/C World

TM6330 Adult Educate

TM3202 Jesus Christ

TM3304 Kingdom God

TM1102 Intro Ministry

TM5210 Poverty Mission

TM4215 Worship



YW1204 Structural YW CO2230 Psychology TM4241 TRiM


TM1104 Spiritual Formation = variations throughout Semester

All Enrolments are subject to successful completion of previously attempted subjects


Subject Selection Advice for Sem 1, 2011  

Details of the timetable and subject descriptions are available

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