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Susan Strayer

Susan Strayer, RN, BSN is the administrator of the plastic surgery practice. She is a registered nurse who oversees patient scheduling, medical compliance, and daily flow of the office and surgical suites. She is the “go to” individual in the practice whose most important role is helping educate patients about their surgery and their perioperative experience, making sure everyone is comfortable and that all questions are answered. Susan will help prospective surgical patients investigate payment plans as needed. Susan loves the field of plastic surgery and has been dedicated to the practice of plastic surgery for decades.

Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy is a trained medical assistant who organizes and facilitates Dr. Shermak’s practice. Ann is Dr. Shermak’s “point person” who coordinates the daily appointment schedule and keeps Dr.

Shermak’s surgical practice running smoothly. Ann also coordinates Dr. Shermak’s operative schedule with the various surgical facilities. Ann is the contact for Dr. Shermak’s surgical patients, and it is her goal to make sure Dr. Shermak’s patients have a positive experience without any hiccups on the day of surgery.

Rae Beltran

Rae Beltran is our patient coordinator. She is the cheerful face at the front desk who patients see when they check out. She gladly answers questions about scheduling consultations and follow-up appointments when patients call. Rae is also a great resource for information about plastic surgery procedures, and she is our consultant for skin care.

Veronica Magruder

Veronica Magruder is our billing specialist. She interacts with insurance companies for reconstructive surgical procedures during the preoperative authorization period to the postoperative payment period. Insurance companies are challenging to navigate, and Veronica’s expertise lies in how to advocate for our patients. She will gladly help answer questions about patient’s insurance plans and assist in helping patients achieve their surgical goals. Website:- Address:-

ellona Ave, utherville- imonium, MD 21093 Phone:- (410) 616-3000

Dr. Michele A. Shermak, MD : Plastic Surgeon In Baltimore  

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