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XII year - 10/2005 - Schär N. 30


News report A new trend meets old values

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A new trend meets old values

Arrival The end of the year is fast approaching, a year in which your life was very probably enriched by much that is new. You may have enjoyed new experiences and made new discoveries, or come up with new ideas and goals. Or perhaps you even acquired a new feeling for life, one that gives you the certainty to take life as it is: unique and full of variety. Here at Schär, we have made it our duty to actively support you in this respect. So this edition of YourLife is again full of the zest for life. Firstly, it is full of beautiful

pictures, beautiful words and the joy of reading. Secondly, it presents naked truths. If you are nourishing yourself on a gluten-free diet, you are basically seeking new flavours or new culinary delights. Our answer here in autumn 2005 is our chocolaty Quadritos and slices of strong farmhouse bread. These are two new products you are sure to enjoy: one melts in the mouth and the other has a savoury taste of the country. These are contrasts that exude pure pleasure. Let yourself be inspired by the latest trends, and in particular by a new taste for life which you can enjoy with all your senses. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine and putting what it says into practice.

@schär The new ready-sliced Pane Casereccio

2 yourlife


In times of uncertainty such as at present, the younger generation is looking more and more for protection and security. And they are increasingly finding this calming influence among close friends and acquaintances – at home and in the family. The phenomenon which trend icon Faith Popcorn was familiar with back in the 1980s and called cocooning (spinning into a cocoon) is being purposefully enhanced in a much more pleasant way thanks to the modern spirit of the age.


Ulrich Ladurner


Trends usually only last for a very short period of time. In the case of the phenomenon dubbed as new domesticity (or “homing”) by trend researchers, this appears to be different – very different in fact.





Art of cooking


Holiday for the Palate

How to turn your bathroom into a Wellness Oasis


news report

The reason: new domesticity does not entail withdrawal within the meaning of cocooning or shrouding. It means feeling good at home, meeting other people and having fun. Sociable video evenings instead of going to the cinema as a couple. Exciting games evenings with a group of people instead of monotonous nights in the disco. Cooking together instead of regimented visits to restaurants! People are again playing Risk, Canasta, Activity or Roulette and are turning their living-room into Las Vegas for ordinary folk. They are borrowing a few DVDs and turning the home cinema into a party haven. People are also continuously finding new themes and mottos which they then gleefully share with a few friends in a meal demonstrating their wide range of culinary skills.

The new domesticity generation (or “homers”) is not only setting new trends, but also its own new priorities. True to the motto of “home sweet home, but not on their own”, homers are increasingly looking for happiness within the confines of the family. The form which this takes is not so important. In addition to the traditional father-mother-child constellation, for example, the patchwork family is becoming more and more popular: new partners meet and then start a new life together with their children from previous relationships – under the same roof naturally, and with even more joint friends with whom they can cook, play games and celebrate – in short: “homing” – in a much better way and to a greater extent.

sweet homing


11 Editors Communication & PR Schär Elisabeth Kuppelwieser Winkelau 9, I-39014 Postal Text: Conzepta Layout: Conzepta Printing: Lohs GesmbH International


Research & Development

We & You

Tasty bread which keeps naturally well

The Food Guide Pyramid

yourlife 3


4 corners … to satisfy your sweet tooth! Do you like a chocolaty break now and then? If so, try the new Quadritos, the light crispy cocoa and nougat cream waffles coated with delicious plain chocolate. Whether in the office, at school or on the move, Quadritos offer maximum enjoyment in a mini-format!

The “good mood” biscuit

Freshly served up! The new ready-sliced country bread from Schär has a dark crust and a rich firm taste.

4 yourlife

It’s therefore also the right response to your demand for more taste and variety in our range of bread. After carrying out an extensive consumer survey throughout Europe, Schär is now taking even more account of this demand with its new Pane Casereccio, which is again baked without preservatives and then packed fresh from the oven. We would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who took part in the survey. More information at

Worn out? If so, you can restore your energy and enhance your mood with Solena, the tasty biscuit containing millet flakes and buckwheat. Rich in roughage, carbohydrates and protein, Solena will help you get through the day in a calm relaxed manner. Let pure vitality out of the biscuit packet and discover Solena cereals!

In the mood for Salinis? Have you already tried the new salty snack which always tastes better in a relaxed atmosphere when having fun with friends? If not, then it’s high time – for the new Salinis from Schär!

art of cooking

Holiday for the Palate It’s Saturday evening, the first evening after our holiday. Carla and I went to France or, to be more precise, the coast of Concarneau in Brittany. It’s an absolutely wonderful place. But more of that later as we’re in a bit of a hurry. That’s because Marc and Julia, a couple who are friends of ours, will be arriving soon. They, too, only arrived back from Sweden yesterday. We’re therefore looking forward to a long conversation and a very enjoyable evening as we’re going to cook for one another. We will serve up small but delicious treats, the inspiration for which came from our holidays. Whereas we are responsible for the French finesse, Marc and Julia are preparing the typical Scandinavian part of the meal. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Then simply don’t go away. I’ll be back soon, the doorbell has just rung and it wouldn’t be right for Carla to greet our guests on her own. So, I’m back again. The others are already in the kitchen and Marc is just telling them how he went hunting for midges every evening armed with a fish. Can you hear the laughter? That’s just the start. Marc and Julia really get going after a

couple of glasses of wine. It then really hurts to laugh! However, what I really wanted to tell you is that Julia has coeliac disease. Why am I telling you this? Perhaps because there are still people who believe that coeliac sufferers can only enjoy food to a very limited extent. That’s naturally not true, a fact which we will now prove to you. Our menu comprises 3 courses, all of which contain no gluten but are all the more tasty for this. Take our starter, for example: a French onion soup topped with previously toasted slices of white bread sprinkled with cheese. Hmmm, just the thought. But you’ll have to excuse me as I have to see whether the oven has

fine sand and before…. well, you know what I mean! But you don’t yet know what’s on the menu now. Julia has just cut up some fresh Swedish salmon and is now steaming it for a few minutes in butter and a dash of white wine. Just add some cream, stir and the sauce is ready. Marc, would you please turn down the music a little bit – thanks a lot, that’s a really cool sound – and boil water in 2 pots, 1 for the Fusilli and the other for the Breton scallops which were very expensive. But you’ve got to spoil yourself now and again. Finally, just a very small and exquisite dessert, for example the Swedish quark cream for which Julia also bought these airy sponge

When shopping Freshness test for mussels. Make sure when buying mussels that they are closed or that they close again when you place a finger on them. Fresh mussels can be kept in the fridge at a temperature of between 4°C and 8°C for a maximum of 2 days.

been preheated… It has. Please come closer and take a look in the pots. I’ll also fetch us a few of these crispy salty…. Carla, what are they called again? Of course, Salinis! They’re simply delicious to nibble. Would you like a glass of wine with your food or would you prefer cider from Brittany? Carla and I enjoyed cider nearly every evening in a different bay – between the cliffs, in

fingers. Super idea! Do you think so too? Oh, hello? Where are you going? Home to cook the same menu. But we still haven’t…… Never mind, you shouldn’t stop culinary holidaymakers. You can find the recipes on the Internet at We wish you much fun and hope you enjoy the meal described above.

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How to turn your bathroom into a

Wellness Oasis ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM STRESS? IF SO; WE CAN HELP YOU. HERE ARE A FEW INEXPENSIVE TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO DO YOURSELF SOME REAL GOOD. Try to relax and find total harmony between your body, spirit and mind – during an enjoyable 30 minutes in a self-created wellness oasis, i.e. your own bathroom.

What’s important Relaxation needs space. Get rid of everything which might possibly disturb you during the next hour. Send your sweetheart off to the cinema or friends and, above all, disconnect the telephone! OK? Then start running the bath. Take care though: warmth creates a sense of well-being, not heat. The water temperature should therefore not exceed 38°C.

How long? Less often means more. 15 to 25 minutes are therefore long enough to shake off the day’s ballast and restore your inner balance. But watch out: if you stay in the bath longer than 25 minutes, you run the risk of putting an unnecessary strain on both your circulation and skin.

The general ambience Subdued light and harmonious sounds very quickly turn your bathroom into a relaxing wellness oasis which you can enjoy with all your senses. Light a few candles (possibly also joss sticks), pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine and put on some quiet relaxing music.

What to add From aniseed, lavender oil and orange blossom through to rose6 yourlife

wood, sandalwood or cinnamon, the range of sweet-smelling and relaxing aromatic oils is now wider than ever. But you need not always use the latest bath mixtures from a pharmacy or health-food shop. Real wellness miracles are also produced by recipes thousands of years old, e.g. the one used by Queen Cleopatra who sweetened her daily bath with a cup of milk, a teaspoon of olive oil and some honey.

Something extra special If you have never taken a bath in lemon juice, you should! There are many good reasons why cosmetics experts regard a lemon bath as a secret tip. Lemon juice smoothes the skin, bleaches freckles and skin blotches, cleanses skin impurities and also makes the neck, cleavage and breasts firmer. Just half a cup of freshly pressed lemon juice, a quarter of a crushed ginger root and a few drops of olive oil save you the task of having to apply cream after the bath.


After your bath, you should either go straight into your cosy bed or relax for at least 30 minutes. What’s the best way to occupy this period? You could, for example, perform a simple but very effective yoga exercise. Lie on your back, grasp the back of your head with your two palms and gently stretch your neck. Then place your head on the floor and let your arms hang loose next to your body. Point your palms upwards, stretch out your legs slightly apart and point the toes outwards. Now close your eyes, breathe softly and slowly, and simply let disturbing thoughts come and go again. Imagine you are transferring all your tensions to the floor. Imagine a staircase with 10 steps which you are gradually descending. Feel how you become calmer and more relaxed after each step. Once you have reached the last step, If you always find stop there a while for modern meditation a few minutes of total music such as whales relaxation or for a singing and murmuring very restful night.


waves too soporific, it’s worthwhile taking an excursion into the sound worlds of Cicco Records.

Schär products in Tuscany: • Farmacia di Coverciano, Via G. d'Annunzia, 78, Firenze • Farmacia Gulielmino Corso Italia, 168, Pisa • Farmacia Comunale Centro Via Mazzini, 14, Viareggio

travelogue 2005 AOECS Summer Camp sponsored by Schär

AOECS Summer Camp in Tuscany “Having never been to Italy, I never honestly thought I would go there so soon.” “I am naturally very interested in Italian cities, art and culture, but just try telling someone in the land of pizza and pasta that you should eat gluten-free food. But everything turned out differently from what I expected.” Hanneke van Scherpenzeel is a student at Windesheim University in Zwolle (Netherlands). Last summer she travelled to the AOECS Youth Summer Camp where she not only discovered Tuscany… “Our starting point was Borgo Collelungo, an old restored estate in the middle of the fantastic countryside in Tuscany. Wherever I looked I could see hills, vineyards and pine trees. In particular, I found the warm colours, especially the almost golden yellow

hue, extremely calming. And then those cypress trees: they just stand there in the middle of the countryside and exude an incredible air of serenity. I was also very impressed by the fact that art can be found everywhere in Tuscany, for example in Florence. One of our trips also took us to Pisa. You really must see the Leaning Tower. Or Siena, a wonderful hilltop city. In San Gimigniano I strolled for ages through the small alleys. People sat around on the street relaxing and enjoying the sun. And even when I suddenly found myself in the middle of a private garden, nobody really seemed to bother. The people were very warm-hearted and open. As part of my studies (Dutch: editor’s note), I read a large number of books by authors from the last century. They all went to Tuscany back then in order to find inspiration. I now know why, although I have by no means seen everything. We simply didn’t have time to visit the Uffizi Gallery, the Gardens of Boboli and the Academy containing

Michelangelo’s world-famous sculpture of David. However, and I am quite sure about this, I will soon return to Tuscany in order to gather and share some even more fantastic experiences. I have already taken the atmosphere and the colours home with me. I simply have to close my eyes and I’m back there.

“I just have to close my eyes and I'm back there again” I enjoyed my time in Tuscany to the full – the region of course, but also the food. It was simply great to say to someone “Hey, this is delicious, just try it!” In Borgo Collelungo a woman spoiled us with all kinds of delicious Italian specialities. I also obtained a large number of new pasta ideas to try out at home. But that’s not all. We also visited an incredible restaurant in Siena and Florence. The pizza, in particular, was fantastic: genuine gluten-free pizza with a very thin base. You can find a large To be honest, I am number of different pasta still missing it!” ideas at


feel free

It’s YourLife - feel free! Do you remember? In the last issue of YourLife we asked you to describe what independence means to you. We have now published the best explanations of independence, which came from all over Europe, on our website: Perhaps you will see your explanation there too. If not, please feel free to write in again and tell us what you want and what you are thinking and feeling: Key words: YourLife. The most interesting contributions will again be published this time.

yourlife 7


Hi kids, my name’s Milly! I just love buzzing around all the time in the colourful gluten-free world. That’s so I can take a closer look at the many tasty treats on offer with my magnifying glass. I can also conjure up many fantastic things out of my top hat. But I now want to have some fun with you. I’ve hidden myself away in a number of places on this poster. How many places? Find out and then quickly send me an e-mail via the Internet at If you send me the right answer, I will soon be on the way to your home as a key-ring pendant. OK? I wish you much fun and look forward to seeing you again soon. Your Milly

8 yourlife

Would you like to play, make something, bake or paint with Milly? If so, simply visit her at:

together Prof. Jerzy Socha Head of the Clinic of Gastroenterology, Heptalogy and Immunology, Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw.

A slice of polish reality!

PROF. JERZY SOCHA HAS HELD THE POST OF HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT FOR GASTROENTEROLOGY, HEPTALOGY AND NUTRITION AT POMNIK HOSPITAL IN WARSAW, POLAND’S LARGEST PAEDIATRIC CLINIC, SINCE 1979. HE TALKED TO YOUR LIFE ABOUT A SLICE OF POLISH REALITY FROM THE WORLD OF COELIAC DISEASE. Professor Socha, how many coeliac patients do you see every week? In my capacity as Head of the Clinic, I primarily treat an average of 5 coeliac patients with diagnostic and therapeutic problems every week. We have been conducting scientific studies for 2 years on the epidemiology of atypical forms of coeliac diseases (e.g. restricted growth, anaemia, primary osteoporosis, stomach aches, etc.), whose frequency in comparison with classic coeliac diseases is estimated at 8 : 1. Screening tests help us to make a very precise initial diagnosis. We then perform a biopsy to obtain a clear diagnosis for the patients. Are the general public aware of this problem? Do they know enough about coeliac disease? In my opinion, the general public is becoming more aware of coeliac diseases thanks to both the efforts by doctors (Coeliac Disease Group in the Polish Society for Gastroenterology, Heptalogy and Immunology) and the Polish Society for Coeliac Disease. During the 1980s, Poland was a prime mover in organisational solutions for advising children suffering from coeliac disease. Every province (49 at that time) contained an advice centre and the EMA immunological tests were introduced (Prof. Chorzelski).

Local bakeries were established and started producing an increasingly wider range of gluten-free foods. A gluten-free diet is not systematically followed, however, due to the lack of material support from health insurance funds and the often ínsufficient awareness of both the patient and adviser regarding the treatment of coeliac disease. Safety aspects: In your opinion, how important is it for coeliac patients to strictly follow a glutenfree diet? Can even minute quantities of gluten be harmful? A gluten-free diet, especially for small children, should be strictly followed as soon as coeliac disease has been diagnosed. Unfortunately, strict observance of a gluten-free diet, especially by adolescents, fluctuates at around 50% both in Poland and other countries. Our studies, which were published in 2002, revealed that even minute quantities of gluten consumed over longer periods of time can lead to mucous membrane shrinkage among some children.

What steps do you believe are important to make people more aware of coeliac disease? More information should be made available to the general public through reports on television and in medical journals. Food manufacturers are also becoming increasingly more aware of a gluten-free diet. In your capacity as a specialist, what advice would you give your fellow doctors regarding the problem of coeliac disease? I would like to emphasise the following aspects: pronounced differences in the clinical picture of coeliac disease in the last 20 years and an increase in the atypical forms. We have excellent diagnostic methods (well-formulated diagnostic and therapeutic standards). There is a need for more practical knowledge on how to prepare menus. Coeliac disease is a disease in which proper treatment allows patients to enjoy full somatic, mental and emotional health – i.e. good quality of life. Interview by Jacek Boras

What problems do coeliac patients now encounter in Warsaw or Poland? Gluten-free foods are very expensive, this is one of the main reasons why people do not follow their diet.

Prize Winners! Can you still remember the prize draw in the last issue of YourLife? The winners have now been drawn: Outzen Linda (DK) can look forward to a 1-week holiday for 4 persons in South Tyrol.The 15 hobby sets with a value of 250 will go to: Meyland Dominik (D), Ylisirniö Marjatta (SF), Bouillot Alain (F), Ekeman-Tolis Gudrun (S), Ibañez Gomariz Antonia (E), Ruottinen Raija (SF), Sandtro Heidi B. (N), Merklinger Anton (D), Lauritzen Mikkel (DK), Chalon Annick (F), Mauthner Angelika (A), Salzmann Renata (CH), Weynants Liliane (B), Lisa van Rossem (NL), Gonzalves Neves Silva M. Lucilia (P). We also held a draw for 30 gift vouchers each worth 250. Congratulations to all the winners! All winners at

yourlife 9

research & development


Tasty bread which keeps

naturally well There is continuing demand for a wide range of tasty and natural foods. Corresponding know-how and technology make this possible: we produce fresh bread without preservatives – just like all other bakery products from Schär.

knowledge of our Research Department, rigorous hygiene standards and a great deal of technical effort.

As natural as possible Preservatives are antipathy to one of our important basic principles: food should remain as natural as possible.

Research and Development

Information How can I recognise preservatives? A glance at the list of ingredients is worthwhile. Preservatives can easily be recognised; they must be clearly shown on every packing label.

Important: BBD! Food ages quickly. Enzymes, light and air dissolve important ingredients. Our Research and Development Department is therefore working continuously to naturally prevent or delay these processes, so that you can enjoy our natural bread every day WTHOUT artificial preservatives.

Preserving food without using chemicals Bacteria are the reason why food turns bad. This means that there is a need for totally strict hygiene standards. The basic principles sound simple: extract water, heat and oxygen. Natural bread therefore ends up on your breakfast table thanks to the

10 yourlife

The required best before date (BBD) of the product has a major effect on preservation techniques. Retailers and consumers want the longest possible BBD so that the food product can remain on the shelf or in the storage cupboard for a few weeks. If a product is to keep for a period of one year, production cannot take place without chemical preservatives. Naturally preservable bakery products from Schär can be kept for up to 4 months. This also represents a great challenge for our Logistics Department: Schär bread is available throughout Europe within a period of only 3 weeks!

Packing label

Schär packing label


we & you

Ask the Dietician

The Food Guide Pyramid Eating a balanced diet can be a source of satisfaction and, at the same time, it can be made easy. We have taken the food guide pyramid and want to show you just how simple it is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, eating varied, interesting and enjoyable meals! Fruit and vegetables: 5 times a day Fruit and vegetables contain food fibre, vitamins, mineral salts, micronutrients and antioxidants. Each day you should eat 3 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit (I portion = at least 120 grams = a handful.) Grains and starchy vegetables: with every meal Grains like gluten-free bread and pasta, rice and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and fibre, providing your body with an energy source that it can easily convert. You should eat one of these foods at every meal, which means 3 portions a day. Meat, fish, pulses and eggs: every day as required Meat, fish and eggs contain proteins, fats, minerals and vitamin B.

Sunflower Rolls

Try to eat one portion (approx. 100-120 grams) of fish every other day. We recommend that you choose lean beef, poultry and fish. Limit eggs to twice a week.

Ingredients 250 g Mix B Schär, 5 g dry yeast or 10 g fresh yeast, 3 tablespoons oil, 200 ml lukewarm water, some milk for coating the rolls, sunflower seeds

Milk and dairy products: every day Milk and dairy products like yoghurt and cheese contain proteins, fats, calcium and vitamins. Eat 2 portions (each around 120g) of milk or dairy products - possibly low fat. Oils and fats: use with moderation every day Oils contain essential fatty acids and liposoluble – soluble in fat – vitamins (A, D, E and K). Vegetable oils are healthier, such as olive oil and vegetable oils. 3 portions are recommended of around 10 g. Animal fats (such as butter) should be eaten in moderation.

Preparation 1. Mix flour and yeast together and then add oil and water. Mix well and knead until you obtain a homogeneous dough. 2. Wet your hands and form dough into rolls. Press the rolls together, brush them with a little milk and sprinkle with sunflower seeds. 3. Cover the rolls with a damp cloth, place them somewhere warm and let them rise until they have doubled in size. 4. Bake the rolls in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180°C for around 20 minutes.


To stay healthy and fit, you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water (mineral water, unsweetened herb tea and fruit-flavoured tea), use salt sparingly, only occasionally eat sweets and cakes and take regular exercise.











Spaghetti alla puttanesca Ingredients 400 g Spaghetti Schär, 400 g can chopped tomatoes, 1 tablespoon capers, 3 sardine fillets, 100 g black olives, 1 red chilli pepper (peperoncino), 1 clove of garlic, parsley, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt Preparation 1. Destone and chop olives. Finely chop parsley. 2. Fry garlic in some oil, add the sardines and sauté until brown, add tomatoes. 3. Add the olives, capers and the crushed red chilli pepper shortly afterwards. Add some salt and simmer on a low flame for around 15 minutes. 4. Cook the spaghetti in salted water until “al dente”. Pour the sauce over the spaghetti and decorate with parsley.












Sunflower Rolls

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

Lovingly prepared and packaged fresh from the oven, Pane Casereccio is a deliciously tasty bread that every generation will love. Naturally free of gluten, lactose and preservatives, but full of flavour, it is great with sweet or savoury foods. But then, who says you need to put anything on.



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