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s ’ y l l Mi World

Milly and the big thunderstorm

Hurrah, it is raining!

Thunder and lightning. The heavens open!

Hi Billy, do you need some help? A few drops of rain won’t hurt me!

No thank you, we can do it! It rains and rains. Will it ever stop?

Will you help me take my washing in?

There, all done!

Thank you Milly, you are a dear.

Of course!

Lalla the Butterfly’s washing is soaked with rain.

She needs to fold it and put it back in the basket.

There... it has stopped raining now!

What is the matter Nana Spider? Have you lost something?

I can’t find my ball of wool. I dropped it and I don’t know where it went...

I will find it for you! Just a minute...

Lalla lives in the same birch tree as Nana Spider. Just two branches higher up.

Even with her glasses on, the elderly lady can’t see very well.

Hey, what are you doing with that wool?

But you can’t, that ball of wool belongs to Nana Spider... A fishing net!

Oh, we didn’t know...

Making a net!

There it is...

Then we must give it back to her, come on!

Hi Milly!!!

What are you doing up there? Come down, it is dangerous! The storm has only just eased off and now it is starting again.

What is happening?


Milly is right, that oak tree really is dangerous.

Keep calm, Henry, don’t move... Help! Save me! I can’t swim…

I can’t..., I don’t want to fall in the water, I am scared!!!

The big oak tree has fallen into the river! It was the oldest tree in the wood and Henry the earthworm’s home. He is in trouble now.

There, don’t worry! Eat this Pausa Ciok snack bar. It tastes really nice, you will see...

I am here now. I will pick you up and carry you to the riverbank.

Thank you.

No, no..., I am afraid of flying too!

Henry is frightened and can’t keep still. Milly tries to calm him down.

You are safe now!

There you are. Well done! Mmmm... delicious!



Henry tastes the Pausa Ciok and finally calms down.

A friend is waiting for him on the riverbank.

Enjoy your snack my friends! See how tasty it is, my love... Mmmm…

The wind blows away the last few clouds and the sun shines again on Milly’s world.

Oh dear, if the water keeps rising it will flood the glade!

The thunderstorm is over but the big oak tree where lots of little creatures used to live is still blocking the river.

The water... the river water is coming... quick, run!

Oh no... where shall we go...?

What are you doing?

Quick, quick... My house...

The tree slows down the water flow and a small lake forms.

Billy wants to help.

The water is flooding the fishermen’s village, help me move the oak tree!

It is no use, even a thousand dragonflies could not budge it. Billy pushes, but the tree is too heavy.

Let's ask George the beaver for help, he knows about trees...

What shall we do then?

Where is the dam?

Look! There is a light behind the waterfall... It has been destroyed! The current has swept it away!

Let's go and see what it is! Milly and Billy go to look for the beavers who live in the dam near the waterfall.

Poor beavers, they have lost their home... Where can they be sheltering?

Come on!

Look... there is the light again! Let's go and see what it is...

Wait for me... What can be behind all that water?

‌ there is a big cave!

But there is nobody here‌

What are you doing here? It has stopped raining outside! George, my friend!

Milly... Billy...

Just a few more steps and ... what a surprise!

The little ones are bored and want to go outside, but there is nothing to do our there and...

We are waiting for the current of the river to slow down so we can build a new dam...

I am tired of the darkness...

I am hungry for fresh wood...

I want to go outside... It is not much fun living in the cave.

That is not true, there is lots to do outside. Listen: zzz zzz zzz... Luckily Milly has an idea!


Hurrah! Let's go!


we go!!! Great!

Now it is time to go outdoors!

Look, the oak tree, here we are!

Mmm... delicious!

Fresh wood pulp... tasty!

Ripe bark, nice and wet, my favourite! The river is still flowing fast, but everyone is happy.

The beavers reach the tree that has fallen across the river and set to work.

Henrietta, Henry... watch out!

There, you are safe now!


Ooh... what fun!

Help... I don't want to fall in the water!!!

Little by little, the oak tree is starting to change.

I like singing while I am fishing, casting my line from this bridge so fine...

Knit one purl one, knit one, purl one...

I will make a pizza!

And I will squeeze some fresh orange juice!

The bridge is finished and beautifully decorated. It is wonderful, there is room for everyone. Such a nice place deserves a big party.

Even nicer than a fresh birch twig! Nice, isn't it?

Milly's pizza is very big ...

and there is enough for everyone.


M i l l y ’ s World Milly and the big thunderstorm Thunder and lightning. The heavens open! Hurrah, it is raining! A few drops of rain won’t...