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s ’ y l l i M World The long journey

The woodland orchestra is going to Germany to give a jolly concert there. The cases are loaded and the train is ready to leave.

Hurry up Billy or you will be left behind I‘m coming!

Send me a post card! The long journey Episode 1

It‘s nice to travel to get to see places you‘ve never seen before and to make new friends.

Yippee, we‘re off!

I can hardly wait to arrive in Germany!

Our concert will be magnificent!

Episode 1 The long journey

The journey takes a long time, and after a short time Milly and Billy start to get hungry.

It‘s time for a snack. Shall we have something to eat ?

Good idea!

The long journey Episode 1

Have a crisp roll!

Thanks, it looks delicious

Fine … everything‘s fine! During the journey Billy falls asleep and dreams about America.

How beautiful! Look ...

Yes, the Indians … the cowboys … They are really great! Episode 1 The long journey

The train has reached its destination and it‘s time to get out.

Hey look, we‘ve arrived in America!

Er no …, we are in Germany!

The long journey Episode 1

What are you talking about …? Can‘t you see? They are two circus artists?

There‘s a cowboy … and the other one is an Indian!

Even the city‘s mayor has come to welcome the woodland orchestra.

Welcome! This evening we are having a big party in honour of our friends from the American circus, who are going back to America.

Then we can play for them. Episode 1 The long journey

That‘s great! The circus brings thousands of surprises.

Look, down there, that must be Polly, the little acrobat!

Well done!

The long journey Episode 1

Milly‘s dance, dance tra-la-la stand on one foot and turn around.

Pim pim pum, piri piri pum! Pim pim pum, piri piri pa!

Episode 1 The long journey

The party is over and after a beautiful night, the circus returns to America. Everyone has gone, only Ezekiel is still there.

Do you know where my Polly is? I cannot leave without her!

The long journey Episode 1

Last night I saw her with a dog.

Shall we go and look for her!

Hello, have you seen Polly? Her grand-dad is looking for her

I have just taken her to the flea market.

There‘s Fido!

Shall we go there!

Episode 1 The long journey

Milly finds Polly at the flea market.

Do you like my new dress?

It is so beautiful! But come now, your grand-dad is waiting for you to take you home. The long journey Episode 1

But these hats are so nice! I would like to have one of them!

Wait a minute, I want a pretzel.

Let me taste one too?

Of course, take one ‌ Me too! Mmmmh, these pretzels taste good!

Shall we go now! Episode 1 The long journey

Quick, quick, let‘s go …

Grand-dad, wait for me!

You‘re here at last! Jump in, the others have already gone.

Are you coming along too? Us?

The long journey Episode 1

Yes, come with us .., I need help with the hot-air balloon.

But it is a very long journey…

America, wait for me! I‘m coming!

Come on Milly, let‘s go with them …

You‘ll see, we‘ll love it! I live in a beautiful park, full of streams, ponds and waterfalls.

Agreed. Let‘s go.

Episode 1 The long journey

The friends from the orchestra would also like to go to America, but there‘s no room left in the hot-air balloon.

Bye bye!

Have a good journey! Good-bye!

The long journey Episode 1

We‘ll wait for you at home!

Land in sight! Wake up, friends‌ look, Ezekiel!

The long journey Episode 2

What bad luck! We‘ve arrived in New York and the hot-air balloon has got caught up in the Statue of Liberty.

Now you must pull hard!

Don‘t let go, Billy!

Episode 2 The long journey

Do you need help?

Yes, can you pull us down from here?

The long journey Episode 2

Thank you, dear friend, thank you, what‘s your name?

I am Loris, the condor. Hold on tight, I‘ll take you to a nice spot!

They land in Central Park, the park in the centre of New York.

Where shall we go now, Loris?


Into a nest, which I built in the top of a tree that got hit by lightning.

You have a nice house here in the park! I would love to live in the mountains, but there aren‘t any here …

Then come with us … zzz, we‘re going … zzz …to the Yellowstone National Park … zzz Episode 2 The long journey

It is so beautiful to open my eyes and be among friends.


But let‘s go and explore Central Park now.

We‘ve brought you something sweet for breakfast … Thanks, but Milly suffers from coeliac disease and…

… and I would rather eat what I brought on the journey, perhaps a Meranetto! The long journey Episode 2

Look Loris, he‘s down there! Wait for us, we‘re coming!

The days have passed and the moment has come to begin the return journey. The circus friends are waiting for Polly and Ezekiel in Yellowstone Park.

Thank you for everything, but we have to go now. And you Loris, what are you doing? Are you coming with us?

Yes, perhaps I will find the mountain of my dreams in the park …

Thank you, we‘ll eat it together.

This ring cake is for you, Milly…

It‘s gluten-free! Episode 2 The long journey

America is a big country and it takes a long time to cross it. Luckily, our friends are in good company and won‘t get bored.

Look, this forest, it‘s huge!

Down there is a waterfall!

The long journey Episode 2

Look, the Grand Canyon …, down there between the rocks lives a friend I‘ve not seen for a long time.

Many animals live in the Grand Canyon. Condy is an old vulture, which has lost most of its feathers.

How beautiful!

Those are all my‌, I will gradually lose them all, but I‘m putting them on my head! Episode 2 The long journey

And back on the journey. Polly and Ezekiel are waiting eagerly to embrace their circus friends, who live on the banks of Yellowstone Lake.

The long journey Episode 2

Look down there!

Are they what you have been dreaming about? Here is Yellowstone National Park! Not quite, but they are similar!

The mountains!

Episode 2 The long journey

Yellowstone is a large national park with many watercourses, which form small lakes and waterfalls.

The long journey Episode 2

There are mountains and valleys, which are covered by forests and meadows, and you keep coming across geysers, which spout hot water.

Careful Billy, that‘s dangerous!

Well … and how were your mountains? No, that‘s only warm steam!

Beautiful, but… … but they are not the ones you were looking for!

But other geysers send up boiling water.

Episode 2 The long journey

Our mountains are wonderful …

That is right, but I dream about living on a rocky, very high summit…

The long journey Episode 2

You can find one like that in Europe, in the Alps …

That‘s right, in the Dolomites!

For Billy and Milly, it‘s time to go home.

The journey will take a long time. First we will cross America by train, then the ocean by boat. Once we‘ve arrived in Spain, we will take the train again …

We‘ve prepared gluten-free food If you explain the route to the Dolomites, for everyone.

Ready for the off!

I will take you there! But they are long way away…


Episode 2 The long journey

The return journey has just begun. It will certainly take a long time and be full of adventures – just like the journey here.

Pim pim pum, piri piri pum! Pim pim pum, piri piri pa! Clap your hands and run down there, fly around among the flowers and ... The long journey Episode 2

Grafik: | Story: Luisa Pachera | Illustration: Robert Weikmann

Milly‘s dance, dance tra-la-la stand on one foot and turn around.

The long journey_2