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Ice Skating, What Fun!

Gooo... Hey! Wait for me!

Make waaaay!

Hurry up, lazy bones!


La, la, la...

It is winter. Milly‘s world is covered with snow and everyone is happy.

Careful! I'm a ballerina. The best ballerina on the pond‌ The most beautiful...

This evening there is going to be a big party on the frozen pond. Milly and Billy are practicing to skate in front of everybody.

Not like that...


Watch out!!!


How I wish I could skate like that... Sob...


But my darling, we can't, we have no feet... Milly and Billy are excellent. From the shore, Henry and Henrietta watch them dancing.

Not everyone is as good as Milly and Billy.

Don't worry, we will help you...

I will bandage your leg tightly so you won't feel any pain...

Will this do?

Boo hoo...

The frog is crying. She has hurt her leg.

Milly asks her friend to go and fetch a twig.

There, done! Is that better? Nice and tight...

Yes, thank you...

Go, go, we will look after the patient now!

We will take her to hospital!

The mouse nurses arrive with their ambulance.

OK, off we go! Goodbye my friends...

The party will be starting soon.


The ambulance leaves. Milly and Billy would like to carry on skating, but the sun is setting...

We better go back to the pond.

Look... all our friends are here! I can't see Henry and Henrietta...

A big crowd is gathering to watch the show.

Lalla the butterfl y, Nana Spider, Mrs Caterpillar and the Cricket Fishermen watch Milly and Billy dancing on the ice. They are so good, they seem to be fl ying.

Wonderful! ent! Magnific Bravo!

Milly and Billy finish their performance with a bow. The audience cheers.

Have a Cioccolino biscuit.

Now it is time for the party to begin. All the friends eat and drink together. All except two. Where are Henry and Henrietta?

Would you like some tea?

Can I have another one?

There they are! Two feet and one heart.


M i l l y ’ s World World Ice Skating, What Fun! It is winter. Milly‘s world is covered with snow and everyone is happy. Hurry up, lazy bone...