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A face wash should be succeeded by a good moisturizer and/or sunscreen application. Frequency of face wash should ideally not be more than twice a day. e) Consult a Specialist It is important to understand that there is no one-prescription-fits-all mantra when it comes to skin. Skin type could differ from person to person and hence would your *winter skin care* regimen. Visiting a specialist is recommended because a dermatologist can analyze your unique skin type and give advice on the best skin care products you should use. Inculcating the above in your winter skin care routine should get you all set to face the chill this year. Article Source Published at Dr. Kisalay Saurav’s blog

5 Must-Dos For Winter Skin Care  

While a lot of us love winter for the chill and the chance to flaunt our pullovers and overcoats, winter can be a particularly difficult tim...