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Botox treatment in Sydney :--

The Botox Sydney is very popular place for kinds of surgical and non surgical treatments. During this procedure anti wrinkle injections which are made from purified protein are injected into the skin and It is quite effective and also painless and requires no anesthesia. Sydney Botox treatment Injections may be used to reduce teeth grinding and lower how big the masseter (eating) muscle, in addition to aid in reducing sweating when injected in to the armpits or palms. Sydney Botox treatment Injections may be used along with skin additives to assist in treating both static and dynamic facial linesSo how exactly does Sydney Botox treatment Injections given by Star Cosmetic Medicine Work? Once injected in to the body the Sydney Botox treatment Injection blocks signals in the nerves towards the muscles. The injected muscles can no more contract, which in turn causes the facial lines to unwind and soften.

It’s most frequently utilized on temple lines, crow’s ft (lines round the eye) and frown lines. Facial lines triggered by sun-damage and gravity won’t react to Botox treatment.

Dysport treatment in Sydney :--

Dysport Sydney is a newly approved cosmetic procedure that can be used to treat and relax wrinkles in the forehead and around the mouth. Dysport is a new alternative to Botox, which is an incredibly popular procedure used by many. Both procedures involve the use of a form of the toxin which causes botulism to temporarily paralyze the muscles, thus minimizing or eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles. Dysport is not as thick as Botox, allowing it to spread more easily over an area. This is often preferred in light muscled areas such as those near the eyes, specifically when treating Crow’s Feet. Similarly, many specialists prefer to use Botox when treating areas with thick muscles, such as the lines between the eyebrows. While both Dysport and Botox are temporary procedures, studies suggest that Dysport results can last up to 6 months, while Botox treatments must be repeated after about 3 months. Also, Dysport injections can show results in about 1 to 3 days, while Botox injections normally take 5 to 15 days before any improvement can be seen.


Restlyane treatment Sydney :---

As we age our skin changes. It no longer seems that young and glowing which is because with ageing our skin loses Hyaluronic acid that helps in providing fullness and elasticity to the skin. Slowly and gradually the skin loses its volume which causes wrinkles. Rest lane products in the market can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct facial wrinkles and folds. What is Restylane? It is the trade name for a range of injectable fillers that contains hyaluronic acid. It was the first hyaluronic acid filler which was by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic injections. Where it can be used ? Restylane is commonly used for lip enhancement, diminishing wrinkles, and aging lines of the face such as crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles. It is also used for filling aging related facial hollows, cheek augmentation and contouring of chin, forehead and nose. It can also be used for adding volume to face. How long the treatment last? Treatment last for 18 months that also depends upon the skin type and the area which is treated. Precautions Rest lane should not be used by people having allergies to drugs or microorganisms. Rest lane Sydney:--

When in Sydney; opt for La Sante Medi Spa. They offer latest advancements in cosmetic and laser procedures which are administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional.

Juvederm Treatment Sydney :---

Juvederm is one of the most commonly used facial fillers today. Made from hyaluronic acid, it reduces facial wrinkles and lines. It’s also used to plump lips, raise atrophic scars to the level of surrounding skin, and fill in hollow parts of the face. Juvederm procedure works by replicating the skin’s natural hydrating process, replacing lost volume and providing a youthful glow. Juvederm is non-invasive; it is painless and involves a short recovery period. But there are important things you need to do before and after the procedure to ensure a successful treatment. Before the Treatment :-During your initial consultation, your doctor will review your medical history. You will be asked if you have any allergies, what medications you currently take, your skin type, and whether it’s your first time to undergo a Juvederm treatment. Share all your health concerns to avoid future problems. If you have any questions, this is the perfect time to address them. Your doctor will then determine which areas in your face may benefit from the filler. You should stop taking aspirin and Vitamin E supplements before receiving the treatment, as these may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site, lengthening your healing time. The Actual Procedure:-Makeup and dirt will be removed during the actual procedure, usually using an alcohol pad. You may wish to apply a topical anesthetic cream or place

an ice cube on the injection site to reduce discomfort. Your cosmetic surgeon will inject the fillers directly to the skin in tiny amounts using an ultra-fine needle. The procedure will take 20-30 minutes and you will see the results right after the treatment. You may experience swelling and redness, but it will disappear after a few days. Juvederm can last from 6-12 months. After the Treatment:-As Juvederm is non-invasive, it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine. But you should avoid exposing your face to heat and direct sunlight, as these may increase swelling and redness. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and performing strenuous exercises 24 hours after the treatment. Notify your doctor immediately if you notice any complications associated with the procedure


Voluma treatment Sydney :---

Juvederm is a semi-permanent hyaluronic acid facial filler. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance between the skin cells that binds moisture and provides fullness. Juvederm is a gel formulation made of hyaluronic acid and containing microsphere particles that is injected directly

into the skin and soft tissue. JuvĂŠderm Voluma was developed to be smoother than other hyaluronic acid (HA) volumisers, making it easier to inject and resulting in a smooth, even, natural look and feel. The gel then fills wrinkles and lines caused by aging, smoothing the skin and giving it a youthful appearance. The experienced medical team at our Juvederm clinic in Sydney injects Juvederm dermal filler predominantly into the mid-face region to augment cheekbones, restore lost volume to sunken or hollow lower cheeks and to redefine the jaw and chin. Patients should immediately notice a return of the soft, full cheeks and firm, high cheekbones of youth, together with smoother jowls and a firmer chin. As well as filling lines and wrinkles, Juvederm can also be used to fill deeper facial folds, other depressions such as acne scars and even larger volume restoration and rejuvenation. After a Juvederm treatment at our Sydney clinic, your facial contours will appear fuller and rounder, helping to recapture the facial volume that age, facial fat loss and loss of skin elasticity can all diminish. Immediately following the injections, patients should notice a return of the soft, full cheeks and firm, high cheekbones of youth, a refreshing revolumisation of the face and a noticeable return of smooth, well-defined jowls and jawline together with a firmer chin. Due to its high lifting capacity, Juvederm Voluma can also be used to reverse the effects of a sagging surgical facelift. Juvederm Voluma facial filler injections are carried out at our Sydney clinic by a team of experienced medical experts, led by Dr Saras and Co. Once your treatment area is numbed, our medical staff will inject the Juvederm gel into several locations, placing the dermal filler where correction or volume enhancement is desired. The entire treatment process should take no more than 20-30 minutes and you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after treatment. The improvement to your facial features will be visible immediately after the dermal filler injections. However, due to swelling, your features may look a little fuller than you might expect. This will quickly improve over the next

few days as the swelling subsides. Swelling, redness and post-injection bruising will last no more than 3-7 days, and your appearance will improve dramatically within the first two days. You can apply make-up over the treated area immediately after treatment, and ice packs can be used to speed up the natural healing process.


Dermal and Lip fillers Sydney:---

Dermal fillers is the widely used technique to reverse the signs of aging like wrinkles, folds, dynamic lines and much more using a variety of injectable agents and natural fillers. They are also known as “liquid facelifts� as they offer benefits of a surgical facelift without the downtime. However the treatment is not permanent so they must be repeated and maintained. Dermal fillers can treat :-Wrinkles and folds: In this gel filler is injected into the wrinkle and fold to improve the appearance. Volume: For volumising the face fillers are injected into cheeks, jaw, jaw line and chin. Dynamic Lines: These are treated by injecting the fills underneath these lines improving the appearance of them. Lips: Lip augmentation is important for underdeveloped and aging lips. With this they can be youthful appearancewith the help of lip fillers sydney To get your youthful skin back; look for a reliable skin care clinic in Sydney online or in the local directories. Make a list of them and pen down their contact numbers. Visit their website and see what treatments they offer. Filter the list as per to your requirements.

Call them and take an appointment. Meet their medical practitioner and discuss with them about your skin. Also take suggestion regarding which dermal filler will suit your skin best. Make sure you clear all your queries before undergoing the treatment. Dermal Fillers Sydney When in Sydney; you can contact La Sante Medi Spa. They use those brands of dermal fillers that are approved in Australia. All their treatments are administered under the supervision of their qualified medical practitioners in warm and welcoming environment. Lip Fillers Sydney :-Lip Fillers (augmentation) is a procedure that is used by a lot of people today – in order to get a fuller, plumper look in the lips. It is a relatively safe procedure, and can be done with or without surgery. This article will explain more in depth about what to expect when considering lip augmentation .


Cool sculpting Sydney:--

Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal technique delivering results without the need for surgery! Before and After Case Studies :-Cool Sculpting is a highly effective and non-invasive liposuction procedure that removes fat without surgery, pain or downtime.

Based on science developed by Harvard University researchers, this breakthrough “fat freeze” treatment involves exposing fat cells to low temperatures. These stubborn fat cells are then crystallised, permanently destroyed and removed naturally by your body’s immune system. CoolSculpting is a great option for targeting excess fat around your waist, stomach or thighs that is hard to shed with diet and exercise.

Radiofrequency skin treatment Sydney:--

A radio frequency-based machine uses electric current instead of light, making it more effective than lasers. This is because this type of energy is less prone to being diffracted by tissues. The result is that a greater quantity of energy reaches the area targeted for treatment, leading to immediate effects as the uniform heat that reaches the collagen contracts it directly. In other words, most people see results after their first treatment. Clinical trials have also found that over the duration of a few months after treatment, new collagen is also produced, leading to further skin tightening. One study was conducted by Al-Minya University in Egypt in conjunction with the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. They found that patients who underwent six treatments over a three-month period presented significant improvement in skin tightening and elimination of wrinkles immediately after treatment. They also presented further improvement three months after treatment had ended.

Skin samples taken from the patients showed a significant increase in healthy collagen levels immediately after treatment ended and a further increase three months later. Another advantage this type of skin tightening treatment offers is that radio frequency energy is less likely to be absorbed by epidermal melanin, making it safe and effective for any skin type. Additionally, since it is nonablative, patients find the treatment to be painless and no post-treatment recovery time is required. Non-ablative radio frequency treatments have been proven to be one of the best options for skin tightening due to great results, the lack of side effects and the non-existent downtime. If you want to tighten your skin and achieve a youthful look, then book an appointment with a reputable clinic for radio frequency based treatments. You will soon regain your self-confidence as your skin reflects your inner, youthful self.


IPL treatment Sydney:---

Do you always get what you pay for when it comes to skin care? Let's hope not. While cutting-edge lasers have proven themselves effective at removing acne scars, the premium price for laser treatments may not appeal to everyone. Happily, another more economical option for correcting facial scarring includes intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. Intense pulse light treatments are typically more affordable than laser treatments for cosmetics corrections because the machines usually cost less than lasers. Moreover, unlike most lasers treatments- that are typically exclusively performed by physicians- estheticians can perform IPL facials, which brings the price down substantially.

Several medical journals have published reports on the effectiveness of IPL treatments for treating scars. For instance, a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology examined how well IPL improved raised, inflamed and small scars and concluded that this method did show definite improvements in scarred skin.


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