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ยง 14-5 Motion for appointment of interpreter

STATE OF LOUISIANA vs. ______________________________ DEFENDANT _____ JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT FILED ________ : ________ DEPUTY CLERK MOTION FOR APPOINTMENT OF INTERPRETER The Defendant moves the Court to appoint a qualified interpreter of the ________ language to interpret the above-entitled proceedings to Defendant, to interpret communications between Defendant and his counsel, and to interpret Defendant's testimony, and in support of this motion Defendant shows unto the Court as follows: 1. The Defendant, who is of ________ descent, is presently incarcerated in the ________ Parish, Louisiana, jail awaiting trial on charges of ________ . An affidavit of indigency has been filed with the Clerk of Court of ________ Parish, and the undersigned has been appointed by the Court to represent the Defendant as counsel. 2. The Defendant speaks only the ________ language, has never attended public or private schools of any sort, and is therefore unable to communicate with his counsel or other witnesses who are not fluent in the ________ language. 3. Because of Defendant's fluency in no language other than the ________ language, he is unable to understand communication and testimony of witnesses of the State, judges, and other court officials. 4. Counsel for the Defendant has contacted ________ in regard to interpretation. ________ is fluent in the ________ and English languages, has studied the ________ language extensively in colleges and universities, and instructs students in the ________ language at ________ College. ________ has agreed to act as interpreter upon appointment by the Court. 5. The granting of this motion is required by the due process, equal protection, jury trial, and counsel guarantees of the Louisiana Constitution, Article I, Sections 2, 3, 13 and 16, and United States Constitutional Amendments Six and Fourteen. WHEREFORE, Defendant prays that the Court appoint a qualified interpreter of the ________ language to interpret the above proceedings to Defendant and to interpret communications between Defendant and his counsel and other witnesses. This ________ day of ________ , ________ .

______________________ Attorney for Defendant

(Certificate of service)