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§ 11-7 Motion for preliminary examination — Perpetuation of testimony

STATE OF LOUISIANA vs. ______________________________ DEFENDANT _____ JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT FILED ________ : ________ DEPUTY CLERK MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION The defendant, ________ , moves the Court to grant him a preliminary examination pursuant to Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure, Articles 292 and 296, in order to perpetuate testimony. I. The defendant was indicted by the ________ Grand Jury on ________ , ________ , for offense of ________ , in violation of ________ . II. The defendant anticipates that ________ has testimony material and relevant to this case. Specially, ________ has knowledge regarding ________ . III. The defendant believes that ________ will not be available to testify at trial due to ________ (health, travel, etc.). IV. A preliminary examination is necessary in order to perpetuate the testimony of ________ in the event he is unavailable to testify at trial.

Respectfully submitted, ______________________ Attorney for Defendant (Certificate of service)