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Melodies and Maladies

Ratan BhattachaRjee


Books Way 2013 Preface to Melodies and Maladies “Ah, Love, but a day,/And the world has changed’Ratan Bhattacharjee , the poet of love sings out so spontaneously in poem after poem in his book Melodies and Maladies . It can be said about his poems “No man hath walked along our roads with step /So active, so inquiring eye, or tongue/So varied in discourse.”He made all love experiences his own. His poems are not poems about little children who win good-conduct prizes. They are poems of the agonies of life, poems about tragic severance, poems about failure and mostly about love, the most vital passion in human heart. They range through the virtues and the vices with the magnificent boldness of Rumi poems. Dr.Bhattacharjee is one of the very few poets who, echoing the Creator, have declared that the world is good and Love is best. The objective distancing of a poet from his themes is a part of of his impersonality as a poet. Dr.Bhattacharjee confesses as an artist that the poet is no philosopher, he is above everything a lover. He utters in all the varied rhythms of his poems which have the movement of living things. They are lacking in smooth and static loveliness as they happen in modern poetry. It is really strange that the author of Melodies and Maladies , is given a muted celebration.But after reading his love poems one may sing: ''O lyric Love, half angel and half bird /And all a wonder and a wild desire” as one sang out in Browning’s The Ring and the Book. Friends , why so mute about this outstanding poet of love? A few comments on the book : Elisabetta Marino , University of Rome Tor Vergata Congratulations! Excellent Collection…..Grazie a te….(Thank you)

Dr. Jaydeep Sharangi , Poet and academic , Kolkata : ‘Ratan Bhattacharjee’s love poems record blue and liquid whispers of hearts where rolling and sparkling lines become reflection of his petty little corner of mind. His theme-song is deeply human , and thus deeply universal.’ Dr.Ketaki Datta , Poet and academic , Kolkata ‘Ratan Bhattacharjee is the outstanding poet of our time’ Foreword Behind the literary persona of a great poet there is always a mysterious background of his upbringing. I poorly lack such background. In fact, I grew up as an ordinary boy with an ordinary academic background. But I always felt in my growing years that I am

a poet. This is a conviction in the deeper core of my heart which might have resulted in the spontaneous composition of these poems. I never knew the difference that a poet is an author only when his writings are published. I had no such compulsions to become an author or to read poems in a literary conference or a poetic festival. But I can sing spontaneously as long as you tell like Shelley’s skylark in profuse strains of unpremeditated art. It may be called a magnificent feat by many of my friends, but I never felt it to be a literary feat , rather I was happy to know that I could speak out what I wanted to say, though not always in a fabulous manner as I imagined to tell it. These poems of Melodies and Maladies are the outcome of my interactions with men and women in life and society. I talk with my characters in my poems and there are still some with whom I had an imaginary conversation. But they are all real to me. My passions and feelings are all genuine. They are quintessentially tangible. I made all love experiences my own. Mys poems are not poems about little children who win good-conduct prizes. They are poems of the agonies of life, poems about tragic severance, poems about failure and mostly about love, the most vital passion in human heart. They range through the virtues and the vices with the magnificent boldness of Rumi poems. I may sincerely like to be one of the very few poets who, echoing the Creator, can declare that the world is good and Love is best. The objective distancing of a poet from his themes is a part of his impersonality as a poet. I confesses as an artist that the poet is no philosopher, Iam above everything a lover. I utters in all the varied rhythms of my poems which have the movement of living things. They are lacking in smooth and static loveliness as they happen in modern poetry.

Ratan Bhattacharjee June 1.2013Kolkata

Melodies and Maladies

I Loved You

When I loved you You kept silent Like the olive sky With none to ask 'why'. When I loved you You sang a song About the rains To wash out all my 'pains'. Loved you so much As the birds love the nest I was so tired I craved for rest. Why I loved you Nobody knew I loved you A bud clothed in dew.

Heart Wet with Raindrops of Love I Dream of the Clouds

Look me in my eyes, my beloved You will discover a continent of love Colourful, jostling with rainbow desires and dreams

As pure as jasmine blooming in the rains. It is raining now in Kolkata But my heart is wet With the raindrops of your love. You are the queen seated blissfully On the throne of my heart All soaked in pearly showers I wanted you for me to wait You did not stay for me That day. But you could stay. Why can’t you stay For me? Am I that worthless one ? For whom none stays Am I that bad? That you don’t feel that you can stay for me a minute an hour a day a month a year and a life Waiting is love, my dear Waiting is life, come and share Waiting is meaningful when You wait for me Life is a rush for meaningless orgy. We all wait in this world For all the meaningless rots Wealth, money, house, palatial apartment Gold price, Share market and a Noida plot Love and Friendship How many of us do really wait, The two precious words Which may keep you alive The two words can kill you and make you sweat. How many people died in war till now? How many people died from heart attacks You don’t know, more died out of heartbreaks

When the beloved refused to nod Or, when the lover dies in a plane crash Or when the lad is poor and the beloved a rich lass. How many people die in epidemic? Love is more contagious Love is more universally spread Only the calling is required From somebody who miss you And who cannot any more wait. My heart is wet with the raindrops of your love. Dear, let me live in your cosy love - nest like a dove.

I Miss You Most When You Don’t Miss Me At All

When the sky becomes crimson red I miss you my dear When the cuckoo coos sitting on the palash trees Sweetheart I miss you When the apple turns red from green in Kashmir miss you now and then When the boughs are loaded with mango shoots I miss you since the dawn


When frosty winter lashes at the door I miss your warmth in the lonely room the mailbox is filled with letters from others I miss you, miss you dawn to dusk When I am at mess and feel all alone I miss you in the crowd you when you don’t see my e-card in your mailbox Or when you don’t log in But I miss you most my dear When you don’t miss me at all.

Betrayal There are hundred ways to love a woman Not the one when you feel the sorrow There are hundred ways to sing a song Save the one when you sing of a dark morrow.


I miss

One morning you wake up with empty eyes Your griefs fill your heart and rend the skies, Your knee is bruised and a crowd of sorrows leaves you hurt Bleeding is profuse inside but Light enters your heart. Flower is false, rainbow or rose, nothing, and nothing is true Your lover loved you only so much to betray you! Today like every other day you wake up empty and scared All called you beautiful, but none had anything shared ‌. I and you both are wide awake all the night Insomnia, and somnambulism, am I right? Why ice melts, fire burns, meteors fall, When a woman weeps? My lord, that’s all.

I Love You, My Valentine

That day the sky was olive green And the two green parrots repeated the words 'I love you'. Who exactly taught the birds to speak those words I didn't know But I knew it was easy to tell these words in a moment of togetherness. The sun no longer shone in the sky It was not the sunset still She promised to come before the sunset. She came and sat close to me.

She looked like an angel To my surprise, she was clad in olive green She was for me the sky She greeted me with a casual 'hi' She asked a series of questions One question was - 'What date is today? ' I told '14th Feb' 'And just that? Nothing more? ' I stared at her face and she looked at the seashore. She was silent in the twilight Wanted to tell me something, all right. But what did she want to say? She only said 'Don't you know it's Valentine's Day? I got back to my senses. I was not in mine minutes before. It was Valentine's day sure It was, I heard, 'a lover's day, sure. I wanted to apologise I was so busy telling her 'I love you' I missed what day it was. But when I realised that it was Valentine's Day I forgot her call, her messages I only remembered those three magical words 'I love you' . But she had left the place long ago She is gone, gone for ever... Still when every year Valentine's Day comes I feel as if it were my first love day And I will whisper in my beloved's ears 'I love you'.

Jab We Met*

The oleander red tree of love grows within me I am the ground to feel its branches and roots Inside me. I cannot fully explain my feelings now You are within me and myself within yours That much and that much I know about you. The oleander red tree creates a window From your heart to that of mine Although there is no wall to separate the two The two hearts which burn all midnight Like the moon. Like alchemy you cause the metamorphosis The total makeover of my soul The girl cried in the bus, The inner secret is known to none Is there anybody there to save me? Truth is revealed only to the canonized Is there anybody there to save me? We are the saints. Is there anybody there to save me? Do the lovers ever meet? This city is no longer hers. They are always with one another Then why do I crave to meet you I did love you then. It wasnot only yesterday that we all told her The day I felt I really you Dear Doctor, this city loved is yours You take entered You caremy of within this city. Since then we've had no need to meet We never met. She was a doctor, she saved the people, She tried her best to heal the people No one came to save her when she was ruined.

Nobody opened the door to see what happened in the bus What the driver did and his four beastly friends Only yesterday we told her this city belonged to her The roads of the city, the highway lanes charge upon us. They want to assassinate us. We wanted to nab the culprit We wanted inferno to be let loose on him As if it were a hound tearing his flesh.


Love a Tree and its Flowers

Come out of your cabin and look outside See how the trees serve us as friend and guide But we wound a tree and also kill a tree Who does it? None but you and me. Broken bottles and charred pieces of glass Wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass. The world of trees is changing Constantly re-arranging.

From ocean deep to mountain peaks Mother nature moves and speaks The tree stands alone like a strange island Sacrifice makes all other trees silent. We all have come from trees and At the crossroad we all stand. Life, at times, becomes boring Trees are never found roaring, Only a tree can make us friend Only a tree can wait and stand.

Life is Meaningless without You

You came into my life Like a blazing star or a comet You filled my heart with joy You took my pain as if it was yours Like an angel on the earth I could not believe You gave me love that no one ever could

With the soft sweet words you whispered in my ears You made me realize that I was in Love You made me realize Life is meaningless without you

Niagara:‘Terribly Beautiful’ Splash

Hear Listen to the roaring in the air When you find Waterfalls coming near Sound is golden here Silence does shimmer

This is what in Niagara you feel Real life in a reel Down the cliff it plunges whooshing Down the rocks pushing gushing Wreaking, pecking, decking out of rocks Thrushing, brushing and crushing Creating all the shocks. Water in white sheets flows round Listen with rapt attention Listen to the sound It is like a hungry lion roaring Lushing, shushing and mushing Like a hungry hound Fast and faster in rainbow variety From the hills pouring Niagara is roaring day and night Niagara is roaring. Are the hard rocks melting all white? Are the hard rocks weeping the night? On the way to Niagara all boarded the bus To see what meaning, water carries for us. What description can they give to Niagara Yes, a ‘Terribly Beautiful’ splash, Bringing awful memories of life In just one flash! Waterfall cascades down Villages, cities and the town Cleansed, washed and drenched Whinstones collapse and We are all entranced. Dudhsagar, Kempty, Chitrakoot, Abbey Victoria, Unchalli, Pallaruvi, Hebbe Angel Falls, Ramnefjells Falls Kukenam, Long and Alfred Creek And Kjerag and Monge Waterfalls. Everywhere on the green mountains Terrifying, plunging water sheets roll

From the mountain peak Beauteous, free and ecstatic Waterfalls can touch your soul.

Love is a Sapling That Grows

Love is a sapling that grows If it gets nourished If it gets water,air and earth We love and begin loving Since our birth. Love is a word Love is a sentence Love is a page Love is a book Love expands itself in this way Beyond ,beyond and beyond everything Love is an eye Love is a vision

Love goes far away beyond the sky. Love is what I am unable to define Love is a cordial That keeps us hale and hearty Love keeps us fine..

Nothing More to Say ("And as I walked on I was lonely no longer. I was a guide, a pathfinder, an original settler. " - The Great Gatsby)

When you have nothing more to say And I had When you have nothing more to hide And I had When you wanted to leave me alone And I wept. When the waves dashed against the shore Which was swept

Life brought a new meaning for me

The man who loves a woman for a certain reason The same man hates a woman for the same. They both share the love, and now the shame They once thought that there was nothing more to say, Today they realized that there was nothing left to say.

Sandy Moves from New York to New Jersey*

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy The newspapers screamed all around Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sandy came to New York to meet me, She looked like a hound She gave me boundless love, and many a wound. My life had been chaotic since then Now my love is a deserted ruin I know I am defeated all my life I never in my life did any prize win.

Sandy is behind all these wrecks Sandy is not a hurricane You know her name was Sandy, Sandy was a wicked (more than naughty) woman. I wanted a wild, wicked Sandy to blow all night Sandy came and battered all my might She flooded me with caress and passions She bellowed against the dazzling sunlight. I felt Sandy tangling my hair to freedom, Sandy took me to the rim of Rock Canyon I felt all around the brown skies Sandy brought tears to my red, red eyes I loved Sandy so much I loved her lovely name, no less her wildness I loved so much this naughty gal That one could never even guess! The old barns shattered and glass panes did crack A freight train thundered down the track. Sandy laughed like a rolling mill Sandy surely wanted somebody to kill. She was a killer and never felt shy Sandy killed me and left me saying ‘Hello, I am going to New Jersey, goodbye’.

The Son-in-Law Becomes the Son

We thank God for giving us so muc much fun Our Son-in-law has really become When you shone brightly it was nic One day you will become all you a You had been a special boy from th were born We pray for you every evening and You have an excellent head, more t heart Which is filled with love for my da you never hurt. You are the treas we don’t want any more wealt wish for you on your birthday, A jolly mind and robust health

Treasured are the memories We engrave them in our book of l Be happy, happier, happiest as hus your wife. Our love will nourish you through you will take Our promise to cherish that our bo break May God bless our sweet angel an On your happy birthday, wish you of a sun.

Sweetie, One Day I won’t be There

I lie on the green meadow under the blue sky The blue sky is azure and so wide! Birds chirp all around, flowers bloom and you Sweetie, by my side. You will be with me wherever I go to the riverside, seashore, flower garden you ne'er say 'no'. The starry cluster shining bright We saw them twinkling all the night Some bearded meteor whispers right Life is but a tale of celestial light. But one day you'll walk alone One day I won’t be there with you On the green land, on the metaled road I won’t be there to tell 'Sweetie, see you'.

They Tore the Petals of a Budding Flower*

Light breaks when darkness sets in Drop by drop. On the Highroad that glitters with neon light, Love begins when the words of farewell were uttered And Damini, you are not alive in spite of all the fight. Never will it be uttered Damini You cried it out in the cursed bus, Save me, anybody there? But they tore the petals of a budding flower. When the Delhi Gurgaon Highroad was slippery With your blood, loud with your cries in the moonless night Reverberating all over there… But they dared to tear the budding flower. You gave the fight and they killed you Damini They killed womanhood, the mother, daughter, the sister in you All in one night… just one night.

Horrible it is to see a lover trying to save his beloved Who is being raped and killed before his eyes More horrible it is when all shouts for help Were drowned in the gloom of the night. “The waves dash to the seashore to throw the sand My heart begins beating when you promise to take me to the broad bright land.” The lover will never say these words to your ears Damini, You are dead, You are killed, You are gone far away tonight.

Flowers bloom when the air stops blowing The petals slowly drop from the buds in silence, Old ships return when the new ones sail out for new islands. You had been the symbol of love and service to people But Damini, you are no longer alive You are now a piece of flesh that Shylock wants But there was no Portia to come to your rescue. On the Delhi Highroad, the night was all dark And neon light still burns but to give no light. Darkness, O horrible darkness! Everywhere The angels keep their wings soaring height No light nowhere, the morning is darker than the night. A woman is killed, a mother, a sister also killed And the angels too felt shy, nervous and agonised *Note: The poem is written on the Delhi Gang Rape of a young female doctor

What I Want from you God

Last night God met me on the street He said, 'I'll give you a good job in the States' He wanted to know if I wanted more I said 'yes'. God said, 'Let me give you a good house' He wanted to know if I wanted more I said 'yes' He said 'I'll give you a hi-fi car'. He wanted to know if I wanted more I said 'yes' He said, 'Well, let me give you a good gal to marry' He wanted to know if I wanted more I said 'yes' He said 'I'll give you a super-duper child' He asked me if I wanted more I said 'yes'. God felt surprised and said, 'I'll make you a trillionaire' He wanted to know if I wanted more I said 'yes'. He read my face for an hour and said ‘This country will be scam free’ I wanted more, He felt it so.

The corrupted ones will be punished Blackmarketeers will be hanged from the nearest lamp post I still remained silent and God looked confused He patted on my shoulder and said, ‘What more do you want? Not a job, not a house, not a car, not a gal, not a child, no wealth? What do you want? You aren't mad? I said, 'yes, God, thou art Omniscient. I am mad I want nothing, nothing that you gave I want 'LOVE', I want LOVE.

When I will Die When I will die My memory will disappear Like the dunnest smoke in the air Sorrow lasts Not more than a week, Less than a month And never a year When I will die Sorrows all disappear.

What is death? It is a noose if I am hanged It is the devouring tongue of fire If I am on the pyre It is a mound of grass . If I am buried It is the fear In the mind of a drowning man , Or sleepless night in prison or in a police van. Death is a boring Sunday Memories curling all around Death is an unfinished song An incomplete letter, An already written poem Which no one can make better.

Growing Up

Love likes privacy, and so abides in our hearts But when the beloved is a priceless beauty Love permeates the soul, Then feelings all, suddenly go beyond control. What is this special feeling, for a child Or for a woman whom I saw in her parent’s lap Why do we cherish it for so long? This feeling is precious and secure for ever It is forever so strong, so strong! You in the moonlight plaza of your forehead I saw the roses blooming and the petals all shone When you asked me to write the ivory letters ‘Philo’ I tried to cheer you up with all that is best in my breastbone. Your body vibrates like a harp, when I played on the wires It suddenly had opened like the hyacinth petals, Creamy tuberoses or shells are not as smooth as your skin was, Or, in the moonlight brilliantly shining, crystals. On the Karwa Chauth night, you woke up long When you talked about your love for your husband I galloped, (don’t know why) on the best of roadways On a mare of nacre, without stirrups, without bridle

I felt I met a lady who carries a lamp of love always. May the Sindoor, testify your Prayers, for your husband’s long life. The Mangal Sutra reminds you of the Promise that binds you. And the color of Mehndi prove the depth of your Love. I cannot believe the little girl who in the lap of her parents Looked so innocent, so vacant in her angelic gaze But you grew up fast, beautiful like a rose tree Life is so great, so mysterious a maze! In her parent’s lap, she was vibrant as a fountain She didn’t know which way to flow She opened up like the blades of the lilies She bloomed into flowers, but it was very slow. The shadow of magnolia settled on her eyes Like a humming bird of love, she cries and cries Was she a fairy, was she an elf? She cries all night silently , She wants to live not seeing self. The little girl you are missing now Except in your smiles, Like the river you flow To meet the sea with the unchartered isles.

You are my Moon

The morning soaks itself Along the shores of the sea And in your eyes Where flowers bloom so nice I pass my long day Looking only at thee. Thousands of flowers Of so varied colors Red, purple and blue The morning birds chirp Above the frosty rooftops They burst in melody soft When I look at you. Naked the shingles prattle The sandy shores sing You bathe your body In foamy waves

Numberless pearls The oceans do bring. In my dooryard When the shiyulis bloom In autumnal white For sorrows there is no room My glorious lady takes away All my gloom. When you look calm or smile Or even look vacant, right? My mind is all moonlit sprites You are Moon, you are bright Really, you are my Moon Steady though all night.

Why your Dad waits for you, My Daughter?

My daughter, how shall I tell you the truth It is really very tough to be an ideal dad When you were a wonder kid with all your talents And I could not make you either happy or glad You waited long for my coming and never you did fight You used to go to bed on time after studies each night You never asked me for toys or clothes, you were such a child! You made my anger frozen and you made my wildness mild. I want from you nothing now, but your lips in smile drest It made me happy and proud to see your gallant crest. You are the heaven sent Nature’s gentlest boon When you are happy I see a full silvery moon Sometimes I sit alone and think of the entangled world You relieved the burden by dissolving it into a smile unfurled. In the morning you greet me, and want to know if I am happy or sad I know all you do and at night you tell, I am going to sleep my dad. The night seems so long, I see silent trees and the intruding sky The stars glitter far away, I could not say, bye Booni bye. I don’t know why, why my eyes moisten with tear Memories of your childhood and youth appear. All night I hear voices whispering dark on the seashore I feel I have lost a precious pearl, though I weep no more. I wait all hours wide awake, with vain delight I wait for your message to come, all day and night.

Your Smile is All Light

Colourful Bihu of Assam

Rongali Bihu is near with the cuckoo singing And Kopou blooming Tinge of jetuka on the clean-washed hands With Bihuwan offering Chira pitha laru, all home made foodies Merrier is the mind

Muga and mekhela chador on their body Dancers dancing behind. The ambience of Rongali Bihu It’s filled with light On the small plaza, enormous people throng Everything is bright Lui is flowing gently, the river is now full The parched palm trees on both the sides Flattered by the wind and its cool. I know the roadways to Guwahati And the all in the crowded bus They are now the picture of merriment Nothing else does surpass. Rongali Bihu is round the corner On the street and inside the home With new apparels the boys and gals Sing, dance and roam Bihu is sweet in words, Bihu is sweet in Dance Bihu is sweet in look, but why once in a year it comes?

I Am

Hey, I Not of Raym But an I am n Not en get inv The b The lo

The p Made And I The in The q The p Which

But w When Loved Flashe Or gif And th That m I appe To sav To fee To exp And to That v I felt t The m

Nature has a Wide Within

Rivers have ecstasies during the flood Heart overflows when men fall in love, Stones prattle melodious songs When the hills want to fly like a dove. Mad philosophers are never sick, Thank God that rivers are rivers The skies don’t ever leak. I never saw birds flying in moonlight, Rivers would be mad philosophers If poets have their insight. The spirits guard the bourne, Nature has a wide within Sorrows all ripen like corn.

Lonely Through the Breezes

Sick p I never

Life i

River is Man's Power (The River is within us, the Sea is all about us)

River, river Sometime you are, Thames, Hwang Ho, Meghna,Titash You flow, far and nigh… Sometime like Wordsworth I ask myself ‘Is this the Yarrow’, is it Wye? Mark Twain had his Mississippi, Eliot had his Thames, Dante had his Styx For rivers, Heaven is too high. Lu Xun had his Hwang Ho, Irving had his Hudson; Rabindranath had his Padma, Shakespeare had his Avon.

Can you hear me river You in rains overflow for ever Why in winter do you shiver? Samaresh Basu liked Ganga, Marvell liked Humber, Sunil liked Kopai so much Memories do encumber Across the rush of river Fed by the waterfall whose origin lies In the death-grey mountains. Lu Xun cries: ‘Can you hear me River? Can you hear?’ Dulung, Titash, Karnaphooli did so much care Yamuna and Narmada are also there Human pains to share. Hwang Ho caused so much sorrow The country called it River Yellow For Millions of years Sindhu,Tigris and Euphrates flow To see the river Indus still without a stir. To see a boat in the midst of water White sheets of ripples carried those traders There were also a few invaders. Rivers carried the dead bodies, The ashes, the mud and the flower River is man’s weakness, river is man’s power.

The Red Palash and the Yellow Radhachura Fall on the Grass

I could write thousand poems I could have thousand dreams I could wake up all night I wished I could have the power to tread On the soft grass where the red Palash and yellow Radhachura fall all the night and all my sadness and gloom removed... Alas! I could not ‌..write a single line. I wanted to die like Veronika With sleeping pills in my hand Which I crushed in the glass of water On my bedside table Paulo Coelho had his Veronika I had you in my dreams and in my waking‌ When I felt that you would wait For me For my mails, for my words, For what I said about you, About your nice scribbling About your lovely face,

Your cute figure, your smooth white, bare, naked arms On the Holi day, the rose of your cheeks smudged with Abir Crimson abir I always dreamt to see on your forehead Your soft caressing touches all over me My fingers running into your dark silky hair‌. No, I could not take the sleeping pills Life was more than a fragile existence Life means living for me Living in the grandest way like the round orb blazing all night So I only wrote a few poems for you my dear, Because, you had been there at the end of all roads You had been there smiling for me You had been there to read my trashy poems.

Tomorrow Holi Colours will be Everywhere

Tomorrow Holi colours will be everywhere The trees will smile with their sprout Of tender leaves and blooming flower But your face is pale my dear and smile nowhere! You had a great dream of colour Festive and joyous, Fresh and clear You will dream of your beloved one to be near But all night before Holi, I saw nothing in your eyes but tear! Don’t weep my dear, your love is true Your love is like sunshine bright and glittering all through Don’t cry my dearr, one day all unhappiness will go The boy you loved will gain maturity and will surely grow!

When I Go to Light a Candle…

When I go to light a candle I cannot light it on Gusting air blows it off for no reason. The candle is not damp though It falls on the ground countless times The sticky wax melts beneath around I know not why with me things are not sound. When I see a cloud in the sky, often I feel that something will happen Some cloud will melt for certain Into the pearly white drops of rain But the clouds in thunderous roar Lash suddenly at the green moor On the broken hawthorn hedge On the steep hill’s Kargil edge Wrap all waves in a mantle gray

The shattered visage and the frown No rain, the clouds all go brown. When I try my best to make a beautiful thing Someone breaks it in the middle ‘Man is destroyed but not defeated’Who shatters my dreams and drowns my sigh I feel defeated though I try; I try and try Only to feel I am ill-fated Ah! my philosophy! How I am cheated. Silvery pearls don’t melt into rain All adages like the barren clouds go in vain It is all true, it was all true…. Then why a murmur still echoes, heard by few Then who says ‘My son, I am with you, I am with you’?

You Bask on the Seashore

When you bask in the shadowy staircases Your beauty glitters like platinum-rimmed diamond You sit under the almond trees in cool Your long beautiful legs awaken the shadow behind. When you awaken the morning silence The birds chirp in circled flight I never forget your naughty cute smile, Memories like the stars glitter all night. You were smiling, you were smiling You thought as if I was gone But I remained with you there Under the trees at each new dawn. We live in virtual reality, You are right Sheba ‘Ratanda, we are not alone’ In quest of beauty and truth My Facebook page is open and my mobile is on. Tagging, posting, these I did all day long Shadows and sunshine composed a song The rainbow colors in a combo curl your eyes Thoughts all romantic in my mind arise. You can be my pilot, I fear not the waves I live in the virtual world, I live in the Webs… I am a Columbus on the unchartered sea When the ocean is so far away and the ship near me.

Yet We Love to Dream

Dreams are like a broken-winged bird You cannot fly on them too long. Dawn comes so soon after night And with the dawn, gone is the dream song. Dream is a barren heath of snow Dreams do not have any meaning They freeze you with lies They fade with nothing there to flow. Dreams are dried up river Dreams have nothing but pebbles. Dreams have all the dry sands, Dreams make you shiver in fear. Yet we dream, yet we love to dream Knowing fully that dreams are lies Dreams turn into nightmares Dreams fly to unknown skies.

You are the Definition of Beauty

You are, like a blooming rose Your hair, your eyes and your straight-built nose The moment I think of you, you say, Hi The free birds chirp and leap in my mind They dip their wings in the orange red seas And they fly in the azure sky. When I think of you beautiful Belle The roses of my thoughts all bloom in red With the green leaves to give them shade And you are very much nigh. When I think of you beautiful angel My dreams keep me awake for ever I long for Freedom as Mandela dreamt of it Or Martin Luther King dreamt of it for the Blacks My wings are clipped and my feet are tied When you go away and bid me, Goodbye. I remember your light steps Your dark night like hair all over your forehead Your eyebrows and your angelic cheeks But you always felt shy. On the surf tormented shore I now stand I hold within my hand grains of the golden sand I miss you so much and see above the crimson sky And love to see most myself in your eye. I saw beauty in the river kissing its shingles I saw all beauty of earth in the field of rye What is beauty? Where lies beauty It's not in diamond, not in emerald, but in Ruby You yourself are the definition itself Your beauty is Truth, believe me, I never lie, I don’t believe, I never will believe, Beauty is born only in the viewer’s eye.

Melodies and Maladies June 2013  

Melodies and Maladies of Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee is a milestone of romantic love poetry in English poetic literature of India. The poems in...

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