Dr Prabhjot Gill Giving You Advised To Keep Safe During Winter Season

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Dr. Prabhjot Gill Giving You Advised To Keep Safe During Winter Season

Some medical terms are very common to make you sick. Some diseases are happened seasonally. Dr. Prabhjot Gill gives you some medical terms which are very common in winter season.

COLD AND COUGH The basic virus spreads through the contact with the infection, either immediate or not. Dr. Prabhjot Gill says it may be caused by breathing when you inhale a little amount from that person who is suffering by these phenomena.

ALWAYS PAIN IN YOUR JOINTS According to Dr. Prabhjot Gill, in winter our body normally needs to keep us warm. At the point when cold climate comes, some blood stream is redirected from our supplements to vital organs, for example, our heart and lungs. This removes warmth from our joints and can cause pain.

INCREASE YOU HEART ATTACK RATE Dr. Prabhjot Gill says that in the winter season, the increase of heart attack is high. This might be on the grounds that unfriendly climate builds blood pressure high and puts more pressure on the heart. Your heart additionally needs to work more strongly to keep up body heat when it's virus.

DR. PRABHOJOT GILL TIPS ARE HELPFUL TO FIGHT AGAINST THESE DISEAES Always test your blood pressure and never increase the blood pressure rate, in short you have regular checkup your blood pressure. Maintain your weight, eat always that type of diet which helps you stay on a healthy weight. Drinking fluids likewise keeps mucous layers moist. This is especially useful in winter and helpful for cough also.

Avoid smoking as much u can, because it dries your mucous and the level of cough. Always take fresh air and do the mediation in the morning.

Warm water can help relieve your joints, so take a dunk in a warmed pool or take a hot shower. You can utilize a heating pad on pain area, however not more than 20 min.