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The journey to eating raw food is sometimes a difficult one as we try to rid ourselves of the processed foods that have taken over our society. The Raw Food Diet can have some excellent benefits and I have been trying to incorporate it more into my diet. A major help for my change has been Kristen Suzanne, the author of Raw Foods Diet Cookbooks. Her quest began because she wanted to know the truth and learn what would and would not work, but was reasonable and for her fun. Suzanne Kirsten's background was as a competitive bodybuilder, where she became serious about fitness. But despite her journey for health, she never felt healthy. She suffered from intense migraines and tension headaches, acne, cellulite, allergies, and backpain. In her words she "was constantly tired and so you'd always find me drinking 2-3 Starbucks' triple venti soy cappuccinos each day. I took plenty of prescription medications, for both my headaches and my exhaustion." Eventually she hit a point where she was desperate for change. Even though she was following what was considered a healthy lifestyle, she did not feel healthy. This quest led Suzanne Kirsten to Raw Food, where after a short time she noticed a drastic change in not only how she felt, but also in how she looked. To quote Suzanne, "The Raw food diet has helped many people find health... It can help anyone who wants healthy levels of blood cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, pain-free joints, clear glowing skin and shiny hair, reduced or eliminated cellulite, rapid elimination of excess weight, a permanent boost to your immune system, amazingly restful sleep, having unbelievable energy, unbelievable sex, increasing your mental focus, being in a happy and feel-good mood all the time, improving your relationships, and more. Now, I ask you, what other diet out there can do all of these things for you? None!" It is common knowledge that it is healthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. It isn't breaking news or rocket science. Eating raw food means eating food that it is not refined or processed, it is in it's natural state. It is a lifestyle that has these raw foods as the majority of what you eat. You don't have to be 100% raw in a day, or ever. To begin with try to be 25% raw and increase it weekly, once you hit the 50% point in your raw food diet you will find you have increased energy and improved health.

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==== ==== Get The Anabolic Cookbook Now! ==== ====

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