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Gate Clinic website is 7 years old. “If itʼs worth doing…….” Dr Paul Moore, Dr Paul Browne, Dr Emily Clarke, Dr Ian Wellings Dock Road, Galway. 091 547 592,

The primary aim of ourwebsite is to provide a “gateway” for patients to discover the services we offer. Itʼs an introduction for patients to the dentists and the staff and is a wealth of information on techniques and procedures, on problems and solutions and on the nitty gritty of fees and the mechanics of and options available at the practice, what to expect and where to find us. We offer the following services. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

General Family Dentistry. Periodontology. Porcelain solutions Inlay, crown, veneers, bridges (Cerec). Dental Implants, diagnosis, placement, restoration. Dentures. Endodontics. Snoring Therapies Three dimensional x ray service. Professional Whitening.

It was our vision that the patient should be able to find out as much about their problems and solutions as possible before they come to see us. Nothing will replace the personal opinion and chairside investigation and discussion but with a combination of computer graphics, text description, a virtual “Avatar” and book style presentations on most of the common topics in dentistry today we aim to inform the patient as much as possible before they attend for their first visit. These presentations also act as an educational resource for existing patients, and we can email the presentations to new enquiries From the “Home” page the patient can access “Human Touch” multimedia videos designed to give a “personal” demonstration and discussion on the following topics

Cosmetic Dentistry,

Dental Implant Periodontal Disease, Endodontics

Smile Gallery Rather than simply showing just before and after photographs, we have tried to make this more interesting with a combination of formats. All clinical photography used is our own work, carried out in the practice. In the Smile Gallery we offer PDF viewer booklets (ISSUU embedded booklets), or video presentations on the following options: “ “Full Arch Solutions” Dental Implant Therapies With an explanation of dentures, of implant supported overdentures, fixed and removable solutions

Whitening Crowns and Veneers A discussion on the options benefits and disadvantages of each

Amalgams and Cerec All Porcelain

Crowns and Veneers (Case movie You Tube)

A discussion of the properties, advantages and disadvantages of amalgam vs. porcelain restorations

A selection of clinical cases to highlight the results achievable with modern ceramics

Cerec Inlay To Replace Old Amalgam Filling ( Case movie You tube ) Dentist eye view through microscope of failing filling and Cerec software design of new filling .

We have also included a library of clinical proceedures using computer graphics from “Consult-Pro” on over 50 proceedures catagorised into Anatomy,, Cosmetic Proceedures, Endodontics, Periodontics, Implants and Oral surgery.

There is also a link to our “Blog” in where we post our monthly article submitted to the main local journal on topics on interest to the general public. Titles to date include: 1. “Will you keep your teeth for life”? (Periodontal Disease), 2. “Sports Mouth-guards”, 3. Oral Cancer.

We have recently added a website within our website for “SLEEP DISORDERS”. On this website we offer the patient advice and explanation as to how sleep disorders can affect your health and how Dental Appliances can help reduce snoring, improve sleeping and impact favourably on general health.

Our recently started newsletter is sent to our own and made public via the Gate Dental Clinic Facebook page linked to our website.

In Patient information we have a Hyperlinked FEE LIST to clearly outline our fees

With consistent first page views for 90 % of dental topics in Ireland with professional search engine optimisation and an “Ad-Words” campaign to maintain visibility for We consistently reach over 1500 patients a month with our message generating a public awareness for dentistry and providing our own patients and new patients with a dental resource offering advice and information we are proud of. We support this with a Facebook page for further profile to supplement the main website and act as a link to between practice, related professional sites and the public.

MARKETING Dr Paul Moore, Dr Paul Browne, Dr Emily Clarke, Dr Ian Wellings Dock Road, Galway. 091 547 592,

Marketing is often confused with advertising. Marketing is the entire business process as consisting of a tightly integrated effort to discover, create arouse, and satisfy customer needs. We consider several components to blend the marketing appropriate to the practice ethos, ambitions and identify: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Product Price Promotion Place Public Relations (Pull) Persistence. People.

To make realistic decisions about marketing, you need to have a clear definition of your customer base and understand their needs. Only then can you know who you should be delivering your marketing messages to with your advertising, and what your chosen message will be. With a solid definition of your target market and a well-defined message in hand, you can reach out directly to the people who you wish to become your clients, and ask other people to pass your message along to those they know. “If you have any problems, tell me. If you have no problems, tell everyone else!” Only then can you develop your strategy. Strategy is ever-changing, it is the ability to respond to the current environmental situations and future expected changes. It is concerned more with how a business competes successfully. It concerns strategic decisions about choice of products, meeting needs of customers, exploiting or creating new opportunities etc.

What this targeted messaging requires is that you become very specific about not only who your service is for, but what it will help them do, and what are your solutions for them. You must position your business in the mind of your prospective clients as the best possible choice for exactly what they need in terms of what you are offering, the quality, the service, the options. Here, successful communication is paramount. Broadcasting a muddy or generic marketing message won't be enough. Your clients need to understand "what's in it for me"? “If its worth doing….”

1. Product The product is the physical product or service offered to the consumer. In 7 years since we opened we have invested in new technology and training as a priority for the service that we can offer to our patients with for example, the first “Cerec” in Ireland and the first “I-Cat”, in Europe. The staff commit time, and listen to our patients from the moment they have first contact on the telephone. Patients value their dentist but in truth they often talk best to the receptionist and nurses. This is the core of a good service. The technical skills of the dentist and the technicians will supply the product. I suppose the basic rule is always; “Do unto others as you would like to be treated yourself.” But this has to be defined and constantly refined. Appearance: The practice. This encompasses everything physical, from the front door, to the surgeries, to the washroom facilities and the staff uniforms. The patient judges us by what they can see, by what they can measure. Quality: The quality of the work can be measured by the patient by the comfort, the appearance and the long term success of the dentistry undertaken. Brand: The consistency of the colour schemes of the website, letterhead, newsletters, blogs, logos we want patients to recognise our “corporate” identity. Service /Support: To be available at all times for routine problems and emergencies for our patients. All our patients have access to our mobile phone for advice and emergency treatment if required. It is pleasing to say, that this service is not abused and often verbally acknowledged by our patients.

2. Price Pricing decisions should take into account profit margins and the probable pricing response of competitors. Pricing includes not only the list price, but also discounts, tax incentives, family packages, guarantees. We have to choose what materials and techniques we need to achieve the standards we choose to offer. We should reflect the experience and skills of the dentists, technicians, staff and the level of investment in equipment and facilities.

3. Promotion Promotion decisions are those related to communicating and selling to potential consumers. Since these costs can be large in proportion to the product price, a break-even analysis should be performed when making promotion decisions. It is useful to know the value of a customer in order to determine whether additional customers are worth the cost of acquiring them. Promotion decisions involve advertising, public relations, media types, etc. Advertising- We have the website We are the no 1 listing in Ireland for WhatClinic:,

We are part of the Groupschemes: A 10% discount scheme Gate Dental Clinic has a Facebook page.

4. Place Location – We are located on the ground floor in the main traffic flow of Galway. We use the large window frontage to the maximum effect in order to promote our services with simple signage to promote the range of services we offer. The practice is spacious and well appointed. Clean bright and welcoming. Each of the surgeries is well equipped with operating microscopes and glass top cabinetry, intraoral cameras, etc. Our Aim is to impression to the patient is one of professional competence.

5. Public Relations (Pull) Pull marketing, is focused on building affinity and connections to attract clients in our niche, developing referral partnerships, with visibility at networking events, public speaking, publishing articles in professional press, social media build a content-rich website. Word of mouth is still the most effective promotion of the practice and has to be nurtured both among the profession and in the community. We were the first practice in Ireland to install Software of Excellence management system with automated recalls, text alerts, etc. We had the first I-Cat 3Dimensional “cat scan”, the first Cerec Machine. All conveying a level of investment in our patients and the care we offer.

6. Persistence Connecting with people over and over again is important before they will remember your message. Your positioning will only be established when prospects hear about you more than once. Building your personal credibility depends on different types of exposure over a period of time.



With 3 members of staff that have been with us for over 25 years we have continuity with our patient that provides a “family” atmosphere. This knowledge and connection with our patients forms the heart of the practice and shows commitment to care. New staff are welcomed and encouraged to see patients as individuals. Our patients are our ambassadors. Despite all the above, patients must be happy with the service, the quality, the level of care or all will fail.

This is their practice, not ours!

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Gate Dental Clinic. An overview of our website and marketing