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Pierre Dupont D.P.M. | chiropodist | Foot Specialist Has Expertise in Treatment of Morton's Neuroma

Pierre Dupont Doctor of Podiatric Medicine | chiropodist is a foot specialist who is dedicated to providing relief from all foot related issues to the patients. He says that too many people do not take proper care of their feet. Morton's neuroma is a common foot problem. It is a condition where connective tissue surrounding a nerve in the foot, usually between third and fourth toes, begins to get inflammed and irritated due to abnormal force transfer to aching foot structures.

It causes thickening of the nerve skin due to repetitive and excessive nerve friction and compression. He says that although there are no gross visual signs of a Morton's neuroma condition also know as a compressive neuritis, it sometimes feels like you are walking on a pebble or walking on razor blades. The symptoms may include pain in the forefoot that radiates down to toes, tingling and numbness in the ball of the foot, swelling between the toes, or pain in the ball of the foot when weight is placed on it.

Treatment plans for Morton's neuroma include reducing the symptoms, and addressing the underlying cause. One way is to inject cortisone into the area to control inflammation and pain. It does not address the cause of symptoms but is helpful in reducing the pain temporarily. For those who do not respond to conservative measure, surgery is an option. The nerve may be decompressed using Koby Gard minimal incision techniques or via an incision on top of the foot.

He says that in severe cases, nerve can also be totally removed leaving numbness between the toes, but eliminating the pain. With proper diagnosis, and a well-round treatment plan, the prognosis is excellent. Pierre Dupont Doctor of Podiatric Medicine | chiropodist | Foot Specialist has extensive expertise in treating Morton's neuroma. He utilizes his knowledge to correct the most common root cause (overpronation or excessive ankle bone displacement resulting in abnormal force transfer compressing the affected nerve).

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Pierre dupont d p m | chiropodist | foot specialist