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Dr. Pierre Dupont – A Professional Dental Surgeon

Dr. Pierre Dupont, dental surgeon has extensive experience in the area of dental surgery. He has played an instrumental role in informing and educating general public about dental surgery and the benefits offered by aesthetic dentistry as well as oral implantology. He has also worked in the field of dental business management and created a network of fifteen dental clinics specializing in oral implantology.

Through the years, he has given lectures, conducted workshops and appeared in television shows to make oral implantology popular among the masses by providing as much information as possible. He has produced numerous TV shows and authored articles published in local newspapers helping people in learning more about all the possibilities offered by dental implants. He has lectured at several educative conferences/presentations for the lay public.

He is also the author of Dental Implants, an illustrated guide to dental implants. Dr. Dupont dentist understands that people are often at a loss when looking for reliable information. He has been completely dedicated to fill this gap in information about oral implantology. He has helped adults in finding information about removable prosthodontics, orthodontics, peridontics, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

He has also served as a scientific consultant for the quarterly oral implantology journal, Implantodontie, France. Along with spreading information about the benefits of implantology, he has also given his attention to the business side of things by participating in a range of professional development programs. He has worked to understand commercial strategies, intellectual property, new information technologies, investigator’s brochures, clinical study protocols and reports and much more.

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Dr pierre dupont – a professional dental surgeon