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DAN CALLAR U23 A1.DOCX Scenario: Students at MKC come from far and wide and many have no idea of the leisure facilities within easy reach. MKC management have asked you to design a prototype for a ‘walk up and use’ virtual information system. The idea being that the system will be located in the Pavillion and student break out areas of the college in order to make it accessible to all. The students will be able to obtain information about the local leisure facilities within walking distance, including sports centres, museums, and local parks. They will also be able to obtain information on accessibility, prices and opening times.

What is the impact of HCI on Society? In the recent years, technology has advance enough that nearly everyone has a smart phone and a computer. This allows practically everyone to stay in touch with friends and distant relatives, as well as know what’s on the news lately. Although this may be a good thing, it is causing the youth to talk less in real life, and instead over online games and social networks, this causes them to lose their social skills. The easy interface makes this very easy to do. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate to each app and the on screen keyboard is perfect for typing those quick messages.

As well as smart phones, technology for the disabled has become more advanced, on the latest computers and laptops, there is a new feature called Voice Recognition, which allows a person to talk to their PC and tell it what to do, instead of using a mouse and keyboard. This is useful for the blind or the physically disabled. There are no downsides to this feature as it allows the disabled to use the recent technology. Not only is this on PCs, it is slowly integrating onto smart phones, such as the iPhones ‘Siri’, which has the same function as voice recognition. This is not the only technology that has been made for the disabled; there is now technology that is able to detect brain waves to tell what a person is thinking. For the physically disabled this will be helpful to determine what they may want and what to do.

Technology can be used in dangerous and hostile environments such as an unexploded bomb. To save lives, a robot can be sent in to do the job a person could do. Complex GUIs such as Holograms and touch screens allow fast access to files without using a mouse and keyboard. There is a Hologram keyboard in development that shines a hologram keyboard on a surface and acts as a normal keyboard, this will allow people to have a portable keyboard and will save any breakages of keys and will not break if you spill a drink on it.


What is the impact of HCI on the Economy? Technology has had a negative effect on economy in the way that more people are becoming unemployed, but has a positive effect where products are getting made faster and more effectively. Manufacturing robots are much more effective that people as they can work 24/7 without long breaks, are cheaper in the long run, but are putting millions of people under unemployment. As well as these, automated phone systems have been put into effect. These ask the customer what they need over the phone and put them through to the correct person to talk to. This is an effective way of keeping customer happy, but there are always downsides, such as the long waits that customer may have to go through to get through to an employee. These are also making people unemployed, but once again can work 24/7 without breaks and pay. Some companies use voice input technology to do things faster, instead of going through the trouble of meeting face to face just for a few minutes. Employees could do work on their laptop and have their PC on at the same time, researching what the employee needs. All the employee would need to do is ask the PC a question, and it would look it up and find an answer. This improves how fast employees get things done and improves the quality of the work. Mobile phones such as the iPhone also use this voice input in Siri, this allows the employee to ask it a question or tell it a command, and if it understands them, it will research the question, or do whatever the employee told it to do. Mobile phones are a big part in the economy, they allow employers to communicate with other employers in the same brand, but in another country. They allow easy communication with suppliers, technicians, and almost anyone that they need to contact. Not only this, mobiles phones have helpful apps that can help with work, such as calendars, calculators, email, and even has an app that shows the stock market. The company can even make their own app to help sell products and lets customers know where their nearest store is, and any phone numbers they can use to contact the company.


What is the impact of HCI on Culture? HCI has had a massive effect on culture. Young people are spending more time at home playing on games consoles such as Xbox rather than socialising with friends outside of their house. Although this is a bad thing, PCs allow them to chat with the friends through Skype and Facebook, as well as Phones where you can call and text friends too, while also these phones can use Facebook and Skype too, making it very easy to socialise without meeting face to face. Manufacturing robots have had a negative effect on peoples’ culture due to them taking over jobs that are making people like woodcutters and farmers unemployed. These machines are taking over these jobs and causing families to lose money and having to make money from a different trade. Another negative effect is smart phones, these are getting smarter causing people to rely more on their phones and learn less for themselves as their phones can just about do everything like calculating maths, and more apps that can do just about anything.

Technology has had a positive effect on recycling due to machines breaking. Once a machine or phone is broken, it will be recycled and made into metal to make another phone or make money. As well as this, old technology that is not yet broken and but is near to its end can be sent to countries that do not have much money or technology. This will help them learn and will give them a chance to play on the machines. This is good as everyone gets a chance to use technology and gives countries a chance to create their own and become more up to date. [Date Accessed 02/10/12] [Date Accessed 02/10/12] [Date Accessed 02/10/12] [Date Accessed 02/10/12]


Future Development A piece of technology that is currently in development is holograms. These will allow people to communicate like a phone call but instead, a hologram of each person will pop up and it will almost be like talking to each other in person. It may take years to develop this sort of technology but simple holograms are already in use in high-tech areas. There was a performance by Tupac in the first quarter of the year but as Tupac passed away in 1996, they used technology to make a hologram of him to play the gig. This shows how good technology is becoming and tells us that this technology will be available to the public soon. Although this is a brilliant piece of technology, the impacts can be quite bad. One example is that people will call their friends and talk through hologram and will not feel the need to go out and socialise in person. Another impact is that companies that design this will have the power to show a deceased person in hologram form, such as Tupac, which may mess with people feelings and will cause problems with religions as some may think that they are playing ‘God’ by practically resurrecting a human. There are not many other negative impacts, but some positive impacts are that phone calls will now be better as you may be able to see each other which will be almost like talking to each other face to face. Economy wise, holograms may help with meetings where two companies can talk to each other without having to move from place to place.

Impacts of HCI