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I apologize for my absence on the Facebook. Had to tend to replacing another body part – an immediate load osseointegrated complete right hip joint. It’s the ultimate test for immediate load implants! This newsletter presents critical and as yet unpublished information on cement vs screw retained implant restorations from a completely different angle that is vital to clinical success. Cementation vs. Screw Retained Crowns the Clinical Impact and How Much Cement is enough? Based on presentation given by Dr. Wadhwani at the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics June 2011.

The second offering is the first two parts of a multi part slide presentation on surgical complications by a very well respected Periodontist from Canada. Part 1 covers the systemic host factors and a brief critical review as to clinical implant research data and how to interpret it. This is an excellent CRITICAL review of the nuts and bolts of what we really know relative to causative and contributing factors in surgical complications. Even the seasoned implant surgeon can glean important FACTUAL data from this excellent visual lecture. For those just starting it’s an eye opener on what you need to know if you are going to place implants. Part 2 presents local host factors and then additional segments on non host factors such as Biomaterial and Operator related factors will follow. SURGICAL COMPLICATIONS : PART1: SYSTEMIC HOST FACTORS Dr. Murray Arlin, Periodontist