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What they’re saying about Adam “Adam White is without question one of the most marketable young men in the local racing scene. He is a polite, well-spoken driver who connects well with his fans. Adam would be an incredible asset to any potential business who would be fortunate to partner up with him in an incredible sponsorship opportunity.” -Joe Verdegan, Motorsports Columnist Green Bay Press Gazette “I must say, the young man (Adam White) ...was a spectacular choice! Good driver, good looking / in shape, marketable, and most of all very respectful with a great personality. You don’t find gents like him everyday. Truthfully, they got lucky!” -Wayne Brevik - GM/Track Promoter Marshfield Motor Speedway

“White quickly gained the

respect of his peers at 141”

“Adam’s the perfect fit” -Jon Courchaine Custom Windows Plus

“He wound up clicking off the fastest lap at 12.43 seconds, just 3/10ths of a second off the track record”

client: adam white racing format: 8.5 x 11 portfolio design, photography & editing As an up-and-coming driver, adam white, 19, was seeking a portfolio to showcase his accomplishments and achievements in a professional, polished format. The end result was a 9-page brief that included high-end photography and branding that emphasizes his skill and marketability.

client: shorewest format: rack card calendars design + typography a standard (and somewhat stale) venue for real estate marketing, calendars are intended to be stuck on a refrigerator and allow realtors to remain “in mind� of their clients. rather than rely on cookie-cutter templates, unique and refreshing designs were developed, which worked synergistically with the brand of each realtor. the results are pieces which show up on their clients’ desks and fridges, rather than their recycling bins.

using the outdoor medium forces ideas to be distilled into their bare minimum; any excess can render concepts which work in other design mediums to be completely ineffective. through stark, simple imagery and expressive typography, the result is a billboard that is both attention-grabbing and communicative.

looking to outdoor for the inception of a new marketing campaign, goodwill industries of marinette, wi was short on both ideas and funds. working off the concept that value-oriented customers often shopped at the non-profit second-hand stores looking for a deal on vintage and “broken-in� jeans, a simple idea and tagline was developed, and then elevated to a highly effective advertisement through the use of strikingly simple imagery.

client: margarita’s format: poster (10’5” x 22’8”) design, photography the client was looking for a way to promote one of their signature items, the infamous “grande” margarita. photographing the product in a simple, visually refreshing and appealing manner proved to be the perfect way to enhance the message.

client: nueske’s format: vinyl flex (various sizes) design, copy outdoor advertising can be a tricky medium. forgoing the traditional appproach of showing a product and logo allowed for the brand to be developed with more attitude. the client’s product was difficult to differentiate because of numerous competitors wtih an almost identical offering; this unique approach allowed the client to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

client: shorewest format: various seasonal direct mail collateral design, typography + photography the real estate industry is a highly season-oriented business. often, realtors time their marketing to take advantage of potential clients’ likely needs. many designs were developed to correspond to these cyclical market states, resonating with the audience far more than competitors. all postcards were created to allow small , on-demand runs in-house with available office equipment, for minial cost, yet through strong design still maintain emotional connection with the audience.

client: shorewest / the starrys format: poster (billboard) design + typography the client had a very brand-driven and consistent approach to marketing which set them apart and increased their audience awareness. working closely with the client to develop that brand, it was expanded upon with simple concepts that lent themselves exceptionally well to outdoor advertising. Each individual design only targets a certain percentage of the audience at any one time, the campaign using each design for approximately one month. the consistent imagery reinforced the brand awareness, however, to the entire audience year-round.

client: style


format: wall mural & 8’ x 8’ posters design, photography starting only with a logo, the client needed direction about where to start taking their brand. as a new + pre-owned clothing store targeted at the 14-24 market segment, specific challenges were identified to help appeal to the audience with a modern, youthful look. brown and pink loosely associated with masculine and feminine aspects throughout the store interior, which eventually carried into other marketing collateral. the result was a highly coordinated brand that appeals to a younger, style-conscious audience of both males and females.

client: shorewest format: website design an award-winning brand, shorewest luxury portfolio needed a web template for mini-sites for specific properties. the final design communicates clean sophistication necessary for such high-end property listings.

client: chris sernel / escape from earth the client expressed a need for live convert photography that was visually striking and unique to the band’s emotive style

client: personal work landscape photography, a study in contrast and color.

client: personal work an experiment in infrared digital photography.

client: personal work an experiment in open-ended storytelling and achronistic iconography

client: personal work a study in tonal values as a method of subject illustration

client: personal work a study in non-traditional fireworks photography; I wanted to avoid the standard long-exposure cliches of this genre

client: personal work a personal experiment blurring the line between still-life and landscape photography; both photoshop and aperture were utilized to produce the desired effect

client: personal portrait photography client wanted to explore graduation photos from several perspectives, both traditional and more unique.

client: levi duoma photo was taken with available light in a coffee house, which helped to convey the real, home-grown characteristic of his music.

client: personal work while shooting performance photos for levi duoma, I decided to grab a shot of his guitar

client: margarita’s the client was unsure of the best way to illustrate the product in this case; luckily, the first approach was extraordinarily successful.

client: personal portrait photography client was looking for a non-traditional portrait session with her daughter. allowing the subject to express herself freely created a superior result

client: michael nemecek michael wanted images to use for his marketing materials which looked professional, yet not staged. a simple lighting setup helped keep the shoot fluid and natural.

client: jennifer smoot / michele rehn (realtors) real estate can be a challenging photographic endeavor, especially so with high-end listings. this shot was the result of several composite images taken at different times.

client: personal project an experiment with tilt-shift style post processing

client: personal work a study in contrast and exposure using the post-processing abilities of adobe lightroom

Dennis Rosloniec Portfolio  
Dennis Rosloniec Portfolio  

Dennis Rosloniec Graphic Design / Photography Portfolio