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BMW Z4 sDrive28i

PERFORMANCE Turbocharged Engine: 2.0L in-line four-cylinder DOHC with variable valve timing Premium unleaded fuel Fuel economy: EPA (08):, 22 MPG city, 34 MPG highway, 27 MPG combined and 392 mi. range Gasoline direct fuel injection 14.5gallon fuel tank Power (SAE): 240 hp @ 5,000 rpm; 260 ft lb of torque @ 1,250 rpm Price Range:$48,650 - $64,200 US


Exterior Dimensions Length: 167.0 in. Width: 70.5 in Height: 50.8 in. Wheelbase: 98.3 in. Front track: 59.5 in. Rear track: 61.4 in. Curb-to-curb turning circle: 35.1 ft.

Interior Dimensions 39.1 in. front headroom 42.2 in. front leg room 53.3 in. front shoulder room 47.6 cu ft. interior volume


Here, you’ll find an all-new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine where only inline-sixes have lived since the model was introduced 2 years ago. It effectively takes the place of last year’s normally-aspirated 3.0-liter model, and may put it in its place, too. Rated at 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque at 1,250 rpm, it compares very favorably to the 255 hp and 220 lb-ft figures of the old engine. But it’s also lighter, which is an added (or is that subtracted?) bonus that pays benefits in the areas of acceleration and handling. It has Gasoline direct fuel injection which can hold up to 14.5 gallon fuel tank.

A slick, 6-speed manual transmission is standard and has throws shorter than the palm of your hand, but an 8-speed automatic is also available. For those of you not keeping track, that’s two gears for every cylinder.



Manual Z4s are also equipped with a stop/start system that turns off the motor when the car is stationary and lights it back up again when you engage the clutch. It’s a little rough by BMW standards when it does, not bad, but obviously worth mentioning.


In an effort to keep up with the times (and by times I mean the regulators at the EPA,) BMW is for the first time since 1999 offering a car powered by four-cylinder engine in the United States. The Z4 sDrive28i is a fitting ambassador for this olive branch of efficiency. The two-seat, retractable hardtop roadster is easily BMW’s sexiest car, and hard to say ‘no’ to, regardless of what’s under its swinging sixties-style elongated hood. It is equipped with a remote foldable hard top convertible roof, day time running lights, Bi-Xenon headlights with projector beam lenses, Luxury trim: alloy & leather on shifter, alloylook and alloy-look, and driver and passenger power, heated, body-color door mirrors. The Z4 sDrive28i have some great interior features and electronics. They are built with Anti-theft protection includes: interior monitoring and anti-lift and it have a trip computer: includes average speed, average fuel economy, current fuel economy and range for remaining fuel. Surround sound comprising of eight speakers with sound and entertainment of compact disc player with MP3 compatible, Blue Tooth Compatible, IPod connector, and a voice activating system for phone. It has a cruise control and steering wheelmounted audio controls. They improved their safety with intelligent driver and passenger front airbag with

occupant sensors and occupant switch off, knee air bag for both: driver and passenger, side air bag(s) and it has stability and traction control. It was a theft deterrent system and a tire pressure monitoring system. Let off the gas to shift, and it lets out a satisfied gasp of air as the blow-off valve opens and a bit of unburnt fuel rumbles its way through the pipes. Best of all, you get all of this aural feedback even with the retractable hardtop closed. The Z4 is as refined, but not sterile. If there’s a better sounding four-cylinder car in the world, there isn’t. Zero to 60 mph takes 5.5 seconds, but feels quicker than that. The chassis is stiff for a roadster and the ride supple, with just enough body roll to keep you from getting into trouble. This isn’t a track car, but you’ll appreciate that on mountain roads that can use a little TLC. The Z4 is still available with turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engines of 300 and 335 hp, but the extra $6,00-$15,000 more that you’ll pay for them hardly seems worth it. Think of the money and fuel saved as an excuse to take the long way home.




Talk Di Tings Dem! • By: Fuse Y preeeeeeeee worl boss!!! Welcome once again to di realest realest for dealest I dont know what I’m saying cleanest…..WAIT WHAT???? Anywhoooooooo deh yah wid more sinting bout mi place but mi feel like mi shudda just nuh seh nuttin inna dah issue yah still but pree seh a baye tings a gwan inna mi skoooool woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Let’s reason zeen, males be honest, for those are, if unu aguh tek unuself inna unu own hands (if u get mi) unu aguh video it. Yo mi nah tek back mi chat wen mi seh dah bredda deh guh luuuuuuuuuuu!! If yah guh do sumn like dat zeen, I don’t care how much yu seh yu trust sumone don’t send them that or even do it on a medium where you can be recorded that was just retarded dawg and jah know it nuh rite! And a not even dat too enuh, anybody weh a put out dem tape deh unu wrong zeen……I could not hate someone that much or whateva to do such a thing. I don’t know the full story of why this is happening but I care not what people say unu still wrong!!! Inna Mandeville rain is a must tu fawt cuz memba mi tell yu, yu wi lef out inna di boiling sun and swim guh home dung yah suh tu fawt. Roll out mi roll out seh yea mah guh do road and sort out a likkle work inna mi slippaz cuz cyan bada wid e shoes ting today zeen. Being the lazy nigga I am mi tek fieva fi lef out suh wen mi do reach a

bawl enuh cuz a longtime mi nuh drop like dat and people a laaf affa mi!! cha!!! KMT

like afta 1 suh mi seh mek mi just shat it up quick and ting before di rain ketch mi. Shat up e work now and a pree seh mah guh beat e rain guh home guh tek up mi clothes weh did already dry mi did tooooo lazy fi tek up alla dem. A do road fass fi reach uptown and ketch a taxi fi guh home rain stawt pon mi -______-. Usain bolt flex mi tun on and stawt shat it up di road like a fat nigga running for cake, up the hill pon di sidewalk a pass sum pretty girl and wat a piece a sinting mi guh slide!!! Unu knw how dat guh don’t it LOOOOOL shame like dog mi not even itch tu fawt mi fly up faaas fass and do road again. Oh how mi did feel wen mi drop mi almost


Umm ladies, if you have a good man zeen, yah guh mek COSMIC POWER interfere with you and you good man? LOOOOOOOOOL all now dah story yah a beat mi bad cuz mi cyan pass the cosmic power issue yuh get mi but mi nah guh talk it up inna dah issue yah still mi just waan di person even she feh to mi bout it and see if mi nuh dash out the file like wen de ma run dog outta house SHUUUUUUUUUU SHU!!! LOL People do me a favor please please pleeeeeeeeeeease don’t take the internet seriously!! Capslocking someone is not badness zeen good LOOL. With that said mi done fi now cuz mi mite start seh some personal things weh aguh affect people suh mek it tan fi a next time LOL. Until then mi goooooooooone!

Party Island • By: Sara Hey guys, it’s me again. We last spoke of Jamaica’s beautiful scenery but there is more to this lovely island. Approximately a year ago I heard that Jamaica was voted the third happiest country in the world (correct me if I’m wrong). This title was gained simply on the basis that there is a party scheduled for every day. (Please note that these parties listed are specific to Kingston only so multiply that by 13.

DREAM WEEKEND, FRENCH CONNECTION (New Year’s Eve), the occasional DAYDREAMS, FRENCHMEN and the list could go on and on. It is our motto “Go Hard or Go Home”….and we Go Hard….so hard that often times we outdo ourselves.

• Hot Mondays • Titty Tuesdays/nipples tuesday • Weddy Wednesdays • Bembeh on Thursdays • Dutty Fridays • Club Inclusive on Saturdays • Passion Sundays

The partying I don’t mind but the names of the parties are becoming a little uncomfortable. The name of parties, (from my lack of marketing skills,) usually gives patrons an idea of what the party is about. • DAYDREAMS : Tropical Paradise: hint – wear tropical colours • WET ‘N’ WILD: hint – beach wear • IMPY SKIMY: hint – as little clothes as is possible aka belly skin & battyrider & mini-skirt/dress We have managed to capture the carnival cultures of our fellow Caribbean countries and make it rock. Jamaica now has its own carnival season engulfing roughly 5 to 8 weeks of pure soca and ending with a big bang-J’ouvert & road march (never mind that we do not understand the story behind J’ouvert- a party is a party). Similar to our Caribbean colleagues, road marches involve trucks playing carnival songs and people jumping up and down in the streets in their colourful and often revealing costumes.

You get the general idea….but lately; the party names have lost their flavor. The two that are most memorable are: • CHICKEN BACK FRIDAYS: hint? I don’t know… chicken back inclusive party? • GORILLA BASH: hint? Is this a costume party or a party for Gorillas aka ugly people? • UTI: hint?seriously ???????? URINARY TRACT INFECTION!!!!!! Do I get a free urinary tract infection or something?

Jamaicans know how to party and we party hard from weekly parties to seasonal events such as ATI/

Promoters Come On!!!! Brainstorming can’t be that hard!!!!!


1. 5 things you never leave the house without? • Drivers Licence • Clothes • Cell Phone • Pen • Clean Underwear 2. 5 pet peeves person would not know by looking at you? • People without integrity • People who are tardy • People who don’t acknowledge you when you do something good for them. • Taxi men who “think” they own the road • Lame statements from promoters at the end of the night, when payment is due. 3. One song you can’t go a day without listening right now? Golden by Jill Scott 4. One thing you would change about yourself, if you had the chance? To be more out going 5. One sense you think you could live without? Smell


Which Phone Are You? • By: Q It’s only natural that people draw conclusions from the world around them. They make references based on life experiences as well. As a result, people often draw conclusions about a person based on certain possessions. In this article, the spotlight is on headphones and earphones. Believe it or not,these devices say a lot about the owner. The owners can be divided into three (3) categories. Firstly you got the over-theear phones, you know, the “Beats” people. These are the types that seem just got to have the music blaring in their ear at all cost. Not to mention that the style is completely out of whack, this in a sense speaks to their personality as the headphones are LOUD, both in color and volume, so too is their personality. You often find that they are the hardest to get along with, with this enormous object looming over their head. Next, you the on-ear phones, these are the ordinary people. They want to have some music to rock to, but nothing too outlandish, just something to listen to. If we should read into this, they are the conservative type that live within the bounds of normality. We could go further and say that they are the “ok type.” They are often the ones that sit around viewing the world from the right standpoint. Not that others don’t have the correct view, but these persons seem to have the perfect moral compass. They are not concerned with what genre they are listening or if the bass is too low as long as they can hear the music.

Finally we have the in-ear phones, the considerably snobby type, also viewed as the loners in the society. These are the people others fear speaking to. Their expressions are priceless and with the modern age design most times when you are talking to them, they can’t even hear you. Notably these are the ones that want to drown out the world; they have long been sickened with the world and its noise, so much so that over-the-ear phones can’t work. They seem to feel better it the phones are nearer to the ear drum so that the troubles of the universe can’t get through. Sadly this is the area in which I belong. To me they seem more comfortable to move around with and still have a “kick” in them. Considering that I burn through about 3 earphones per month, I should know by now what to look for and how to differentiate between the crappy from the good stuff. Therefore I would recommend the iLuv i353 or Skullcandy Paul Franks Ink’d. All in all, music is a faceless stranger that we all know and love, and no matter what ‘phones’ you use the fact is the music is heard and that you like it. Be you. That’s all that matters and don’t simply live within the stereotypes given and or associated with the headphones or earphones.


COLLEGE ACCESS – Charity Project

Giving Back To Mandeville

• By: Fuse

Too often young adults are branded as irresponsible, careless and just down right unruly. Friday March 23, 2012 was a landmark day for the well rounded group of young adults known as College Access. Not every day you see a group of University students taking the initiative to give back to their community and surrounding areas. Day started off with bright sunshine but a few grey clouds rolled over indicating a chance of rain but nevertheless Drop Wordz Magazine was out in full effect to capture this event. College Access got the ball rolling sometime after 2 p.m. starting their distribution of cooked meals to the homeless starting from the Willogate Plaza and making their way around and through the town. After talking to a few people and deciding what route to take, a slight down pour of rain fell upon our heads trying to damper the efforts of the College Access team but the zeal and drive of this dedicated group of individuals had them braving the weather to complete the task they had set out to do. At first it


seemed the effort was all for naught seeing that we could not see any homeless person for a good distance; scouting out corners, alleys and lanes to find at least one individual in need of a hot meal. The thunder could be heard; the rain drops began to fall at a faster pace and the movement had to get moving when a female beggar was spotted in the vicinity of the Mandeville Town Centre who, after getting an explanation as to what is being done by the College Access Team, gladly accepted the meal and expressed how thankful she was. After handing out a few more meals, we found ourselves stuck at the Shell Gas Station along Caledonia Rd. as the rain decided it wasn’t going to hold up anymore. Braving the rain we decided to make a move towards the shopping center and try to find individuals along that route. Some were very reluctant in accepting but others were over joyed and the gesture was well appreciated. Going through and through the town for

about 4 hours, at the end of the day College Access had achieved their goal; to give back to the town of Mandeville and provide a warm meal for the folks who were less fortunate. Coming to an end at the Bank House Mall, I decided to speak with the College Access team to get a feedback of what they felt about the day and its proceedings.

DW: What was the objective of College Access today? CA: We wanted to make a difference, to show that young people like us are not just about partying and having fun but we’re an organization that’s here to make a difference just like shaggy, somebody stepping out to make a difference. DW: Was the objective met today despite the inclement weather? CA: Well we came out here with 40 boxes of food and I think we gave out about 35 so I would say we achieved our goal and we’re happy. DW: What’s next for College Access? CA: Well we working on signing some contracts with some big sponsors , we can’t really give out the names but we working on that at this point.


The Definitive Guide to Jamaican Table Manners 3. Grill your waiter on the menu items and their accompaniments. E.g.“Is local goat or imported mutton? Mi only eat local rammy yuh know.” “What yuh serve wid di tripe? Rice an peas? Plain rice? Food? “ Is nuff food yuh get?” “So I can get curry goat gravy wid di the fry chicken?” “Is why yuh face screw up so? Yuh work inna restaurant, so mi know seh yuh nuh hungry.” 4. Place the most complicated order you can devise. e.g. “Beg yuh a large food. Having. Half an’ half ox tail an’ fry chicken. Rice an’ peas an’ ‘food’. No boil yam. Banana, sweet potato an’ dasheen only. No gravy on di rice. Stew beef gravy on di fry chicken. Likkle raw veg on di side. Don’t mek the rice touch the meat or the ‘food’ touch the gravy. An’ hurry up wid it!” 5. Despite the complexity of the order and the surly tone in which it was placed you should pull your waiter aside and quietly whisper to him that you would appreciate “a likkle taste of the cow foot as brawta”.

As any true gentleman/lady will tell you, good table manners are an essential part of fluid and enjoyable social interaction. What actually constitutes good table manners, however, will vary widely from place to place. In an effort to identify what is considered good dining etiquette in Jamaica, recently conducted a month-long undercover study at dozens of Jamaican restaurants, eateries and cookshops. Having carefully analysed and collated the data collected we now present to you what we learnt about how one should conduct oneself when dining in Jamaica: 1. On entering the restaurant/cookshop loudly announce your presence by shouting “Serve here!” 2. Do not wait to be seated. Simply plop yourself down at the nearest available table.


6. When your order is brought to you, hold your hand a few inches above the plate to test the warmth of your meal. Complain noisily that the food “cold like Alaska”. Insist that it be reheated. 7. When the reheated food is brought back to your table complain that it does not have nearly enough pepper. 8. Insist that a bottle of Grace Hot Sauce, Pickapeppa Sauce or a side plate with some sliced up bird pepper be brought immediately. 9. Apply pepper to food liberally. 10. Complain that there’s not enough gravy on your food. Enquire whether you are expected to “choke to death on di food?” Send plate away for additional gravy. Source: to_jamaican_table_manners.html

Know Your Own Drinking

It's worth giving a bit of thought to your own pattern of drinking and how you can manage this so that you enjoy it safely.

more than you want or intend to. • Know your limits and stick to them. • Stay busy – don't just sit and drink. Dance or have a game of pool if you're at a pub. • Try not to confuse large measures of alcohol with standard measures, eg a glass of wine served at a party or at home may be much larger than the standard 125ml. • Keep track of your drinks and don't let people top up your drink until it's finished. • Try alternating alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic drinks. Add plenty of mixer to your drinks to make them last longer. • Avoid rounds, ‘shouts’ and kitties – drink to your own pace, not someone else's. • Drink slowly – take sips not gulps.

Tips For Managing Your Drinking


• Eat before or while drinking, and avoid salty snacks, which make you thirsty. • Be assertive – don’t be pressured into drinking


DW Movie and TV PIcks for March Movies Project X Now what did we see on the big screen this month. Well first let’s talk about Project X. Yes poppa, now that movie serves as in inspiration to all college students worldwide. Started a little slow, but unlike the titanic it stayed afloat, wait, scratch that it soared like a phoenix into the sky. It surrounds 3 boys at a secular high school, who aren’t really popular, but fighting their way to the top. Of the 3 boys you normally have 1 quiet, 1 problematic and finally the one that sways with the wind. Now the idea behind the movie was AWESOME, a small house party that got way out of control. Unlike some of my friends, well one in particular FUSE, he just never saw the plot of the story, he stared in awe, he just didn’t understand. The awesomeness just over powered him, he was left almost catatonic. On the other hand seeing that we are party people, the masses took to the movie like ants to fat – as the saying goes. Although we would love to see a party like that happen here in Jamaica, we know we will NEVER, EVER see that, well if it did happen a funeral would be happening shortly after. We here at Drop Wordz gave that movie a 2 devils horn - In the spirit of partying.

series, but I was wrong, it seems stupid role actors are in demand. Seann William Scott played this role flawlessly. This movie spoke to a dude, Seann, who considered he was no good at anything, but being a bouncer. Coming from a dysfunctional family, being the second of 2 sons; the father already embarrassed that the elder son is gay and the second acts as if he’s not operating on all five senses. Not to mention the mother, she is quite unsettled that her son has found joy in just being a bouncer with no motivation to move on. But with luck and his spark to fight he took to hockey and from there he started to excel. Recruited by a high-end team in a low class of hockey he brought his team to numerous victories and in time to face off with his once revered icon Liev Schreiber (Ross Rhea). The final fight was one of epic proportion, it was beyond awesome. The dramatic music, keyed the inner me to let out a sigh as both men pound it out fist for fist on the ice something like what you see in Spartacus. I would definitely charge readers of this to watch this movie.


John Carter

Next we move to Goon, now I never thought this dude could act in anything but the American pie

Now on to something of mythical proportion, now hearing the name of this movie I got psyched to


watch it because it sounded similar to Get Carter, but yea I was thrown for a loop in the movie John Carter. The premise of the movie follows John Carter as he found this metal, because of his curiosity the medal teleported him to Mars. On Mars, while walking he discovered that he could jump really high. Well as stated before The film tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.

TV Series Spartacus: Vengeance “This week, the horizon came into view for this series of Spartacus: Ve n g e a n c e , and there was certainly no doubt about the show's willingness to acknowledge the impending conclusion. Major character deaths, huge plot developments - if I didn't know better, I'd al-

most have thought that this episode was the finale itself! It's impossible to go any further without mentioning this episode's really big moment, though, and that's the murder of Seppia. Who saw that coming? Personally, I was expecting Seppia and Lucretia to get their wires crossed and for the former to kill Ilithyia as "revenge" against Glaber, but clearly that was not to be. For a moment, I actually believed she might kill Glaber and get away with it (historical record be damned) - but the truth was far more unexpected. In fact, if there's anything that exemplifies Spartacus more in a single image than Glaber and Ilithyia having sex, while soaked in Seppia's blood, as her corpse bobs nonchalantly nearby, I haven't seen it. The episode title - Monsters - couldn't have been more apt. What's more, it finally makes Ilithyia and Glaber into something other than the bargain basement Batiatus and Lucretia. The latter pair were selfinterested and ruthless, but usually fair and generally quite subtle in their schemes. By comparison, Glaber and Ilithyia are borderline insane - powerful enough to do whatever they want and get away with it, and finally reveling in that freedom. Of course, the episode's ending does suggest bigger concerns may dominate their thinking in the immediate future, as the group is driven up Vesuvius and besieged by Glaber's forces. History buffs (or Wikipedia readers) will recognize this as a genuine occurrence during the Third Servile War, and it's a fun reminder that however fictionalized Spartacus is, it's based in fact, if only superficially. Disappointingly, this season is due to end with next week's tenth and final episode, but that suggests we're far from out of the woods yet. I don't expect everyone to live through the next hour of Spartacus, and characters such as Naevia, Mira and Nasir should probably watch out - they're important enough that it'll hurt if (or rather, when) they die, but not so important the show can't do without them. Ashur, too, is long overdue a comeuppance, but whether it happens next episode or next season is - one assumes - up to Lucretia. Is she ready to fight back? One thing is certain: the only foolish bet you can make here is that everyone lives through episode 10. Feel free to guess who's going to make it and who isn't.�* * - extracted from spartacus_vengeance_episode_9_review_monsters.html


Windows 8 is Here! • By: KG

Windows 8…….Windows 8……..Windooo…(drowning out)….ok so you have an idea why the repetitive cheers. Windows 8 consumer preview has been out for about 2 weeks or more give or take a few days and the DropWordz tech team has been benching and testing its new features and so far things seem promising. Let’s not forget though the ‘disaster of an operating system’ vista was……looked great on presentations and alpha/beta testing’s but failed miserably. So let’s get down to the good stuff and PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE THE INITIAL RELEASE REVIEWS AND ARE NOT THE FINAL RESULTS STATISTICS. WE HERE AT DROPWORDZ ARE STATING ONLY OUR EXPERIENCE AND FINDINGS THUS FAR IN THE WINDOWS 8 TEST WHICH ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THE FINAL RELEASE CANDIDATE OF THE OPERATING SYSTEM NEARS COMPLETION. Microsoft has taken a revamped approach in the upgrade from (what we tested on) windows 7 to 8. I would like to think that this measure goes across all existing operating systems when doing an upgrade.


The first thing I commend Microsoft for making the installation procedure for windows 8 extremely user friendly and the installation utility even runs an assessment to see what current applications and drivers installed will be supported within windows 8. This utility gives the user whether to create a bootable flash drive or burn it to disc. What really amazed me was on the first boot up from a flash drive, the windows 8 splash screen was really efficient. I accidentally deleted a linux master boot record which was responsible for carrying me to my windows boot partitions. A constant grub error kept me from accessing my windows boot partitions and I was like (face palmed). Initially I thought to myself hmmmm I am going to have to use a windows 7 recovery disc and this that and I decided to see what competence windows 8 really had to offer. Flashing back to the amazement that enveloped my face on the initial splash screen, the aesthetics of this new splash screen was really refreshing…..still simple but really an upgrade from the regular black and white MS-DOS screen. I then realized that it had found my windows 7 boot partition and gave me the option to

boot into it. There was also advanced options which allowed a user to troubleshoot the system if needed. My first course of action of course was to make sure my windows 7 was intact, to my dismay I needed to run some recovery commands to be able to boot properly but windows 8 handled all these tasks seamlessy and I was good to go in a matter of minutes.

Welcome to windows 8 Since the developer preview, windows 8 has matured a significant deal. It boasts a whole new line of functionality which ill admit takes some time to get use to right off the bat, but give after a few days of exploration the average user will get use to its navigation and gui tweaks. So, everyone wants to know....what makes windows 8 so reimagined that you may want to transition? This article will unravel some of the major innovations that has been implemented to further ascend the user experience of windows.We start things off in order of appearance ranging to its inner workings.

store files. This dates back to Windows 95, when the 'Active Desktop' feature launced where a user could allow to bind html content to their desktop in the form of a wallpaper. It would then synchronize and keep u up to date with what's happening. It never really took off and was abandoned by the time vista took its inception. Vista came with the windows sidebar and windows 7 with gadgets. All in all it was a succession of failed attempts but with the showcase of the metro interface for windows 8, will this be the 'achilles' to save the day? At a glance the aesthetics captivates the user and the innate human fascination triggers one to explore. This area is the new start button, consisting of all your applications and utilities in a more interactive panel like appeal. It illuminates this space with 'live tiles' consisting of which allow the user to see current activity within the application and other static not so visually appealing tiles for other applications. The metro area is fully customizable allowing users to add, remove and rearrange tiles. If a user has extensive tiles a zoom in and out functionality is at their disposal by holding control and scrolling with a touchpad or wheel button on a mouse.

Memory and Power Management Since Windows 95, Microsoft has been adamant at fixing memory leakage and power efficiency, Windows 8 thus far has proven that these implementations are what they aimed for all these years. My two year old Asus U30JC has an average battery life of 5 hours on full performance (excluding gaming) and given these 2 years of ‘wear and tear’ in windows 7 I have lost 2 hours on my average battery life but since windows 8 I have regained 52 minutes given the new power management system. On gaming on the other hand that is yet to be ascertained since these beta tests are fluctuating frequently. Windows 8 puts applications into three categories: 1.Actively running in the foreground 2.Suspended in the background 3.Performing some defined background activity

Windows 8 Filing System

The Metro Interface For years microsoft tried and failed in bringing a new experience to the desktop rather than just a place to

One of the most basic services provided by an OS is the file system, and Windows has one of the most advanced file systems of any operating system used broadly. In Windows 7 things were substantially improved in terms of reliability, management, and robustness (for example, automating completely the antiquated notion of "defrag"). In Windows 8, a different approach was taken that focused on scaling and capacity. An example of these advancements is


showed in the figure below displaying how new systems will support installing Windows 8 to, and booting from, a 3TB or bigger disk.

Internet Explorer 10 After many years I honestly put Internet Explorer in a state of oblivion, well only to access Google Chrome after a fresh format that is but after using Internet Explorer 10, I can safely conclude for now that finally, finally finally… will be a contender amongst the elites in the browser battles. Pages loaded fast or even faster than Google Chrome in some instances..(had me wondering at times if some special service is running in the background to limit any other browser) but finally, Microsoft has got it right, or I hope that is. The plethora of toolbars has been removed and it brings back a feeling of using Chrome, at times I even forgot I was inside IE 10 but so far hats off to Microsoft for finally getting it right.

set button on the back of a wireless network router, to the software reset option on a smartphone. Two new features in Windows 8 that can help you get your PCs back to a “good state” when they’re not working their best, or back to the “factory state” when you’re about to give them to someone else or decommission them. Today, there are many different approaches and tools to get a PC back to factory condition. If you buy a PC with Windows preinstalled, it often comes with a manufacturer-provided tool and a hidden partition that can be used for that specific model of PC. You might also use a third-party imaging product, Windows system image backup, or the tried and true method of a clean reinstall from the Windows DVD. While these tools all provide similar functionalities, they don’t provide a consistent experience from one PC or technique to another. If you are the “go to” person for your friends, relatives, or neighbors when they need help with their PCs, you may find that it’s sometimes necessary to just start over and reinstall everything. Without a consistent experience to do this, you might end up spending more time finding the recovery tool for a specific PC than actually fixing the problems, and this gets even worse if you’re helping someone over the phone. (Believe me I can speak about the remote assistance aspect of things) Windows 8 consists of two related features: • Reset your PC – Remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. • Refresh your PC – Keep all personal data, Metro style apps, and important settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows.

Reset Your PC To Start Over

Resetting Your Pc To Its Original State Many consumer electronic devices these days provide a way for customers to get back to some predefined “good” state. This ranges from the hardware re-


In some cases, you might just want to remove everything and start from scratch manually. But in other cases, you’re removing your data from a PC because you’re about to recycle or decommission it. For both of these situations, you can easily reset your Windows 8 PC and put the software back into the same

condition as it was when you started it for the very first time (such as when you purchased the PC). Resetting your Windows 8 PC goes like this: 1. The PC boots into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). 2. Windows RE erases and formats the hard drive partitions on which Windows and personal data reside. 3. Windows RE installs a fresh copy of Windows. 4. The PC restarts into the newly installed copy of Windows. Sky Drive: Delivering personal cloud storage for bil-

One question that many conscious users ask several times in one way or another is “I care about keeping my machine secure, what are the best practices?” That’s a question which encompasses a series of answers ranging from complex security suites, vulnerability assessments to long complex password combinations. Windows 8 has changed the game by introducing a new security feature that utilizes a picture and uses what are called “points of interest” on these pictures to create gestures. Now I’m not saying it is full proof against hackers, some cracker software will be implemented to test a plethora of gesture combinations but as it stands, being in the security field it represents a new perimeter to create somewhat of a void between malicious attackers and pc users. Windows 8 thus far is as Microsoft has disclaimed…. Windows really reimagined….will all its new innova-

lions of people Cloud Services are no longer an imaginary service that is accessible only to a select few. Windows 8 has taken Sky Drive and integrated its services to be innate with Windows 8. So here is an example, let’s say you configured your Sky Drive to sync your personal files – like documents and photos, settings, browser history, and customizations, you then proceeded to format your PC and automatically you thought you would have to reconfigure all these settings. Thanks to Sky Drive, once you have finished that format and you log into your account…!!!EUREKA!!!....everything is back to where it was. Sky Drive also allows integrations into other applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite.

tions take off or will it become a follower or windows vista? In the opinion of Dropwordz, we feel it will make its footprint in the pc and respective industries. Next week we will divulge more intricate details on Windows 8, in terms of gaming and other background workings of it.

Optimizing Picture Password Security


What's the Buzz in Tech?

Apple and twitter…a match made in heaven Twitter and Apple are quite cozy. Twitter is built into iOS 5, it's coming to OS X Mountain Lion, and Apple promotes the official Twitter client in ways no other app gets. But Twitter promotes Apple, too. Have you looked at a tweet of an App Store link on the Web lately? It displays a rich, embedded iTunes view. The next creepy step in facial recognition comes from little bit of software that purports to not only identify you with a photo of your face, but also deduce your age, gender, and mood. We'd be more creeped out if it wasn't sort of...not accurate. Rdio With the limitation of free music on the internet not counting in torrents the need to find free music has become quite a challenge. Rdio is one of several subscription music services that are, in broad strokes, allows pay a pittance a month, usually $10 for full


access (which includes stuff like mobile apps and offline downloading), and then you can listen to an unlimited amount of music from a catalogue of millions upon millions of songs. Visa and MasterCard Warn of a Massive Data Breach at Global Payments In the latter half of last week, Visa and MasterCard sent out notices to several banks asking them to verify a security breach. The massive scale of the breach generated enough noise to come to their notice, and although they did not name any credit card processor responsible for this breach, it has been identified recently as Global Payments.

Grim Outlook as Blackberry Maker RIM Gives Up on Consumer Market Waterloo, Ontario based company Research In Motion announced its first quarterly loss since 2005 yesterday. This announcement comes shortly after the resignation of longtime Co-CEO and board member, Jim Balsillie. The company will also leverage its resources toward the corporate marketplace and steer away from the consumer market where it has lost ground against the likes of Apple and Google.

Dream Machine MOTHERBOARD ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard - ATX, Socket R (LGA2011), Intel X79 Express, 2400MHz DDR3 (O.C.), SATA 6.0 Gb/s, 8-CH Audio, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, PCI-Express 3.0, CrossFireX/SLI, Bluetooth

RAM Corsair CMP32GX3M4X1600C10 Dominator Desktop Memory Kit - 32GB (4x 8GB), PC3-12800, DDR31600MHz, 240-pin DIMM, 1.5V, CL10, Unbuffered, XMP Ready

HARD DRIVE AND SSD Seagate ST3000DM001 Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 3TB, SATA III (6Gb/s), 3.5", 7200RPM, 64MB OCZ VTX3-25SAT3-240G Vertex 3 Solid State Drive - 240GB, SATA III, 2.5"Galaxy

VIDEO CARD GeForce GTX 680 Video Card - 2048MB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 3.0 (x16), 1x Dual-Link DVI-I, 1x DualLink DVI-D, 1x HDMI, 1x Display Port, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, SLI Ready, GPU Boost in SLI mode

POWER SUPPLY OCZ OCZ-ZX1250W ZX Series Modular Power Supply - 1250W, 80 Plus Gold, 140mm Fan, Active PFC, SLI & CrossFire Support

PROCESSOR Intel Core i7-3960X BX80619i73960X Extreme Edition Processor - Six Core, 15MB L3 Cache, 1.5MB L2 Cache, 3.30 GHz (3.90 GHz Max Turbo), Socket R (LGA2011), 130W

COOLING Corsair CWCH60 Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler





The Ultimate Easter Weekend

• By: Q OVERVIEW Since the beginning of this year, we at Drop Wordz noticed a lot of promotion surrounding this West Affair event, so we had to find out what the buzz was about. We got in touch with the promoters to get a rundown of the event and what should be expected. The resorts of Negril in Westmoreland will host the rebranded West Affair, which has grown from a single-night event to a party series, organized by the Canadian-based promotions group, Papernote Entertainment. Head of the events-promotion company, Gregory 'Ziggy' Senior, disclosed that approximately $3 million would be spent to stage the event that will run from April 6 to 9. "We thought it was important to stage this event in Negril due to the easy access to party venues and accommodation," Senior said in a release. "West Affair will be an authentic entertainment experience that will not only benefit our patrons who attend, but other stakeholders in the Negril area." Carolyn Wright, general manager at Rondel Village in Negril, agreed that party series events in the resort town add value to the diverse tourism offerings. "Generally, events tend to bring in business to the area and add to the entertainment value of Negril. They bring in additional guests, which not only benefits the hotels, but the restaurants and other linkage businesses," Wright explained."We have seen with the staging of other events the benefits they bring to the town, so we definitely welcome more entertainment events in Negril." The West Affair party series will be made up of events such as Splash on April 6; Burn Reloaded on April 7; then Bikini Malibu on April 8; and on April 9, the series will close with Glamor. Senior stressed that as a benefit to partygoers, deliberate steps


were taken to stage only one event per day. "After listening to our audience, we decided to change the format of the event that allows patrons the benefit of relaxing in the day and being refreshed for the party in the night." The cost to access the party series will range from $2,500 to $3, 000, while all-inclusive bands range from $5,500 and $6,000 to $8,000. Well that was a brief synopsis on what it takes to put this event together and what is expected. If tickets are needed, please see the following pages for the relevant contact information. We endorse this event 100% and our Drop Wordz Team will be there to cover every minute of every event so see you all there. West Affair: The Best Affair!!!!

• Mobay 876-952-3866 • Sav 876-955-9119 • Mandeville 876-962-3129 • King Cellular (Mobay) 876-940-6610 • Jerky’s Bar & Grill (Mobay) • Discount Boutique For Him, Mr. Grey Store (Lucea, Hanover) • Tuppy & Sherine Family Store (Sav) 876-891-6928 • Riverside Pharmacy (Negril) • FRANZique 1-876-622-3291 or 1-876-374-1584 8 Hill View Avenue, shop #10, (Kingston) Call 876-840-2684 for a outlet near you

Season Band Prices All inclusive season bands to all 4 events: $8000 Regular, $6000 Presold $5500 Early Bird All inclusive bands for College and University Students with valid school I.D $5000 Early Bird & Presold, 2 per student. *N.B: I.D info will be recorded for double purchase from different ticket outlet.


Non inclusive season band to all 4 events: $4000 Regular, $3000 Presold and $2500 Early Bird

“Riding West in my bulletproof vest” these infamous words of Bounty Killer ran across my mind this Easter. The West coast, Negril in particular, will be transformed into a phenomenal party hub with the hosting of West Affair. West Affair, the scheduled party weekend will be kicking off on the 6th of April and climaxing to the 9th. Drop Wordz delved deeper to uncover how this event was conceputalized and precisely how much planning went into the staging of this event. It’s quite interesting to see different entertainment houses merging to host the “infamous” West Affair.

Persons w/ 50% OFF coupon, your coupon is still valid and will expire 2 weeks after the 1st day tickets become available. Discount applies to regular price ONLY. Get Tickets Online from Jamaica’s leading online ticket outlet:

Ticket Outlets • Fontana Pharmacy:

Firstly, this ultimate weekend will begin with a bang or more befitting for this MEGARIFFIC weekend, a


SPLAASH. Coming from the Overdose Entertainment house, SPLAASH is making its premiere on April 6, and is set to start the epic weekend. We spoke with the Overdose family, to get a little background information and what is expected from SPLAASH. Overdose Promotional and Entertainment Group deals with entertainment for patrons in Western Jamaica and assists in promotions of

similar group events. Overdose ENT. started on May 1, 2008 and the members are: Courtney James, Kamacho Russell, Clayon Clarke, Oshane Cunningham, Roneil Grant, Marlon Frazer, Khalil Brown. The group is known for 2 major events: Pressure Point - their trademark; also an annual event and South Beach Mobay, which featured Aidonia, Laden and Chi Ching Ching. With that event the group collaborated with Chi Spot and Kasdrae Entertainment. The group in an effort to extend their party reach and energy, chose Easter as it seemed like the perfect time - headlining West Affair. SPLAASH, is the official water party for the weekend and is guaranteed to ignite the weekend. Patrons can expect to be soaked from head to toe with their centralized pool in the middle of the venue contain-


ing water balloons and bags. In addition, they have installed hidden water sprinkles that will pop up at intervals especially, for those patrons who think they can hide from the water. Also there will be the super-soaker water guns that the promoters will use to soak the patrons at will. Want to have a thrilling experience? Want to experience a party like no other? Then SPLAASH is the place to be this Easter Weekend April 6th at sunset on the beach.

So after you’ve had your SPLAASH and recovered or maybe you’re just getting to the strip on April 7. The party for the day will be BURN. Coming from the Dre1alliance camp, BURN is dubbed Negril's hottest party series. After three successful stagings, it has been dubbed as pure party with no gimmicks. The group aims to satisfy the patrons’ needs at all costs. Burn Reloaded, will not fall short of the established BURN brand, as there will be juggling from: resident, Illusion Sound 'Ochi's finest' alongside DJ Absolute, the return of DJ Jigga, DJ Gbo and introducing CoolShade Chris. If you want to experience an unusual 100% party atmosphere, good clean music, beautiful people & nonstop fun then Chances Beach, Negril is the place to be on April 7 for Burn Reloaded!

From the promotional side, who or what is Dre1alliance entertainment? Dre1alliance entertainment, parent company of the Burn Negril Party Series, is ranked amongst Western Jamaica's best choice for promotional assistance and booking of disc jocks for events. It was founded in late 2009 by CEO Andre Byfield, who is also the Marketing Director of West Affair Weekend 2012.This four member team also consists of: Linkz96fm top disc jocks and Yung Legendz Music members, Oneil "DJ Absolute" Taylor and Dwayne "DJ Dee" Downer. Dre1alliance entertainment also consists of several #TeamBurn members lead by Brian "DJ Majic" Ellis and Danielle Ewart. Byfield told Drop Wordz, "West Affair weekend's online impact was his initial idea. We're living in 2012 where social media is key, internet is ideal, and West Affair is powered by Jamaica's top websites and social media groups."

without (all brands of liquor will be available). Pre-Fantasy Cruise also known as the West Affair cruise will sail from Bourban Beach, Negril and tour the beautiful ocean between 4 and 9p.m. It is sure to be 5 hours of non-stop partying. Fantasy Cruise is a unique party out on the ocean, where patrons can party like a superstar. Music will be provided by the Fantasy Frat DJs; DJ Gbo & special DJs. Dress code is swimwear and patrons should be prepared to get wet. We will also have our water period, where patrons can take a dive in the beautiful ocean (trained life guards will be onboard the yacht), Pre-Fantasy Cruise V is an exclusive party for the persons attending West Affair. Fantasy Frater-

Byfield went further to say, "The entity (Dre1alliance) was created after seeing that Negril was yet to be impacted by online promotions and DJ management. We're also publicists for several artistes such as; JYungg, Khaos, Zagga and Moula Di Don.” He added the meaning behind the name, “Dre1alliance, despite popular belief stands for, “D”etermination – “R”esistance – “E”ndurance, the “1” - stands for our unity and the "alliance" represents our team, whom has made us successful thus far,” Our team is very focused at the moment and thankful for our recent accomplishments such as: having the best network in Negril, Jamaica and being nominated for Best Dance Session for 2012 for their event, Burn Heated Temptation. That was a previous partnership with White Roses Promotions. In the future, the group hopes to continue entertaining their patrons with their signature event, the Burn series, which is expected to make its international debut soonas well as, providing the best promotional assistance to their growing client base. Dre1alliance recently launched their web site and the feedback so far is encouraging. Pre-Fantasy Cruise V on Sunday, April 8 is a bonus event that has been added to the West Affair weekend schedule. The event is a precursor to the Fantasy Cruise V scheduled for April 22. Fantasy Cruise is usually an all-inclusive party but the pre cruise will be different whereas patrons will have to purchase their alcohol. The cruise is free with West Affair season bands and Fantasy Cruise V ticket but will cost $1000

nity is the promotional team behind Fantasy Cruise. Fan Frat, as it is popularly known, was founded in March of 2010 by group of college students in Westmoreland. Their 1st two events were Fantasy Cruise I & II. In summer 2010, they hosted their first party on land, "Saint City" which turned out to be their signature event. Following that, in December 2010 they hosted a beach party, Tempted Touch. Since then, all our events are anticipated yearly by many and well attended. Fantasy Cruise is said to be a unique party


experience. Don’t miss out! It is said that the streets of Negril are lined with gold, but on the April 8th the streets of Negril will be lined with spontaneous color and bikinis - lots and lots of bikinis. Legal Ntertainment’s Bikini Malibu, is set to premiere on the 8th of April. Legal Ntertainment was founded in the summer of 2006 in a small town, West Yarmouth in USA. Legal Ntertainment was developed to provide outstanding events to satisfy all the needs of the patrons. The company started out doing concerts in a club by the name of Pufferbellies. The name stood out because they provided only the best and nothing else. Their first concert was called ‘Singers in Action’ which featured top reggae acts, namely Sanchez and L.U.S.T, After that, the group hosted other concerts with acts such as Wayne Wonder, Beenie Man ,Yung Berg, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Lloyd Banks just to name a few. They then decided to take the company to Jamaica in 2010 and December 2011, where they hosted a launch party in Negril. The launch party was only the beginning as they were setting the foundation to provide quality and unique events to suit patrons’ needs.

The event, Bikini Malibu, was formed by Legal Ntertainment Promotions Company. It is basically a bikini beach party, a place where the ladies can showcase what they’ve got, The theme of the party is basically Color. Patrons can wear anything so when the crowd gathers, it will be a sea of color. Patrons can expect nothing but the best. Legal Ntertainment will be providing some of the best disc jocks from across Jamaica. This party promises to be an experience that you don't want to miss. Bikini Malibu, one word to describe it – EPIC! Finally, we are at the final day where PaperNote cordially invites you to the prestigious event, Glamor. Glamor caters to a refined audience. It is considered the ultimate black and white party on the strip, the seductive black and white beach party which facilitates females with that seductive look that men will fall for. To miss this party is definitely to diss!!! PaperNote Ent. notably is a Canadian based entertainment group, formed in 2008 by Gregory Senior after being encouraged by friends on several trips to support their events in Jamaica. The first event staged in Jamaica was West Affair and the name still remains today. With the exception that it has grown from a single night event, to an entire weekend featuring a series of themed parties. The name West Affair was derived from its geographical location of staging, Western Jamaica. Drop Wordz asked PaperNote Ent. what they had in mind when organizing and planning West Affair. They replied, “I am always paying close attention to party series that offer all inclusive and thought to myself that there is a lot more that the promotion of those series could offer to benefit patrons. West Affair Weekend was created with the patrons in mind. Some patrons complained about "back to back parties" and not being able to get their money's worth as they would often missed a few of the parties. Hence why we decided to host only one event per night. This offers the patrons a chance to rejuvenate and better prepare for the next activity. Though we are all entitle to social uplifting in life, not all of us can afford to pay for inclusive parties, which is why we decided to offer both regular and inclusive options to all four parties as well as free day activities, including the Fantasy V pre cruise.” The beach sports


by day for 4 days include: Volleyball, Football, Tug Of War. There will also be cash prizes and giveaways.

Sponsored & Endorsed By: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Elite Conceptz & Solutionz (E.C.S) • Brainz Designz • Blaq Inq • Kings Cellular • Irie Jamz International • Fontana Pharmacy • Rolling Promotions • Linkz 96 FM • Eva Fresh Promotions • Yung Legendz Entertainment • International Swagg Entertainment • NKG Entertainment • Black Ice Entertainment More info: Follow: @WestAffair_JA & @Burn_NegrilJA Add The Team: pin:229E8839 Dre1Alliance pin:285BA03C Legal NT pin:27802EF7 Overdose Ent pin:257CA8C1 Overdose Ent pin:21C24977 PaperNote Ent




ON THE RISE: Slim I.D. what I love, Music and as I ooze with confidence and determination, I am not the best but I know I'm close and I know one day I am going to make it". A series of questions were thrown at Slim and he had these responses for those questions. DW: How did you get the name Slim and what does I.D represent? SLIM I.D.: Well growing up, Eminem was my favorite rapper and Slim Shady was my favorite alter ego of him. You could say I idolized Slim Shady growing up so I started calling myself Slim from primary school and everybody was drawn to it because of my meager appearance. The abbreviation I.D. means Illegal Disturbance which is a crew I started in grade 7 of high school which had 7 members once but now consists of Sauce another rapper and Twig and G-Money who are Deejays. Sauce was the one who came up with the name though so I just added the abbreviation to my name. Well once again we’re here to shine the light on another upcoming talent in the island. Jamaican rapper Slim I.D. told the world who was the ‘Illest’ so we just had to get in contact with this ‘ILL’ rapper. Drop Wordz caught up with him for an interview and a little insight on his upcoming projects but first who is Slim I.D.? Lennox Turner, stage name Slim I.D., is a young upcoming rap artist from Jamaica. He was born in Montego-Bay, St. James but resides in the parish of Trelawny in the town of Falmouth. He is a determined and confident individual who believes nothing is impossible with God. His hard work and dedication can be easily heard in his music. His lyrics are full of meaning, substance and a sensation that draws you to listen and wanting to hear more. He defies the odds and has so far accomplished to have people drawn to the real Rap/Hip-Hop music and not what was just considered as "Jamaican Rap" where in there is a mixture of Patois and Standard English. His journey to success won't be easier than the others nor will it be any quicker but when you’re working this hard and efficient as Slim I.D., it may come off looking that way. Listen keenly as you experience the sound of good, authentic and long lasting music from the Jamaican born Rapper, Slim I.D. Slim I.D. -"... And though a picture might be worth a thousand words and even though in my songs I might curse, Who Are You to Judge Me? This is my life and


DW: How did you get into rap music? SLIM I.D.: Well I grew up listening to Eminem and Tupac a lot so I always loved rap music but found it hard when I was a toddler to write a few rhymes because I hated poetry in primary school but when I got to high school and Twig (DJ in I.D. Crew) started doing music, I figured I’d try deejaying too. That didn’t really work out so I said since I love rap so much I should just start rapping then and added to the fact that I was doing literature in high school and started to like poetry, I started writing and recording my own raps. My main influence as well other from Twig doing music was Lil Wayne. He had just released Da Drought 3 mixtape at the time so just like that mixtape, my first set of songs at the time had no choruses, just verses over other rappers beats. DW: Do you believe the level of music being produced these days has deteriorated? SLIM I.D: In some ways yes and it’s what it takes to get in the industry nowadays that’s been disappointing. I mean, no doubt music has grown and made space for artists like myself. From Bob Marley to Vybz Kartel and from Tupac and Biggie to Drake and Lil Wayne, music has somewhat changed over the years and made room for new sounds and talent and the fact that you don’t have to come from a struggling, drug dealing al-

ways going to jail background to be an artiste is really a plus. But nowadays money is such a big commodity in the music business that the wrong artistes are being pushed on to the scene because their buying their way into the industry and then it’s like one hit song and I’m gone now, something I personally is not use to who having been listening to music from a child hearing one voice making many hits. There’s a lack of longevity from these modern day artists. DW: Who do you consider to be the most influential person on your music? SLIM I.D.: Most definitely Lil Wayne. From the first time I heard Da Drought 3, I was like I wish I could rap like that and now hear I am, not rapping like Lil Wayne but like Slim I.D., me. DW: What projects do you have in the pipe line for the music game at this time? SLIM I.D.: Well my mixtape entitled “Success Story” that I released in August 2011 is still doing good, the official videos such as “Who’s The Illest”, “I’m A Boss Freestyle” featuring SuperPugz, “Victory” and “Money” featuring Sauce & Dino Casanova still doing good and other singles such as “Florida Lady” featuring G-Money and “Don’t Go” produced by AK-Cole and Redhooknoodles still getting me a lot of exposure so right now I’m busy getting famous LOL. But since then I’ve done a freestyle on Tyga’s – Rack City called Slim City which gets played by a local Disc Jock in Montego-Bay called DJ Drumline at parties that keep in the city so I’m just riding with that. The freestyle is sort of Montego-Bay based shouting out the crews and some peeps from the college I attend there, the Montego-Bay Community College and other famous faces in the city so people are feeling it like a little anthem for the city. However, for the time being I’m supporting the rest of the crew with their projects that should be coming out this year. Twig, G-Money and Sauce all should be releasing their own mixtapes so I’m just chilling right now but with me you never know, I might just pop up anytime.

this sort of behavior is destroying the music and young cats like me have to work 2 times as hard now to get what we want. DW: Who would you like to work with in the business right now? SLIM I.D.: Well seeing that I am Jamaican; I would definitely like to work Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. He’s my favorite Jamaican artiste but in the rap industry, right now it would be Rick Ross. He’s killing the game right now. DW: Do you have any advice for upcoming rappers who can’t seem to get a break in the business? SLIM I.D.: My advice to upcoming rappers is you have to faith in God, be determined and positive. Faith in God is key for any and everyone no matter what you’re doing, he will definitely guide you. If it wasn’t for him I doubt I’d be here doing music right now if he didn’t see it fit for me. Success doesn’t happen overnight, you have to keep on working and working. Work for a reason to continue, Make short term goals and achieve them. You have to be determined to get what you want, there’s a big difference between loving music and love doing music so once you know you really love doing music, and you will definitely work hard towards what you want. Being positive is a plus. Don’t worry about competition, doubters and critics; just do the best you that you can do. Buying your way into the industry should never be your first option unless we talking studio time or getting a video shot and edited LOL. There we go, an exclusive interview with the ‘Illest’ himself Slim I.D. Look out for all his future works and projects but please keep connected to this On The Rise talent through the following mediums: Youtube: Twitter: @Slim_ID Facebook: & http://

DW: If you were to change one thing about the music business, what would it be and why? SLIM I.D.: The one thing I would change about the music business is people buying their way into the business. I think an artiste should show some level of consistency to get into the game. There are so many good artistes with potential struggling financial and can’t even get airplay over a not-so-good artistes who doesn’t have the same love and passion for the music who just made one song and pays any amount it takes for DJ’s to play it whether it sounds good or not. I think



SOS Dynamikz Loops 3 by another student named Khalil Lawson also known as Dawg Paw. Sheldon was excited about this program so much that in days he learned to use it very well.

On December the 12th 1987, Sheldon Orane Sullivan, was born in Manchester, Mandeville. He was raised by parents Evon Rose Marie Sullivan and Irvin Sullivan. He was raised around classical music between the ages 1 and 5. His speech was not discovered until the age of 6. Music was around him all his life. He grew around the sounds of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Charlie Pride and Brook Benton. When he was 7, he found a new genre that he began to love which is Hip Hop/ Rap Music. He was enlightened by the rapping skills of Busta Rhymes, OutKast, and Bone Thugs & Harmony. At Decartret College, He discovered his rapping and beat boxing skills. He began improving them by religiously practicing every day. Then he transferred to Belair high School where he discovered another skill, the skill of composing music. He was introduced to a program called Fruity


There was also times when his parents began to get worried because of his addiction of making beats for hours. His older brother Omar Lillie also known as Avalon, found Sheldon making beats in the school's computer lab at 7:00pm. He was so amazed at his work that he took him to a studio called M-City Studios where he met Damion Naylor (Former Manager), Marvin Powell (Producer/Engineer) and Jermaine Hamilton (Producer/Engineer). His audition was to make one beat, but Sheldon took things to another level and made 5 beats in less than 1 hour. They were so amazed at his work that he became a permanent member of M-City. Sheldon began to research other producers like Timbaland, Danja Hands, Scott Storch, Battlecat, Don Cannon, Green Lantern, Just Blaze, Polow Da Don, 9th Wonder, Dr. Dre, Nottz, Stephen Di Genius and Hi Tek. He also started to do remixes of Accapellas and gave them a different feeling. At 19 Years old, M-City Studios closed. Sheldon was disappointed, but he started to make music on his own with the home computer. He started placing his music on his myspace page, and people began to see how talented and dedicated he was. His name began to spread around Belair High School, other schools, and soon, the rest of Manchester. Now 24 years old, Sheldon's skills became what some people say is unbelievable. He is still using his favorite program, FL STUDIOS, to create wonderful music that he says is from the soul. His aim he says is to be the greatest music producer/rapper there is. He also stated that, "This music industry needs help. This is where SOS Dynamikz comes in". He has a Group by the name of BPM (Best Producing Masters). Artist Includes Bruce, Benji Le Boss, Lady

Livi, Kris Beatz Taylor and Devon. We at Drop Wordz know talent so we caught up with SOS to get an interview and his opinion on a few things regarding music on a whole. We asked him a few questions and these were his responses; DW: Who is SOS Dynamikz? SOS: Producer/Rapper, the Timbaland of Jamaica, in my eyes I would say because I really believe I am. DW: How did you get the name SOS Dynamikz? SOS: SOS is in my name birth initials, Sheldon Orane Sullivan. When I thought about it, SOS means Save Our Souls or Source of Sound, I just added Dynamikz because it means to be out there or it matters how loud or soft a track is so I put them together; plus it sounds cool. DW: What works do you have in the pipeline as we speak and who have you worked with so far? SOS: Well I’m working on the mixtapes for the members of BPM, we got Bruce’s mixtape, Benji’s Mixtape, Livi’s mixtape, I even did work on Hard Dayz recent mixtape with Protokal, mixed down a few tracks and a couple of my beats are on there. I’m putting my mixtape on hold now to get BPM out there at the moment but soon enough the world will get a taste of it. I have works coming up with Dre Day the producer of Aidonia’s hits Summer Sun and One More Gyal. I also worked with Lee’thal and Q’Ban with whom I have two hits so yea it’s going well. DW: What is the name of your mixtape and how did you come up with the name?

SOS: Well umm my mixtape is called Specimen 87. I created a world called Planet Musictopia where there are different specimens and since I was born 1987…you get the idea LOL. DW: What is was the motivation behind your latest single ‘Seasonal Hoes’? SOS: A girl that I really loved; she was kind of twisted and messed up in the head. What she expected from me she didn’t get frankly she was in love with the idea of me and not me as a person. It was between the seasons of summer and autumn, so just like the seasons she switched, changed her feelings towards me. Funny enough it happened to me again recently but that’s a whole pot of water I’m not getting into. DW: Any addition information you have for our readers? SOS: Umm if you know anyone who does music and want quality beats or producing work just hit me up, Facebook, Twitter, just holla. As for upcoming rappers just stay focused and don’t give up; many a times I told myself I wanted to quit, but I’m still here doing it and staying focused.



Dj Chungy [King of Spin 2012] tricks like mixing with my back turned, spinning, and fast hand movements to name a few. By late 2008 he started using SERATO and crossed over into using record turntables (Vinyl) instead of just cd players. It can be said that greatness will follow hard work, dedication and practice in this field; now known as the ‘King of Spin’, after recently defeating the top DJs in the Mandeville area, Troy can proudly say his time and dedication has not been in vain. We at Drop Wordz caught up with DJ Chungy to find out a few things that helped him to reach where he is now in the music game. DW: How did you get the name Chungy? Dj Chungy: I got the name Chungy when i was attending Manchester High School, in second form after my teacher miss pronounced my name and uttered something sounding chinese. At that point my friends found it funny and started to call me ‘Chung Lee’ but eventually the ‘Lee’ got dropped and I was now known as Chungy; plus I was short and looked somewhat chinese at that time. DW: What or who motivates Chungy to go out and do what he does? Dj Chungy: My fans, my family and other DJs in the business that I look up to as role models.

Troy Richardo Salmon Chungy, born August 22, 1988 and raised in Mandeville, got involved in music while attending Manchester High School around 4th form. During this time, he made his first mixtape using a virtual program called TRAKTOR; right then and there he was slowly becoming known as a DJ. In 2007 he got my own professional DJ equipment and really began to take DJing on a more serious and professional level and after a few months he began scratching and blending different songs across different genres. Within a year he had learnt different tricks on the turntable, besides just mixing music and scratching, he learnt how to beat juggle and do


DW: What has been your most embarrassing moment/s as a DJ? Dj Chungy: I don't recall ever having any embarrassing moments as a DJ. DW: Which artiste, in any genre of music, is a must play for you right now as a DJ? Dj Chungy: Rick Ross is a must play artist for me right now just to name one.

DW: How has the support been throughout the years for you? Dj Chungy: Throughout the years, support has been amazing. I have been getting huge support from my friends, the public and my family and that’s what keeps me going knowing I have that strong support for doing what I love doing best. DW: How has Green Synergy helped your career? Dj Chungy: Green Synergy helped me by getting my name out across the island and also the opportunity to showcase my musical talent. It also made way for me meeting some very interesting people. DW: Which DJ would you say has been the most influential in your career? Dj Chungy: Collin Hinds, Arif Cooper, Zj Chrome, Mark Chin (CopperShot Sound).

Dj Chungy: For young upcoming Disc Jocks, I have to say that becoming a good DJ takes patience, a love for the music and also practice, lots and lots of practice if you intend to be on top of your game. The determination to always be the best as well as criticism is a must in this business; tons of criticism trust me, but use it as a tool to master your craft and make you a better individual and a better DJ and never give up even when it gets hard trust me because if I did, I would not be the person I am today. DW: What general advice can u give our readers on life? Dj Chungy: To the readers, life is too short and precious for us to not try and make the best of it. Live good with each other so we can build a better nation, fulljoy life to the fullest and party hard but in doing so we must party responsibly. Remember in everything you do involve God.

DW: Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years or so?

To contact Dj Chungy for bookings, see below information.

Dj Chungy: In the next two years or so I see myself deeper in the music business and employed by Zip103fm or Fame95fm.

Bookings info: 421-7774 (digi) BB Pin : 21D4B190 Twitter : @djchungy E-mail :

DW: Any advice for upcoming DJs?


Verdict • By: Fuse all well mixed and put together mixtape with clean transitions; I didn’t hear any slip ups from them, the effects weren’t over whelming; songs weren’t mixed at high speed as to bring off a high pitched sound. Illusion Sound Ready Mixtape- 4.5/ 5

As I stated in our first issue of Drop Wordz Magazine, St. Ann is known for greatness in the area of music; Bob Marley, Red Rat, The Great Bass Odyssey Sound System. While reading some music related news on, Illusion Sound’s mixtape titled ‘Ready’ startled me. I was not aware of the music player on the side bar that played automatically as u log onto the website. The starting song of the mixtape got my attention seeing that I’ve never heard a DJ play that specific mix for that popular hip hop song. Now if you’re a reader of this column, you should by now know the standards on which I critique these mixtapes and can I tell you, Illusion Sound crushed them with flying colors. Not following the ever so popular three genre mixtapes, Illusion went ahead and did a Hip Hop and Dancehall compilation of hits, ranging from Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few. Dancehall segment began with a phone call from Craigis to Fire-Q giving him the update on the mixtape and also taking a suggestion. Craigis then made a call to one of Drop Wordz’s featured artiste in one of our past issue organizing a dubplate for the mixtape. Nice juggling into the ladies segment where most of the popular songs of 2011 and 2012 such as ‘A Yah Suh Nice’, ‘Wine’, ‘Gyal a Bubble’, but more girls songs could have been played. Over


INK Supa Soaka! March 31st 2012! Well I’m not promoting their party but that jingle rings out in my head from time to time. The promo CD mixed by Mandeville’s Remix King Dj Sani of Xclamation Sound, was a totally different feel from what I am personally used to hearing from Sani. He is well known for remixes of a high caliber but his style can be somewhat predictable; on this promo CD it was not so. He did what I’ve been aching to hear since I got in contact with the genre of Dubstep, and I was at most pleased with his performance. Dubstep, Club, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Soca; the complete package for getting yourself hyped up and ready to party. Yes the same songs you hear every day are on it but that’s how it has to be these days; you play what the people want. Now the transitions were clean, effects were not over whelming but I found that since it was a promo CD, the voice drop promo for the party was a bit vague and probably another one could have been used but the point was made. Loved the vibe that this promo CD brought me and if this is just the promo; I would love to hear the live audio. Dj Sani INK Supa Soaka Promo Mixtape- 4/ 5


1. 5 things you never leave the house without? • Car Keys • Keys • Cell Phone • Wallet • Laptop 2. 5 pet peeves person would not know by looking at you? • Bad Breathe • Arrogance • Stupidity • Body Odour • BB Texting 3. One song you can’t go a day without listening right now? What a Beautiful World – Satchmo 4. One thing you would change about yourself, if you had the chance? Learn to listen more. 5. One sense you think you could live without? Smell



Does SIZE Matter? • By Spaz “Does Size Matter?” Normal misconceptions are yes, size does matter.

Hello avid readers of Drop Wordz Magazine, and welcome to the column that speaks to a topic, everyone assumes they have a PhD in but never sat a day in a classroom to learn it; “Sex with Spaz.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Drop Wordz committee for affording me this avenue to really delve into this topic and uncover certain myths and gossips relating to this wonderful, enigmatic, convoluted yet open topic. In this column it’s not an avenue to bash ones knowledge or downplay what you do know, it’s either to change the misconception that you have or educate you as to the way something’s are the why they are. As usual I am engrossed in this topic and feel that I should spread the knowledge that I already have; so in an essence teach and in the same vein be taught. So hanging with a group of friends near the shore the conversation predictably turned to sex, with the direction heading head on to


The bigger the “tool” the more pleasing it is. But is this really so? Studies have shown that it is more prone for a woman get clitoral stimulation from the tongue rather than intercourse itself. Now seeing that woman have 2 types of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, it safe to assume that the more common orgasm is clitoral, and if you had thought that, you, would be right. After speaking with a few women, they further reassured the unconvincing truth, they found it easier to orgasm via tongue than a penis regardless of the size. Calculating the size of the tongue to the size of the penis, a standard penis is approx. 5-6” (five to six inches) where in the other hand the tongue is vastly shorter, however the width beats that of the penis. So this lets you wonder, if size does matter, shouldn’t our tongues be a clearly defined loser? They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in this case the tongue is mightier than both. In the struggles of pleasing a woman, men are very passionate about their “member” it is perhaps there most prized procession. However females have, sometimes, a tactless approach when they first see it. The question “is that it?” often probes around in their head before it is finally uttered, but yet casting a predefined judgment could just be the prob-

lem why you weren’t satisfied in the first place. No woman knows exactly how she will be treated in the bedroom, unless the relationship has become somewhat mundane, which would be sad, she should have no idea. Each experience should be new and tantalizing. It is funny to see the relenting efforts ladies put into finding out how “big” the guy is rather than just asking him. In some cases, they believe when the guy is using the bathroom, they should listen in. The myth is the louder the boom, the bigger the pee pee, as such men either urine on the side of the toilet bowl or first drop tissue in the toilet then urinates. Another common myth is shoe, oh how much have we heard about shoe size. The typical scenario; Female: excuse me sir, what’s your shoe size? Male: why 12 madam. Female: *blush* oh my. Another one came up in the newspaper some time ago where the distance between your index finger and middle finger could shed some light on how big or small you actually are. They are many more that you can go and research and discover and be amazed at some of the vast yet irregular ways to try and guesstimate

size and girth. All in all, we had no choice over what we got, we were born with it so, one should accept it and live knowing that it should be adequate and be able to suffice. Other males may differ from that point of view and enhancements and pumps line their closet, but that can cause complications later down in life. Getting erect on our own is a task we enjoy and relish on our own; the day we have to start depending on a pump or pills is the day we realize that it was a luxury we took for granted. If you, as a guy know what you have, work with it, there’re over 300 sexual positions targeted at different sized penises research and rock your girl’s socks off and if the socks aren’t good enough then proceed to rock her world. Don’t be like the everyday man who all he can be is a “dagger man” and all he can say is “mi girl mi waan dagger you,” no elevate from that and offer a new standard a more refined standard. Don’t be a statistic and fall into the majority of persons who only facilitate 3 positions: man on top, woman on top and doggy style. Long, short and in-between, in the battle of size who actually wins. Well in the situation, who exactly is the winner? Well you decide, all I am saying is know what you have, be comfortable with what you have and work what you have. Till the next time KNOW YOUR STATUS, BEOFRE YOU BLOW YOUR STATUS -Spaz OUT-

Too Big Pros Cons Sometimes it Hurts like hell feels good

Too Small Pros Cons Easy to hide an Laughed at erection a lot

Hit all the right spots

Sometimes can’t fit

Easy to play with in public

Tend to have bigger loads

Easy to give Hard to sit on and or give Fel- Fellatio latio

Tend to have small loads

Average Pros Fits just right

Depending on position and angle hits all the spots Rarely gets a Any and all povaginal climax sitions are comfortable

Cons Will slide out during energetic sessions Load magnitude varies (inconsistent)

Mostly has the just right effect (not the mind blowing effect)




The Facts About Asthma • By: Cav

What is Asthma? Asthma occurs when the bronchial tubes, the airways that transport air into and out of the lungs, become inflamed and close up. The inflammation and constriction cause the bronchial walls to tighten and the airways to develop blockages of excess mucus. The result is difficulty breathing. The bronchial narrowing is usually either totally or at least partially reversible with treatments.

be present in other respiratory, and sometimes, in heart conditions. This potential confusion makes identifying the settings in which the symptoms occur and diagnostic testing very important in recognizing this disorder. The following are the four major recognized asthma symptoms: • Shortness of breath, especially with exertion or at night • Wheezing is a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out • Coughing may be chronic, is usually worse at night and early morning, and may occur after exercise or when exposed to cold, dry air • Chest tightness may occur with or without the above symptoms

How does asthma affect breathing? Asthma causes a narrowing of the breathing airways, which interferes with the normal movement of air in and out of the lungs. Asthma involves only the bronchial tubes and does not affect the air sacs or the lung tissue. The narrowing that occurs in asthma is caused by three major factors: inflammation, bronchospasm, and hyper reactivity.

Typical Asthma Symptoms and Signs The symptoms of asthma vary from person to person and in any individual from time to time. It is important to remember that many of these symptoms can be subtle and similar to those seen in other conditions. All of the symptoms mentioned below can


What to Do When Someone Has an Asthma Attack? If you’ve never experienced an asthma attack yourself, or you’ve never seen someone else have one before then they can be quite scary. There are a few things that absolutely everyone should remember, should they find they’re in the presence of a sufferer in distress. But first, you should be able to recognize the symptoms and signs of an asthma attack. Firstly, always sit the person down and tell them

you know they are having an asthma attack and ask them to nod if they want you to help them. Remember you are a stranger to them and no matter how much you want to help, they might be nervous and anxiety can make asthma attacks worse. If they seem uneasy, ask if they would prefer you to call an

ambulance and then leave them alone. Don’t be offended if this is what they prefer; asthma attacks are terrifying and often only the reassurance of a trained health professional is what can calm you down. If they agree to you helping, undo any tight collars, take off hats and scarves. Anything that might be preventing their airways from opening fully. If it’s a cold, wintery day with dry air, hand them a coat, scarf or jacket to breathe through, as cold air hitting the lungs can trigger an allergic response. At some point the sufferer might hand you a card or a dog tag with their asthma details on it. Read what it says and take into account what they may be allergic to and what medication they take. The card may say to call an ambulance immediately if you find this person having an asthma attack, so follow the guidelines. If they haven’t got their asthma medication (often a blue inhaler) and they aren’t taking it, ask them where it is. They might have simply forgotten to take it out of their bag. If they have it, tell them to take one puff every minute until they’re feeling better. If 5 minutes passes and they don’t feel an improvement, then call an ambulance. Similarly, if they don’t have it and they’re still having an attack then it’s time to dial 911 and inform the paramedics that the person is without their medication. From here you should simply stay with the person until the ambulance arrives, if that’s what they want. Well done! You have done your bit and no doubt the person you helped is

incredibly grateful for what you did.

True or False questionnaire on ASTHMA 1. T or F - Asthma is “all in the mind.” 2. T or F - You will “grow out of it.” 3. T or F - Asthma can be cured, so it is not serious and nobody dies from it. 4. T or F - You are likely to develop asthma if someone in your family has it. 5. T or F - You can “catch” asthma from someone else who has it. 6. T or F - Moving to a different location, such as the desert, can cure asthma. 7. T or F - People with asthma should not exercise. 8. T or F - Asthma is best controlled when one has an asthma management plan designed by your doctor. This should include the medications used for quick relief as well as maintenance therapy. 9. T or F - Medications used to treat asthma is habit forming. 10. T or F - Someone with asthma can provoke episodes anytime they want in order to get attention.

Here are the answers: F - Asthma is not a psychological condition. However, emotional triggers can cause flare-ups. F - You cannot outgrow asthma. In about 50% of children with asthma, the condition may become inactive in the teenage years. The symptoms, however, may reoccur anytime in adulthood. F - There is no cure for asthma, but the disease can be controlled in most patients with good medical care. The condition should be taken seriously, since uncontrolled asthma may result in emergency hospitalization and possible death. T - You have a 6% chance of having asthma if neither parent has the condition, a 30% chance if one parent has it, and a 70% chance if both parents have it. F - Asthma is not contagious. F - A new environment may temporarily improve asthma symptoms, but it will not cure asthma. After a few years in the new location, many people become sensitized to the new environment and the asthma symptoms return with the same or even greater intensity than before. F - Swimming is an optimal exercise for those with asthma. On the other hand, exercising in dry, cold air may be a trigger for asthma in some people. F - Asthma is best controlled by having an asthma management plan designed by your doctor that includes the medications used for quick relief and those used as controllers. F - Asthma medications are not addictive. F - Asthma attacks cannot be faked. In rare cases, there is a psychological condition known by a variety of names (factious asthma, spastic dysphonia, globus hystericus) where emotional issues may cause symptoms that mimic the symptoms of asthma.


Pressure Point 2.0 • By: The Drop Wordz Team through there was like a traffic light - 1, 2, 3 REDLIGHT, with “bouncer” controlling the flow at the entrance. Upon getting inside I came to realize that Zinc Shack is a very small club, shock to say the least, even though it’s a small club there were only a few inside sitting in the corner socializing amongst friends and peers. People kept entering and exiting to get a feel of the party on the inside and a breather on the outside. The Dj continue to bill the groove trying to see if he could get the attention of the ones outside, slowly getting them to come on the inside. It was after 1:00 or so, the club went from being empty to super pack with no space for one to move about literally, Zinc Shack became an ant colony following the instructions of the their leader the DJ.

So I went to Montego Bay recently. Upon reaching on the Hip Strip I begun checking out the night scene of the infamous clubs and beaches found on the Hip Strip. Seeing that the strip is shared among a lot of clubs, bars hotels and a few shacks and of course, the tourist huts for merchandise. So there we were all were wrestling for the title of parking without an official referee and in the midst were the pedestrians, blocking drivers from make certain maneuvers. I arrived at Zinc Shack about 11 or so, I saw numerous people gathered outside meeting and greeting, rocking steadily to the sound of Dj Don King dropping sum 2003 dancehall, which found its way outside to grab the attention of them all. The entrance was like an aperture and getting


The place was so small and well pack, where it took and good while for me to reach to the main bar which is located upstairs to the back through the thick crowd. I got a chance to see the bar well glimpse the bar through the thick crowd of patrons that surrounded the bar keeping bartenders busy right around the clock. The VIP bar was very small; well it was really a little table that they chose to set few drinks on. Complementary mixed liquor, top shelf liquor was afforded to their VIP guess. It was so pack where they had to be constantly fetching liquor, ice and tracer to continue accommodating their VIP guess, the bartender at the VIP was slow compare to the main one, it took them some time

to serve and fetch the required items. Dj Laxx from Red Dragon started playing some popular tunes having the crowd rocking and singing along to tunes from artiste such as Popcaan and Mobay artiste Tommy Lee. Crazy Chris started juggling some hustler tunes, having the party swaying from left to right doing the rock away, and there the vibes started to build. The girls in the back started jumping like crazy; Luigi had nothing on them, soon after Crazy Chris handed the torch to Super Mario who continued to blaze the fire. Majority of the persons there were definitely having a blast. The vibe was definitely building up; it was 2:30a.m. and party fans were still flooding the venue, anxiously trying to find a spot to call their zone in the party. Even after a hour had passed, the spirit of the party carried on and the masses took to the Zinc Shack, like ants to sweets. Need I say #awesome? Talking to Courtney “Nico” James, Chief Executive Officer of Overdose Family, he was saying that it's a very good look, he further went on to say he was glad that the people came to support his promotion seeing that there are three other big party keeping that same night. He said that due to the limited space he had to hold back on the promotion seeing that zinc shack is a small space. His sight was set Pier 1 but he was beaten to the punch.

Woman: At first seeing the time I taught it was going to be bad but now it a shell really hard Woman: It good it good it good good good !!!! Man: Bomb, the party shaat, the turn out nice Woman: D ting a shaaattt yeah! Zinc Shack on the mobay hip strip is definitely the place to be right now. Man: Yeah mon, the party a gwaan real good. The vibes really good mon Woman: At the beginning it was lame because the Djs were talking too much and playing 80s music however the vibes kicked in later on in the early morning though I think the vybz started too late. All in all the overall view of the party I would say was a success, even though the venue was really small, few glitches but all was overlooked. People came and make the best of it, for the love of the party, their favorite Djs and the love and support of the Overdose family. This event received 3.5 out of 5.

The Patron’s View Woman: The party is ok. First time here in zinc shack and an event for overdose and I like Woman: The party took too long to kick off but then it billed up very nice but I hated that most of the djs talk so much Woman: A yah so nice!!!!! -Scream- it have me a bruk it down Man: The party a shell, girls here like crazy.


Soca Madness • By: The Drop Wordz Team The music, the music, the music! The music was lacking. The DJs tried their utmost best to keep the vibe, but the speaker system thwarted all efforts. The energy fluctuated as there were problems with the sound system. People flowed out of the venue rather than into it. The masses complained that for a Soca party, too many "other" genres were being played. In the same vein, they did give leeway to dabble in other genres but there just wasn’t enough Soca. After much waiting and complaints from patrons the Soca segment begun and we almost got more Soca than we could handle. The party lasted for 53 minutes because that’s how long the Soca segment lasted. The patrons did enjoy themselves; gyrating themselves in unconceivable positions and showing how flexible and acrobatic they were. A Soca train was formed and its destination was the already packed room where the DJs played and the stiff crowd lounged. And as thought, the Soca train trampled their way in and indeed, they raised the

After the rain there is supposedly the silver lining. After the shower of blessings on March 15, College Access Soca Madness was supposed to be that silver lining but it failed miserably in that feat. Upon arriving at the venue, it was noticed that the turnout was a little above average; definitely not the crowd we are used to at a College Access party. One thought, the rain deterred the masses, however the diehard fans were present and ready to rave. Upon entry, security was present but their presence was not really felt as patrons strolled in without being searched.




The Patron’s View Man: Me go in there to fight the demon and the heat nearly kill me

Man: Radom selection just a kill me, u can't hold no medz to this music worst the sound Woman: Better them lock it off yah man bcuz this don't make any sense Man: It's best if they didn't give it the name soca madness bcuz I'm not seeing the soca part any at all Woman: Even though the sound nuh good I am still having fun

All in all, there were mixed feelings towards this party. It was not a typical College Access party. The crowd was lacking and the bar was barely keeping up with the crowd that was present. There were problems with the sound system thus affecting the mood of the party from the get-go. In addition, some of the DJs had no idea what kind of party it was. A Soca party is supposed to have mostly Soca being played; not other genres. The rating for this party therefore is 2 out of 5.

Man: Look how me wet, the party shot!!! Woman: It's a soca party and I am hearing too much hip hop, Mi can't wait to go Kingston tomorrow for the real thing. Woman: Its ok, I am getting to dance lil now and then. Trying to feel and keep the vibe. Woman: The party shot, me nah pay no attention to the sound problem. Me still a whine up myself Man: The party rave!! College Access a gwaan good





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