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Mandeville Tales Fashion Ova Style and Dry Season Medz By: Fuse Sigh........dem lef mi inna a likkle spot now cuz dah one yah tun up! Loooooool. Suh mi notice a likkle trend from weh day, not jus inna galdeville yah but mi seet a town too.......... BAYE WILE ANIMALS! No disrespect to di woman dem enuh but yooooooo di bagga animal print clothes, nooooooo unu fi tap e! Now scenario time.....Imagine mi and mi woman roll out, she inna di madagascar attire and a man seh 'oii deh bredda put u tiger pon a leash'....... Mi nuh feel dat wudda rite LOL. Mi did a notice it still enuh cuz fuss dem start wid di animal print nail polish dem den mi see the tites tingy and den it stawt guh dung hill from deh suh looooooool but a fashion still and once one start dweet di whole a dem aguh dweet, mi glad is only fi a time still cuz mi cyan manage fi a walk and sumn guh roar affa mi and mi affi guh buss out mi tranquilizer gun pon har LOL. Now is a dry season inna JA zeen and is like dem woman yah nah pree into things at all!! Dear fada up above! Please save mi from sum a dem gurl yah dry head please! Mi seh if unu eva want a dry mop LOL pass thru di town zeen! Mi see sum head deh, dem jus a scream fi likkle moisture (LOL), more while mi feel seh a cactus aguh jus pop up outta sum a dem weave and mi know fi a fact mi see a girl inna mandeville last week look just like the picture below!

Looooooool woiiiiiii mi placenta a hurt mi! Mi cyan laaf nuh more, big woman ting di dry weave dem a kill mi! And den pon top a dat! Di plaster face dem woiiii fada help please! Ladies why unu feel its cute to wear make up like how house wear cement? HEAVY! Plus some a dem disgusting wid it too cuz dem not even dark wid di complexion, dem black! And have on more blush dan Betty Boop. Yea unu know wah mah talk loooool please to stop it unu look disgusting. Don’t get mi wrong u have some gud looking ones but di majority mi see nah rave zeen suh cease and desist please and tanx! Who di cap fit.....unu know di rest, suh until next time? Fuse gone!


Kingston Chronicles Soca Time Again! By: Sara It’s that time again when all the Soca fans will emerge from among us and Mas Camp (wherever it is) will be overcrowded with sweaty, wild and noisy people. However, just like every other party there are the exceptions: the party poopers, the overdressed, the weird dancers and most importantly and the drunks. The Party Poopers They come to a social event “party” with no intention to socialize. They stand in a corner and if you dare to smile at them or bump into them while jumping and waving, they give ‘the look’ - the one that says I’m about to slap you in the face. The Weird Dancers They are fun-loving and usually stand out in the crowd simply because they dance off the rhythm. They usually are at the forefront (in front the stage) or in the middle of the crowd moving to a rhythm unknown to human ear. The Drunks They are the life of the party. They are the ones who take part in the liquor promotions (pay $1000 and get a free cup & unlimited liquor supply all night). Sadly, they are the ones who get drunk after the first cup. Nonetheless, they are the people to be. They dance all night, even when it’s 2am and the music stops and the venue is closing, they keep going and going and going. There’s just that music in their heads that never stops. The Overdressed

This is the most interesting group of all. So it’s 9pm and you arrive at Mas Camp. You’ve already bought your tickets so you are in line waiting to get in. The security checks your ticket and your person (the men get groped) and you’ve made it inside. The music is pounding and the vibe is right. Instantly you spot the Party Poopers lodged in a corner, not even a strand of hair moving. You take a shot of vodka from the tray passing by you and keep walking towards “your spot”. In the middle of the venue you pass the Weird Dancer (usually a female) with eyes closed and body rocking to some alien rhythm. You manage to pass by without being knocked over and can’t help but hear the Drunk shouting and giggling on the top of his voice (usually a male). He’s waving his invisible rag, jumping and spilling liquor on every one who dares to pass by. Finally, you see your friends waiting for you at ‘the spot’ so you walk over and there they stand, the Overdressed. There is a group of females with long, well-curled weaves, well-made up faces, short party dresses, clutches under their arms and most importantly, wearing pairs of 4 inches stilettos. You are standing next to the speakers and the guest artiste is on stage, as usual, giving instructions. He is instructing you to jump and wave, left and right, hands up, hands down and then there is the big call. In his Trinidadian accent “Everybody, when I say wave I wanna see everybody do so, then when I say go, I wanna see everybody run so and jump so.” You look to the left and there they are, the Overdressed, standing in their clique, cups in hand, sipping from straws, laughing and giggling. You are staring right at them and you can hear the guest artiste calling for the crowd’s participation. He tells everyone to wave and then he shouts “GO!” You get on your marks, aim, fire and charge right into the clique with lightning speed, waving and jumping with every ounce of energy you have. And all you hear are screams and you see those 4-inch stilettos galloping away; further and further away from you and they never come back. I wonder though, with their expensive Blackberry smartphones and elitist social background, how is it they never got the memo? Dress code doesn’t mean dress!!!


Ironic Much!

Who’s Got Swag?

By: Q What emits swag? Is it the clothes we wear or the gadgets we have? No, better yet it’s the money we hustle, right? There’s no straight or defined answer for that question. Since the release of Solja Boy’s Pretty Boy Swag youngsters and elders alike have taken this phenomenon and ran with it. Usain Bolt has nothing on you guys. Now many people critiqued the song from the get go, saying guys aren’t pretty, and the song fell on deaf ears BUT that was not the case after a few weeks. The song became a club banger! Weird I know right? So in the case of “SWAG” let’s look at a controlled environment where “SWAG” can be tested such as a university. Now in university you got the hot girls, the not so hot ones and of course the rest that’s left. By no means can I judge who is hot from who is not, I am yet to make a chick or child I am just working with the references given. Now back to the control study. Some guys will say they’re swagging based on the car they drive, whilst his friend define swagging by sneakers because of course, he’s rocking the latest Jordans. Let’s look at a literal case, I have three friends, one drives a BMW, the other dresses well and finally the last one is charismatic. Right off the bat the driver, in the hierarchy of swag thinks he’s at the helm. Now all pursue the same girl, in a silent competition to see “who’s the MAN.” This girl is beautiful, but a bit shallow, a quality which the guys overlook because of her voluptuous body, succulent lips and pretty face. She uses the driver for the obvious reasons transportation and high profile and here is where candidates 1 and 2 interact because the driver drops her off at the party or at the movies she then meets the guy that dresses well to match her own trendy style and habits. They then walk the block, or dance up a storm, snap the photos, etc. On a Sunday evening however or for a laidback day when she just wants to smile and be carefree or have a stimulating conversation, guy number 3 comes in handy. Now you can be the judge, which 1 has really got swag? That was a trick question. I bet you picked one of the guys, but in ours eyes, the girl’s got swag!!! She has the best of 3 worlds. It’s funny how the world turns.

“The spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.” - Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. (T.I.)” Swag in my twisted and skewed opinion means individuality, how can you claim to have swag when you’re simply mimicking a style you saw on MTV? Purple shirt, Orange pants, Leopard print Supra isn’t swagging! Swag defined by is: 1 - Appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves. 2 - The way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanour. Swag can also be expanded to be the reputation of your overall swagger. You gain swag, or "Swag up", by performing swag worthy actions that improve this perception. A person can also "swag down," by being an overall wimp and garnering negative swag for their actions. Swag is a subtle thing that many strive to gain but few actually attain. It is reserved for the most swagalicious of people. Swag can also be quantified, with point systems existing in some circles of friends. By those two definitions, it’s safe to say that swag is indeed an individual approach to how you rock what you have and the confidence associated with that demeanour. Swag or Creez as it’s been transformed to, is in no way by definition, practice or inclined to copy and represent as your own. Be you and in your own way, you will prevail. You will have SWAG.


The Cyber Life Oyama Mobile Charger By: KG “Yo, lend me you charger nuh?”…….”uuum excuse me nice girl beg you a charge nuh?”…..”Put my battery in your phone and charge it zeen…..Some of the many things you hear on a day to day basis with persons suffering from dying cell phones. Cell phone technology has explored many departments when it comes to longevity and energy efficiency for mobile devices. A few days ago I got a ride from a friend and noticed this small device looking like a mini tablet peeking out. Curiosity got the better of me and I questioned to what it was, low and behold a Solar Tablet from a company by the name of Oyama that is capable of continuous charging through the solar panels or if you prefer you can utilize the USB mounted on its underside to charge and keep it with you all day. I decided to take a crack at it and see the efficiency of this device, and these were my results. Total time to charge through solar: 5 hours Total time to charge through USB: 4 hours Compatibility: The package comes with adapter pieces for all mobile phones you can think of inclusive of the iPhone and other mobile devices such as the PSP. I was able to charge my blackberry 9780 twice from empty to full capacity twice without recharging the solar panel. The current price varies between $15-$20 US on sites like eBay as of the current date of this publication. Drop Wordz recommend this gadget - especially to owners of the Blackberry 8520.


A Mogul In The Making By: Q Drop Wordz is always on the lookout for extraordinary talent and innovation. This week, we found Warren Robinson. Who is Warren? A 21-year old, Information Science junior at Northern Caribbean University who is regarded as one of the best designers in his department and now already that reputation is transcending international borders. Warren hails from Bellevue District, South Field, St Elizabeth. He may be achieving all this now but this did not come overnight. Drop Wordz sat down with Warren to discover how this miraculous journey all began. Warren’s desire for design goes without mention. His peers refer to him as the “Photoshop Guru.” When asked what sparked this tremendous desire to design, he was more than elated to convey that his interest was piqued by a friend of his that gave him a pirated copy of the Adobe Photoshop software, but that did not really get him started. It wasn’t until he saw the program in action that he was mesmerized and vowed his love. He is an ardent graphic designer who appears rather shy. Although he possesses such a shy demeanour, Warren is no stranger to achievement. He is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Youth Award and The Governor General’s Award for his excellent work in as a member of the Imagine Cup 2010 team. Warren is not yet satisfied with these accolades though thus he forges onward shaping his life and the world at large. In addition to his stellar academic performance, Warren decided to start his own company, Ajure Ltd which focuses of web design and software development. When posed the question how that company originated, we were educated that he saw the need and called to arms a group of friends to fulfil the need. As to the name, they seem to have created their own word. Ajure has been defined as boundless Innovation. Currently through Ajure Ltd, Warren is working on a plethora of projects for local and international clients. Warren is quite the character as we found out when he told Drop Wordz a bit more about himself. DW: Why did you choose NCU? WR: I have no idea. I think it’s because it is close to home and I had heard about their 2007 Imagine Cup Team, Team ICAD that had placed third in the Software Development category. DW: Who are your idols? WR: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg DW: Whats the worst thing that happened to you professionally? WR: formated my computer, and forgot my copy of Illustrator and had no interenet at my disposal. Or left my laptop at home, and had deadlines to meet.


DW: Best thing that happened to you? WR: I received a scholarship from N.C.U. DW: Given the exposure to Web Design, and the knowledge of other schools, would you leave N.C.U. for another schol? WR: No, i would not, school is much more than academics. Coming to N.C.U., they treat me like family, you won’t find that anywhere else DW: What advice to other young persons? WR: You can’t do it on your own – make friends – works in teams, don’t wait for hand outs; start something for yourself, if you’re interested in a particular field, get informed about it and develop yourself in it. DW: What do you hope to accomplish by your graduation? WR: Profitable Company and lots of money. DW: Where do you see yourself five years after graduation? WR: I would like to have a family, great job, Ajure be a recognised brand as wee as I would like to employ lots of Jamaicans

Projects by Ajure Ltd

Warren has come so far in so very little time. His story should inspire other youngentrepeneurs. Vist the company’s website: Contact Warren on Facebook at or email at


Dining with Henry By: Henry As-Salam Alaikum. Our journey of delectable dining delights continues with an entry from the kitchens of Egypt. The featured dish is one that is easy to prepare and promises a tasty respite from the stress of life.

Fig & Lemon Chicken Ingredients • • • • • • • • • •



Juice of 1 Fresh Lemon 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar 1/4 Cup White Vinegar 1/4 Cup Water 1 1/2lbs Dried Figs 1 Lemon, Sliced 12 Chicken Thighs Salt and Pepper to taste 1 Tbsp Italian Parsley, chopped 1 Tsp Dry Parsley

4. Bake for 50 minutes or until cooked through and juices run clear, basting 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. frequently, turning figs if they begin to 2. In a small bowl, combine lemon brown. juice, brown sugar, vinegar and water and set aside. Serving suggestions: 3. Place figs and lemon slices in the bottom of an 11x17 inch baking dish • Serve over a bed of mashed potaand arrange chicken on top. Pour toes and a light spring leaf salad. over vinegar mixture and sprinkle • This will pair well with a wide variety with dry parsley and season to taste of wines. with salt and pepper.


Spirits of Smith

Facts About Wine You Need to Know!

By: Halzen Ashton Smith So, there are some facts about wine that we always wonder about – why we use certain aroma descriptions when we talk about wine, the right temperature for red and white wine, how long the wine needs to “breathe” – typical for anyone who really loves wine. Here are a few tips to help you to become an “expert” on the mysteries of wine. Typically, wine connoisseurs differentiate wines using descriptors of fruit, spices and vegetables. That doesn’t mean that these product or flavours are added to the wine. They are really only used to characterize a wine’s aromatic style. The actual aroma of a wine is usually dependent on the type of grape, combined with soil type and winemaking technique. Ultimately, detecting a wine’s aroma will become second nature and you will come to know what aroma you prefer. Here are some of the descriptors commonly used: Fruit (apple, cherry, plum, grapefruit, lemon Non-Fruit (violets, thyme, nutmeg, green pepper, tomato vine) Earth/Mineral (forest floor, mushroom, limestone, wet stone) Oakiness (cinnamon, vanilla, smoke, nut) While there are different opinions about the right temperature that wine should be kept and served at, there are some general guidelines about this so that your wine can express its highest potential for optimal enjoyment. Keep your reds in a dark, cool environment, since sun exposure can cause spoilage. Store your white or sparkling wines in a refrigerator and once open, keep it on ice. Just don’t drop any ice cubes in your glass of white. At the end of the day temperature is all about taste. Here are some ideal temperatures: Sparkling – 6-8 degrees Celsius White – 9-11 degrees Celsius Light-Bodied Reds and Full-Bodied Whites – 12-13 degrees Celsius Medium-Bodied Reds – 14-16 degrees Celsius Full-Bodied Reds – 17-18 degrees Celsius Decanting, or pouring wine out of the bottle into another wine-holding receptacle (like your wine glass), is the process of “breathing” or oxygenating a wine to help open up its aromas and textures by transferring the wine from the bottle to the decanter. There are some situations when you can depend on it to help open the wine to its full potential. Older wine can collect sediments due to breakdown that is unpleasant to drink so decanting can separate it. Decanting will waken up the fruitier side of the wine. Since wine gets more delicate with age, pour slowly when decanting so you don’t overexpose the wine to oxygenation. And you can let a younger wine sit in a decanter for an hour or so to soften it and make it more enjoyable. So, embrace the journey. The enjoyment of wine happens from the moment you select a bottle to the last sip. CHEERS!


Chit Chat 1.

5 things you never leave the house without? • • • • •


with Angilee E.

Blackberry Purse Shades Make-up Tested Glasses

5 pet peeves persons don’t know you have? • • • • •

“Psssssssst” from men – so annoying!!! Long lines in the cafeteria when hungry. Wanting to go to Star Grill, but no funds. A lame party No assistance in stores – urg, hello some help please!!!

3. One song you can’t go a day without listening right now? You Da One - Rihanna 4.

One thing you would change about yourself, if you had the chance? My buttocks – need a bigger ASS…..


One sense you think you could live without? Sight




The Rise:

Sun Jock Mario

By: Fuse Now as a fellow Disc Jock, I've come to admire a few skills in the business and I just had to get this particular Disc Jock in this issue. Creating massive waves on the internet, in Portmore and surrounding areas as well as on Suncity 104.9, is the well rounded DJ Mario. Mario O’Neil Wedderburn born, March 1, 1988 to Robert and Paulette Wedderburn attended Vaz Preparatory school where he got involved in music and discovered his musical talents and his immense love for it. Influences Mario was influenced by many DJ’s especially those within his age group and those of the younger generation as they have a particular energy, confidence and drive to succeed that he admires. He was influenced by DJ Shine from Hitfactory Sound, Collin Hinds from Fame FM, Delano from Renaissance Disco, DJ Karyzma and Tony Matterhorn. Mario developed a strong love for local Dancehall music and also the international Hip Hop. Over the years, Mario has spent his time creating crazy beats, remixes and mixes which got him the name DJ Mario from his days at Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys. DJ Mario has gained six years of experience in the music industry. This includes mixing on Suncity FM and being managed by Sherilla Gordon who owns Sherilla Gordon and Company (SGC). As with everyone on this planet, that zeal and motivation that drives DJ Mario is his mother. She has supported him through the years, helping him to follow his dream of becoming a DJ and to gain recognition. She is his backbone and without her he would not be on this journey. Close friends have also been there to offer advice and support Mario expressed.

Most Memorable Moment – His first booking for a party in Summer 2008. He had the party in frenzy with his crazy mixes and excellent transitions; he had the patrons begging for more. Most Embarrassing Moment – Playing at a party and his hard drive crashed. In one sentence Mario described himself as "A crazy DJ with crazy mixes” and that’s exactly what Mario is - a talented DJ who loves and craves music. Well we can safely say that music will take you anywhere if you have the discipline, drive and talent, Sun Jock Mario definitely has these traits and we at Drop Wordz Magazine commend him for all the hard work he is putting in. To book Sun Jock Mario for your event || Email:: || Phone:: [876] 432 – 5179 Photo Courtsey of RawtidTV


The Verdict By: Fuse When this article gets out I can only imagine the bashing I'm going to receive. I can already hear the comments rolling in. They will be saying, “'m a child. I don't know anything about good music, I'm biased and who gave me the right to critique?” But here are your answers - I'm a disc jock so I naturally have an ear for music, I tell it as it is; I don't pick sides. This is my column and I'm the one listening these mixtapes so yea I have the right to critique the daylight out of them. With that settled, I shall begin casting my ultimate verdicts in all honesty. Last week I came across quite a few mixtapes and being the type of person I am, I downloaded and I listened them all but sadly some failed to even persuade me to even think of listening to them again. So the first mixtape to feel the wrath will be………. (Spins Wheel) DJ Supastylz Freestyle Mixtape! Maybe I'm young to the disc jock world but it’s my first time hearing a production from Supastylz and I must say it didn't sit well with me. Firstly, I must commend him for keeping the mix clean because many people fail to produce clean mixes but it started off pretty much like every other mixtape I've heard. The remixes were splendid but there was a lack of constant energy due to song selections. For me, the energy levels fluctuated a bit too much. The skits weren't bad but they could have used a bit more spice, if you get my gist. I loved the concept of going into one of the most ‘un-listened’ genres in Jamaica, Dubstep. Reason being, lately all mixtapes follow the same pattern of mixing three genres, mainly hip hop, dancehall and club music, but overall not a bad mix I give it 3.5 out of 5. When I hear about KLJ sounds I think about remixes but the latest mixtape from KLJ was all about the best of dancehall music for 2011. Hits from Shaggy, Vybz Kartel, Laza Morgan, Mavado, Aidonia right back to PoPCaan, if it was a hit in 2011, it was on this mixtape. This mix was definitely straight to the point with no delay because he started off with one of the hottest collaborations of 2011, the lyrically inclined Aidonia featuring the sensational Aisha Davis - In Your Eyes. The scratching was simply graceful and soothing to the ear, the effects weren't too loud or too much but a few hits were left out, such as Aidonia's Summer Sun and One More Gyal. But regardless it was exceptionally well mixed and it receives a 4.5 out of 5. Well done, KLJ Sounds. Disco, the forgotten genre! Young people these days wouldn't know good music if it was tattooed on their brain! In my opinion all forms of good music died after the millennium began so let me just get into this next mixtape. I've been waiting on a real good throw back mixtape and DJ Vinchi did it with his disco mix, like OMG! the musical energy throughout the mix was on point. The mixtape told a story from start to end; he started with that song from the six flags commercial (you know the one with the dancing old dude). He went from the great hits of Micheal Jackson to the godfather of soul, James Brown. He even gave us Cher. This was a truly an ear-pleasing mixtape and I recommend it to anyone jogging, going to the gym, or just want to get pumped up before going to a party. The only fault I found, it was too short so out of 5 this mixtape gets 4.5. Well this concludes The Verdict in this issue but look out for more exciting reviews to come.



Common vs Drake beef By: Cav Throughout Hip Hop there has been many great rivalries, from the great Tupac and Biggie, 50 cent and Ja Rule to Lil Wayne and JayZ. Well it seems that beefing will never die, since there will always be an emcee who is on top and one who is always looking for a challenge. The latest of such beefs would be YMCMB's very own Drake and G.O.O.D Music’s Common. The battle between Common and Drake has been the talk of the entire internet lately. It all started with Common’s verbally abrasive track “Sweet” off his new album The Dreamer/The Believer where he was blasting at soft “singing a**” rappers. During an interview by Hot93.7 he was asked who he’s targeting, he replied saying “If the shoe fit, let them wear it.” It was clear to a lot of viewers that the shoe fits Drake perfectly, who decided to speak out about Common’s jabs at a recent concert in Las Vegas saying “I might sing, but I ain’t no bitch. If Common got something to say, say it to my face.” Common also professed that despite the battle, he didn’t intentionally mean to disrespect Drizzy on “Sweet.” It all really started where Drake took things to the next level. “I was like, well, I wasn’t trying to address you specifically, but if you feel like you are that person and you’re addressing this to me, then I have to address you back.” He replied to Drake comment by doing a remix to the “Stay Schemin” track which Drake originally appeared on with Rick Ross for a mixtape. The remix song was recognized to be one of his best verses from all his great work. Drake hasn’t responded to Common’s last jab so far, and if he doesn’t, it will be the end of this episode. Common’s comment was “I feel like I said what I had to say, and I’m just going to let it be at that point. Now, if something else happens, then I’ll just have to act accordingly. But right now, I feel like, man, I said what I needed to say about the situation on record.” There was a rumour that the battle between them was because Drizzy was hanging out with Serena Williams (Common's ex), but according to Serena she’s been solo for a while now. “I haven’t been on a date in forever. I can be super picky, never satisfied. It’s a little crazy right now because there’s so much going on that when I’m not playing tennis I don’t sleep, because I’m always doing something.” So I guess we can squash those rumours about Serena and Drake. The best thing about this beef is that both guys will continue the battle on mixtape, ‘diss tracks’ and album songs, rather than there being any acts of violence between them. The question is will Drake put it to rest by not responding to Common’s jab, or will he keep going? 19

MW3 vs Battlefield 3 By: KG "Losing B"...bellowed the automated...MW3...announcement as an intense domination match on Village took place.....I rage quitted and sat there assessing what went wrong and what perks I needed to change.....then it hit me. Battlefield 3 is out, and I have not even given the game the opportunity or respect to see what it was made so I decided to join the multitudes of FPS (first person shooters) gamers to do a Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 review. Now let's just get this part over and finished with, I am a Modern Warfare fan boy and that's the end of my story. I respect Battlefield for what it is and what it brings to the gaming FPS arena but in the end I have to stay true to my roots and COD is just where it is at. Ok so let's break it down to totally unbiased and technical, factual aspects of both games. I have realized that persons have seriously misconstrued the meaning of fact and opinion and are making concrete conclusions based off personal likeness. This is where Drop Wordz strips it down and gives it to you straight as real as it gets. I'm even a little upset at this point because right off the pixel Battlefield boasts a picturesque visual presentation. Alright getting my personal feelings out of the way, I will break the matchup into 3 categories (Graphics and Engine Optimization, Sound and Multiplayer) and I’ll leave you, the reader to make the final decision. Graphics and Engine Optimization Ok so for this review and after hours of playing both games and doing a little research, I decided to use Battlefield 3 for the PC and Modern Warfare for the console (Xbox 360). This presents both games in their prime platform since Battlefield 3 was built to take advantage of the components of the PC and Modern Warfare 3 is optimized for consoles. So to kick things off, Modern Warfare 3 is based off the same gaming engine utilized on Modern Warfare 2 but the engine has been reworked and recoded to still bring us some stunning visuals. Modern Warfare 3 also has brought nothing new to the table of FPS in terms of high definition, the developers have up scaled the 720p and the game really lacks detailing and dynamic lighting and the list goes on compared to many other titles such as Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 that were also released last year. The game still boasts its engine optimization to give a full 60 frames per second on console which gives games a fluent, non-stop action, all rounded first person shooting experience. Battlefield 3, man, these developers really put blood, sweat and tears into this game. The game is built around Frostbite’s 2 gaming engine which allows developers to have multiple amount of lighting and emitters without losing performance also taking advantage of 64 bit processors and DirectX 11. This engine allows you to be fully immersed in an environment that screams realism. Everything that has from particles, shades, lens flares, emitters are all calculated by the gaming engine as the environment changes. Battlefield also boasts an environment where almost all elements can sustain partial or total damage. So Battlefield without a doubt takes the cake in this category. Sound Many persons may not take into consideration the importance of sound when it comes to gaming and how conscious or subconsciously this impacts a player’s gaming experience. I sat down and did about 2 to 3 hours of non-stop tweaking of my sound card drivers to achieve the best setting possible to then used the next 2 hours (an hour each) to 20 listen to the sounds of both games.

The sound engineering teams of Modern Warfare are absolute geniuses, and this is a big reason why Modern Warfare 3 is so addictive. Whenever you get a reward in the game ranging from multi kills or challenges completed the game submerges with a barrage of sounds which allow you to feel good about yourself which in turn boosts you to be more focuses and pumped. I must say though that the sound in Modern Warfare in terms of weapon sounds are more static, meaning no matter where you are on a stage…in a building…etc…..the sounds are all the same. I guess this was done in an attempt to keep the size of the game to a certain degree but that’s the only downfall with the sound in Modern Warfare 3. Battlefield 3 has a more dynamic approach when it comes to sound. The games frostbite engine again comes into full effect rendering sounds depending on the environment that you are in. So a sniper rifle being shot off in the open vs. a close space, will definitely sound different. The sounds in the game also bury the player as if you were actually in a war situation, bullets whizzing over your head, gun shots in the distance the sonic boom effect of jets flying overhead. It really presents a realistic cohesiveness. Oh I failed to mention that both games support full surround sound capability. So wrapping up this section if you want realism and a true war like experience, Battlefield is definitely your take. If you want to feel motivated and pumped then Modern Warfare 3 and its slamming buffet of sounds will keep you wanting more. Multiplayer Multiplayer is the bread and butter of both titles, this is what gamers live for and dream about when the release of either of these titles are pending. Modern Warfare got its recognition from its multiplayer experience dating back to Call of Duty 3 and Modern Warfare while Battlefield was introduced on the PC and was solely multiplayer; it carried no campaign aspect to it. Ok let’s look on game types. Call of Duty has been known for its various game types spanned across multiple playlists. These range from free for all, domination, team death match to more objective type games like capture the flag or demolition. Battlefield on the other hand doesn’t sport a wide variety of game types. It has conquest which is similar to domination, rush which is similar to search and destroy. Secondly, apparent in most game is the sheer size and difference in both games. Battlefield 3 has giant maps which allow up to 64 players; 32 vs. 32. Battlefield is a more based, support oriented game which allows tactics to be set up and allows the player the chance to play the best role they can to ascertain a victory for their respective side. Modern Warfare 3 has smaller tighter corridor maps which focuses its emphasis on close quarter combats and makes for a more fast-paced, quick-thinking gaming experience. We could go on about guns, classes set up, perks, kill streaks the whole 9 yards but it all comes down to what a player goes for in terms of play style and what appeals to he or she the most. Thanks for taking the time out to read this review article and happy fragging.


On The Big Screen By: Lano Movies…. Movies…. Movies…MOVIES!!!!! *runs around like a crazy*…Sorry about that got a bit carried away there. So this week On The Big Screen, will be taking a little trip to the past, playing around in the present and finally take a sneak peek into the future. Now if 2011 was a big year for movies 2012 is going to be 10 times bigger! The movies that are set to come out this year are almost too-much-to-handle but, I’ll try my best to contain my excitement and give an unbiased opinion on the movies, seriously. Let’s go to the big screen! Last week we had “Underworld Awakening” hitting the theatres hard! I’m sure that those who suffered with Twilight enjoyed this movie, being one of the most anticipated movies of the year and all. It really lived up to expectations. In this release Selene escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both the Vampire and Lycan clans, and now the tables have turned; humans are hunting vampire’s #win. The movie is filled with action packed scenes (I feel sorry for the stunt men) from the start right until the end with of course a little detail here and there to let you know what’s going on, it was easy to follow and the action was incredible; humans put up a little fight with a few stunts, vampires still look awesome fighting in leather and lycans were still super awesome with their awesome abilities that werewolves should have with none of the draw backs, and when I say drawbacks I mean something like, um, falling in love with high school girls (LOL). This week the movie “Man on A Ledge” was released and I must say I am quite impressed the trailer at first would make anyone think “ok really you think I’m gonna sit here and watch a man on a ledge for 80 minutes?” errr!!!!! WRONG! The movie is actually much deeper than that as the trailer goes on to show; Nick Cassidy who is played by 22 year old Sam Worthington, escapes from prison and seeks to prove his innocence. The fugitive who was framed for stealing a diamond goes about this by doing something sooooo…Legendary! …by standing out on a ledge of a 20 story building distracting an entire city as his comrades try to steal the very diamond that he was framed for steeling that was never stolen in the first place. Although most of the action is during the break in it is undoubtedly an interesting movie with twists and close calls that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Now, INTO THE FUTURE! Yay! Sorry to disappoint but nothing really awesome is coming out next week (nothing that can beat Underworld at least ). “Big Miracle” which is coming out on Feb 3rd, 2012 of next week Big Miracle is based on the 1989 book Freeing the Whales: How the Media Created the World's Greatest NonEvent by Tom Rose, It’s more of a heart-warming film than anything else, This film tells the story of a small town news reporter and a Greenpeace volunteer who are united in the middle of a war between two world super powers in a mutual effort to save a family of great wales who are trapped beneath the ice of the Arctic circle.


1 on 1 with your Health By: Cav As some of you might be aware, it is the 'dry season' here in Jamaica. This is time when we have less rainfall and as such are more prone to droughts. Therefore, some people may have a problem getting water. Where you get your water, how it is stored, treated and used, is very important to your health and the people around you. In this issue we’ll focus on gastroenteritis, otherwise referred to as stomach flu. This is a condition that is caused by a viral infection which results in the inflammation of both the stomach and small intestine. Gastroenteritis is usually caused by a virus however, it can be caused by bacteria from contaminated food or drink or water as well. The symptoms of this inflammation are often characterized by nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle aches and recurring pain in the abdominal area. Additionally, it can even cause chills, fever and headaches. Usually, the illness lasts for 1 to 2 days. On rare occasions it can last for up to 10 days. The vomiting and diarrhoea can lead to dehydration (losing more water than you take in), especially in children. There is no specific medical treatment for viral gastroenteritis as antibiotics are not helpful for infections caused by viruses. However, there are a number of steps that can be taken to ease the discomfort and to avoid dehydration. These are: • Diet - Gradually begin to eat bland foods, such as banana, chicken, potatoes, rice and toast. Avoid fatty and spicy food, dairy products, and caffeine until feeling better. If an infant who is sick is being breast-fed, you should continue breast-feeding that infant. If the baby is bottle-fed, give the baby oral rehydration solution or formula. • Fluids - It is important to drink a lot of fluids to replace those you have lost. Take small sips of water, suck on ice chips or drink clear soda or non-caffeinated sports drinks. Give your child an oral rehydration solution (such as Pedialyte) instead of water. • Rest –It is important to get enough rest when sick and recovering. If your child is sick, make sure he or she gets plenty of rest. Prevention • If possible, avoid contact with person with persons who have the condition. • Always wash your hands thoroughly. Use warm water and soap, rub vigorously, and rinse well. • Help your children to wash their hands thoroughly. • Use bleach to disinfect contaminated surfaces in your home (such as toilet and bathroom sink tap). • Do not share personal items such as toothbrush, towels, or drinking glasses. • Take special care when traveling to countries that are more likely to have contaminated food and water. Only drink bottled water, avoid ice cubes and do not eat raw foods, including vegetables. Please ensure your water is properly treated and stored to prevent this virus from getting to you. Source: 23

Fashion Talk With The Girl Next Door By: Ren

LADIES, you know how you typically want a pair of shoes or slippers to

match every top? It's not necessary! You don't need to have a wardrobe that spans the colours of the rainbow because if some of you do then you will be tempted to do this:

You don't need to match everything!!! How about just being simple with a blue jeans, yellow blouse along with black or brown shoes? I'm terrified to say you could also mix it up a bit because that's another problem. Some women try to wear all the colours of the rainbow all day, every day. This outfit could work though; dark blue skinny or boot-cut jeans, pastel yellow blouse, with a skin tone brown or gold shoes and royal blue accessories. Huh ladies? How about something like that?

Never forget that your outfit should always represent you. Even if you're attending a themed event, your outfit represents YOUR interpretation of the theme. Secondly, women, know your body type. It's not necessary for you to classify your body as a fruit but it is important that you know what these terms mean. If you don't care to, at least have a general idea of whether your bust and hips are the same size or if your middle is clearly distinguished from your top and bottom halves. If you're aware of these things then you can choose clothes that will accentuate your figure. And ladies let's not forget the makeup. Whether rich or poor, invest in your shade of foundation (face powder). makes a HUGE difference when you wear your shade. Don't go out looking duo-toned. It's not cute! Often, you don’t need a lot makeup either. You just need to complement your features. We'll definitely come back to this!

It of

My final word to you ladies, know your body so you can wear the clothes; don't let the clothes wear you.

MEN, don't think for a minute that you've escaped my notice. You make fashion and style errors too. Men you have

moved from baggy, sagging jeans that showed your underpants and crack to tights! I say tights cause some so called skinny jeans that you men wear are way passed what skinny jeans were supposed to be. Let me tell you, especially you, youngsters, 'it nuh look good! Unnu fi stop it' And the same matching thing goes for you too men; how can you wear a an entire green outfit (green hat, shirt, belt, pants, socks and shoes) because it's in style? As my Granny used to say, "yuh fi mek sum tings pass yuh". Women are attracted to a man who dresses in styles that complement him. Remember that next time you're getting dressed.

People, yuh tink yuh see nuttin yet? Tink again! I'm on the prowl so if you don't want words for you, be careful when you dress. Till next issue, this has been Fashion Talk With the Girl Next Door.


Chit Chat 1.

with Roxanne Q.

5 things you never leave the house without? • • • • •

Chap Stick Blackberry Cash Headphones Debit Card

2. 5 pet peeves persons don’t know you have? • • • • •

1. Talkative people…… Blah blah blah, shut up already…… 2. A lame party 3. Touchy strangers 4. “Psssssssssssssst”from men…… #lame 5. Strange cars that slow down to stare at me ……. That’s just creepy

3. One song you can’t go a day without listening right now? Sexy Silk – Jessie J 4. One thing you would change about yourself, if you had the chance? Smaller Breasts 5. One sense you think you could live without? Smell




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At Drop Wordz, "we say what we think not what we should".

Drop Wordz Magazine  

At Drop Wordz, "we say what we think not what we should".