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Geri Dana


I was sent a brief by Burberry to produce a mens trench coat to their designs and specifications. I interpreted the design and created a sample to take to Burberry for a f i t t i n g. o n c e a l t e r a t i o n s had been made, I manually graded my patterns and input them into gerber to be printed to make a larger sized smaple. the samples were taken to Burberry and reviewed.

Black Lamb Nappa Grey Cotton Twill Black Cotton Lining Black Naylon Lining

I l l u s t r a t e d D e s i g n Fro n t

Illustrated Design Back

Reshape rag lan sleeve at s houlder

Black leather piping

Collar off centre

Reshape sleeve at hind ar m


Tr e n c h C o a t Burberry

Ta i l o r

Geri Dana

Model Andre w Sanders

Photography and Editorial Jo rda n D an i e l s

LookBook 2014