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Farmers markets are one way to help bring healthy food into low-income and minority communities, and with the option of using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The Boston Foundation(SNAP) benefits with electronic benefit cards, the food is more affordable. However, less than 25 percent of the markets in the state participate in this program.

The ACE program is an organization that seeks to educate youth about environmental injustices in Boston, and help them bring awareness to the communities they live in. The program started in 1993 and has focused on a variety issues, from clean air to transportation, to food justice.  ACE has found that Guerrilla gardening is a great way to start conversation in the community, bringing awareness to food justice issues that are often overlooked.    

The food project was started in 1991 as an organization that was focused on bringing together young people and adults with unused neglected spaces in the community. Through farming, employees, volunteers and youth workers grow fruits and vegetables to provide local and accessible fresh foods to local communities. What started out as twenty one workers working on a single farm has grown to over one hundred and twenty five staff and student workers working on five farms, including one in the neighborhood of Roxbury.     

Food Justice  

This digital page is useful for understanding the role of food deserts and their implications for urban communities. It seeks to implement f...

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