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Research questions: 1.0 Living in the extreme cold? 1.1 Conditions (what can we learn, and want to use)

What? Statistics and maps? Is it windy? How cold is it? How much do people move outside? Why do they move and what distances? Daily time spending graphs (winter, summer) Festivals, parties, ceremonies? Activities people there are fond of Mapping of a typical settlement (facilities etc.) How much cleaner is the air/soil there than in cities? What sports are there? Are people healthier than elsewhere? How? Partly books, internet, some with interviews (can that be done there or before?)

1.2 Cold typologies / details Permanent buildings: Buildings on skis! Other ‘foundation’ on permafrost? Typical house (different countries) Underground house? Underground cities (Montreal, Helsinki) Orientation of buildings Protecting from winds? Maximum passive solar, Heating outside? Covered streets? Bubbles like Buckminster fuller, Temporary buildings: Igloo tents Caravans Ice-hotels space-suit materials hiking/skiing gear materials Exploration team equipment? Sleeping bags ?? How? Collect images, make line drawings?

1.3 What is my problem with the cold? (living conditions, houses) What I love about the arctic ?

What? Interviews? Photo with 1 quote? How? Ask from the collaborators for initial list, to complete interviews: locals, people who work there

1.4 Innovative materials (in development) What? Catalogue How? Specialists: Adriaan Beukers (TU Delft, aerospace engineering), ESA, building technology TU Delft, MIT, Els Zijlstra (Materia) ??? How? Make an inventory/study

1.5 Traveling

How to facilitate travel without heavy infrastructure? Methods of travel

2.0 Future of arctic 2.1 World with no ‘poles’? New routes, need for more cities? Why could be a new popular travel destination? Extreme travel… When will there be more moderate climate? Easier access, more travel? Maglev, ships, planes etc. Why to go there: Escape from the busy life, meditation, healthy air etc..???? Ideas: No trace city or building, bubble city… new knowledge economy, escape for clean air,

Pirjo-extreme conditions questions  

initial questions

Pirjo-extreme conditions questions  

initial questions