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Everything we’ve done in 2009–2010


Foreword by Renny Ramakers In 1983, when I graduated with an Art History degree from Leiden University, the topic of discussion in the design world in The Netherlands was whether the profession should be focused on hard-core industrial design or whether it should have an artistic orientation— to be service-oriented or self-oriented. And there was the debate on style: should form follow function, as the modernists had proclaimed, or should form just be fun, as was the postmodernist reaction? It was a time in which design still had to establish itself.

design world is taking on everything our exciting times are offering— environmental issues, social issues, technological developments, the digital world, not to mention human needs. The framework for design is captured by buzzwords such as environmental design, social design and open design. No longer is form about function or fun, but about society and the environment. Ethical, political, economic and social concerns have become the “right” style.

There are so many interesting— both negative and positive—things happening at the same time. The oversaturation of products, Looking back, one sees how much the downfall of economies, the the world of design has changed. environmental issues, the growth of We see young designers becoming virtual social networks, the sometimes famous right after graduating and uncontrollable spread of information, companies recruiting designers who the rise of bio- and nanotechnology, are just following their own view, with the many new materials and nobody seeming to care about the “right” style anymore. All this has given urbanisation are only some of the design an unprecedented amount of dynamics impacting the way of freedom and given rise to a multitude designing, producing, selling and buying. of approaches. “Everything we’ve done in 2009-2010” We also find ourselves in an era characterized by a surplus of product is an opportunity for me, as co-founder and director of design company offerings, which still keeps growing, Droog, to reflect on our work in the now to meet the growing demand last two years, in relation to these of the expanding middle class in the emerging economies. Design is active developments in design and in the world. in all layers of society. Today the

the right style


new directions

the unexpected outcome, which can lead to objects that are rich in This year Droog will turn eighteen. Over content but a challenge to make, and consequently are offered as studio the years we have become clearer work. about our strengths. We are active At our first presentation at the Design in a numerous ways—with store and Miami/Basel Fair in June 2010 we project initiatives in collaboration sold the prototype of the Darwin with designers, partners and clients chair by Stefan Sagmeister to the world-wide—and the one thing that Graphic Design Museum in Breda and is consistent is that we pioneer new Rietveld Lego chair by Mario Minale directions. to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. In partnership with gallerist Theo Theodorou I am setting up a mobile gallery of studio work which will pop up The store is our daily intersection with regularly all over the world. the public. Every day I come to the office, I walk through the store on the ground floor to see how we are doing with this. Visit today and you’ll see new products developed just upstairs (with designers and producers), many brands selected by us. The store has become a general store where one can not only buy design products but also fashion accessories, books and goods like perfume, soap and even some eatables. In terms of product development, we’ve tried to go for the impossible: functional products with a twist that are also reasonably priced. A good example is ‘What you see is not’ by Fernando Brizio. What at first sight looks like a small cabinet, is in fact only a drawer with cabinet-mimicking In November 2010 we closed our sticker pasted on the wall behind it. A beautiful store in New York and six minimum of means creates an illusion weeks later a 2500 square foot Droog of more, and a place for your keys or store opened in The Cosmopolitan the book you are reading. of Las Vegas. For many it was an Of course the necessities of functional unexpected move. I must say we were and reasonably-priced productions also surprised when The Cosmopolitan can dictate compromises. We find it of Las Vegas approached Droog New equally important to give designers York with the invitation to open a store free space to realise their dreams. at their new premise, but it did not take We love the experiment and cherish long before we became very excited...

new products

our stores


Las Vegas is all about experience and so is Droog, though in a more understated way. I feel the time of mimicries is over in Las Vegas—its Eiffel tower looks so outdated—and the time seems to be ripe for new experiences. Come a little closer bench and Lucky cat are already among the most popular products. As a unique place in the world where reality can be wilder than fiction, Las Vegas offers us new opportunities to create events and projects.

new projects Instead of the usual showcase of products, my curatorial projects focus on processes, performances, collaborations and interactions, bringing together designers who are pioneering new directions, and above all, encouraging the audience to have fun. In September 2009 I curated Pioneers of Change, a festival of Dutch fashion, design and architecture on Governors Island in New York that attracted over 25,000 visitors over the course of two weekends. During this event, fashion collective Painted learned techniques from Native American bead masters, Maarten Baas performed with his real-time clocks and Atelier NL went back to the source, celebrating the colours and textures of local clay. Other highlights included the repair workshop by Platform 21 and the Droog Go Slow café which had been a success in Milan, Rotterdam, London and Tokyo in earlier years. The seniors of New York who prepared and served all the food reacted as enthusiastically as the seniors did in the other cities.

harvesting waste For Pioneers of Change, I invited 2012 Architects to harvest waste in New York to show the public through ‘harvest maps’ just how much waste New York creates and how we can use this. Waste is an urgent topic in our times. With so much dead stock cluttering warehouses all over the world, destruction, disposal and recycling represent an enormous loss of energy. The disappearance of these products also wastes the energy that went into designing and producing them. We know how much energy it takes to design a product from scratch and to have it produced in a proper way, shipping the prototypes back and forth. Not to mention how much energy it takes to come up with new ideas and new forms when so many have been done before. 5

indeed turned out to be rather short. We published a manifesto in which we challenged ourselves to redesign what we don’t sell. And so when the folding chairs decorated by nail polishers, a concept by Marian Bantjes, did not sell at our show in Milan, we asked her to redesign them. Saved by Droog was the first step to a bigger undertaking. Our aim is to collaborate with companies that produce and process waste in order to make this waste accessible to designers and to create an alternative model of designing and producing. We have had our first brainstorms and the companies involved so far are enthusiastic. It needs to be stressed This made me wonder if we could redesign discarded products to create that this project is not only focusing on a continuous cycle of redesigning what redirecting product lifecycle but on does not sell. I envisioned a new model stimulating creativity as well. in which designers consider what is already there as their raw material for creative reinterpretation and in which production takes less time. In this Another current development model, styling is no longer considered we’re tapping into is open design. as an old fashioned superficial Digital platforms for uploading and practice but welcomed as a new downloading design are on the rise. kid on the block, as something that Through their promise to democratise is necessary for revival. Perhaps this design, they unfortunately seem to model can fulfil the growing demand produce an enormous amount of for new products while saving waste ugliness, or visual pollution, thus far. and time. Many of the platforms are driven These considerations resulted in the specifically by the possibilities of 3D project, Saved by Droog, which we printers and other tools for digital presented in Milan in April 2010. We production. We are currently working searched online liquidation auctions on a system that makes high quality and purchased relatively small lots, design accessible. Production is not such as 900 handkerchiefs, 20 dish specially focussed on high-tech digital towels and 80 folding chairs. We then technologies, but also on simple invited designers to redesign the carpentry, traditional crafts and dogoods--not only product designers it-yourself projects. We will create a but also fashion, jewellery and network of workshops to stimulate graphic designers. The results were handcraft all over the world, mixing very surprising and production time high-tech with low-tech. As is always

the existing

open design


important for Droog, our aim is also to challenge designers to take new steps and create new business models for themselves in the realm of digital design.

droog lab The Droog Lab is an ambitious undertaking. The idea was born from the observation that current developments in design--whether they are linking with new technology or going back to basics--are capsulated by the system we live in. The Lab develops new directions for design by observing other ways of living, whether in remote areas or in metropolitan cities, translating the lessons into models with global relevance. In spite of the uniformity globalisation has brought us, we can still discern local differences everywhere. The Lab takes a certain distance from the system we live in to be inspired by mental or economic models we find in the localities we visit to create new concepts. It is like “taking one step back and two steps forward to create new ecologies in our age of cultural turmoil,� as strikingly remarked by one of our consultants, Ole Bouman. During a period of four years, the Droog Lab will complete eight projects. Presented in 2010 with a lively debate in the Arabic community, the first Lab project proposes a platform for collaborative design free from the immediate judgments of the real world, with aspects inspired by alternative currencies, anonymous design and family business structures. Current projects draw from the Canadian North, New York and Moscow and raise themes such as rural qualities for the

urban world, public services in private spaces and the role of consumption and fantasy in uncertain times. Three projects will be presented and two new ones will be launched in 2011. They will be followed by a book in which the themes are deepened, creating a pool of ideas that open up debate and stimulate creativity for the next generation of design.


processes, models and tools Currently in our projects we focus on processes, models and tools with the aim of finding new ways to design products, houses, cities, services and scenarios. Saved by Droog generated a range of new products which have been acquired by the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. In our presentation in Milan we celebrated new owners by photographing them with the products they bought and by uploading these pictures on our website. The new owners were all excited to do so. However, an Italian scholar remarked that people should not own products anymore but rather, should share them. Certainly, for certain products like cars or lawnmowers, this might be a good idea. We explored the concept of sharing in 2002 in the project Me,


myself and you, proposing a fence in which neighbours could share garden tools or a tennis table as designed by NEXT architects, for example. But this does not mean that all products should be shared. Celebrating ownership can create a bond with the product lowering the chance that the product will be thrown away. Downloadable design, up cycling dead stock, learning from the local context, producing and selling products—these are all things Droog is busy with. For me, these are all parts of the same story, facets of an exploration of what design can do. All of our activities are born from the same motivation: a sense of curiosity about the user, a drive to bring innovation into the field of design by developing fresh methods and perspectives, while never forgetting that for the audience and for us, design can also be something to be enjoyed.

12 highlights


12. What you see is not

A new product that not only saves space, but also material.


11. Download– able design

We’re exploring the new reality of design and participation in a digital age.


Work lamp by Dick Van Hoff

10. New products

Over 300 products selected by Droog are now available at Droog Amsterdam and at


09. Darwin chair

Designed by Stefan Sagmeister, this chair was acquired by Graphic Design Museum in Breda.


08. Dusk/ dawn mirror

We presented this award–winning product at our first presentation in Basel, amongst other new products.


07. Droog New York

The opening of this store strengthened our ties to United States and Canada.


06. The Droog Lab

Four ambitious projects are exploring new directions for the future of design.


05. saved by droog.

This presentation in Milan marked a more serious commitment to the potential of waste.


04. Rietveld Lego buffet

A re–interpretation of Gerrit Rietveld’s 20th century Buffet made of over 26,000 Lego blocks.


03. Our campaign

At our presentation in Milan, we created a campaign to celebrate new owners.


02. Pioneers of Change

Curated by Renny Ramakers, the festival attracted over 25,000 visitors in two weekends.


01. Droog Las Vegas

Believe it or not, there is now a Droog store on the Las Vegas strip.


Here’s every– thing else.




The first project of the Droog Lab, Droog al Arab was launched. Droog New York opened in SoHo, with an interior by Studio Makkink & Bey. Co-founder Gijs Bakker resigned from Droog to concentrate on his independent work and Renny Ramakers continued as the sole director. Dutch jenever company Ketel One became a new client. Droog presented a series of new work in Milan together with a pop-up store. Droog presented Townhouse and Paper bone chair at Design Miami, amongst other studio works. New fashion items were introduced to Droog’s store. The second Lab project, Luxury of the North was launched. Chris Kabel won the DOEN prize for the Seam chair. Time Out Amsterdam awarded Droog best product design firm of 2009. Renny Ramakers curated a festival of Dutch design, fashion and architecture at Governors Island, New York, attracting over 25,000 visitors.

Milan 2009 Salone del Mobile April 22th – 26th

During Salone del Mobile in Milan, Droog introduced House of furniture parts by Studio Makkink & Bey, a development of Wall of furniture parts from the installation at Droog New York.

Droog also presented Clock inlays and Tool inlays by FormaFantasma (Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin), Seam chair and Seam bench by Chris Kabel, Skin by Studio Nacho Carbonell, Anamorphosis and 7 keyholes by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert, Boombench by NL Architects (Michael Schoner), Chroma key by Minale– Maeda, Obsession table by Nadia Pedreschi and Readymade bookshelf by NEXT Architects. The presentation, also featuring a Droog pop-up store, attracted many visitors and members of the press.

Pioneers of Change Governors Island, New York September 11th – 20th

“It is a system that starts from the designer but grows into the culture where it is locally produced. It makes me very curious how it will look in five years,” says Jurgen Bey.

Pioneers of Change was a festival of Dutch design, fashion and architecture celebrating 400 years of a Dutch-American friendship that took place on Governors Island in New York. The event, curated by Renny Ramakers, attracted over 25,000 visitors over the course of two weekends. Visitors were tickled by a robot, they repaired broken tableware and moth-eaten sweaters, ate very slowly, watched real time pass by, and filled their backpacks and purses with Dutch design ware all under $100. All this and more took place in eleven former commanding Officer houses in Nolan Park transformed by Dutch designers, artists and architects in collaboration with elderly New Yorkers, local students and the public.

Pioneers of Change encourages a more responsible and sustainable approach to living. The event celebrates the blurring of low- and high–brow, establishing new collaborations, encouraging involvement and valuing handcraft and the local context. Pioneers of Change applies the luxury tag to qualities now hard to come by, including space, fresh air, silence and time. The festival can take place in other cities around the world, each time bringing in new participants and influences from the local context. Participants included 2012Architecten, Atelier NL, Maarten Baas, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York, Franck Bragigand, Droog with Marije Vogelzang, Herman Verkerk, Rianne Makkink and Hansje van Halem, Experimental Jetset, Pascale Gatzen, Christien Meindertsma, MVRDV and The Why Factory with Work Architecture Company, Painted, Driessens & Verstappen, Arthur Elsenaar & Taconis Stolk, Parsons The New School for Design, Platform21 and Marcel Schmalgemeijer. Pioneers of Change was initiated by Han Bakker under the authority of NY400, the result of an initiative by the Dutch Government in close co-operation with Dutch local and provincial authorities, with New York City and New York State, and with active participation of a great number of organizations from the private, cultural and non-profit sectors. Pioneers of Change was supported by the Dutch Design Fashion Architecture program, which aims to strengthen the international position of these sectors trough a joined-up approach. Production was by Droog Design Foundation, Droog New York and Formavision. We thank our sponsors: The Premsela Foundation, Fine Paints of Europe, Wijzonol, Lensvelt, NgispeN and Ketel One.


Chairs returned by Franck Bragigand New York September 21st

For Pioneers of Change, Renny Ramakers invited Franck Bragigand to paint and furnish the inside of one of the houses for Open Talks that were to take place on the opening day. Franck has a great capacity to transform the world using only a coat of paint. To seat the audience, used chairs were brought in from all over New York, and Franck had them painted by a team of volunteers. After the event, Franck returned the newly painted chairs to the streets of New York, sneaking them onto people’s front porches, neatly tucking them in front of the Guggenheim, or conveniently propping them in front of a public telephone in neighbourhoods from PSI and Guggenheim to the Bronx.

Droog Lab: defining the next generation of global design 2009–2012 In 2009 the Droog Lab was launched. An initiative of Renny Ramakers, the aim of the Lab is to define the next generation of global design. With local partners and interdisciplinary teams of known and unknown designers, insiders and outsiders, professionals and non– professionals, the Lab is working on a series of projects each with a unique theme and location from 2009 until 2012. Lessons learned locally are translated into globally—relevant outcomes, such as products, business model, future scenarios, or software. Projects launched in 2009 include Droog al Arab and Luxury of the North. The Droog Lab is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the City of Amsterdam and local partners worldwide.

Droog al Arab kick-off and trip Theme: collaboration Dubai May 3th – 9th

Led by Jurgen Bey and Saskia van Drimmelen, the first Droog Lab project was kicked-off with a brainstorm with consulting experts and a trip to Dubai, in partnership with Rami Farook of Traffic design gallery. Many know Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers, the biggest malls, luxury cars, indoor skiing and fake coastlines. Driven by an ambition to be the best in the world, Dubai’s unprecedented growth has reached a ceiling. Promoting a life of excess in today’s financially and ecologically sensitive climate, can certainly make one unpopular. Inspired by Dubai’s level of ambition and ability to build new worlds, the Lab’s aim was to create a new model for future development, one characterized by social intelligence and collaborative creation. Led by Jurgen Bey and Saskia van Drimmelen, the design team was Nadine Sterk (Atelier NL), Daphnee Lanternier (Studio Makkink & Bey), Emmeline de Mooij, Ahmad Angawi, Omran Al Owais (CENTIMETERCUBE). Consulting experts were Mark Blaisse (Pilgrims) and Stephan Propper & Peter Clercx (TheBrandHotel). The local partner was Rami Farook (Traffic).


Droog Townhouse by Atelier Bow-Wow Client: Ymere Amsterdam

Luxury of the North Theme: sustainability Location: Pond Inlet, Canada

World Class Client: Ketel One London July 13th – 16th

In partnership with University of Alberta, the second Droog Lab project, Luxury of the North was kicked-off with a brainstorm with consulting experts Ole Bouman and Ed van Hinte. In the face of modernity, the North is losing its remoteness. Global warming is opening up international trade routes, the unique yet changing ecosystem brings scientists, tourists and protectionists, and prospects of natural resources bring the excavators. As humans are showing they can even colonize the North, the world is losing an ‘out there,’ a part of nature that seems stronger than us. Intrigued by how extreme conditions shape people’s daily lives and mindsets, the Lab suspects there are lessons on ‘how to sustain’ to be discovered there. Project team includes Cynthia Hathaway, Winy Maas (MVRDV, The Why Factory), Christien Meindertsma (Flocks), Pirjo Haikola (The Why Factory) and Stuart Sproule (Red Flag Design). Consulting experts are Ole Bouman (Netherlands Architecture Institute) and Ed van Hinte. The local partner is Tim Antoniuk (University of Alberta). The outcome of the project will be presented in 2011.

Amsterdam housing association Ymere commissioned Droog for its first house. Designed by Tokyo-based Atelier Bow-Wow, an understated façade conceals an extraordinary interior furnished with Droog products. Imagined for a single, a contemporary family or as a VIP guesthouse, the one–o–a–kind layout is essentially a seamless flow of spaces, each with its own functionality merging with With the goal of global expansion, circulation space. Private rooms such as the master Dutch vodka company Ketel and optional guest bed, the bath, One approached Droog for a the balcony and a sound–proof translation of the brand value into a concept to guide branded refuse are amply separated by shared space, creating a unique products and experiences. combination of contact and Droog developed a core independence, spaciousness concept founded on the rich and intimacy. Eminent Droog family heritage of the company, while making the link to a modern products will animate an unassuming interior of light consumer, who could partake in wooden floors and white walls. the notion of a club and spread The house will feature the classic the message in a viral way. Rag chair and Milk bottle lamp by Tejo Remy and the Heat wave Our first manifestation was a radiator by Joris Laarman. pop–up venue for Ketel One The 180 square meter interior bartenders, ambassadors along with aspects of its layout and drinkers at World Class, can be customized. a competition amongst the world’s top bartenders in “In Amsterdam townhouse London. The design integrated typology that is narrow and the rich heritage of Ketel One vertical, it is unavoidable for the within a modern context, creating opportunity for intimate staircase to dictate a layout that is clearly divided into floors and gatherings in what turned out to be a very lively and well-received rooms. We break this by proposing a house without a staircase— event. One of the highlights was the family room, a place in which instead the whole house becomes inhabitable steps. bartenders learned about the Each step performs as the place rich heritage, as personally told for Droog furniture and living.” by the 11th generation owner. —Atelier Bow-Wow Artefacts dating back as far as the 1600’s were brought in from the distillery and the bartenders received a special edition Ketel House porcelain cup, made by Jan Broekstra. 25


Luxury of the North design team on location, Pond Inlet, Canada.

Droog Lab principles 1. Celebrate differences. Though globalization has the tendency to make places seem more and more alike, in reality there are numerous differences. The differences are the Lab’s source of inspiration, and its projects start with the unique qualities of a place, whether positive or negative.

5. Listen to anyone. Input can come from official and unofficial sources. We talk to people on the street, and also call the experts. We consult all sorts of people—the hairdresser, the roofer, the taxi driver, the urban planner, the politician, the nursery teacher.

2. Visit to learn, not to change. We resist the temptation to redesign what we see and to solve the problems we encounter. The goal of the Lab is not to try to have a positive influence on the region as such, but to learn from the place and to bring this to a broader audience.

6. Experience the ordinary. What is ordinary in one place is extraordinary in another. During our visits to foreign places, we put special attention on experiencing day-to-day life.

3. Observation is our greatest tool. The world is full of rich content. We start our projects not with introspection but by observing a particular place. New perspectives on what we see can bring new outcomes. 4. Take an optimistic perspective. Even so-called problems, when looked at with an optimistic perspective, can inspire new directions.

7. Get used to mixing. Confrontation with the unfamiliar and dissimilar can be the start of something new. The Lab brings together insiders and outsiders, designers and non-designers, professionals and non-professionals. 8. Be open to the outcome. The design world has become product oriented, but its role is in fact much broader. Being context-driven, the Lab is open to any outcome, whether a product, a business model, piece of software or a city, for example.


Droog Amsterdam

Droog New York

Glue couture January 24th – February 1st

The opening of Droog New York: more than a store February 26th

Droog presented Gluejeans by G+N designers as part of the public downtown programme of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. With a revolutionary seam rather than the conventional stitch, Gluejeans is handmade in the Netherlands and is available in limited edition. G+N won a Dutch Design Award for Gluejeans and has been nominated for the Audi Design Award as well as the Fashion Award.

Slow Sundays Summer months

During the first Sunday of each summer month, Droog Amsterdam hosted Slow Sundays, offering extra treats for visitors, and the courtyard was open for lounging.


On the lower level, the installation by Studio Makkink & Bey also blurred architecture and products. Part of the fixed architecture of the space, Wall of furniture parts is a shared wall for the staircase and hidden office beneath. The CNC cut decorative elements of the wall could be taken out and transformed into usable tables, benches and stools. They could also be flat-packed and shipped anywhere in the world.

Droog New York featured classics from the early ’90s like Chest of drawers by Tejo Remy and 85 lamps by Rody Graumans, high– tech pieces like Heavy lightweight by Bas Warmoeskerken, delicate items like Sugar cage by Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis, slowly emerging products like Slow glow lamp by NEXT On February 26th, 2009, Droog architects and Aura Luz Melis, new expanded its worldwide presence work by new designers like Limited by opening a store at 76 Greene fungi by Katharina Mischer, mass– Street in SoHo, New York. The store production pieces like Sticky featured a collection of studio lamp by Chris Kabel and editions works and smaller items and like the Body table by Atelier hosted numerous exhibitions. van Lieshout. In line with the spirit of Droog, the 5,000-square-foot, two storey The opening, with margaritas, warehouse interior set itself apart a pop-up cocktail bar and a from SoHo’s high-design district. limited edition of Droog New York porcelain cups by Jan Broekstra, Droog partnered with Studio attracted over 400 people Makkink & Bey to conceptualize and members of the press. an interior that breaks the codes It also marked the start of a fruitful of store design, asking that all relationship with United States parts of the installation could be and Canada. purchased. The Studio pushed the brief one step further by blending objects, store fittings and architecture. The store consisted of a house constructed of polyurethane foam. These pieces stood within the store as backdrops to the Droog collection. Customers could purchase the parts and even have those parts made to fit and function in their own house, for example a working chimney or a staircase in the size and material of one’s choice. House of Blue presented Droog as a retailer of conceptual objects, but also as a total interior outfitter, offering customized parts from its store to the home interiors of the United States.

Secret natures May 16th – June 30th

Hidden clutter, hidden meaning, hidden functions and hidden value all became illuminated at Droog New York’s first event since its opening. The presentation featured designs by FormaFantasma, Chris Kabel, Nacho Carbonell and Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert. The presentation was supported by Mondriaan Foundation and attracted over 700 visitors.

4 hours only September 17th

Heading from the Pioneers of Change festival on Governors Island to Droog New York on Greene Street, two festival participants, artist Franck Bragigand and fashion designer Desiree Hammen of fashion collective Painted, lead a pop-up workshop at Droog New York for four hours only. They made collections of tableware and jewellery. They made collections of tableware and jewellery.

Design Miami Miami December 1st – 5th

Representing Richard Hutten

Lace fence exclusive to Droog New York

Droog presented Paper bone chair by Joris Laarman, a previously unreleased early study of the internationally acclaimed aluminum Bone chair. Made out of paper with laminated object manufacturing technology—the first rapid prototyping technique now superseded by laser sintering— the one-off piece is an example of ‘antique high-tech’. For both pieces, Laarman uses 3D soft kill optimization software used in the automobile industry to literally generate the shape of a chair as an evolutionary process. Droog also presented Frame desk and Frame showcase by Studio Makkink & Bey. Starting with a simple frame, a whole desk and showcase has grown, with edges that remain open for the next piece of the Framed series, a never ending landscape of furniture. Commissioned by Amsterdam housing company Ymere, Droog also presented its first house by Atelier Bow-Wow with a model and animation by Brooklyn Digital Foundry. The presentation also featured Seam chair and bench by Chris Kabel, Clock inlays by FormaFantasma, Limited fungi by mischer’traxler, Crystal virus: Massive infection by Pieke Bergmans, Chest of drawers XS by Tejo Remy, Creatures by Tobias Rockenfeld, 8 unique brooches by Iris Nieuwenburg, Heavy lightweight by Bas Warmoeskerken and Kokon furniture by Jurgen Bey.

Droog New York became the exclusive distributor of Richard Hutten products from the NgispeN line within New York City. A collaborator of Droog since its beginnings in 1993, Hutten has become one of the most internationally successful Dutch designers. Introducing a patch of embroidered wire within industrial fencing, Dutch design house Demakersvan combine the small Exclusive Fashion and sensitive with the powerful, large and industrial. Lace fence is a customizable high-end metal fabric for outdoor and indoor use, suitable for anything from fencing, staircase railings, room dividers, to balcony railings and building facades. It is represented in the United States and Canada exclusively by Droog.

Droog New York introduced exclusive fashion items and accessories by Dutch fashion designers Corné Gabriëls, Pascale Gatzen, Gluejeans, Painted, orson + bodil and Jan Taminiau.



stand within larger interiors of offices, studios and lofts. With walls of stool, bench and table parts that easily come out and Frame desk and Frame showcase assemble, the functionability and by Studio Makkink & Bey character of the house can be Commissioned by Droog New York for its store on Greene Street changed as more or less furniture is used. A poetic vision for efficient Presented at Design Miami 2009 production and material use, House of furniture parts can be produced locally, transports flat and can be made to suit different functions.

Seam bench by Chris Kabel Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009 Presented at Droog in Miami 2009 7 keyholes by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009

Clock inlays and Tool inlays by FormaFantasma Tool inlays commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009 Presented at Droog in Miami 2009 A continuation of Chris Kabel’s outcome of Droog’s Dry Tech III project, Seam bench is made of an inexpensive industrial Starting with a simple frame, packaging textile that is sewn into a whole desk and showcase Only one hole grants us access, the form of the object. To gain has grown, with edges that a reference to the magic rigidity, the textile outfit is filled remain open for the next piece of number seven. with sand and placed in a high the Framed series, a never ending pressure high temperature oven landscape of furniture. Part of (autoclave), in which the textile Studio Makkink & Bey’s vision melts and cures. The sand for a new world, where objects, is removed leaving a hollow furniture, interiors and spaces interior and a strong yet intersect, and where time and lightweight bench. labour create a quality now hard to come by. A feat in handcraft, Anamorphosis by Luc d’Hanis the Frame series is made without & Sofie Lachaert the use of any screws. Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009

House of furniture parts by Studio Makkink & Bey Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009

Architecture, furniture and storage all in one. Studio Makkink & Bey took standard sheets of ply and with CNC cutting, created a miniature house to 30

Intruding on the standard Skin by Studio Nacho Carbonell production method, Commissioned by Droog FormaFantasma introduces Amsterdam for Milan 2009 unexpected meaning and craft into a mass produced good. Intricately shaped inlays are incorporated into chip board— transforming the material from under- to Upperlayment™. Part of the Hidden inlays series, in Clock inlays, an inexpensive department store clock is preciously packed in chip board with integrated inlays of clock part shapes. It is an unusual reversal of value: the packaging becomes more precious than the mass produced object it contains. Tool inlays incorporates carefully cut inlays in the shape of the tools used to make the furniture. The outermost layer of these pieces can be stretched over the things you keep around you, hiding yet revealing daily messes. With forms and their heights inspired by fantasy and dreams, Nacho Carbonell aims to change the point of view on things.

When porcelain platters meet reflective object, the distorted drawings of precious birds on the platter become perfectly reflected on the bottles or cups. The awareness of the birds’ potential extinction emerges only when objects are carefully aligned as a pair.

Lectures, Awards and more

Obsession table by Nadia Pedreschi Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009

Gijs Bakker resigned May 1st Object Rotterdam Panel discussion February 3rd

Paper bone chair by Joris Laarman Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Design Miami 2009

An outcome of Droog’s IM Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Obsession table is a manifestation of peoples’ desire to create a sense of order. The perfect lines on the table make our common mental act of aligning visible.

Readymade bookshelf by NEXT Architects Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for Milan 2009

Paper bone chair is a previously unreleased early study of the internationally acclaimed aluminum Bone chair. Made out of paper with laminated object manufacturing technology—the first rapid prototyping technique now superseded by laser sintering—the one-off piece is an example of ‘antique high-tech’. For both pieces, Laarman uses 3D soft kill optimization software used in the automobile industry to literally generate the shape of a chair as an evolutionary process.

In collaboration with Premsela, Dutch platform for design and fashion, Droog’s partners from Shanghai, Dubai, Athens and Tokyo discussed emerging markets and the crashing economy at the opening of Object Rotterdam. Panel participants included Renny Ramakers, Rami Farook (Traffic), Marco Bevolo (former Philips Design Director and author), Lyndon Neri (Design Republic in Shanghai) and Kou Hattori (Droog Tokyo).

Co-founder Gijs Bakker resigned from Droog on May 1st to pursue independent activities, continuing to head the IM Master program previously headed by Droog. Co-founder Renny Ramakers continues as the director of Droog. A version of the Droog website was launched for United States and Canada, making ordering from North America easier.

A prototype in progress since 2003, Readymade bookshelf was released in a limited edition in leather with gold detailing. The bookshelf comes with a façade of all the ‘need-to-have’ books for status, even if the intention is not to read them. The façade gradually gets replaced by the actual books one is reading, for when one is ready to display them.


Droog tweets Designed by Experimental Jetset, a satellite site for Pioneers of Change was launched, featuring a blog that was updated daily during the event.

DOEN Material Prize

Guest critic Parsons The New School for Design December

Seam chair and Seam bench by Chris Kabel, a development of Droog’s Dry Tech III project was awarded with the DOEN Material prize for its innovative approach to sustainability.

Sheldon LaPierre of Droog New York was invited to participate as a guest critic for the end of term presentations at Parsons The New School for Design.

@rennydroog and @droogamsterdam started tweeting. At time of print, @droogamsterdam had 2593 followers.

PICNIC New York Panel discussion June 29th PICNIC Salon New York was a gathering of world-class creatives, Royal visit Pioneers of Change brand innovators, thought– leaders and city officials from both Amsterdam and New York. Renny Ramakers was invited to contribute to a panel discussion and workshop on sustainability.

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima of the Nertherlands visited Pioneers of Change, stopping for a tea at the Go Slow café, and receiving a hand crafted gift from fashion design collective Painted.


Jury member fifteen, Amsterdam November 25th Renny Ramakers was invited to be a jury member for a graffiti design for the interior of the restaurant fifteen in Amsterdam.

Time Out Amsterdam award Time Out Amsterdam awarded Droog best product design firm of 2009.


Go slow at Pioneers of Change, Governors Island, New York

We published this manifesto at our saved by droog presentation.

manifesto we need a new design integrity we redirect creative energy. we redefine the lifecycle. we create ongoing value. we start with what’s easily available. we want sensible innovation. we redesign until we find an owner. we care about where it goes. we invite everybody to participate. we celebrate the new owners. we enable you to share.


2010 Fast Company listed the year Droog opened in Amsterdam as one of the decade’s 14 biggest design moments. Droog invited designers to revive leftovers, presenting a new collection of products in Milan as ‘saved by droog.’ The exhibition was coupled with a manifesto and a Looking for a new owner photo campaign. The project Downloadable design was launched involving the development of an innovative business model and platform for downloadable design and local fabrication. Droog’s collaboration with Ketel One continued. For the first time Droog presented in Basel. The Thomas Eyck collection became available in New York exclusively at Droog New York and the work of Aldo Bakker was presented during the ICFF. The outcome of Droog al Arab was presented in Dubai with a lively debate. Two more Lab projects were launched—Serving NY and Russia consumes. The project New is the new new was launched. The store in New York closed while Droog Las Vegas opened at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


saved by droog. Salone del Mobile, Milan April 14th – 18th

During Salone del Mobile in Milan, Droog presented 5135 items saved from liquidation sales and other leftovers. Every month about 500 companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. Over several months prior to the presentation, Droog had been bidding on liquidation auction items ranging from handkerchiefs to dog baskets. Droog acquired a total of 5135 items, namely 1 water cooler, 1 dining table, 2 bar stools, 4 metal trays, 6 wooden trays, 8 mirrors, 10 small bowl sets, 11 cups, 14 dog baskets, 20 dish towels, 40 glass vases, 50 safety vests, 60 sets of cutlery, 80 folding chairs, 90 flower pots, 100 candy pots, 102 wooden spoons, 168 plates of glass, 200 saltshakers, 448 wallets, 500 matchboxes, 720 cola glasses, and 2500 handkerchiefs. Having invited 14 designers to consider these items as raw material for creative re–interpretation, the result was a new collection of 19 products, with outcomes ranging from folding chairs manicured by nail artists, to handkerchiefs that distribute selected news articles, to spoons with non– edible yet mouth-watering coatings. A pragmatic starting point with surprising outcomes, the presentation celebrates the re-use potential of leftovers as a valid approach to product design and development. All items were immediately available for sale in editions dictated by the limited liquidation lot quantities.

are collected and traded, and a library—a place for supportive material that anyone can add to. Proposals enter a catalogue that can be viewed by potential developers for realization. The platform brings together design, production and consumption, and can pop-up anywhere in the world The revivers included Atelier Remy as an alternative pop-up mall. & Veenhuizen, Atelier Ted Noten, Inspired by a closely knit family business model with new notions Ed Annink, Eric Klarenbeek, of hierarchy, this platform is about Erna Einarsdóttir, Luc d’Hanis & community thinking and its vast Sofie Lachaert, Maison Martin potential. The central theme of Margiela, Marian Bantjes, Marije the discussion was whether or not Vogelzang, Mieke Gerritzen, the platform could be realized, Minale–Maeda, Roelof Mulder, and what role alternative Stefan Sagmeister and Studio currencies could play. Makkink & Bey. The event was well attended and attracted many positive reviews by the public and the members of the press. New owners of the purchased items were photographed as part of a campaign, including Centraal Museum Utrecht, which acquired one item of each design.

Droog al Arab Traffic, Dubai May 30th

We presented the outcome of our first Lab project, Droog al Arab, a platform for collaborative creation and development, followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by Mishaal Al Gergawi with Renny Ramakers, Jurgen Bey (Studio Makkink & Bey), Saskia van Drimmelen (Painted), Rami Farook (traffic, LOCAL) and Agata Jaworska (Droog). The project outcome was an online hub for collaborative content creation and development. On this platform, the leading designers, Jurgen Bey and Saskia van Drimmelen, can invite emerging designers, makers and other collaborators to contribute ideas and skills. The platform features a time bank— a place where time contributions


Luxury of the North trip Pond Inlet and Iqaluit, Canada June 23rd – July 1st

Led by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the project team is Claudia Linders, Frans Twisk and Hayley Eber and Frank Gesualdi (EFGH). Consulting experts are journalist Heleen Mees, Reinhold Martin (Columbia University) and Mark Wasiuta (Columbia University).

A family of bartending tools and glassware Client: Ketel One

Downloadable design In collaboration with Waag Society

Using only existing glassware and tools, Droog developed a family of bartending tools and glassware for Dutch vodka company Ketel One. Rolled out globally, the glassware and tools integrated the Ketel One logo and key messages in subtle ways.

Russia consumes kick-off and trip Theme: consumption Moscow September 6th - 10th

Led by Cynthia Hathaway and Winy Maas, the design team visited Pond Inlet and Iqaluit in the far North of Canada for the second Droog Lab project, in partnership with University of Alberta. The outcome will be presented in Canada in 2011.

No longer from the furniture store, but with a download from a website, design goods take the form of a digital blueprint that the consumer takes to the local manufacturer for customizable on-demand production.

Everything you need to know is on the bottle Droog is developing a new Client: Ketel One business model and product designs for downloadable design Led by Daniel van der Velden in collaboration with Mediagilde, and in partnership with Strelka a network of designers, and Institute for Media, Architecture with consultants Cathal McKee and Design, the third Droog Lab (CMK1), Catherine Jasserand project, Russia consumes was (Ivir), Hans Lensvelt, Institute of kicked-off. Ranging from the Relevant Studies, Joris Laarman conspicuous consumption of and Michiel Frackers. cars and jewellery by the New Russian to the reading of a Russian Possible benefits include lower literary classic by a farmer on the product costs, less transport and train, Russia exemplifies extremes less waste, new design concepts, more variation, possibility of when it comes to consumption. co-creation, lower investment Observing the divides between due to no warehousing, more the rich, the intellectual, the average and the poor, the urban responsive production chains, and involvement of the consumer and the rural, Russia consumes in the design outcome. seeks inspiration from different Not only for day-to-day goods, classes and habits in Russia Ketel One asked Droog to downloadable design can play to develop a new models of develop an animation for Ketel Led by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, a role in global urgencies. consumption that we can all One agents and bartenders to the third Droog Lab project, learn from. The outcome will be learn and spread the message Serving NY was kicked-off. The project has been initiated presented in Moscow in 2011. behind the bottle. Working with An epicentre of highly specialized by Droog and is supported by illustrator Clo’e Floirat, Droog service industries, New York is a Agentschap NL. Results will Led by Daniel van der Velden developed a one minute place where most homes do not be presented in 2011. (Metahaven), the project team animation to bring the story have irons or washing machines, includes Totan Kuzaembaev, of Ketel One to life. where taxis outnumber cars, Pavel Milyakov, Digna Kosse where restaurants hire water and Michèle Champagne. pourers, hotels designate door The consulting experts are Russian openers, grocery stores have art specialist and writer Sjeng shopping bag fillers and dog– Scheijen and economist sitters walk the dogs. Inspired by and sociologist Olga Kuzina. the astute service culture of New The local partner is Strelka York, the Droog Lab is exploring Institute for Media, Architecture the limitations and possibilities of and Design. such a service-oriented mentality, with outcome to be presented in New York in 2011. Serving NY kick-off and trip Theme: service economy New York July 26th – 30th


Droog Amsterdam

Hotel by Atelier Bow-Wow Groenburgwal 44, Amsterdam

Gluejeans juxtapose January 28th – February 28th

Droog & Atelier Bow-Wow June 24th – July 18th Two understated façades will conceal extraordinary interiors for living in Amsterdam—Droog presented the plans for Droog Townhouse and a Hotel by Tokyo–based Atelier Bow–Wow at Droog Amsterdam. The presentation also featured an introduction by Renny Ramakers and Atelier Bow–Wow.

New is the new new With the aim to professionalize the principles introduced at saved by droog., the project New is the new new was launched. Around the corner from Droog Amsterdam, a ten-room member—only hotel, concept restaurant and exhibition space is planned to open. Leaving the canal-facing front façade intact, Atelier Bow-Wow created an intricate inner courtyard façade inspired by Amsterdam’s historic architecture. The hotel restaurant will host new concept dinners by invited designers and chefs, improvising with local market left–overs and practicing the act of eating slowly yet attentively. The street level will house Droog exhibitions. Individuals in the neighbourhood have protested the hotel, which has delayed construction. Currently the space at Groenburgwal 44 is being used for Droog Amsterdam events and exhibitions.

The world has a growing number of consumers, and consumers always desire new things. At the same time, landfills are overflowing and resources are said to be limited. New is the new new aims to save dead stock from warehouses around the world, organizing it on an online platform as raw material for creative re-interpretation by designers. The stock—often functional yet for whatever reason left behind, consists of bankruptcy leftovers, production failures, unsold goods and other surpluses. By treating these leftovers as raw material, one can introduce new products while saving the waste. New is the new new redirects creative energy from the design of new things from scratch, to the design of a new products by using existing stock. Such a design process raises questions on authorship and intellectual property, which is to be explored by this project. The project is supported by Agentschap NL. Results will be presented in 2011.

Droog released the new Juxtapose collection by G+N, the makers of Gluejeans exclusively to the Netherlands. The presentation featured the collection of jeans, jackets and coats along with a lecture by designer Gerrit Uittenbogaard. Grolsch was served, courtesy of Grolsch.

Visit by Danish Crafts May 12th Content and project manager of the Droog Lab, Agata Jaworska held a presentation and discussion with a group from Danish Crafts at Droog Amsterdam. Danish Crafts’ work is aimed at branding Danish craft and design at an international level and helping professional craft artists and designers gain a foothold in the international market.


Salon/1 July 15th – 18th

allow the viewers to engage Flower salon/ in an abstract dialogue with October 13th – 24th their reflected image making it appear as if he or she was actually wearing the item. As visitors became models as they attempted to find the right position, until it looked just perfect.

Christophe Coppens September 17th – October 17th

Salon/1 invited visitors to participate in a new reflection on fashion and culture, where enlightenment starts at the beginning of the creative process. The event presented designers, fashion designers and artists at various locations in Amsterdam, including Droog Amsterdam. Participants included Corné Gabriëls, Yannick Bouillis, Studio Job, Fantastic Man/Gentlewoman & BUTT, MaisonDahlBonnema and Painted Series. The event was supported by Frozen Dutch, the Dutch galeteria and Bombai Sapphire.

Mirror Mirror July 15th – August 16th

Droog presented a new collection by Dutch fashion accessory designer Corné Gabriëls. Based on augmented reality, the installation consisted of several mirror displays from which each of the collection’s items literally emerged through laser cut openings. Each item was scaled down in size in order to


Salon/ presented flowers and culture at Droog Amsterdam and at various other locations in Amsterdam. The lively event brought in many visitors and was well received. The event was supported by Grand Marnier.

Droog Amsterdam presented the 2010-2011 Winter Collection, entitled Birdman-Birdwoman, by fashion designer Christophe Coppens with a special installation and opening party with Ketel One cocktails (served in Ketel One glassware designed by Droog). The collection includes felt and wool hats, velvet caps, woven silk scarves, necklaces and brooches. The event was supported by Ketel One.

Woolfiller workstation November 27th – December 24th

Droog Amsterdam hosted a Woolfiller workstation where visitors could try out the ingenious repair kit. Woolfiller enables one to creatively repair holes and hide stains in woollen jumpers, cardigans, jackets and carpets. At the event, new colours especially created by Heleen Klopper for Droog were introduced.

Extra treats weekend December 18th – 19th Droog Amsterdam held an extra treats weekend. Many items were offered at special prices, the Woolfiller station was open for trials, and we served hand blended ‘Today was Fun’ herbal teas. On Sunday, the designer— turned-baker, Bakker Baard, came by to bake and serve delicious Christmas clafoutis.


Droog Townhouse by Atelier Bow–Wow

Droog New York

Droog & Atelier Bow-Wow March 17th – April 26th

Droog & Atelier Bow-Wow was presented at Droog New York including screenings of the animation of Townhouse by Brooklyn Digital Foundry and a model of a hotel by Atelier Bow-Wow.

Tomas Delos Reyes, Brian Sullivan of MethodLabDesign, and Mihir Desai and surprise guests to present five tasting courses specially conceived for each of the CMYK colours accompanied by a unique signature cocktail. Before each tasting, designers including conceptual designer Tobias Wong and curator Josee LePage; Joshua Walton and James Tichenor of the Interaction Lab at Rockwell Group; interaction designer Renda Morton; and illustrator and graphic designer Seymour Chwast “toasted” one of the four CMYK colours, presenting their importance in shaping how and what we consume. Following the presentations, guests were invited to carry on their investigations of colour and taste with an open bar reception.

“Silence creates space and therefore confronts. In the ideal situation it means that the object has the quality to grab your attention and to create this moment silence,” said Aldo Bakker in conversation about his designs.

Cleanup soap June 3rd

The Copper Collection by Aldo Bakker for Thomas Eyck May 15th – June 23rd

Droog New York held an opening to celebrate the addition of Cleanup soap to our collection. Cleanup is soap formed in the shape of landmines and sold to raise funds for landmine removal, survivor assistance and promoting awareness of the global landmine crisis.

CMYK cocktails March 28th

Cleanup soap was developed by designer Hideaki Matsui as his thesis project at Parsons The New School for Design, and brought to market through an innovative During ICFF, Droog New York social entrepreneurship program presented The Copper Collection, at Milano The New School for a new series designed by Aldo Management and Urban Policy. Bakker for Thomas Eyck. $2.00 from the sale of each bar The presentation attracted a lot is donated to The Cambodia of visitors and press attention. Landmine Museum.

In collaboration with Umami Food and Art Festival, Droog New York launched Tasteologie, a food and design initiative studying individual and collective tastes. Tasteologie presented CMYK Cocktail, an exploration of the intersection between food and design, taste and colour, by combining mixologists and designers for a night of ingesting colour in multiple mediums. CMYK Cocktail brought together mixologists Orson Salicetti of Apothéke, Mayur Subbarao of Dram Bar, 40

The approach of Aldo Bakker can be best described as designing from the inside out. Bakker allows his products to take shape on the basis of analysis so that they can question their usage and, where necessary, give rise to new rituals or break existing patterns. The Copper Collection, a fresh and innovative approach to very old and new techniques like moulding, galvanising and lacquering has resulted in an astonishing collection including a stool, watering can, soy pourer, candleholders, mixing bowl and saucepan.

Droog at Design Miami/Basel Basel June 15th – 19th

At Droog’s first appearance in Basel, Droog presented Red blue Lego chair by Mario Minale, Rietveld Lego buffet and Dawn/dusk mirror by Minale– Maeda, Darwin chair by Stefan Sagmeister, Daily handkerchief by Studio Makkink & Bey, Second hand by Maarten Baas and Franck Bragigand, The Copper Collection by Aldo Bakker for Thomas Eyck, Accidental carpet by Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen, Clock inlays and Tool inlays by FormaFantasma and Chest box by Jan Konings. The Graphic Design Museum in Breda acquired the chair prototype and Centraal Museum Utrecht acquired the artist’s proof #1 edition of Red blue Lego chair.

Vogue Magazine’s Fashion’s Night Out September 7th With other retailers in SoHo, Droog New York participated in Vogue Magazine’s Fashion’s Night Out, attracting over 300 visitors. It turned out to be a very lively evening.

Christophe Coppens September 7th – October 23rd

Looking for a new location in NYC October 25th

Droog Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas December 15th

Droog New York presented the 2010-2011 Winter Collection, Birdman–Birdwoman, by fashion designer Christophe Coppens with a special opening featuring live models wearing the pieces. The event attracted over 200 visitors and members of the press.

Thomas Eyck collection in Droog New York

After two successful years on 76 Greene Street in SoHo, Droog New York is investigating the possibility of a new concept store in NYC. Since the opening in 2009, Droog New York has participated in the local community, held many events and built long-term relationships with designers, institutions, clients and distributors, such as Parsons The New School For Design, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York, Diller Scofidio + Renfro Architects, Columbia University, NY Designs and more. Droog New York currently has a Manhattan office where all activities are based, as we are seeking a new store concept and location.

Droog New York distribution

The Thomas Eyck collection became available in New York exclusively at Droog New York. Featuring products by Aldo Bakker, Christien Meindertsma, Scholten & Baijings and Studio Job, the collection grows slowly by commissioning one carefully selected designer to create a series of products in a one carefully selected material each year. In the view of Thomas Eyck, the union of design, material and a careful process of product development from the first idea until the finishing touch are very important.

Droog New York began setting up distribution for the Droog collection and for other leading design brands including Thomas Eyck, Lensvelt, Rietveld by Rietveld and NgispeN in the United States and Canada.

On December 15th, Droog opened a retail space in partnership with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Prominently located on the Las Vegas Strip, the majestic 2500 square foot interior designed by Marcel Schmalgemeijer hosts the iconic Droog collection along with products by leading design brands from around the world selected by Droog. “Droog has always pioneered new directions for design,” says Renny Ramakers. “We see our role as a design company in creating new content and also in setting new boundaries in how and where our work is encountered. Las Vegas is a new context for us and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring,” continues Ramakers. The retail presence will be complemented by an active program of projects and events, establishing new collaborations with the local context. “One sees a totally different type of design in Las Vegas. I believe the audience is ready for a new approach, one that establishes new borders between the design and the non-design world,” says Renny Ramakers. “Las Vegas is about experience and so is Droog.”



Glass arrangement by Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

A still life centerpiece ready to host your edibles.

Fun-for-dogs trolley by Ed Annink Roll-on scent by Eric Klarenbeek Commissioned by Droog Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog. Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Dogs are there to serve us? Sled dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, dogs for the blind… But what happens when our functional friends need a little help from us? This trolley helps all kinds of dogs—tired ones, old ones, disabled ones, blind or deaf ones. Roll one behind you and let him watch the rabbits. Arf!

An honest perfume bottle for synthetic-free masculine, feminine and ‘the odd one out’ perfume. Roll the marble over your skin.

Onno, Ed, Ms. Teaspoon and the King of Gold by Ed Annink Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Knotted scarf by Erna Einarsdóttir Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Three stars bomb! by Atelier Ted Noten Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Get ready for a three– star– performance! Ignite this bomb (don’t worry, it’s safe) and watch three bronze stars appear. A typical Atelier Ted Noten piece of democratic jewellery— from now on, anyone can become a general.


Onno, Ed, Ms. Teaspoon and the King of Gold are part of a fairy tale, in which Onno, the spoon sometimes becomes a candle holder, Ed, the knife transforms into a little mirror for the eyes, Ms. Teaspoon, the little spoon becomes an icon for tools, and King of Gold, the fork with golden teeth. Who says you shouldn’t play at the table?

Dish towels have been dyed and knotted into a scarf.

Sad hanky by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Moustache guard by Maison Martin Margiela Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Beware of software vest by Mieke Gerritzen with text by Geert Lovink Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Read before you eat table by Marian Bantjes Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Innocence is lost as peaceful Care for some Victorian elegance scenes are hit with a sombre reality. with your cup of coffee? This cup addition was inspired by the original 19th century moustache guard invented by Englishman Harvey Adams. A call for the return of the moustache!

XX Chair by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog. Manicured chair by Marian Bantjes Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

These vests warn the wearer of an environment increasingly composed of information. The danger in a media-centric environment is a failure to distinguish fact from fiction, objects from media, software from culture.

A personal message from Marian Bantjes to your table.

Wannabe mirror by Minale - Maeda Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog. Mouth-watering spoon by Marije Vogelzang Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Two chairs brought together, just to make things a little easier.

Folding chairs manicured by nail artists bring delicacy, precision and utmost care to a new purpose. Glorify yourself and your surroundings by looking into this mirror. A wooden spoon with a mouth– watering coating, invented by eating designer Marije Vogelzang. It’s for stirring, not for eating! 43

Thirsty glasses by Roelof Mulder Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

Rietveld Lego Buffet by Minale-Maeda Commissioned by Droog New York for Design Miami/Basel

Daily handkerchief by Studio Makkink & Bey Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog. Twin stopper by Sam Hecht Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for the Droog collection

Special ornamentation and real piercings turn these three thirsty couples into jewels for drinking. Aren’t they charming?

1000 handkerchiefs are ready to be embroidered with selected articles from 30 days of news. Pick the news you want to keep in your pocket.

A playfully charming yet serious piece of adult furniture, Rietveld Lego Buffet is a re-interpretation of Rietveld’s 20th century buffet made of approximately 26,000 Simply clever, Twin stopper has Lego bricks. In line with Rietveld’s asymmetrical ends to deal with manifest for a do-it-yourself varying gaps between doors method of building furniture from and floors in a compact way. standardized parts, the MinaleWhatever you are using now, Maeda interpretation by its own this will certainly be more elegant, qualities becomes autonomous not to mention safer. and divorced from its parents— the iconic Rietveld and the iconic Lego brick. By using toys to make real furniture for grownups, an industrial process of standardization starts to feel more human.

100 blue containers Created by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

‘What you see is not’ cabinet by Fernando Brízio Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for the Droog collection

Happy wallet by Stefan Sagmeister Commissioned by Droog Amsterdam for saved by droog.

A reminder that the joy of instant credit can turn to sorrow.

A special treatment to the items that were not selected by a designer.


A cabinet has been reduced to its two-dimensional image, leaving only one three-dimensional detail intact—an open drawer, perfect for a book or two. A playful combination of function and illusion that saves material too.


Hare mat by Ed Annink

Dusk/dawn mirror by Minale–Maeda Commissioned by Droog New York for Design Miami/Basel

Lectures, Events and more

Lecture SoHo House, New York March 3rd

Looking for a new owner campaign saved by droog April 14th – 18th Lecture Parsons The New School For Design March 4th Renny Ramakers presented to students of Parsons The New School for Design on the past and future of Droog.

Inspired by a reflection on a pool of water of the sky at dusk or dawn—the archetypical mirror—has become the basis for this mirror. Hung one way, it reflects dusk, and hung the other, it is dawn.

Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister Commissioned by Droog New York for Design Miami/Basel

Renny Ramakers gave an intimate lecture at SoHo House, sparking a discussion with the audience.

We celebrated new owners that Creativities Unfold, Bangkok 2010 purchased products at saved by droog. Everyday, new posters Bangkok and postcards featuring the March 21st latest owners and products still As part of the Play: From Passion looking for new owners were to Business symposium, Renny hung at the presentation and Ramakers presented how and throughout Milan. The campaign why Droog came to be, and how was conceived by CMK1 and the original themes evolved over the on-site photographer was time into a current philosophy Stefanie Grätz with styling by on new collaborations, true Marjo Kranenborg. luxury, the human touch and a diminishing border between the normal and the design world.

Guest critic Parsons The New School for Design May Sheldon LaPierre of Droog New York was invited to participate as a guest critic for the end of term presentations at Parsons The New School for Design.

The Darwin chair utilizes a free swinging structure that includes about 200 sheets of attached prints. As the top sheet gets dirty or tired, the user can simply rip it off thereby transforming the chair’s appearance (and the remaining perforation eventually forms a comfortable head rest). All sheets are printed with intricate patterns abstracting the creation of the universe, making their way through the creation of the world, the beginning of plant, animal and human life, all the way to the digital revolution. Developed and produced by Grenswerk.


TechnoCRAFT Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco July 10th – October 3rd

Jury member Design as reform competition, Traffic, Dubai June 1st Renny Ramakers participated as jury member of the Design as reform competition initiated by Traffic. The design competition aimed to foster a provincial sense of design through the re-application of existing Arab art forms on contemporary projects. Candidates explored ways in which Arab culture should preserve authenticity in light of mass production and exportation.

Lecture at Design, Architecture and Sustainability Conference Benaki Museum amphitheatre, Athens June 5th

In tandem with the retrospective Green green greet by Droog at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Renny Ramakers presented a lecture at the Design, Architecture and Sustainability Conference.

Greek green greet by Droog Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece June 4th – July 25th

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presented TechnoCRAFT, a major design exhibition charting current movements blurring the boundary between designer and consumer. Curated by acclaimed industrial designer Yves Béhar, TechnoCRAFT looked at the different ways that consumers are personalizing design in efforts to assert creativity and individuality in an age of mass-production. The presentation featured Do hit by Marijn van der Poll for Droog.

Lecture D-day, Zagreb June 12th Agata Jaworska, content and project manager of Droog Lab presented a lecture at D-Day, a 24-hour design event for students and young designers. D-Day was for the first time organized at the abandoned industrial complex of Zagrepčanka Old Slaughter– house in Zagreb

Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis and Mariolopoulos Kanaginis Foundation for the environmental sciences, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum presented the largest retrospective Droog exhibition in the world since 2007. The presentation explored the concepts of recycle, re–use, recreate, reinvent, clarity of concept, memory and nostalgia. 47

Via Milano New Dutch Design Oude Kerk, Amsterdam September 18th – October 17th

saved by droog. Centraal Museum Utrecht July 17th – October 10th

Lecture Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design September 9th In combination with the Lab trip to Moscow, Agata Jaworska presented past and current Droog activities, including the ambitions of the Droog Lab.

The saved by droog. collection, acquired by the Centraal Museum at Salone del Mobile in Milan, was exhibited at the Centraal Museum, attracting many visitors and press attention.

Featured in the 10 years Via Milano New Dutch Design exhibition at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam was St. Petersburg chair by Jurgen Bey, Heat wave radiator by Joris Laarman and Highchair by Maartje Steenkamp, amongst other pieces from the Droog collection.

European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century Milwaukee Art Museum October 9th – January 9th Droog pop-up store Spaces and Places, London September 21st – October 10th

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s newest exhibition, European Design Since 1985: Shaping the New Century featured the Milk bottle lamp, Chest Exclusive distributor of Droog in the UK, Places and Spaces hosted of drawers and Rag chair by Tejo Remy. The exhibition was a Droog pop-up store during the the first encompassing, critical London Design Festival. assessment of contemporary Western European design from 1985 to 2005.


Rietveld’s Universe Centraal Museum Utrecht October 20th – January 30th, 2011

Guest critic Parsons The New School for Design December Lecture Parsons The New School for Design November 19th

Sheldon LaPierre of Droog New York was invited to participate as a guest critic for the end of term presentations at Parsons The New School for Design.

Centraal Museum Utrecht acquired the artist’s proof #1 edition of Red blue Lego chair from the Droog collection. It was exhibited at Rietveld’s Universe as part of Rietveld Year organized by the Centraal Museum in Utrecht to celebrate the life and heritage of Gerrit Rietveld.

Discussion Centraal Museum Utrecht October 31st

As part of the Fashionable Technology Event Series at Parsons The New School for Design, Sheldon LaPierre of Droog New York gave a talk on Gluejeans and the innovative use of new technology. The Droog website was re– designed to make it easier to see what’s new and popular in the store, what kinds of projects we’re working on, and what events are coming up. The site also features a new blog, on which we have published many interviews with designers, including Mieke Gerritzen, Marian Bantjes, Ed Annink, Maison Martin Margiela, Atelier Ted Noten, Marije Vogelzang, Stefan Sagmeister, Minale-Maeda, Christophe Coppens, Sam Hecht, Peter van der Jagt and Marcel Schmalgemeijer, amongst other content.

Director of the Centraal Museum, Edwin Jacobs, talked with Renny Ramakers and Jurgen Bey. The lively discussion revealed just how many projects Ramakers and Bey have collaborated on since the 1990s.


Droog on Facebook

10 Great design stores in NYC

Droog opened a Facebook page, which at time of print had 1993 friends. The site attracts many views and comments from the public.

Droog products in NYC subway

New photography

Huffington Post listed Droog New York as one of the top ten design stores in New York City To promote tourism in the Netherlands, images of Droog products, including 85 lamps, Sticky lamp and Bowls plus were featured on the inside of New York City subway cars amongst images of Dutch windmills and fields of tulips. Droog 2 magazine

Droog published the second issue of the Droog magazine, featuring saved by droog., Droog Townhouse, Pioneers of Change and more. The magazine can be viewed on our website and is distributed through Droog Amsterdam.


Working with photographer Stefanie Grätz and stylist Marjo Kranenborg, Droog launched new product photography capturing everyday use in normal life.

Design Museum Gent acquired Glass Arrangement

Design Museum Gent acquired Glass Arrangement #13/15 by Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen. This still life centrepiece was originally presented at the saved by droog. presentation.

14 biggest design moments in the decade Fast Company listed the year Droog Amsterdam opened as one of the decade’s 14 biggest design moments.


Highchair by Maartje Steenkamp

Q&A with Renny Ramakers Many are surprised to hear Droog is opening in Las Vegas. Why Las Vegas? The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas approached us. Initially it’s hard to see the common ground between Droog and Las Vegas, but for both, experience is important. For us it is interesting to reach a new audience, and Las Vegas is truly a unique place in the world. Sometimes reality can be wilder than fiction. What do you think of the kind of design you see there? One sees a totally different type of design. I believe the audience is ready for a new approach, one that establishes new borders between the design and the non-design world. What about the themed approaches in Las Vegas? The themed experiences are oldfashioned. You can see Las Vegas is looking for new experiences, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is breaking some new ground. But it was already happening in 2002, for example with the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum by Rem Koolhaas. Perhaps then it was too early, and now might be a better time for new developments.


What are your impressions of Las Vegas? Whether you are eating, watching a performance at a theatre, shopping or gambling, everything in Las Vegas is about entertainment. Such a concentration of entertainment is an interesting model for me. Any thoughts on gambling? If one can restrict oneself, gambling can be very playful. Can you tell us about the store design? With each store location we take a different approach. For Droog Las Vegas, our brief to the designer, Marcel Schmalgemeijer, was that it should be a strong gesture but at the same time, be very functional. Seems obvious, but it is important that the store looks and functions like a store. We want the design to allow the products to speak for themselves and to create an experience. Are there any future plans for the store? There will be a program of events and new collaborations with the local context. We have some ideas so far, but are also looking forward to what Las Vegas will inspire.


Droog Las Vegas

Publicity 2009 Janurary Basics Product Design Dérivé, Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung FORM Saisonelle The King of Future Design Annabelle Domus Interieur Electronic Beats Magazine KOTI Swiat Taziene i Kuchini 30 Frame Ideat

March Idea Searching Urban Play- Catalyst for Urban Creativity Die Stadt als Spielplatz Hau dir dein Unikat Droog Design Wohnen wie.. Thinking hands, speaking things Denken met je handen Amsterdam , the true global village 1990-Luku Republika Natury droog Power to the People Fantastic design Holland Herald Männer ELLE Decoration Adformatie Casa e Jardim Mama Zin! Burda Art+Auction CasaD Femina Financieel Dagblad


Vorm Berichten MMNieuws Julliette&Victor Magazine ELLE Dekor Residence Eigenhuis&interieur de Volkskrant ELLE Dekor Brabants Dagblad wonen

Booty Call Droog debuts in New York Hotel Droog Half an our ago Pieke Bergmans was supposed to turn right Droog debat Export van Droog Design Droog at Home met Glue Jeans talk Amsterdam Autrement Novi Zivot Passie in de keuken Interieur De gloeilamp verdwijnt, leve het peertje! Swing with the plants Dunne lijn tussen kunst en design


February am New York Juli B New York edition FunFurde

Paper Magazine I Saloni Icon

Entwöhnung von der Haltlosigkeit Coming Soon New York droog testing Droog Design Comes to SoHo A sneak peek inside droog’s new New York store Where Amsterdam meets New Amsterdam Stuck on design Topesigners trekken de wereld in Down the drain Ralph Weiden Adfocus Tudo aqui é design (b)roodnodig Hoe groener hoe beter! Filigranes zum basteln und kaufen Old Masters New Design All Dutch Basic Projects & Idee metalliche Idées charmantes & rétro chic Droog Voortrekkers van Dutch Design

Time Out Voyag3ur Art+Auction Paper Magazine Eigenhuis&Interieur Metropolis Going Places (Malaysia airlines) NewStyle Kassa The National Elsevier thema DAM

Third Base Milano/Droog Design: House of furniture Parts Conversation with James Zemaitis Booty Call Ontwerper & De juiste formule A new Dutch Settlement Furniture Gluejeans & Textiel in Desing: Weg met stoffig imago Bloemen in Beijing Bizarre and beautiful Het blauwe dorp, Herboren vokloren & Wanders is overal Do Piraet

May Metro Designduct Designaddict The Scout Metropolis The New York Times Traveller The Nationa; Designboom House&Home (FT) HollandsDiep Wallpaper* Icon HollandHerald Icon Arts Magazine Eigen huis & interieur and mag Eigen Huis & Intereur

Vlaggenschip voor Nederlands Design Sticky Lamp Secret Natures Secret Natures exhibition— Droog Design New York Renny Ramakers Off-Center Framing Made in… Amsterdam Designing the future of our world Secret Natures exhibition- Droog Design New York An affair with flair Tips NL in NY Double Vision & Salone Rangers We got a smal map.. And we dug Objects of desire & Gadgets Marije Vogelzang Droog Design, Campana… les détourneurs Diversen Droog New York Droog landt naast de Hudson

Männer Vogue Living New Style Woman Le monde

Vandaag Icon new Style man Frame (#69) Domus New Style men

August 90+10 Wallpaper Architectura Damn Flair Eigenhuis&interieur Vogue Living Archtecture interieur Dutch DFA Volkskrant

June Casa Brutus Life Element Magazine I.D magazine TRENDS News Luna The New York Times Icon Azure Eigen huis & Interieur Domus The Bund culture Glamour de Architect Sotheby’s

From Droog’s Blue House to ours Design With Recycled Materials Frivolous Trendn News Die Sonne scheint! How Clever of the Dutch Front Mapping NYC’s Future Icons Natuurkunde Made in the Shade: Droog’s Shadylace Umbrella Obsession Table & New tables Pioneers in international business Tropenkoorts/Landleven Crisis! Maar dan? Jorislaarman “Heatwave” Radiator

July Verzameld werk + Mat&Rob Scrabble to Cradle tentoonstellingsuitnodiging Hamptons Cottages and Garden Shopping Eigenhuis&interieur Shopping

Garten Milan Ambachtelijk L’économie sociale, une résponse au capitalisme financier? Haal de boomstronken in huis New in Milan De ambachtelijke signatuur van Hella Jongerius The New Bazaar Special Salone Winkelinterieurinspiratie

Droog, La ideología de lo neuvo To Dining Room Hollandia zaprasza na tawecske I am the virus Zo, even bijkomen Perfect cut Milanse fare Update, Pioneers of change Wij laten New York een andere vorm van luxe zien: aandacht

September FOOD&WINE Thalyscope Eigenhuis&interieur Evasion Art + Auction Le monde Deco Home Vital Gala style Vital De Architect The taste of life The Architectural league of NY Metropolitan home

News&Notes Droog Design de Dutch Touch Shopping Linéair 1989-1998 Psychose de la grippe, miroir des sociétés Kunst Stucke Grune Freunde Home sweet home Grune Freunde Tussen commercie en experiment Mix & Match & Design om van te smullen Pioneers of change: Repairing manifestos, Slow food Pioneers of change: Kicks off Art: Pioneers of change Pioneers of change Pioneers of change Pioneers of change, Dutch design Festival 55


October Tenerife Design Festival La Opinion Soitu Gobierno de Canarias: notas de prensa Esfera de Canarias Gagu Elsevier thema Time Out Eigen huis & Interieur Libelle MooiWonen FUrniTURE Mintel Creapac Linda wonen 101 woonideeen Huisstijl Items Thalyscope Libelle Frame

Tenerife Design Festival Programma Muestra de objetos para vivir y sonar en La Recova Actualidad Tenerife Design Festival … en la calle como en casa Tenerife Design Festival … en la calle como en casa droog Fantasia & Jullie hebben droog design, wij maken Wet Design Best product design Jungle Fever De idealen van Studio Makkink & Bey Blank Hout Joris Laarman’s Bone Chair Revive Poppen aan het dansen Milaannieuws CO2 oke & Bed & breakfast Droog Design na gijs Bakker Droog Desgn de Dutch Touch De idealen van Studio Makkink & Bey Barbeosgerby

Madame Modem online Desenho B LSN global Art Krush The Independent Miseteli Belevingscomunicatie Alt om resor Chic Report Trouw PSFK NY mag Digezine Amsterdam Tourism & Covention Elle The Number 4 blog Minesterie OCW AD

November The NY Times Dezeen Azure Icon Trend Hunter Eigen huis & Interieur

Eigen huis & Interieur Neo2 Libelle NRC Weekblad Margriet

56 Rays of light amis the gloom Droog Townhouse by Atelier Bow Wow Design New Butterfly Seating Mondo Exotica/Badkamer Bravacasa, Lími Voque, WGSN. com, FT-house & home UK, Designcalender Knotted Chair & Bound by Blood, chi ha paura Tienda Droog en NY Sinterklaas cadeau’s Meer dan een winkel Trendspot Hout & Dutch Design ABC Eigenhuis & interieur Manner Art das kunstmagazin Nuvo Design Essentials Domus

Köningin der Lüfte Focus: Droog at Art Basel Design Miami 2009 Cadeiras Talk of the townhouse: Design residence opens its doors Design Miami Design brand to unveil house at Design Miami 15 creative hotspots Shopping Droog Delights Gratis Tanken Cultuur moet leren ondernemen Glue Jeans Featured in droog fashion collection Droog introduces Dutch fashion items Droog Design NY toont mode Nederlandse designers Droog Design Droog design introduceert mode Droog Design Talk of the townhouse: Design residence opens its doors 2,1 miljoen voor innovatie cultuur Extraatje voor innovatieve cultuur 2,1 miljoen voor 6 innovatieve culturele organisaties Fifteen start horecawerkgelegenheidsplan Innovatiesubsidie uit nieuwe subsidieregeling aan zes projecten toegekend Zes projecten toegekend bij Innovatie cultuuruitingen Droog Design shows first architectural project Interieur jaren ‘30 woonhuis Reclaiming drawers as New Modern Furniture Januari Marcel Wanders Stijl 50 junge klassiekers Statement of content Design Miami, Droog Letters from Eindhoven

2010 March

Janurary Marketing Facts Idealize The New York Times P+ Holland Agenda International Herald Tribune Damn Design Miami Design Miami Design Miami Design Miami Eigenhuis & interieur Eigenhuis & interieur Eigenhuis & interieur BeauxArts Business Punk GQ

Jaarlijstjes Designdecennium 2000-2009 Droog design introduceert mode 100 jaar verlichting in Gorcums Museum High Design in D.C. Colour update by droog Droog bij ‘grootste’ 14 Waar alles vandaan komt Chest of Drawers by Tejo Remy nominated for Best Dutch Design Holland Agenda Daring to play with a rich palette Stick & Stitch Happy Makkink & Bey Familiy Designweek Limite da arte Quoi de neuf a Miami Casa Brutus Topontwerpers Topontwerpers Topontwerpers Á Table Toll und Haben Einfach nicht wegschmeissen

February EH&I wieketeselinkportfolio.blogspot. com Elle Wonen Elle Wonen Elle Wonen Frame Frame

Architectenweb Sunprising Holland

PM Branchevreemd Iedereen blij tijdens lezersreis wonen en co Dutch design, contaxt en ontwerpers Eigenhuis & interieur Chinese astrologie Eigenhuis & interieur De hollandse keuken Where to from postmodernism Design is van ons Pure by premiumpark Auf dem Holzweg Expositie Nederlandse vormgevers in Hilversum Instant design Submit a chat topic Design shops amsterdam Stick en Stitch Droog presenteert glue jeans Wie is Marcel Wanders Droog design talk at soho house new york city The droog at the end of the tunnel Digital downloading with droog Plastik Visions from the drawing board Libelle Voor hippe vogels

April Dutch design huis A look inside the Droog townhouse Droog design Arty Rotterdam bruist 1997 …1994 Rariteitenkabinet Inside design Amsterdam 2010 New Technologies New Technologies Be magazine Venuez

Programma designworld Designweek Amsterdam travel guide herbruiksels Coolhunt Instant Gratification Furtiniture designers are shifting focus Everything old is Droog again Un week-end royal en Hollande Milan 2010 furniture fair preview Saved by Droog Designweek Milaan op gang getrapt Designer special Studio Makkink & Bey Milan 2010 furniture fair preview Milan 2010 furniture fair. De crisis voorbij? 57 Be magazine Venuez Spits De Volkskrant een mooi ding 58

Programma designworld Designweek Amsterdam travel guide herbruiksels Coolhunt Instant Gratification Furtiniture designers are shifting focus Everything old is Droog again Un week-end royal en Hollande Milan 2010 furniture fair preview Saved by Droog Designweek Milaan op gang getrapt Designer special Studio Makkink & Bey Milan 2010 furniture fair preview Milan 2010 furniture fair. De crisis voorbij? droog Meubelbeurs milaan: Highlights 2010 droog’s massive liquidation sale Amsterdam special:saved by droog- rediscovering unwanted objects Milan furniture fair 2010: saved by Droog part2 Saved by droog Utrecht koop Droog Salone gaat terug naar de basis The force of design according to droog Net critique by Geert Lovink thegraffik design and illustration The design salad Saved by Droog Nieuwe collectie Droog Design naar centraal museum Salone del mobile 2010 The force of design according to droog Milan ‘10 :CMU saved by Droog een mooi ding Milan report saved by Droog Droog eventarchitectectuur, Marjan van Aubel Saved by Droog Salone milan 2010 saved by droog Saved by Droog; liquidated Nrc handelsblad de morgen magazine Inzicht nv Blast

products get a second chance to shine Modern lightning goes green Dish table oddly similar to Droog’s work Open design: samen ontwerpen en fabriceren Milan design week 2010: Saved by droog Droog gives liquidated products new life at Milan Design Week Mooi + droog dutch design Fun. Conceptual. Droog In the garden Droog gives liquidated products new life at Milan Design Week Saved by droog Centraal museum koopt gehele nieuwe collectie droog design Saved by droog A recycled author signed droog Saved by droog Saved by Droog roll on scent Saved by droog Ceiling lamp 85 lamps Milan report saved by Droog Jaar van het anti product in Milaan CS-recensent het jaar van het antiproduct in Milaan Droog:Dutch for dry Fun. Conceptual. Droog Centraal museum nieuwste collectie Droog aan. Droog hotel Amsterdam by Atelier Bow-Wow Saved by Droog New york city’s dutch treats and historic sites Zero dix Stefan Sagmeister: is happy, with or withouw money Studio Makkink Bey: furniture house Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen: stack unwanted glassware


May Het Parool FD Items Artinvestor Trends and Living Icon Magazine Online

Saved by Droog milan 2010 Logeren in stijl op de groenburgwal Felle aanval op de goede smaak Wat eet….Renny Ramakers Droog Design Hotel Amsterdam Droog Design Saved by Droog milan 2010 Saved by Droog milan 2010 Saved by Droog milan 2010 Schitteren in Milaan Droog Design start hotel in Amsterdam Het nieuwe ontwerpen in Milaan 2010 Fur outsider Je suis dada Droog in Dubai Droog in Dubai Liquidated Designs Milan Droog Droog Design Home at Droog by Ateliers Bow-Wow Droog plans to open Small Hotel in Amsterdam Droog Design opent hotel om de hoek Slapen en eten bij Droog Dutch Design in overgang Nacho Carbonell: animals and spaghetti Powerhouse Museum Object of the Week Dutch Design met Richard Hutten en Lensvelt

Anne-Christine Hartman Eigenhuis & Interieur Eigenhuis & Interieur Eigenhuis & Interieur Lookbook Wohnen Lookbook Wohnen Diseno Interior

Zo wonen we in de toekomst Shopping Astro design Mooi Wie im Him Plastik Droog Townhouse by Atelier Bow-Wow Droog at Benaki Museum in Athens In the mind and heart of Droog design LEGO Buffet by Droog Darwin chair by Stefan Sagmeister Highchair by Droog Droog Al Arab Droog & Ateliers Bow-Wow Droog Greek green greet by Droog at Benaki Museum Greek green greet by Droog at Benaki Museum Herbruiksels: creatief met Leog Droog at design Miami/Basel Minale-maeda: Rietveld LEGO Buffet for Droog Marian Bantjes; Saved by Droog I mean really, who doesn’t need a LEGO Buffet Table! Minale-maeda: Rietveld LEGO Buffet for Droog Rietveld LEGO Buffet by MinaleMaede for Droog Do-It-Yourself Chair by Droog Design The 25,000 LEGO Brick Buffet Design Miami Basel Onder deze parasols is het altijd vakantie Saved by Droog, the video…. Saved by Droog: Wooden Spoons by Marije Vogelzang Droog al Arab - premier viewing & panel discussion Greek green greet by Droog Greek green greet y Droog Milan 2010




August VtWonen Wienerin De Architect Eigenhuis & Interieur

Milan Droog Design 2010 Centraal Museum presenteers recente aanwins Saved by Droog. Mirror Mirror at Droog Amsterdam Warm hout Zomerrood Spitzenoptik Update

September Harmonies Libelle Libelle Shopslimited The Word The Word Inspirations Inspirations


Annabelle Libelle

Design Hollandais Marcel Wanders Huis, tuin & helden Pizza & Love Barcelona NO LABEL in het CM Birdman-Birdwoman Richard Hutten Saved by Droog Club Donny Some like it rough Immaculate imperfection Looking for the source Place within a place Westerliving Westerliving Eigenhuis & interieur BM

Rot Gute-Laune-Kick De Trend van 2011 Dutch Design Hanglampen Hanglampen Kado en designwinkel in Groningen Saved by Droog Droog Stoelencollectie TU Delft Een parfum dat ruikt als boekenkast Mode accessoiretrends American Bargains New Dutch design Ellen Mandemaker De Woonbeurs - Het genot Hoe kan ik een ‘Boomstam’ zo goed mogelijk benutten! Droog Snowlady Chronicles Wallstreet Journal - A Design Tradition Simply Droog Droog Design om te downloaden

Kunst tegen de kou onder de ramen Droog Accessories Design in Tell Droog

Dutch Design als bezinning

Im jealous of Droog Saved By droog Travel Holland Travel Holland Respect voor traditie Grenzeloos design

November Libelle BLVD Man Items De Architect De Architect

Sint Tea Party Getrouwd met een kast

December Mark

Forbo flooring


Index ‘What you see is not’ cabinet

10, 44

Creativities Unfold


European Design Since 1985


10 Great design stores in NYC




35, 44

Crystal virus


Everything you need to know is on the bottle


100 blue containers 14 biggest design moments in the decade


Cynthia Hathaway

25, 26, 36

Exclusive fashion


Daily handkerchief

35, 40, 44

Experimental Jetset


2009 summary


Extra treats weekend


2010 summary






Fine Paints of Europe


4 hours only


Flower salon/


7 keyholes

23, 30


Accidental carpet


23, 28, 29, 30, 40

Agentschap NL

36, 37

Ahmad Angawi


Aldo Bakker

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23, 30

Arthur Elsenaar & Taconis Stolk


Atelier Bow-Wow

25, 29, 37, 39, 40

Atelier NL

23, 24

Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen

35, 40, 42

Atelier Ted Noten

35, 42

Banaki Museum, Athens


Bas Warmoeskerken


Beware of software vest

35, 43



Brooklyn Digital Foundry

29, 40

Cathal McKee


Catherine Jasserand


Centraal Museum Utrecht

35, 40, 47, 48, 49

Daniel van der Velden


Danish Crafts


Daphnee Lanternier


Darwin chair

13, 40, 46

D-Day, Zagreb




Design as reform competition


Frame desk and Frame showcase

29, 30

Design Miami


Franck Bragigand

Design Miami/Basel

14, 40, 44

23, 24, 28, 40

Design Museum Gent


Frans Twisk


Design, Architecture and Sustainability Conference


Fun-for-dogs trolley

35, 42


28, 37

Desirre Hammen


Geert Lovink

35, 43

Dick Van Hoff


Gijs Bakker


Digna Kosse


Glass arrangement

35, 42

Diller Scofidio + Renfro


Glue couture


Do hit


Gluejeans juxtapose


DOEN Material Prize


Go slow


Downloadable design

11, 36

Graphic Design Museum

13, 40

Driessens & Verstappen


Greek green greet by Droog


Droog 2 magazine




Droog al Arab

24, 35

Han Bakker


Droog Amsterdam

28, 37, 38

Hans Lensvelt


Droog Lab

16, 24, 25, 26, 27, 35, 36, 47, 48

Hansje van Halem


Happy wallet

35, 44

Hare mat


Heavy lightweight


Heleen Klopper


Heleen Mees


Herman Verkerk


Hideaki Matsui



37, 40

House of furniture parts

23, 30

Institute of Relevant Studies


Iris Nieuwenburg


Jan Konings


Joris Laarman

29, 31, 36

Jurgen Bey

23, 24, 29, 35

Ketel One

23, 25

Knotted scarf

35, 42

Kokon furniture


Lace fence



23, 41

Limited fungi


Chest box


Chest of drawers XS


Droog Las Vegas

Chris Kabel

23, 28, 29, 30, 32

21, 41, 52, 53

Droog New York

15, 28, 29, 40, 41, 50

Christien Meindertsma

Christophe Coppens

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Chroma key


City of Amsterdam


Droog on Facebook


Droog pop-up store

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Droog Townhouse

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Droog tweets


Claudia Linders


Dusk/dawn mirror

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Cleanup soap


Dutch Design Fashion Architecture


Clock inlays and Tool inlays

23, 30, 40

Clo’e Floirat



19, 24, 35, 36

Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science


Ed Annink

35, 42, 45

Ed van Hinte


CMKY cocktails




Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum


Emmeline de Mooij


Corné Gabriëls



Eric Klarenbeek Erna Einarsdóttir

35, 42 35, 42

Looking for a new location in NYC


Looking for a new owner campaign


Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert

23, 28, 30

Luxury of the North

25, 26, 36

Maarten Baas

23, 40

Maison Martin Margiela

35, 43

Manicured chair

35, 43



Parsons The New School for Design

23, 32, 46, 49

Pascale Gatzen


Pavel Milyakov


PICNIC New York Pieke Bergmans Pioneers of Change

Studio Makkink & Bey

15, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 40, 44, 50





Tejo Remy


20, 23, 24, 28, 32, 33

The Copper Collection

40, 41

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


The Why Factory

23, 25



Thirsty glasses

35, 44

Thomas Eyck

40, 41

Three stars bomb!

35, 42

Time Out Amsterdam award


Tobias Rockenfeld


Totan Kuzaembaev



24, 35, 47

Twin stopper


University of Alberta

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Via Milano New Dutch Design


Vogue Magazine’s Fashion’s Night Out


Wannabe mirror

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Winy Maas

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Work Architecture Company


Work lamp


World Class





XX Chair

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Marcel Schmalgemeijer


Pirjo Haikola


Marian Bantjes

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Marije Vogelzang

35, 43

Premsela Foundation

23, 31

Marije Vogelzang




Mario Minale

40, 49

Read before you eat table

35, 43

Mark Blaisse


Readymade bookshelf

23, 31

Mark Wasiuta


Red blue Lego chair

40, 49



Reinhold Martin




Rianne Makkink


Michèle Champagne


Richard Hutten


Michiel Frackers


Rietveld by Rietveld


Mieke Gerritzen

35, 43

Rietveld Lego Buffet

18, 40, 44

Milan 2009


Rietveld’s Universe


Milwaukee Art Museum


Roelof Mulder

35, 44


14, 18, 23, 35, 40, 43, 44, 46, 49

Roll-on scent

35, 42

Royal visit


Russia consumes


Sad hanky

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Sam Hecht


Saskia van Drimmelen

24, 35

saved by droog

17, 19, 34, 35, 42, 43, 44, 46, 48

Mirror Mirror




Mishaal Al Gergawi


Mondriaan Foundation


Moustache guard

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Mouth-watering spoon

35, 43


23, 25

Nacho Carbonell

23, 28, 30

Scholten & Baijings


Nadina Pedreschi

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Seam bench

New is the new new


23, 29, 30, 32

New photography


Seam chair

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Second hand


Secret natures


Serving NY


Sjeng Scheijen



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Slow Sundays


SoHo House


Spaces and Places


Stefan Sagmeister

13, 35, 40, 44, 46

Strelka Institute

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Stuart Sproule


Studio Job


NEXT Architects

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23, 41

NL Architects


NYC subway


Object Rotterdam


Obsession table

23, 31

Ole Bouman


Olga Kuzina


Omran Al Owais


Onno, Ed, Ms. Teaspoon and teh King of Gold

35, 42



Paper bone chair

29, 31


About us Droog Co–founded and directed by curator and author Renny Ramakers, Droog creates products, projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Droog has offices in Amsterdam and New York, stores in Amsterdam and Las Vegas, and retail partners worldwide. Droog pioneers new directions, new collaborations, creative tools and models for design, business and consumer culture. Driven by its unique perspective, Droog offers a selection of accessories, lighting, furniture and studio work that change your experience of daily life.

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Everything we’ve done in 2009–2010  

Activity report 2009-2010

Everything we’ve done in 2009–2010  

Activity report 2009-2010